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31. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria

#RegimeChange #FakeNews #FalseFlag #terrorism #SyriaInvasion #WarCrimes #CrimesAgainstHumanity
1 to 20. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria 🤨👇🏼
21. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼
22. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼
23. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼
24. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼
25. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼
26. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼
27. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼
28. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼
29. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼
30. The Legacy of US, UK, France, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bahrain, Canada, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Australia, Jordan, Nato in Syria🤨👇🏼
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📹❗️#Terrorist's attack on #SAA positions in #JabalAlTurkman in June. Pay attention to jihadists' equipment, do they really look like irregular rebels or professional mercenaries?
2 motorcycle thieves died today in Sour when the motorcycle that they stole exploded, because it was a motorcycle that had been trapped and left there by terrorists.
By @smmsyria
🧐The video shows the aftermath of rocket shelling by jihadists on residents' areas in #Aleppo. At least 6 civilians killed and 8 wounded. Who else in doubts that #Idlib is needed to be cleaned? @Refugees, pay your attention to this case
By @smmsyria
🔞#SDF officials: high-ranking #ISIS boss Thabit Sobhi Fahd Al-Ahmad was eliminated in #DeirEzZor province during joint #Kurdish-#American counter-#terrorist operation. He was responsible for illegal #oil #trade, #smuggling & #terror troops funding
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🇺🇳The #UN special envoy for #Syria @GeirOPedersen says he is looking forward to constructive discussions with #Syrian officials on the formation of a constitutional committee as a "door opener for the broader political process"
(video by @AP)
By @smmsyria
🧐🇺🇳According to @OCHA_Syria data the total number of people who have left #Rukban camp, in 22 batches between 24 March and 10 July,
is 1⃣6⃣,6⃣2⃣4⃣ people or 39,86% out of the estimated total population
of 4⃣1⃣,7⃣0⃣0⃣
By @smmsyria
According to @nanozain81 report for Syria Direct, the number of #Rukban camp's residents is down to 12,000. It used to be 40,000 before humanitarian corridors were opened in February meaning that over two thirds of the people have left the camp for government areas.
By @smmsyria
⚡️@SYRedCrescent is dispatching #aid #convoy (27 trucks) loaded with 6000 #Food parcels and 6000 flour bags supported by @WFP to rural #Daraa
By @smmsyria
Might have sense. This is a close approximate to how #Turkey deploys #TSK | Forces in the vicinity of the #Syrian border.
Via @Cukullen
US-Led Bombing Campaign in Syria Killed 1,600 Civilians and Left Raqqa ‘Most Destroyed City in Modern Times’
“unprecedented” study revealed U.S.-led bombing leveled the city on a scale unparalleled in recent decades.
By @Muraselon
Watch: Syrian air force annihilates Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in northern Hama
By @alfredo_hurtado
Blindado suministrado por la OTAN a través de Turquía a los terroristas en Siria. Es uno de muchos.

La OTAN es el grupo terrorista más peligroso del planeta.
By @HarbiehNadie
Tens of #ISIS #terrorists have been transferred from #Turkey🇹🇷to #Afrin region in NW #Aleppo as reports said the #Turkish🇹🇷#ARMY & its affiliated militants are preparing to launch a major offensive on the #USA🇺🇸-backed Kurdish fighters in Eastern Euphrates.
"A new terrorists attack was foiled by the Russian🇷🇺Air Force last night after they struck the former’s gathering point in the NW countryside of the Hama Governorate."
"The #Russian🇷🇺Air Force reportedly conducted a reconnaissance flight over NW Hama when they spotted a Jaysh Al-Izza gathering at the large hilltop of Tal Malah."aml.ink/iQBKj
"Shortly after spotting this gathering, the #Russian🇷🇺Air Force swarmed the location & destroyed the building where the Jaysh Al-Izza #terrorists were meeting that evening. The 🇷🇺Air Force attack resulted in the death of + than 10 Jaysh Al-Izza fightrers."
"In addition to this attack, the #Russian🇷🇺Air Force also destroyed a Jaysh Al-Izza ammunition depot inside the town of Kafr Zita. This attack was shortly followed by another airstrike that wiped out 2 militant vehicles in NW Hama. aml.ink/iQBKj
By @elenaevdokimov7
President of the Foundation for the study of democracy Maxim Grigoriev on the FalseFlag chemical attack in Syrian #Douma on April 7, 2018.
Witnesses: Dead people📹in location 2 were brought to the house,they never lived in that house:
By @elenaevdokimov7
"Have you been here every day without
leaving this place, in the morning, during the
day & in the evening? Including last year &
on the seventh of April last year?"
"I have"
" ... in reality there was no attack?
"No, there was not. "
By @elenaevdokimov7
"None of the three hundred residents of the buildings which are situated within one kilometer from the building where the bodies were found (Location 2) recognized any of the bodies in the video footage mentioned in the OPCW report"
#Douma false flag
By @elenaevdokimov7
"THE DEAD BODIES BELONGED NEITHER to the residents of the Location 2 building NOR even to people from the neighborhood, BUT WERE BROUGHT FROM ELSEWHERE for staging"
[Kidnapped by the Army of Islam Alawites ?]
By @elenaevdokimov7
"We live on the first floor. We were attacked by fighters. ... they were shooting in the air. We were forced to go outside… The White Helmets were there, too. The fighters brought dead bodies by cars. ... from prison Al Thoba".
President of the Foundation for the study of democracy Maxim Grigoriev on the FalseFlag chemical attack in Syrian #Douma on April 7, 2018.
#Douma false flag
See Thread🤨👇🏼
By @r_u_vid
😬"Moderate" faces of the "revolution" ...
Future "Syrian refugees to EU"
"The High-level Political Forum for Sustainable Development is held under the auspices of the UN Economic and Social Council under the title “Empowering People and Ensuring Inclusiveness and Equality”.
"#Bishop of Alexandria for Armenian Catholics Krikor Kousa affirmed on Monday that #Syria🇸🇾has been & still is the land of peace & civilizations since thousands of years & it has sent messages of science & enlightenment for the whole world."
