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I've seen the claim several places, but does anyone have video or a reliable news source confirming Trump adviser Sean Hannity said on-air, online, or on radio that Iran was about to be hit by B52s shortly before an Iranian battery allegedly mistook an airliner for a US warplane?
(I ask because no country, having been told by the leader of a geopolitical foe that it could be bombed at any time, would fail to monitor the communications of a top adviser to that leader who happened to be *on-air* at the time of a potential airstrike. So this *does* matter.)
(Again, I'm asking for sourcing. I'd actually be much happier to learn that this didn't occur. Seriously, I don't want this to have occurred. But there were a number of people on social media saying Hannity had said this *at the time his show was on*. So any help is appreciated.)
VIDEO/ OK, here it is...and...{*sigh*}... JFC—I hate this. It's bad. Bad because he did what folks said, there's no doubt Iran was watching, and based on the Trump-Hannity history of near-daily contact it's possible his source for this fake news was POTUS.
NOTE/ Hannity said *all the things* you'd say if you wanted to make battery captains terrified and trigger-happy. He implied an airstrike was *imminent*. He *often* gets his info from Trump—whose info is *often* false. And U.S. officials now say a battery *shot down an airliner*.
NOTE2/ I'd say about *half the country* was telling conservatives that their bloodlust was dangerous—*not* that Iran was a good actor, but that the bloodlust to destroy and scare Iran was *dangerous*. And Hannity was the spearhead. Anyway, someone needs to check the timeline now.
NOTE3/ If Hannity's source on "B52s" was a *public* source, why can't I find *anyone else* making that claim the night the Ukrainian airliner was hit? Shouldn't media be asking now whether Hannity received and put onair nonpublic info about a military operation he got from Trump?
NOTE4/ Media gets confused about this, so to be clear, I'm saying, 1) there's enough evidence of a story here to 2) ask serious questions of Hannity/Trump on the spread of fear-inducing disinformation on the night 176 innocents were killed. I'm *not* saying we know what happened.
NOTE5/ So, what we *know* (two-part tweet):

1⃣ Hannity's a Trump adviser who talks to Trump near-daily.
2⃣ Trump has a history of giving out nonpublic operational info.
3⃣ Trump's rhetoric on Iran was intended to scare.
4⃣ Hannity falsely said B-52s were soon to strike Iran.
NOTE6/ (Second tweet of two):

5⃣ Hannity looks to have been on-air around the time officials say an Iranian battery shot down a civilian airliner.
6⃣ Any competent military would've been watching Hannity the night of the possible bombing of Iran due to his Trump adviser status.
NOTE7/ While I strongly dislike Hannity, I dislike *no one* enough to *want* them to have negligently (and it would've been *negligence*, not any sort of intent) made it more likely innocents would be killed by an errant battery strike. So I hope this *didn't* happen like this.
NOTE8/ Anyway, I'm out on this one. It's such dark stuff, it makes me feel actually ill. I think there's enough for someone in the media to follow up on this, check the timeline, and so on. This is a conversation that needs to be had, but *no one* should draw any conclusions yet.
NOTE9/ Just some background, because a few people mentioned stories I think everyone needs to go straight to the source on: salon.com/2020/01/08/sea…
NOTE10/ More background, as a few people mentioned stories I think everyone needs to go straight to the source on: mediamatters.org/sean-hannity/s…
ADDENDUM1/ An *enormous* amount of disinformation is now going out about what Hannity did/didn't say in the video on the timing, targeting and tactics of the airstrike. Please *watch the video*. *Don't* trust what folks are saying on it—many are lying. *Watch the video yourself*.
ADDENDUM2/ I did a follow-up four-tweet thread below, to offer a news article and itemize quotes from the Hannity video. Again, I do not want to pursue this story further myself, but I also do *not* want to permit disinformation to spread about this topic.
ADDENDUM3/ I'm haunted by Eric Trump's "whoop-ass" tweet—issued *after* Trump told pals at Mar-a-Lago the stuff below. It seemed Eric was responding to a deployment—but his deletion of the tweet & the context below ups the odds Trump Sr. pumped up Hannity.
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