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🧵 1/4 Many of you will have seen articles recently with @wlrfm @WaterfordNS @KKPeopleNews on the future of the Barrow Bridge on the #Wexford to #Waterford rail line. @IrishRail have announced that the bridge will be pinned open due to a ship collision in Feb 2022
2/4 The bridge is an engineering marvel (almost 1/2 a mile long) that has functioned since 1906 - this video from @tidesntales gives you an idea of its scale and the opening & closing mechanism Several trains crossed the bridge in 2022 (after the accident) ImageImage
3/4 @IrishRail stated they will commence repair work on the bridge once compensation has been received from the ship's insurer. However, this has happened before. In 1991 a similar bridge strike occurred. The matter was with the High Court until 2001! A full decade! Image
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1/ There has been a lot of incorrect information lately regarding the use of masks on public transportation. I'll try to put this in the proper perspective here. Upon multiple requests, here are may two latest threads in English about #masks and #masking on #publictransport
2/ Masks are an effective means of preventing infection. However, masks are not only used for self-protection, but also for the protection of others, because masks
1) have a multiplicative effect, i.e. the filter effect is strongly increased if the infected person and the
3/ healthy person both wear a mask
2) are not 100% effective, i.e. it is very important whether the aerosol load in a room is low (high number of mask wearers) or high (few mask wearers).
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📉 The Tories have tanked our economy and we are facing more massive cuts.

💡Scrapping 5 biggest road schemes would ‘nearly halve budget deficit'

🧵 A thread on why we need to scrap road building plans for the sake of our economy AND our environment 👇…
🌍 Building new roads is absolutely the wrong thing to do in a #ClimateEmergency

🚛 Roads increase traffic, noise, air pollution and carbon emissions

💰 The 5 largest road schemes in the pipeline as part of #RIS2 all have weak economic cases and will cost £16BILLION! @StopRIS2 An aerial photo of multiple...
1️⃣ £10 BILLION - Lower Thames Crossing

A tunnel connecting Kent and Essex under the Thames estuary. 14.3 miles of new road and widening of the A2 and M2 in Kent

This will bring a massive increase in emissions and loss of wildlife and surrounding natural areas

Follow @tcaginfo An artist impression showin...
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++ NEW working paper is OUT ++
un lavoro dedicato ai trasporti pubblici locali (TPL) e a Roma🚈

In questo lavoro analizziamo l’impatto della realizzazione della linea C della metropolitana di Roma sul mercato immobiliare e sull’attività economica locale

un thread 👇🧵 1/N
Inaugurata tra 2014 e 2018 dopo una lunga gestazione, la metro C si snoda per 18,1km ed è la 3a metro di Roma, cui spetta la maglia nera del TPL tra le capitali europee, con soli 1,35km di linee metropolitane ogni 100.000 abitanti, contro i 2,96 di Milano o i 3,87 di Londra 2/N Image
Se rapportati ai 41,3km di linee preesistenti, la metro C ha rappresentato un’importante innovazione nell’ambito del TPL romano. Ciononostante il suo impatto sul tessuto economico della città e soprattutto sul mercato immobiliare rimane inesplorato 3/N Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/20/2021…
Intranasal priming induces local lung-resident B cell populations that secrete protective mucosal antiviral IgA…

#ImmunoGlobulinA, #AntiviralImmunity, #RespiratorySystem, #VaccineEfficacy, #ResearchReport
Bizarre tail weaponry in a transitional ankylosaur from subantarctic Chile | Nature Portfolio Ecology & Evolution Community…

#paleontology, #ChileanPatagonia, #FossilDiscovery, #ankylosaur, #PublicationBackground
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: COMBATING THE CLIMATE CRISIS AND PURSUING ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE (Part 4)
Only one party recognizes the urgent existential crisis facing our planet. Only one party believes in science and solutions. 1/21
#Democrats affirm California’s statutory authority under the Clean Air Act to set its own emissions standards for cars and trucks. 2/21
#DemPartyPlatform #CleanAirAct #CA
#Democrats will immediately convene California and other states with labor, auto industry, and environmental leaders to inform ambitious executive actions 3/21 #DemPartyPlatform #ClimateAction #ClimateVoter
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#UnitedKingdom #Manchester #Coronavirus #Publictransport