#Syria🇸🇾has defeated powers of darkness & evil.. it has offered martyrs for peace.. we pray for God to see Syria enjoys peace & overcomes all members of evil.”- #Bishop of Alexandria for Armenian Catholics Krikor Kousa-
"#Syria🇸🇾has fought & still fights on behalf of the whole world, adding that the Syrians have been able to defeat the conspiracy which had aimed to strike its national unity." - #Bishop of Alexandria for Armenian Catholics Krikor Kousa-
"A new book on Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra was published in the Czech capital city of Prague under the title “Queen Zenobia” by author Jiri Tomek."
"The 400-page book talks in details about the life of Queen Zenobia, indicating that in the 3rd century AD she ruled the vast kingdom of Palmyra and she led a strong army that stood in the face of the Roman Empire."
"Palmyra kingdom was one of the most important ancient Syrian kingdoms as it flourished in particular during the reign of Queen Zenobia and its civilization competed with the civilization of the ancient Roman Empire."
"The most important archeological monuments in Palmyra are the amphitheater, Baal Shamin Temple and Zenobia cemetery."
By @ahmadalissa
#SYRIA: Western #MSM calls the terrorists in Syria Syrian rebels.
Rebels don't behead people. Only terrorists do.
Terrorists don't burn kids alive. Only terrorists do.
Rebels don't destroy infrastructure. Only terrorists do.
No #MSM, no #terrorism.
By @ahmadalissa
#USA🇺🇸-backed #SDF delegates an #Israeli🇮🇱 businessman to sell the #Syrian🇸🇾 oil. #SDF= #ISIS.
@ShehabiFares By
وثيقة موقعة من رئيسة تنظيم #قسد الهام احمد تؤكد منح توكيل لرجل اعمال اسرائيلي ببيع النفط السوري! بالنسبة لنا.. لا فرق بين داعش و قسد!
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هذه عرباتك يا اردوغان.. حولناها الى حطام و من كان فيها تبخر..! #ريف_حماة_الشمالي #سوريا
By @ShehabiFares
Qatari weapons sent to Libyan terrorist militias reached Europe! So will tons of Qatari weapons in Qaeda hands in Syria too.. Lots of these weapons will reach Europe!
"They have so far unearthed 313 bodies from the grave since it was discovered last month. All of the dead are men, women & children believed to have been killed or died during the Islamic State group’s rule over the N city,.."
By @PressTV
#Syria repairs gas pipeline after act of sabotage ptv.io/2kuT
By @FortRussNews
VIDEO: LIBERATED! Syrian Arab Army Retakes Northwestern #Hama is.gd/7gJrZe #Idlib #Syria #SyrianArmy #Terrorism
By @southfronteng
In Video: #ISIS Flag Is Raised Over Al-Hawl Refugee Camp In #USA🇺🇸-occupied Part Of #Syria🇸🇾 southfront.org/in-video-isis-…
By @southfronteng
Military Situation In Syria On July 15, 2019 (Map Update) southfront.org/military-situa…
"The #Turkish🇹🇷Armed Forces had removed the border fence along the Al-Raqqa Governorate’s north border. This move by the #Turkish🇹🇷Armed Forces comes just a week after the #Turkish🇹🇷media reported about a new military operation east of the Euphrates."
"Over the last two days, northern #Syria🇸🇾has witnessed an increase in hostilities between the #Turkish🇹🇷Armed Forces & Kurdish-led People’s Protection Units (YPG).
"On Monday, the #Turkish🇹🇷Army heavily shelled the YPG’s positions near the key town of Tal Rifa’at in northern Aleppo. No casualties were reported despite the intensity of the attack."
"#USA🇺🇸-backed Liwaa Shahada Al-Quraytayn terrorists expressed in a new📹their desire to go to the Idlib Governorate to fight the #Syrian🇸🇾govt troops.This terrorists has been in control of the Tanf region since they launched an offensive in SE🇸🇾in 2016." aml.ink/RH5jm
In 2016, the #USA🇺🇸formed a"rebel group"dubbed the“New Syrian Army”in order to fight the ISIS in SE Syria.
The"rebel group"would be short-lived, but they accomplished their main objective which was giving the #USA🇺🇸military a presence in S Syria." aml.ink/RH5jm
Updated battle map of the Syrian War: Mid-July update aml.ink/hpHKD
"The #Syrian🇸🇾military’s Tiger Forces led the charge to retake the town of Al-Hamamiyat after losing it to the terrorists last week. Since retaking Al-Hamamiyat, the Tiger Forces have remained at the front-lines in NW Hama, ..."aml.ink/oqj6q
"A #Syrian🇸🇾Army spy recently📹from a terrorist stronghold in the N countryside of the Hama Governorate.The #Syrian🇸🇾Army spy was📹from the Jaysh Al-Izza stronghold of Al-Latamnah, where he later revealed the terrorist group’s underground base in the town" aml.ink/hVQmJ
"As shown in the video below, the #Syrian🇸🇾Army spy moves freely through Al-Latamnah and to the area where the underground base is located."
🗣️#Americans🇺🇸, #British🇬🇧, #French🇫🇷, #Germans🇩🇪, #Belgians🇧🇪, #Australians🇦🇺, #Dutch🇳🇱, #Canadians🇨🇦... see where your governments spend your taxes🤬👇🏼
🤬👉🏼Underground base for terrorists in #Syria🇸🇾👈🏼aml.ink/hVQmJ
"2 persons were injured on Monday in an explosion of explosive devices, left behind by terrorists, while extinguishing a huge fire that erupted in al-Hama region in Damascus countryside."
"Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem on Tuesday morning received a copy of the credentials of Wajid Fauzi, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of #Indonesia🇮🇩 to the ´#Syrian🇸🇾Arab Republic."
Maintenance workshops work on fixing damage at power plant (230) in Lattakia sana.sy/en/?p=169523
Aleppo hosts 1st Musical Forum for late artist Omar al-Batsh sana.sy/en/?p=169526
Syrian delegation participates in Parliamentary Forum in New York sana.sy/en/?p=169529
"The necessity of continuing to combat terrorism in #Syria🇸🇾 till eradicating it completely."
