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(1) Assad is a minion of Russia, like Kim is a minion of China. When the minion does something, I treat it as if the master did it. Why would RU be happy with Assad attacking a group of civilians, esp with a chemical weapon? Because it's part of the brinkmanship with the West.
(2) I realize the (particularly idiotic) pro-Assad trolls won't care what I say about the apparent gas attack, but I'm explaining my view for the benefit of others. The trolls' premises are flawed.
(3) The pro-Assad trolls claim he has every right to attack anti-government rebels in his country. Fine. But only a dishonest pro-Assad troll would claim he didn't know civilians would be there. It was a goddam hospital. I realize some Syria videos have been faked. However,
(4) I'm fairly knowledgeable about medical matters and IMO those children clearly were affected by a chemical weapon causing respiratory suppression. And there were dozens of them. Claiming the video was staged is just an abhorrent thing to do.
(5) I've had about 30 pro-Assad trolls so far try to respond to my tweets about the gas attack. I investigated about 10 of them by reading their TL & profile. I saw a lot of overt anti-Semitism and bigotry against blacks, gays & women, as well as anti-Israel & anti-USA sentiment.
(6) Oh and some holocaust denial, 9/11 truthism, and other assorted tells. I'm under no obligation to respond to such insanity - my attention is a privilege not a right and must be earned. Not one of these trolls has sought a discussion in good faith, making my choice easier.
(7) I oppose bigotry towards people on the basis of religion, ethnicity, gender & sexual orientation. I think you'll find most people do. Only the extremist lunatic fringes of the left and right are the actual bigots. We of the middle are actually relatively united.
(8) I will not tolerate on my TL bigotry toward Jewish people or the state of Israel. I'm not Jewish, I live in a country with only about 7,000 Jews out of 5 million, and I've only met a handful of Jews in my 48 years. So it's not personal. I just oppose bigotry.
(9) Bigotry toward Jewish people is the fastest way for me to tell if someone on Twitter is worth my time to engage with or not. It often leads to the account getting, reported, too. Left AND right wing extremists are united in their anti-Semitism. I reject both extremes.
(10) The interests of the state of Israel in avoiding being driven into the sea coincide, IMHO, with the interests of people like me who oppose anti-Semitism and terrorism of any stripe. Israel has a right to defend itself & all who live there, regardless of their race/religion.
(11) Israel & all Middle East countries are under the clear and present danger of Iran gaining even more power than it already has in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. Assad and Putin would be happy to see Israel attacked, weakened and ultimately destroyed.
(12) Trump's off the cuff remark about his desire to eventually leave Syria was not a statement of US policy. It was clearly countered later by him and all the key officials under his control. If you think they control him, you are living in a fantasy world.
(13) Taking surgical military action of some kind such as firing missiles or carrying out air strikes =/= getting embroiled in an Iraq/Vietnam scale war in Syria. In addition, the US is working closely with regional allies who are quite capable of intervening without the US.
(14) Oh, and yes Saddam did have WMDs, it was necessary to topple him, by 2007 the US was poised to withdraw in an orderly fashion, but the Democrat anti-war campaign from 2004 onward had fooled voters into electing Obama, who f**ked it all up. By design.
(15) I supported Obama twice, then Trump. I bought the Democrat lies about Iraq, hook, line and sinker. I won't make that mistake again. I trust Trump, and if you don't, then that's your problem. Stay off my lawn.

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(18) Addendum: Gonna write some more about this issue. Here's an intro I wrote after I finished the thread:

(19) Various groups are using the pro-Assad talking points, including those who consider themselves "libertarian" but only bring shame upon the proper use of the term.
(20) Bolton's life's work has been and still is to help defend the US Constitution and the republic from all enemies foreign and domestic. He later admitted he joined the army guard & reserve to avoid Vietnam deployment (& was right). He served there for 6 years. Did you?
(21) Every sane patriotic American conservative has wanted Iranian regime change since 1979. Bolton wanting it is nothing unusual. Trump is engineering regime change there most likely without having to fire a shot from an American rifle. Watch.
(22) John Bolton isn't "back in power," unless you mean he's an adviser in the administration that is in power. In none of his many government roles in the last >35 years has he had more power than the POTUS. Unless you mean Trump is a helpless toddler blown about by every wind?
(23) You think this gas attack was a false flag created by John Bolton? And you think he's been lying so he personally can somehow start a war with Iran?

And you want to be treated as if you're a serious person?

(24) I guess you didn't notice the duly elected POTUS choosing many advisers who, like his allies in Congress, are unafraid & unapologetically helping him clean up the ungodly messes left by Obama in general & in the Mid East in particular. And there's nothing u can do about it.
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