Big disappointment for animal lovers: a snake wrapped around its neck and head is not a proper mouth and nose protection against the coronavirus. Image
North West England's public transport services came to this clarification after a man was seen on a bus with a live snake around his neck and mouth.
Passengers on the bus on the way to Manchester would have thought at first that the man was wearing a particularly colorful mouth and nose protection, reported the Manchester Evening News newspaper.
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Recently, I was asked to give a seminar for @mhclg’s planners on the challenges faced by local authority planners delivering against the #climateemergency, because I work with lots of councils & I’m also Cabinet Member for Forward Planning at @CotswoldDC. So I know some stuff.
First up, I did the ‘we’re all doomed’ bit. You know, the rollercoaster graphs steeply going up and the even steeper graphs of how emissions need to come down.
Then I mentioned about how most plans are running for about another 10-15 years and they need re-writing immediately because most of them pay diddly-squat attention to the ‘what goes up must come down graphs’ from the ‘we’re all doomed’ bit.
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We know what the #transport contribution to CO2 emissions are - 19.5% of emissions. it's the solutions we need now. Stuffing towns with #electriccars is not a solution, it just means cleaner traffic jams. @CathMurphyTD Image
Crucial missing piece of capital region's transport infrastructure is the 3.2 miles of #Dart underground tunnel that links all rail stations. Talked about for decades never built. Time to build now-low interest for capital borrowing & employment generation #Dublin @CathMurphyTD
#DartUnderground would be gamechanger. Would quadruple no. of passenger journeys by rail and free up road surface for #cycling lanes and link up outer suburbs and commuting counties - #Kildare #Meath #Wicklow

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Further to this #popup #cycling #sustainability #zerocarbon #worldcyclingday might appear counter-intuitive that Manchester is not supportive of pop up cycle lanes. So a thread👇🚲🚴🚴‍♀️
Pop up cycle lanes have traction with the press and looks like they are also popular with (commuter) cyclists. Light segregation schemes are becoming increasingly popular in other cities on the back of the Covid19 pandemic #Cycling #Manchester
Sure they offer value for money and with being temporary, they also offer adaptability. Estimated cost of constructing a kerb-separated cycle track in central London is
approximately £700,000 per km, compared to around £60,000 per km for light segregation…
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1/ Q: What else do I need to know about my #risks as my state #reopens?

A: The nerdy girls answered several questions about this topic recently, but we love another amazing smart lady's interpretation (@DrLeanaWen), detailed here with a few more pearls.
1-Relative risk: For #COVIDー19, this is determined by type of activity, duration of activity, and how close you are to other people (see our previous posts). The key message: prioritize outdoor activities, keep interactions brief, and space yourselves from other people.
2-Pooled risk: If your friends/family are low risk, you are probably safe to get together.

3-Cumulative risk: More interactions=more risk. Minimize number of people with whom you interact.
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There’s been a surge in walking and cycling in the #pandemic. Government has promised extra billions. It’s what @TheGreenParty has campaigned for, for many years. So how is it looking in #Sheffield?

To set the scene … since the 1960s, Sheffield had been developed to encourage the private car. Politicians competed for the motorist’s vote.…
The £2 billion, 25-year #PFI contract with #Amey failed to enhance safe pedestrian crossings or walking routes, safe cycling facilities, safe dropped kerbs for wheelchair users, safe routes to school.