"The solving the crisis will be only by the #Syrians🇸🇾themselves according to the outcomes of Sochi conference for the intra-#Syrian🇸🇾national dialogue & Astana agreements and the #UN🇺🇳Security Council’s resolution no. 2254.
“There are no developments regarding the relationship w/ #Syria🇸🇾, despite rumors in the media or whether by speakers from inside the movement or inside #Syria🇸🇾 or from those around them or followers” -Abu Marzouq-
By @smmsyria
Something bad happened to the thermal power plant in the vicinity of the city of #Latakia last night. Residents heard a big boom and saw the glow.
By @smmsyria
UPD. The explosion & fire destroyed a power supply transformer at the Central electrical substation in #Latakia. It resulted in no power supply in the city itself & around. #Russian | #RuAF #Hmeimeem airbase is now reportedly powered by reserve generators.
By @smmsyria
🇹🇷troops reportedly started to remove sections of the border wall near Tel Abyad. At the same time 🇹🇷military detonated landmines previously planted on the strip of the no man's land from Tel Hallaf till Ras Al Ayn & from Alouk till Dirbasiya, @NPA_SY reports.
By @smmsyria
According to the report, Tell Hammoud refugees camp adjacent to Ras Al Ayn was evacuated by the #TSK. Around 300 troops were stationed in the camp instead.
By @smmsyria
After the #Russians🇷🇺made some efforts to put pressure on #Iran🇮🇷in order to withdraw #IRGC units from the #Golan Heghts, at a request of #Israel🇮🇱, a similar plea was moved regarding to #Lebanese🇱🇧#Hezbollah.
By @smmsyria
As time passes the problem of "#ISIS #children" is only getting uglier. If nothing changes, this will not end well.
By @smmsyria
15 civilians reportedly died in a #USA🇺🇸-led Coalition rain in the village of Al Takihi in eastern #DeirEzzor. The raid targeted a house of an #ISIS commander Hassan Ibrahim who refused to surrender and opened fire upon the Coalition troops and the #SDF fighters.
By @smmsyria
Ibrahim's house was then targeted in an air strike, resulting in death of civilians (mostly members of his family) who were present in the building.
"The #Russian🇷🇺military has sent a large amount of weapons and military equipment to the N countryside of the Hama Governorate recently."
The #Russian🇷🇺military sent heavy equipment comprising of artillery units & missile launchers as well as many tanks for the #Syrian🇸🇾Army near the front-lines in Hama. The #Russian🇷🇺military equipment had arrived at the Port of Tartous on 2 ships."
"At the same time, the Arabic-language al-Watan newspaper also reported that the #Syrian🇸🇾Army units pounded the military forces in the Idlib Governorate towns of Tal Sakik and Atshan, killing & wounding a large number of terrorists."
"The #Syrian🇸🇾Army is reportedly preparing to launch a new military operation in NW #Syria🇸🇾 in the coming weeks. The #Syrian🇸🇾Army’s High Command has not decided on the axis; however, it is very likely east of Kafr Naboudeh."
🤬"The #Turkish🇹🇷Army has turned the historical site in Jandariseh into a military base for its soldiers. The ANHA source said that they were able to gather this information after seeing the #Turkish🇹🇷Army build three-meter-high walls near the base."
🤬"The #Turkish🇹🇷Army’s forces have built two military bases between Tal Saloureh and Jandariseh city and in the town of Dervish in Rajou region."
🤬"In a relevant development on Friday, a government cultural official said that #Turkey🇹🇷 is helping the terrorists excavate historical sites in the areas controlled by the #Turkish🇹🇷military in northern #Syria🇸🇾."
"The #Turkish🇹🇷Armed Forces & their allied terrorists have illegally occupied the #Afrin region since they launched a large-scale offensive at the start of 2018."
🤬@RTErdogan 👇🏼
"Since taking control of Afrin, thousands of civilians have been displaced and their homes now belong to terrorists groups loyal to the #Turkish🇹🇷Armed Forces.
🤬@KremlinRussia_E can I know what the fuck this is🤬?
🤬 9 years of war in #Syria caused by the financiers of terrorism🇺🇸,🇬🇧,🇫🇷,🇩🇪,🇨🇦,🇦🇺,🇧🇪,🇳🇱,🇸🇦,🇦🇪,🇯🇴,🇶🇦,🇧🇭...
🤬🇮🇱Apartheid regime stole #Syria Golan
🤬Now the #Turkey🇹🇷#Ottoman regime do this🤬👇🏼?
🤬@KremlinRussia_E what are you going to do about this🤬?
🗣️President Bashar al-Assad from the beginning warned you not to trust in #Turkey🇹🇷#Ottoman regime
🤬@KremlinRussia_E solve this shit🤬.
🗣️#USA🇺🇸think they're smarter😏🤨😆😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣
"A #USA🇺🇸 jet attempted to deceive the #Syrian🇸🇾 and #Russian🇷🇺 air defenses while flying along the Syrian-Jordanian border recently, the #Russian🇷🇺 site Avia.Pro reported on Tuesday."
By @SANAEnOfficial
First skatepark for children in Syria opened in Qudsayya City , Damascus Countryside sana.sy/en/?p=169552
"While the partisan, fake faction fight over usage of concentration camp persists domestically, American politicians and #USA🇺🇸media continue to ignore the #USA🇺🇸Rukban concentration camp in #Syria🇸🇾."
#USA🇺🇸occupation criminals continue as illicit armed guards, dictating which #Syrians🇸🇾 may or may not be allowed their freedom."
"#Turkey🇹🇷has a long history of criminal aggression against #Syria🇸🇾. Even before the NATO Spring was imposed in March 2011, #Turkey🇹🇷had built tent cities for refugees, before they felt the need to flee."
"#Turkey🇹🇷has housed various terrorists, fraudulent humanitarian gangs & seems to have given maps locating the almost 200k landmines on the border w #Syria🇸🇾to all the foreign terrorists who have invaded."
