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1. Listen up @GOP @HouseGOP @SenateGOP! My entire life, every time #GOP takes control they break the economy. Every. Time. Clearly you don't learn from your mistakes, or just cave to the disgusting 'party over country' battle cries. Pay attention - this is why you fail.
2. Two consistent platform features push diametrically against each other. An adherence to the failed 'Trickle Down Economics' model & Deregulation. Your core desire for small government will result in failure of your economic plan every time. The #GOPTaxScam will be disasterous.
3. Your model fails because you stack the deck for those at the top and then sit back touting your laissez-faire foundation, just hoping your 'plan' is going to magically happen in a socially beneficial way - and, repeatedly, it doesn't. Why not?
4. Early humans realized they had a better chance of survival if they grouped together. Ahh yes, @HillaryClinton - we are indeed #StrongerTogether. But, there was a price to being part of a tribe or clan. Rules, expectations, participation in the health and welfare of the group.
5. The Agricultural Revolution signaled the shift to large groups of people farming, breeding animals, setting up permanent residence - the beginnings of society. Civilizations grew - the expectations were higher. Sharing resources was the foundation of all this growth.
6. Make no mistake, the cooperation of people, the sharing of resources, the adherence to rules was not optional. If you didn't do your part, you would be punished or banished. As tribes and villages gave way to large cities and social systems - formal government & law emerged.
7. Why? Because as people became more comfortable, the fear of simply being banished to make it on their own becomes less of a reality. They need other vectors, different forms of consequence, to keep functioning to benefit the social system they are in.
8. While it's theoretically interesting to discuss Hobbes and Rosseau and argue about the true nature of humans, in practice, the answer to self-interest vs. altruism is neither and both. Within a functioning society, people exhibit compassion & greed, but you can't count on it.
9. Further, one could make the argument that those who've climbed their way to the top percent likely did so with a certain amount of greed and willingness to boost themselves by stepping on the hands and heads of others. It's fair to assume a self-interested mindset for most.
10.Which brings us back to your #GOPTaxPlan and the absurd idea that further enriching the wealthiest Americans will result in them trickling-down their wealth to the other classes with no requirement to do so and no punitive consequence to greed. No incentive to socially invest.
11. You are trying to please a class of people that want to have their cake and eat it to. They threaten to take away donations and you give in to policy you know won't work. Of course they don't like Democrat policy - we make sure that the economy is stable.
12. These regulations your donors don't want that serve to protect people at the bottom and ensure a functioning, growing society WORK. Yet, you keep clinging to an idea that doesn't work -and sit poised to crash the economy yet again.
13. If you want tax reform - give it to the middle class and the impoverished. Help restore balance to the gross wealth disparity in this country. If you insist on giving your wealth corporate donors tax breaks, then make sure they have to re-invest it in workers.
14. You see, it's one or the other. You don't work for your donors. You work for your constituents. Giving them tax breaks and removing regulations will NEVER work, no matter how much you congratulate each other on the floor of Congress. There is no win here -only certain failure
15. There is still time. Don't reconcile this bill according to this flawed Trickle Down construct. Don't ensure my children come of age in another desperate recession. Stand up for ALL the people you represent. Do the job you were elected to do.
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