It was a contract to keep roads just as they had been 25 years previously.
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1. #COVID19 has overshadowed much of government's policy agenda including the response to #ClimateChange. Now, the green agenda will have to battle for prominence during the economic recovery phase. A short thread on the likelihood of a green recovery by @jbuckland13 and @Gilesyb
2. The impact of #COVID19 on global carbon emissions is one of the few silver linings to the current pandemic. As countries have gone into lockdown, emissions have fallen dramatically with early analysis putting us on course for the biggest fall on record. @IEA
3. However, the impact will be short lived. As measures are relaxed, business & industrial energy use will return and emissions will pick up. Politicians will focus on getting the economy motoring again, superseding #environmental interests in the short term
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Centre for Road Research Institute's guidelines to a #NewNormal Lane in Public Transport

@CSIRCRRI has proposed measures to be followed, post #lockdown to ensure #PhysicalDistancing and #StopTheSpread

.@CSIRCRRI guidelines #StopTheSpread

1. E-rickshaw/auto/taxi can use plastic sheet between driver - commuter & between commuters for #PhysicalDistancing

2. Staggered timings for office-goers

3.Increased stopping time for commuter boarding/alighting

How to reduce demand for public transport?

1.Ecourage short trips by intermediate public transport modes (cycle rickshaws, autos, etc.)
2. A dedicated path / lane should be allotted for faster movement of such vehicles

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So #PrinceCharles ignores govt. instructions to not travel to rural areas to avoid #Covid19 & takes the bloody #CoronaVirus with him using scarce #NHS #CovidTesting & treatment resources. "One rule for the rich..." & "do as I say not as I do"?… /1
"The tests were carried out by the NHS in Aberdeenshire where they met the criteria required for testing." What's that then? Large ears, an excessively narrow gene pool & flirtation with neofacist social policies? Still no #TestingForCovid19 for #NHS workers or more widely! /2
And still our #NHSheroes have inadequate #PPE & struggle to work on crowded #publictransport. The #Tory government are protecting the elite & their wealth while letting the #NHS collapse & condemning many thousands to die. What will @UKLabour do? #BorisResign! /3
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Overcrowded #trams, impossible to board, at peak in south Brunswick, North Carlton, due to growing population and car congestion (pushing people to trams). Routes 1 & 6 on Lygon, 58 on Grantham seem to be the worst. Sydney Rd also affected. #SpringSt #publictransport #getonboard
Problem so bad you could run a few buses along the tramline at peak, to pick up those left behind by trams. Buses are cheaper. At least until you buy enough trams and power supply to fix this. Suspect passengers would prefer a bus to just waiting and hoping. Thoughts @yarratrams?
@yarratrams We shouldn't be throwing billions at gold-plated motorway projects like the North-East Link, WestGate Tunnel etc, until we've got a public transport system that works. Thanks @tessiselated for keeping this issue on the agenda.
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Kicking-off #EMTA meeting sessions.
Great introduction given by @jaume_mateu, let’s enjoy!
#publictransport #sustainablemobility
New Regional Master Plan in the #BalearicIslands is willing to overturn #transportation planning from traffic to #mobility management.
"If you plan cities for cars and traffic, you get cars and traffic. If you plan for people and places, you get people and places". Fred Kent.
The last 16 years of planning and transportation management has been nearly useless to reduce private motorized vehicle trips mode share. It's time to change if we want to keep living on this precious islands.
Push and pull policies need to be implemented in the short term.
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If the Government is so concerned about #environment and want people to use public transport then why do Public Buses don't show up on Google Maps similar to Ola and Uber cabs been shown moving around in an area prior to booking? @UnlimitReliance #hackathon #IoT @HackerEarth
This is a scalable idea across every City of India. It requires establishing of Supply Chain, Procuring Goods & Integration with Services at massive scale.
Check out IoT interThrone on @HackerEarth… via @HackerEarth @UnlimitReliance @nectechnologies
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Informacje live o systemie miejskich autobusow w Rzeszowie!
#rzeszow #ztm #autobusy #opoznienia #bigdata #grafana #OpenData
@GDGRzeszow @RzeszowJava @RZEmiosloIT @RRUGpl @Rze_QA Image
Średnie umiejscowienie autobusów na trasie względem planowanego rozkładu dla 10.08.2018 - (minus) przed czasem, + (plus) po czasie Image
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