"Now, 🇹🇷the country of caliph wannabe Erdogan is bulldozing archaeological sites in Afrin." shar.es/a0Sf0L
"Not only are the ethnic-cleansing SDF playing a central role in the balkanization of #Syria🇸🇾but their criminal occupation of resource rich areas east of the Euphrates affords them & their Imperial masters strategic locations,.." shar.es/a0SgYG
"...useful not only for their preparations to wage war against Iran, but also for their on-going economic war against #Syria🇸🇾." shar.es/a0SgYG
"The presence of SDF-occupied areas near #Turkey🇹🇷, however, has negatively impacted NATO cohesiveness. #Turkey🇹🇷 and the #USA🇺🇸are at cross-purposes with the SDF. These conflicting military agendas have served as a catalyst for #Turkey🇹🇷’s closer affiliations with #Russia🇷🇺. "
"These people (Refugees & immigrants) the true victims,are demanding only 2 things:
1 - to be left alone & to be allowed to build their own nations, without Western military interventions, without self-serving NGO’s & Western-controlled U.N. agencies. 1/2
2 - to go when they want to go, where their stolen riches are!
Either they will be let in, compensated and asked for forgiveness, or they will do what is their right: break the gates! 2/2
"The national activity for signing the longest letter of support for the occupied #Syrian🇸🇾Golan and its people continued its activities on Tuesday, with participants gathering in front of Damascus Governorate building."
"2 women were killed on Tuesday & 4 persons were injured in an explosion of a land mine, left behind by terrorists, on a road between Mleiha & Jisreen in Eastern Ghouta of Damascus countryside."
"#Algeria🇩🇿reiterated its support for #Syria🇸🇾’s efforts to restore security & stability & establish the state’s control over the entirety of #Syrian🇸🇾territory."
"An official source at the #Algerian🇩🇿Foreign Affairs Ministry told the #Algeria🇩🇿Press Service that his country “deplores the foreign military intervention in #Idleb” by a neighboring country, referring to #Turkey🇹🇷."
"This intervention could prolong the crisis in #Syria🇸🇾& reduce the chances of resolving it via a political solution."sana.sy/en/?p=169564
By @ShehabiFares
According to Western media outlets these are the "Syrian rebels" fighting the "Assad regime" in #Idlib and #Lattakia..!
By @ahmadalissa
#SYRIA: Our soldiers fight the terrorists on several fronts and our children dance the ballet. This is #Syria.
Via @Souria4Syrians
Video spread on pro jihadists Twitter allegedly shows Turkish border guard beating Syrian man with agriculture equipment to which he later died from his wounds.
Via @timand2037
US backed #SDF selling stolen #Syrian oil to #Israel through a US front company.
Via @maytham956
The martyr Suzanne Krikour was raped by a group of moderate opposition in Ghassania Idlib countryside .. She was executed with stones because she is Christian #Syria
By @Underground_RT
'Its NONE OF THE BUSINESS of Europeans who the🇮🇷want to trade w/...even if we assume the tanker is going to #Syria🇸🇾,so the real monsters are closer to Europe & America than to Damascus!'
-@s_m_marandi on the UK seizing an Iranian tanker
By @wyattreed13
Nothing to see here,just an email leaked to Al-Akhbar showing YPG-linked🇸🇾Democratic Council give the"right to explore & develop oil that is located in areas we govern" to accused Mossad spy Moti Kahana, longtime🇮🇱conduit for "humanitarian aid"to"moderate rebels"
🤬@KremlinRussia_E can I know what the fuck is this🤬?
🤬@KremlinRussia_E what are you going to do about this🤬?
🤬@KremlinRussia_E solve this shit🤬
🤬#Turkey🇹🇷#Ottoman regime OUT of Syria

Aleppo: Ankara Builds Military Base in Afrin Historical Region
"1 civilian was martyred & 2 others were injured in a terrorist attack with rocket shells on residential buildings in al-Hamadanyia and al-Azamyia in Aleppo City.
"The terrorist groups positioned in al-Rashidin area, west of Aleppo city, continued to attack residential neighborhoods in Aleppo city as they targeted the neighborhoods of al-Hamadanyia & al-Azamyia with rocket shells.
"The army units immediately retaliated through targeting the areas from where the rockets were launched in al-Rashidin neighborhood, killing scores of terrorists and destroying their positions and rocket launch pads."
"Units of the Syrian Arab army responded to attacks by Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists on civilians in Hama northern countryside, targeting, through artillery & rockets, their gatherings in many villages & towns of Idlib & Hama countryside."
"The army units carried out precise artillery & rocket strikes against fortifications & dens of Jabhat al-Nusra in Idlib in the surroundings of Ma’ar Shourin & Khan Sheikhoun, destroying their dens, killing & injuring a number of the terrorists."
"The rocket strikes of the army targeted regions where terrorists of the so-called “al-Hizb al-Turkistani” are present in the surroundings of Ghassanyiah to the west of Jisr al-Shoughour and Latamneh in Hama countryside."
First skatepark for children in #Syria🇸🇾opened in Qudsayya City , Damascus Countryside (📹) sana.sy/en/?p=169594
"An Armenian woman was repeatedly tortured and then executed by the "moderate rebels" in the Jisr Al-Shughour District of the Idlib Governorate."
"Der Karkour went missing on July 9th inside her hometown of Al-Yaqoubiyeh, which is located just N of the "moderate rebels" stronghold of Jisr Al-Shughour. A local priest sent parishioners to search for her, they found the Armenian woman dead in a field"
"An autopsy was done on Der Karkour’s body & it was found that she was tortured for at least 9 hours before she was stoned to death. Der Karkour, who was 60 at the time of her death, was one of the few Christians still living in the "moderate rebels"-held areas in N Syria.
🤬📢@realDonaldTrump @theresa_may @EmmanuelMacron @eu_comission @AngelaMerkeICDU @UsCongressnews1 @StateDept I accuse you of complicity in the torture & death of Der Karkour, because it is you who continue to support & fund the "moderate rebels" who are nothing + than terrorists!
