Rotterdam looking incredibly glamorous, there. #Eurovision
This is basically Anywhere by Rita Ora, but without getting a restaurant manager sacked. #Eurovision
Good budget-saving move for them all to share the same dress, but I'm not sure it's going to look good on James Newman. #Albania #EUROVISION
Won the dolphin vote, there. #israel #Eurovision
The Primark Cardigans, here, bringing some traditional Belgian energy. #belgium #Eurovision
Honey G, if she really liked cathedral spires. #Russia #Eurovision
These promo films are made by someone who works at Schiphol and wants an easy life for a few months. #Eurovision
I hate the chorus there, but fair play on a top performance. #malta #Eurovision
He's come dressed as a sex offenders' register. #portugal #eurovision
Sad to see Belgrade's top drag show has had to be cancelled tonight. #serbia #Eurovision
I hope Europe likes the One Show theme tune sung by a man who spends five hours a day hanging around in fruit machines. #uk #eurovision
Pub fruit machines. Balls.
Greece going the pure dad bait route. Shameless. #Eurovision
Strong middle aged lesbian at an Elvis-themed party look. #Switzerland #Eurovision
Neutral Shakin' Stevens. #Eurovision #Switzerland
Very, Very Cold Chip. #iceland
Even the singer isn't going to remember this song within ten seconds of it finishing. #spain #Eurovision a
If she really wants sugar, she can go to a convenience store and buy some. It's unreasonable to expect friends to drop everything and bring some round. #Moldova #Eurovision
This is the worst thing Germany has ever done. #Germany #Eurovision
Cbeebies Colin Hunt. #Germany #Eurovision
This is the soundtrack to a 14-year-old who hates his parents filling his wanksock for the 7th time in five hours. #finland #germany
Sofia Lowrent #Bulgaria #Eurovision
(That could do better than the bookies think)
Louie Spence on his Norwich City debut, here. #Lithuania #Eurovision
If you've ever drunk 47 cans of Monster, then tried to get to sleep at 4am, then THIS is the song for you. #Ukraine #Eurovision
An anxiety attack in a forest.#Ukraine #Eurovision
She's bloody brilliant, but everyone's still coming down from Ukraine's nerve gas attack. #france #Eurovision
Not saying the Azerbaijan singer looks like Cheryl Cole, but all the toilet attendants have just run out of the arena. #Azerbaijan #Eurovision
He might not be allowed within 500 metres of a school, but he loves his Westlife. #Norway #Eurovision
This is breaking all previous #Eurovision records for the host country clearly not wanting to have to stage it next year. #Netherlands
Yewtree Royal Blood #Italy #Eurovision
Sweden competing with the UK in the Radio 2 playlist for one week category
#sweden #Eurovision
Irrespective of the song, San Marino ft Flo Rida is what the greatest satirist of all time would slip onto a Now album. #SanMarino #Eurovision

• • •

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26 Jan
We did everything we could.
We did everything we could.
We did everything we could.
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13 May 19
Given the Brexit Party's lack of manifesto, let's cobble it together from the publicly expressed views of its candidates.
The Brexit Party believes... the Bosnian genocide didn't happen; that it's legitimate protest for the IRA to kill British people; that watching child porn should be legal; that jihadis should be allowed to put recruitment videos online.

(Claire Fox)
The Brexit Party believes... everyone, rich or poor, should pay 31% tax; the Human Rights Act should be repealed; key NHS services should be put out to tender; the burka should be banned; taxi drivers should wear uniforms.

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Desmond Swayne looks like a man who massively misjudges personal space boundaries, and always speaks 10 decibels higher than appropriate.
Slaps people needlessly hard on the back as he explains the joke he's just told through bursts of uncomfortably roary laughter.
Guaranteed manspreader.
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In which Suzanne Moore claims the Leave vote wasn't about austerity, neoliberalism or xenophobia, but about something she strangely neglects to mention.…
You can't berate Remainers for not understanding what drove the Leave vote without at least attempting to explain the drivers yourself.
Saying: "They don't understand, but I do," with no evidence that you do is bullshit of the highest order. Especially when you airily dismiss several key drivers that absolutely had a significant impact on the Leave vote.
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This is an impressive collection of men who would throw brand new coloured towels in the wash with whites, not checking to see whether anything was dry clean-only.
This is an impressive collection of men who would buy 120 burgers, and nothing else, for a barbecue, after inviting three people they didn't know were vegetarian.
This is an impressive collection of men who would buy flights in sale months in advance, then forget about applying for the visa until checking in 23 hours before departure.
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16 Dec 17
I hope his boiler breaks down.
I hope he loses his car key, and getting it replaced is a costly bureaucratic nightmare.
I hope the delivery he was waiting for arrives when he's at the sorting office picking up the delivery he missed two days ago.
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