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Last afternoon, given #DelhiAirEmergency, we gave our employees the option to work from home till 5 Nov, when we will re-evaluate the situation. This thread will explore why there’s no quick fix for India’s #AirPollution woes. #DelhiPollution #Delhi #sustainability 1/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 The #airquality has been ‘severe’ (over 10 times above WHO standards for 24 hr mean PM 2.5 concentration) in #Delhi for 7 days. Parts of #India along the Indo-Gangetic plain have also been suffering the same fate. #Lucknow recorded the worst air quality in 3 yrs on Nov 1. 2/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha #Delhi has a geographic disadvantage! As winds arrive from the coasts picking up pollutants along the way, they get ‘trapped’ before the Himalayas. This entrapment affects the entire expanse btw Punjab & West Bengal. #DelhiAirEmergency #airpollution 3/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha Btw 1-3 Nov, #DelhiAirEmergency did not stop the city from hosting #IndvsBan cricket match, bursting crackers, operating diesel gen-sets on #ChhathPuja & celebrating #thegrubfest. #Delhi needs to rethink on permitting outdoor activities at this time. 4/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha Citizens need to take immediate precautions. Follow the #Delhi govt’s health advisory (buff.ly/36FTZ3c).
While stepping out, use certified N95 masks & follow user instructions. Paper & cloth masks are ineffective. Minimise exposure. #DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiPollution. 5/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha Remember, at its core, #airpollution is a #sustainability battle. Reducing #cropburning is about sustainable #agriculture, mitigating transport emissions is about #sustainablemobility, reducing power plant emissions is about sustainable #energy systems. #DelhiPollution
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha Due to the prevailing north-westerly winds, the smoke from #stubbleburning in #Punjab is likely to deteriorate the #airquality in #Delhi & it will possibly remain in the 'very poor' to 'severe' categories in the next few days. #DelhiPollution #DelhiAirEmergency 7/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T While we need to work with farmers, we also need to focus on sources within #Delhi. #Airquality was poor even before #stubbleburning started. So, you can’t just blame the farmers: @hemdholakia
#DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiNCRPollution 8/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T Even as AQI numbers were in 'severe' category, emissions did not cease. Steps must be taken to control construction activities, emissions from stone crushers, hot mix plants, all coal & other fuel-based industries.
#DelhiNCRPollution #AirPollution 9/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB We need to evaluate innovative approaches such as using drones for tracking open waste burning. If found to be effective, such pilots must be scaled up. @AbhipraayNGO
#DelhiNCRPollution #AirPollution 11/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB @AbhipraayNGO It is high time that PM2.5 threshold at which a health emergency is declared is re-evaluated. Waiting till PM2.5 levels exceeding 300ug/m3 severely undermines the health of our population. @UrbanEmissions @joydeepgupta @a_khosla @samar11
#DelhiNCRPollution #AirPollution 12/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB @AbhipraayNGO @UrbanEmissions @joydeepgupta @a_khosla @samar11 #Airpurifiers are also being pushed to their limit due to extreme high PM2.5 levels. Staying indoors does not completely help. Plz keep doors & windows closed. Wet mopping of floors is recommended over dry sweeping.13/n
#DelhiNCRPollution #AirPollution
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB @AbhipraayNGO @UrbanEmissions @joydeepgupta @a_khosla @samar11 While public focus remains on sources of #DelhiNCRPollution, we need to #solve4cleanair across North India. State govts must commission scientific studies to understand the sources contributing to #airpollution in their cities & develop action plans. 14/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB @AbhipraayNGO @UrbanEmissions @joydeepgupta @a_khosla @samar11 States must focus on #energyefficiency, more public transport, cleaner fuels, sustainable agricultural practices, & replacement of coal with natural gas & #renewables in the power & industrial sector for better #airquality. 15/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB @AbhipraayNGO @UrbanEmissions @joydeepgupta @a_khosla @samar11 Finally, it's time to change our lifestyles. Buy less polluting vehicles, segregate waste, use #publictransport, reduce waste burning, avoid firecrackers; much is within the control of individuals & resident welfare associations. 16/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB @AbhipraayNGO @UrbanEmissions @joydeepgupta @a_khosla @samar11 @safar #Stubbleburning hit the season’s peak so far on Nov 4, already greater than 2018 peak of 4,884. But #Delhi’s AQ has marginally improved. We need to dig deeper to understand the complex issue of #cropburning & resulting impact on #airquality. #AirPollution #DelhiAirEmergency 19/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB @AbhipraayNGO @UrbanEmissions @joydeepgupta @a_khosla @samar11 @safar @jksmith34 @pallavipnt Sangrur, Bathinda, Mansa, Moga, Firozpur, Barnala & Patiala in #Punjab recorded higher fire counts yesterday. Stricter on-ground enforcement needed, the focus needs to be on understanding ground realities & finding farmer-friendly solutions. #AirPollution #DelhiAirQuality 20/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB @AbhipraayNGO @UrbanEmissions @joydeepgupta @a_khosla @samar11 @safar @jksmith34 @pallavipnt #Stubbleburning is just a symptom of the agri-water-air nexus prevalent in #Punjab. Lack of crop diversification + procurement policy encouraging paddy production has resulted in intensive paddy cultivation & distorted groundwater table. #AirPollution 21/n
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB @AbhipraayNGO @UrbanEmissions @joydeepgupta @a_khosla @samar11 @safar @jksmith34 @pallavipnt Why do farmers burn fields? Shortened cropping intervals of 10-15 days+increased mechanisation of harvesting leaving 10-30cm of stubble in the field+shortage of labour+no viable market for crop residue. #Airpollution #DelhiPollution @bahardutt @someshjha7 @hishamzerriffi
@KurinjiSelvaraj @tanushree_g @KarthikGanesan6 @hemdholakia @agorthi @guptaniti29 @GhoshArunabha @vishwamTOI @bahardutt @CBhattacharji @Srish__T @CPCB @AbhipraayNGO @UrbanEmissions @joydeepgupta @a_khosla @samar11 @safar @jksmith34 @pallavipnt @someshjha7 @hishamzerriffi Farmers are seemingly unhappy with #happyseeder in terms of cost & yields. What then? Raise farmer awareness by demonstrating better residue management & change their misconceptions around alternative technologies. Read our study 👉bit.ly/2M3iUoY #AirPollution 23/n
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