"A large number of #Syrian🇸🇾Arab Army reinforcements reportedly made their way to the northwestern countryside of the Hama Governorate on Tuesday. The #Syrian🇸🇾Army reinforcements were made up of several units from different parts of the country." aml.ink/SryNC
"These reinforcements were deployed to the front-lines in northwestern Hama, where they will join forces with the other units from the Syrian Army and National Defense Forces (NDF) that preparing to begin a new operation." aml.ink/SryNC
A large convoy of #Turkish🇹🇷military vehicles was seen moving inside the N region of #Syrian🇸🇾 close to the militant-held town of Azaz late on Monday. The reinforcements have been sent to the #Syrian🇸🇾border area by the #Turkish🇹🇷military. aml.ink/S2upq
🤬📢One more to add to all the shit that 🤬#Turkey🇹🇷#Ottoman regime has done in Syria!
🤬📢@RTErdogan OUT of Syria NOW!

"This move by the #Turkish🇹🇷military comes just days after several reports surfaced about a new operation east of the Euphrates."
"The terrorists have destroyed an important bridge in NW Syria to prevent a future Syrian Army advance into the Idlib Governorate. The jihadist rebels of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham destroyed the Beit Al-Ras Bridge in the Al-Ghaab Plain."aml.ink/xg3VV
The Beit Al-Ras Bridge connected the Govt-held part of the Al-Ghaab Plain w the terrorists-held areas.This move by the terrorists came at the same time that the Syrian Army sent a large convoy of reinforcements to the NW countryside of the Hama Governorate aml.ink/xg3VV
🤬📢Damn "moderate rebels", destroying bridges will not save you from all the crimes you have committed in Syria!
🤬📢Your day is coming!
🤬📢If I were you, I'd leave Syria as soon as possible & go to the countries that have always financed you!
"The #Iraq🇮🇶 & #Syria🇸🇾armed forces are conducting joint military operations along the vast border separating the 2 historical nations."
"The Deir Ezzor Governorate, the #Syrian🇸🇾 & #Iraqi🇮🇶armed forces conducted joint combing operations around the border cities of Al-Qa’im (#Iraq🇮🇶) & Albukamal (#Syria🇸🇾)."
"At the same time, the #Syrian🇸🇾Arab Army announced the establishment of a new border post near the border city of Albukamal in the eastern countryside of Deir Ezzor."
"Later in the day, the #Syrian🇸🇾Arab Army (SAA) clashed with the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) forces in the Badiya region of Al-Sukhneh in northeastern Homs."
"The #Syrian🇸🇾Army & their allies from the National Defense Forces (NDF) were able to eliminate the Islamic State terrorists in rural Al-Sukhneh, establishing security over the area after the short battle on Tuesday."
"A bus carrying several #Syrian🇸🇾Army soldiers was targeted by a roadside bomb in the W part of Daraa city this morning. At least 3 Syrian Army soldiers have been confirmed dead & more than 5 are critically wounded."
"The Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL/IS/Daesh) sleeper cells carried out their heaviest attack of the year on the #USA🇺🇸-backed Syrian Democratic Forces’ (SDF) positions at the Al-Umar Oil Field." aml.ink/rHeLl
By @iraqschristians
This is unfortunately not true. Majority of Christians in NE Syria oppose Kurdish-YPG in Syria & Kurdish autonomy has not been peaceful for Christians. Also, Kurdish authorities are threatening Christians in NE Syria to leave the area.
"A large number of #Syrian🇸🇾Army soldiers have been deployed to the NW part of the Al-Ghaab Plain this afternoon. The reinforcements were deployed to the government stronghold of Joureen, which is located just east of the Latakia Governorate axis."aml.ink/5HXQw
"The reinforcements deployed to the Al-Ghaab Plain were from several different units, including the Syrian Army’s 4th Armored Division & Tiger Forces. All signs are now pointing to the Al-Ghaab Plain as the next target for the Syrian Army"
"2 #Russian🇷🇺cargo planes were tracked en route to the #Syrian🇸🇾province of Latakia, where they will deliver new equipment to the Hmeimim Airbase.
16 thousand craft and industrial facilities put into service again in Aleppo province sana.sy/en/?p=169604
"The terrorists on Wednesday morning targeted a military car on the road leading to al-Yadouda town, west of Daraa city as a number of army personnel were martyred and others were injured"
2 civilians were injured in a terrorist car bomb attack in Ghwairan neighborhood in Hasaka City. A Suzuki car went off near the mill of Ghwairan neighborhood in Hasaka city causing the injury of 2 civilians, in addition to causing material damage.." sana.sy/en/?p=169610
By @iraqschristians
At VirginMarySyriacOrthodoxChurch in Qamishli,Syria,Syriac Christians celebrate mass in spite of terrorism & violence.Terrorists exploded a bomb in front of the Church a few days ago.Christians worked for 3 days to get the Church ready for mass. God bless all!
By @iraqschristians
Yes, you are absolutely right. In Northeastern Syria, the Western funded Kurdish-YPG-PKK are trying to force indigenous Aramaic-speaking Christians out of the area. We encourage @realdonaldtrump @VP to stop funding YPG-PKK in #Syria.
By @iraqschristians
ISIS terrorists completely destroyed over a dozen churches in NE #Syria. W one of the churches only the church bell remains. It's important for the internationally community to help rebuild the churches.We will share a📹from 1 of the destroyed churches shortly
By @Alaa_Ebrahim_tv
It is not only about building churches but rebuilding communities , now even as #ISIL is defeated #Christian communities still face dangers or being forced out even in subtle methods they way it is happening in northeastern #Syria
"Several + people were killed & many + wounded in the #USA🇺🇸-led coalition air raids on a civilian neighborhood in Southeastern Deir Ezzur.

