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If you are surprised by this tweets Christian content, you haven’t been paying attention. Jason Kenney’s base is made up of Dominionist Christians. So is Scheer’s.

These people are directly connected to US Dominionist Christians that support Trump.
Yep, you read that correctly, directly linked. Not just by association in religious belief. I mean many of the evangelical churches have sent apostles to Canada to train Christian “warriors” or brought them down to the US to intensively train them to proselytize Canada.
But Kenney and Scheer are Catholic you say?

Same Dominionist Christian affiliation.

The Catholic Church is currently in crisis with Pope Francis at the helm. A schism has been in the making since before Pope Francis was elected.
Opus Dei and staunch Traditional Catholics reject Pope Francis and refuse to acknowledge the modernization of Catholic dogma of the Second Vatican Council. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Second_Va…

Meaning, they only acknowledge and follow the strict adherence to dogma, catechism and ideology of pre 1962 Catholic teachings. They don’t believe in modernizing religion and are quite similar to Evangelical Christians in belief and practice.
In fact many Catholic and Evangelical (aka Protestant) faith leaders have signed a modern document committing to returning to strict adherence to Christian traditional teachings. It’s called the Manhattan Declaration. manhattandeclaration.org
Curious to know what else they’ve collaborated on? Climate denial of course.



This is who Kenney is representing as premier and who is currently in charge of Alberta and Ontario.
Yes Alberta. We have elected a far right Christian demagogue who is intent on Christianizing the province. This includes removing human rights, because the bible offers all the human rights you require in life and also assigns each individual to the accepted hierarchy at birth.
No longer do you need to wonder where you fit on the hierarchy, the Dominionist Christians have that all worked out and predetermined for you.
White wealthy men
White wealthy women
White low income men
White low income women
White children
Brown Christian wealthy men
Brown Christian wealthy women
Brown Christian poor men
Brown Christian poor women
Brown Christian children
White men wrong or non Christian
White women wrong or non Christian
People of colour wrong or non Christian
Socialists & Progressives
That’s the hierarchy. Like it or not. It’s not up for debate.

God is in charge now. And we mere humans need only concern ourselves with adherence to the rules and requirements of the Kingdom Of God.

This is what Dominionist Christians believe is divinely designed and required.

The changes you see happening in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, and other US states led by Dominionist Christians, are in the process of being implemented in Alberta and Ontario.
That is what the current Conservative autocratic movement is in North America. It’s theocratic guided democracy.

Don’t feel bad that you missed the warning signs. Many still think Kenney is a closet gay. I have no idea what his sexuality is, but I’m certain he is Opus Dei.
The celibate variety of Opus Dei. Most are married. But the truly devout take a vow of chastity (celibacy) to focus on carrying out god’s mission.

Yes, we barely missed becoming a theocratic nation by refusing Scheer and CPC an electoral victory.
But we also have a precarious minority government, and a bunch of extremist ideologues on the both ends of the political spectrum working diligently to undermine Liberal political dominance.
Again, I’ve written for 1.5 years that this is what conservatives were aiming to install. So if you’re shocked, I’m not sure why. @profagagne has written about and video logged the Dominionist Christian agenda, So has @C_Stroop.
Many articles detailing the increasing numbers of Christian organizations have existed for over a decade. The warnings have been ignored because it is too incomprehensible to believe that a global Dominionist Christian conspiracy is attempting to install autocratic theocracy.
But that is who installed Trump, with the help of foreign interference in the elections, and who installed Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, and who attempted to install Andrew Scheer on Monday October 21, 2019.
We are in quite the pickle. The only way to remove a premier is through an election, or through the legislature, if he/she has lost confidence of caucus.

Neither of those options are happening anytime soon. So essentially, Alberta & Ontario live in a dictatorship.
We don’t have a provincial impeachment process. The Lieutenant General could refuse to sign Kenney’s or Ford’s government’s bills, but that would create a constitutional crisis. The last time a theocratic Government was elected, they stayed in power for 36 years. Social Credit.
If anyone is wondering why I for so agitated immediately prior to the federal election, this is why. I thought Scheer was going to win.

This is why we cannot split the progressive vote.
I don’t care how much you hate Trudeau, nothing he will do comes close to the dystopia CPC has planned for Canada.

Peoples lives are literally on the line.

Privatization of healthcare and education will make both inaccessible to the vast majority.
US citizens are dying daily because they can’t access healthcare, medications are priced out of their budget, gun culture rules the nation, babies are in cages, and elections are fixed to ensure Republicans never lose enough power to care about anything but lining their pockets.
That is what is being implemented in two of Canada’s provinces. And what will be implemented nationally, if CPC wins.

Stop ignoring the warning signs.

It’s a real conspiracy. Not theory.
Just got the numbers. CPC ran 196 out of 338 Dominionist Christian/anti abortion candidates in the election on Oct 21, 2019. Roughly 60% of candidates. They won 121 seats. 91 of them are Dominionist Christians. That’s 75% of their seats in the HOC.

Don’t ignore the obvious. For the second time, Canada has dodged a bullet. We need to advise and gain buy in from NDP or we are hooped next election. None of the 6 minority governments in Canada has lasted 4 years. The shortest was 88 days.
Please start focusing on NDP supporters to recognize the threat we are under. Surely some of them can understand we can NOT elect a CPC government. Enough to ensure CPC never wins governance.

Never Again is Now!

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