By @EnglishFars
More Civilians Killed in US Airstrikes on Residential Areas in Deir Ezzur
"The🇸🇾High Command has reached a decision to launch a new offensive in NW Syria. The🇸🇾Republican Guard has deployed to the NW region of the Hama Governorate. The🇸🇾Republican Guard reinforcements are made up of units from the 104th, 105th & 106th brigades" aml.ink/4nHt0
By @DrNamdar
#USA is to go home, #Syria is not #USA home. Can you understand. Go home Yankee.
"Military police personnel of #Russia’s S Military District has returned to the N Caucasus Republic of #Chechnya after their combat mission in #Syria.About 300 service members,have returned home after successfully accomplishing special assignments in Syria aml.ink/wbHcI
"From May 2019, the military police guarded vital facilities of the #Russian grouping of forces in #Syria, provided for law & order & the security of civilians in the liberated communities & also organized escorts of humanitarian convoys & their security."
People of Quneitra hold a stand in support to #Syrians in #🇸🇾Golan, rejection of #Israeli project of “wind turbines” sana.sy/en/?p=169619
By @EnglishFars
Syria’s Tribal Leaders Eyeing Popular Resistance against US Troops in Deir Ezzur
By @ejmalrai
You are Syrian? Since when? Do you refer back to Damascus as your government or to Israel and the US?

I am more Syrian than you in this case.
By @tparsi
MUST READ in the @washingtonpost by @KatrinaNation on how transpartisan collaboration on foreign policy is shaking up DC and opening a path to end the endless wars. And a nice mention of @QuincyInst as well :)
By @ejmalrai
He @motikahana is stealing the #Syria/n oil not to make money but to create "peace".

The Syrian Kurds are no learning from history: Iraqi Kurds were in a much better position &, in one day, Kirkuk was gone & borders were closed & under the Iraqi gov control.
By @ejmalrai
🇮🇱businessman in Syria:"The Kurds SDF currently hold 11 oil wells. I don’t want this oil reaching Iran or Assad. The moment Trump gives its approval,we can begin to export this oil at fair prices & to use it to build & defend democratic Syria"
By @r_u_vid
the al-Khol camp in northeastern Syria, where foreigners of the "Islamic State" held while awaiting extradition to the countries of origin... 🤔
They fly ISIS flag once again... (it's not the first time they are doing it)
By @r_u_vid
By @smmsyria
A large convoy of🇹🇷military vehicles was seen moving inside the N region of 🇸🇾'n close to the militant-held town of #Azaz late on Monday.This move by the🇹🇷military comes just days after reports surfaced about a NewOperation E of the #Euphrates
By @smmsyria
Fascinating details of a jihadi reasoning in an interview with a German Hurras Al Din fighter by @ajaltamimi:
By @smmsyria
Here are the two ayats the fighter is referring to in the interview:
By @smmsyria
"Before Islam I was very criminal. After that I became criminal again, but with the right intention."

Why, of course you did.
By @smmsyria
Ah, yes, the good old times of ISIS.
By @smmsyria
In this very harsh column @OmerOzkizilcik highlight Turkey's bitter disappointment with the US over the safe zone in Northern Syria. The piece basically calls the US to withdraw the troops and leave YPG without support.
By @smmsyria
In a somewhat bizarre assumption, the piece also suggests that after Turkey "defeats YPG" the US should be able to create another SDF, with only "non-YPG" elements.
By @smmsyria
Much has been said & written about #muhajireen | foreign #terrorists in #Syria. On our online-pages as well. Meanwhile this interview is all-at-once, where #haram is the only word, that is coming on our mind. #Astagfirullah
By @smmsyria
💥💥💥Massive #RuAF airstrike on #HTS HQ in N.#Hama
By @smmsyria
Syriac Military Council issues an urgent plea to the US and the Coalition voicing extreme concern over a possible Turkish operation in Northern Syria.
By @smmsyria
#Turkish people have just spotted another #Russian vessel with war shipments for #Syria. This time a brand-new high-speed combat boat is clearly seen aboard, besides trucks and engineer equipment.
By @smmsyria
#RukbanSuffers | “Commandos” spread extremist ideology among Syrian kids and teenagers. They teach young men radical Islam in improvised schools in order to make them join someday terrorist groups and sacrifice their life.
By @smmsyria
🔥🔞📢Check our new #mustread about desperate living conditions in the most infamous refugee camp in Syria: #slavery, #prostitution, #harassment , #violence, #radical #islamism. Read more on SMMSyria .com, let everybody know that #RukbanSuffers
"Rukban refugee camp is one of the most famous & horrible places in #Syria..Approximately 14 thousand🇸🇾are officially detained in the Rukban camp, most of them are children & women..This place is formally under UN & US control..."
Germany has spent 48.8 million euro ($55 million) funding an opposition groups in the NW Syrian province of Idlib. While🇷🇺,🇫🇷, 🇹🇷&🇩🇪 hold talks on🇸🇾future w President Assad, it became known that 🇩🇪Govt supports opposition w multi-million sums.”
🤬@AngelaMerkeICDU Is this the way you protect #Syrian🇸🇾people🤬👇🏼
🤬You & your government are hypocrites.
🤬You only destroying #Syria. STOP.
🤬Take your terrorists to #Germany🇩🇪.
🗣️I want the Syrian refugees to return to Syria!
#USA🇺🇸some Western countries (#UK🇬🇧,#France🇫🇷,#Germany🇩🇪,
#Belgium🇧🇪,#Netherlands🇳🇱,#Canada🇨🇦,#Australia🇹🇫,#Israel🇮🇱)& some Arab countries (#Saudi🇸🇦,#UAE🇦🇪,#Turkey🇹🇷) attempt to prolong crisis in🇸🇾& protect Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists for geopolitical goals
"The #Washington wants to protect Jabhat al-Nusra #terrorist organization, seeks to omit its name from the list of the #terrorist organizations, & make it a side in the talks on the crisis in #Syria🇸🇾 in order to serve the West’s geopolitical goals."
The #WesternCountries & the #USA🇺🇸to stop fabricating baseless pretexts to hinder the return of the #Syrians 🇸🇾who were displaced due to #terrorism to their homeland & to join efforts to facilitate their return.
"The #terrorists on Wednesday morning targeted a military car on the road leading to al-Yadouda town, west of Daraa city as a number of army personnel were martyred & others were injured."
🤬📢@UN @antonioguterres What the fuck is this🤬👇🏼? #UN are you also involved w the terrorists? What was the UN created for?
By @WithinSyriaBlog
Terrorist group Jaysh al-Izza training camp right next to an IDP camp, you can even see the tents in the video.
🤬📢@UN @antonioguterres🤬👇🏼
By @WithinSyriaBlog
IDPs tents, children, literately few meters away from Jaysh al-Izza training camp. The terrorist group was supported by the🇺🇸for around 2 years.Earlier this year its shelling on N Hama killed several civilians, including children.
By @ShehabiFares
One of #Aleppo's ancient markets after renovation.. In 2012, "moderate" jihadis robbed & looted most of the old city..
By @southfronteng
In Video: Tiger Forces In Action Against Militants In Northern Hama southfront.org/in-video-tiger…
By @southfronteng
Syrian Army Builds Up For New Limited Operation In Idlib Zone (Map) southfront.org/syrian-army-bu…
By @southfronteng
Several SDF Fighters Killed Or Injured In Operation To Capture ISIS Cell Commander southfront.org/several-sdf-fi…
By @southfronteng
New Daraa Attack Claims Lives Of Several Syrian Soldiers (Photos) southfront.org/new-daraa-atta…
By @southfronteng
Syrian War Report – July 13-17, 2019: Army Takes Pause To Prepare For Further Operations In Idlib (Video📹)
By @southfronteng
Syrian Army Deploys Reinforcements In Northern Hama, Prepares For New Push – Report southfront.org/syrian-army-de…
By @southfronteng
Syrian Security Forces Foil Attempt To Smuggle Explosive Devices Near Hmeimim Airbase (Photos) southfront.org/syrian-securit…
Assad must Go! Curse 👌🏼👏🏼💯😅

By @southfronteng
A one day of Assad #Syria #Assad #Bolton #cartoon
By @FortRussNews
#SAA on the Offensive - The Syrian "Love" Triangle is.gd/Utir7F #Kurds #Syria #Terrorism #Turkey
By @MichaKobs
Call for disarming terrorists,
call for end of sanctions,
call for ending ALL weapons transported into🇸🇾,
call for🇺🇸not sheltering ISIS,
call for ALL foreign troops leaving🇸🇾,
call for stop steeling Syrian oil because otherwise no planes will be grounded by anyone.
"Al-Rastan city in Homs N countryside witnessed a popular celebration, on the first anniversary of liberating the N countryside of Homs from terrorism & the restoration of security & stability to the region thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Army."
"Participants in the celebration gathered in the main square of the city, raising the national flag & pictures of President Bashar al-Assad, chanting national songs that appreciate heroism of the army against terrorist organizations."
"Chairman of al-Rastan municipality Ahmad Rahal said that tens of thousands of citizens have returned to their houses since liberating the city from terrorism, adding that the total number of residents there has reached 45 thousand citizens."
By @cerumol
On Thursday 29th August 2013 the @BBC Ten o'clock News broadcast a fabricated report from Syria.
By @Ian56789
Neocon War Criminals at @Channel4News have gone to tremendous lengths to produce false propaganda in support of al-Qaeda & #WhiteHelmets terrorists in Syria

Channel 4: Who Ya Gonna Believe, Us or Your Lying Eyes?
By @VanessaBeeley
Western-backed Idlib terrorists rape and murder Syrian Armenian teacher patreon.com/posts/western-…
By @ahmadalissa
#SYRIA: The security forces discover on #Lattakia_Tartous motorway lots of explosives hidden in olive oil containers in a lorry coming from #Aleppo.
By @3arabiSouri
"CNN, along with all other Western corporate media, is not a news reporting establishment as people are told, it can be described as a News Faking Establishment, better even call it: The Pentagon’s Propaganda Arm."
Via @Tracking_Power
Doubts about chemical attack Syria -new piece by @Beek38 diplomatmagazine.eu/2019/07/16/dou… … via @organicthemes
By @LissaKJohnson
The #OPCW might want the staging of a crime scene to justify war, using 35 dead bodies, to go away. The US, UK & Australian msm might be happy to oblige. But the magazine of the diplomatic corps of the Hague finds the subject newsworthy.
By @Assadist3
ISIS flag fluttering over Al-Hawl refugee camp in US/SDF occupied in Al-Hasakah.
"The #Syrian Army has begun the second phase of their NW Syria offensive after taking a month-long hiatus...Led by the Tiger Forces & 4th Armored Division, the #Syrian Army began their offensive last night by launching a massive attack via their air force"aml.ink/zn2hn
"The #Russian Air Force was also involved in the attack, bombing several sites inside the Al-Ghaab Plain region. Following the airstrikes, Tiger Forces & their allies began hammering the S flank of Al-Sirmaniyeh w a plethora of missiles & artillery shells"
"The #Russian & #Syrian air forces carried out several airstrikes over the Idlib & Hama governorates this week, targeting a number of bases belonging to the Turkestan Islamic Party & Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham #terrorists groups."
"The #Syrian & #Russian air forces targeted several areas belonging to these #terrorists groups, including the towns of Khan Sheikhoun, Termala, Kafr ‘Ayn, Jisr Al-Shughour, Tal Hawash & Hawijahin Idlib & Hama" aml.ink/WuQJH
"As a result, the Syrian & Russian air forces destroyed several ammunition warehouses & bases belonging to the Turkestan Islamic Party & Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham. Several Chechen fighters were killed during the🇷🇺Air Force attack on the Jisr Al-Shughour area." aml.ink/WuQJH
"The Syrian Army has begun a new operation in northwestern Syria that is targeting the imperative Zuwayqat Mountain that overlooks the northern part of the Al-Ghaab Plain." aml.ink/OgeMF
🤬@realDonaldTrump @netanyahu who are you to demand this😏?
🗣️Syria is a sovereign country & has the legitimate right to choose its allies!
🗣️We citizens of the🌍demand that #USA withdraw completely from #Syria & #Israel withdraw completely from🇸🇾#Golan!
"The #Syrian Army has taken strict security measures near the #Turkish border with the Latakia Governorate following a series of #terrorists attacks on their positions in the Turkmen Mountains.
"The #Syrian Army’s recent measures around the #Turkish border has proven effective in defending several towns in the Latakia Governorate, including Atirah, Al-Durra, and Sarraf. The new measures came after the #Turkish-backed attack..."
"The opening of the #Turkish border had facilitated the entry of several foreign fighters from countries like #Uzbekistan, #Chechnya, #China (Uyghurs), and #Turkestan."
"A #Turkish military convoy has reportedly entered the NW region of #Syria this morning. The #Turkish military convoy first entered #Syria from the neighboring Hatay Province before making its way through the Idlib Governorate to the town of Morek."aml.ink/N9Uc5
"There shouldn’t be an endless silence towards the presence of thousands of terrorists in Idlib, asserting that eliminating terrorism is in the interest of all.
-Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov- sana.sy/en/?p=169656
“Eliminating terrorism hotbeds in #Syria is considered in the interest of the #EuropeanUnion as it will decrease the level of the terrorist threat from the region & will reduce the flow of immigrants.” -Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov-
"The #USA & some #Western states are trying to prolong the crisis in #Syria & to protect Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization in order to achieve certain geopolitical goals."-Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov-
"The presence of the #Russian forces in #Syria aims at combating terrorism upon a request by the #Syrian Government. The changing any regulatory rules of the presence of these forces will be done by the competent authorities in the 2 countries."sana.sy/en/?p=169656
🗣️‼️#Russia🇷🇺 has been participating in the war against terrorism by the side of the #Syrian🇸🇾 Arab Army since 2015 upon a request by the #Syrian🇸🇾Arab Republic & over that period heavy losses have been inflicted upon the terrorist organization.‼️sana.sy/en/?p=169656
"The number of the facilities which have been put into service again & started production in al-Sheikh Najjar Industrial City in Aleppo reached up to 565 facilities & currently 250 other facilities are being rehabilitated to put them back into service." sana.sy/en/?p=169659
Rehabilitating Aleppo Old City by the Syrians (Video📹) sana.sy/en/?p=169666
Projects by students of Architectural Engineering Faculty in Aleppo on the reconstruction (Video📹) sana.sy/en/?p=169669
By @nm79797979
Israeli businessman Kahane confirmed what was published in the newspaper «News» yesterday, about that he will export Syrian oil extracted from the Kurdish areas east of the Euphrates, controlled by the forces of "SDF",
By @HarbiehNadie
#SAA has taken strict security measures near the Turkish border in #Latakia province following a series of jihadist attacks on their positions in the Turkmen Mountains

Footage by @sputnik_ar
By @Souria4Syrians
FSA & Nusra fanboys say they miss the good old days of 2015, 2016 and 2017 where they reached the outskirts of Hama airbase in just days.

Basically the years where ISIS was at its strongest and SAA was busy fighting them
By @ahmadalissa
#SYRIA: #Together with #Israeli doctors, #SDF establishes field hospitals in #Hasakah and #Qamishli for trafficking in human organs.
#Source: facebook.com/page.F.S.N.N/
By @ahmadalissa
#SYRIA: The #Syrian authorities seize 24 Islamic and Byzantine gold liras stolen from #Daraa museums.
By @southfronteng
Russia Denies Speculations That It Deployed Ground Forces For Idlib Campaign southfront.org/russia-denies-…
By @EnglishFars
US-Backed SDF Forces in Eastern Syria Prevent Civilians' Interactions with Damascus
By @EnglishFars
Washington Resumes Training of Terrorists in Syria's Al-Tanf Region
"#Iraqi defense Minister discussed with #Syria’s Ambassador in Baghdad means of developing joint cooperation between #Syria & #Iraq. The 2 sides discussed cooperation between both countries, particularly combating #terrorism & eliminating “sleeper cells.”
By @EnglishFars
Turkey Preparing for Military Operations in Syria's Manbij
"#Russian🇷🇺President Vladimir Putin & his #French🇫🇷counterpart Emmanuel Macron discussed efforts to achieve a political solution to the crisis in #Syria🇸🇾."
"#Russian🇷🇺 Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov affirmed that his country is going ahead in its efforts to reach a political solution to the crisis in #Syria🇸🇾 in light of Astana formula and UN resolution 2254."
🇷🇺Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov:“Regarding #Syria🇸🇾we have briefed the #German🇩🇪side on our efforts, along w/ #Iran🇮🇷& #Turkey🇹🇷,through Astana formula & #UN🇺🇳resolution 2254, including humanitarian aids & the comprehensive settlement process & dialogue.”
"UNSC resolution 2254 of December 2015 underlines that the #Syrians🇸🇾 are the only ones who determine the future of their country without any foreign intervention."
"The #Russian🇷🇺Air Force has launched their biggest attack of the month in #Syria🇸🇾this week, targeting several areas across the Latakia, Idlib, & Hama governorates."
By @smmsyria
⚡️The video shows how #HST & the Turkestan Islamic Party (#TIP) terrorists are using tunnels to slip behind the #SAA's lines & carry out ambushes & raids against Government forces in the Jabal Turkmen & Jabal Al Akrad regions of Latakia
By @smmsyria
A man was killed and 3 others were injured in a car bomb explosion near al Zirbah village of Southern #Aleppo
By @smmsyria
📹#Syrian special services detained a truck loaded with a batch of explosives and IED components at a CP near Jableh city of Southern #Latakia. The papers reportedly say the vehicle was carrying olive oil

via facebook.com/Network.News.J…
By @smmsyria
📹One more footage describes a cargo of explosives and IED components detained by #Syrian special services at a CP near Jableh city of Southern #Latakia
By @PressTV
#Russia denies having ground troops fighting for liberation of #Syria’s #Idlib
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