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It looks that Trump is following the steps of #Assad by provoking demonstrators by his speeches and actions.
1. Assad threatened early peaceful demonstrators by waging a war. Trump threatened to send the military.
2. Assad infiltrated demonstrators by thugs (Shabiha) who used force and looting. Trump's supporters are infiltrating demonstrations and instigating violence
3. Demonstrations in Syria started because people demanded justice for innocent children who were tortured by murderous Mukhabarat. Demonstrations in the US started because people demanded justice for innocent George Floyd who was brutally killed by murderous police
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THREAD: follow-up on my piece @MiddleEastInst on the much buzzed theme of #Russia “distancing itself” from #Assad.
I appreciate the interest and understand the controversies that some colleagues raised in regards to my piece. Let me clarify a few things…
1. As I noted in the text there’re 2 issues at play here.
(1) has to do with the sourcing of the reports that sparked the whole issue;
(2) has to do with the very nature of this discourse in Russia.
2.On sources - I discussed at lengths what I think was wrong with the reports on #Russia-#Assad that stirred such hype in Western and some Arab media and policy world. The point is - the reports are just inaccurate: they mix facts and make erroneous attributions..
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Chances are Rami #Makhlouf's life isn't in danger whatever may happen next . He's blood, after all.
The fall of the #Jaber Brothers, whom #Damascus perceived their actions as 'treason' (punishable by death), may be the most recent example.
The Jaber Brothers, once #Syria’s biggest tycoons and most powerful militia leaders, fell precipitously once they crossed red lines.
Tied to the #Assad family through marriage likely saved their lives and their ultimate downfall was limited to public disgrace & financial ruin.
The #Makhlouf saga is reminder that no matter how big a whale you are in #Syria, the megalodon is the apex predator.
Pieced together through insiders, at various intervals, this is the tale of the the fall of the Jaber Brothers, the ‘frog(s) that wished to be as big as the ox’.
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The symbol of #Assad regime’s corruption, Assad’s cousin, does something unheard of: he goes live on Facebook to discuss recent news that Assad, with pressure from Russia, seized cousins’ assets to get them to pay $3 billions. With no access, he pleads Assad to hear him out.
In the video, Rami Makhlouf says:

• my telecom company, with ~11 million users, pays 12 billion Syrian pounds in tax + 50% of profits
• a committee by Assad claimed he’s involved in tax fraud & must pay more: 125-130 billion
• I’m willing to pay but not all of the sum at once
Apart from the plea, the remarks are quite interesting.

He says when he claimed he abandoned his businesses & turned his wealth to humanitarian work after the 2011 uprising, it was to take a bullet for Assad & to not embarrass him. This is the result of that move, he says.
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This is a masterclass in research by @Elizrael & @Qussai_jukhadar -- I'm proud to be publishing it on @MiddleEastInst.

- "Ravaged by war, #Syria’s health care system is utterly unprepared for the #COVID19 pandemic."…
@Elizrael @Qussai_jukhadar @MiddleEastInst #pt: While most health experts project terrible #COVID19 implications for #Syria, the @WHO insists a "minor outbreak" is more likely.

Why? @WHO's analysis is based on #Wuhan/#China data - which is absurd, given the contrasts in governance, security & healthcare capacity.
@Elizrael @Qussai_jukhadar @MiddleEastInst @WHO #pt: If equating #Syria's capacity to deal w. #COVID19 with #China's wasn't crazy enough, @WHO went further - predicting #Idlib would witness a 50% less infection rate than #Wuhan:

- 2,413 infections
- 121 ICU cases

Out of 4 million people, most in IDP camps w. no services.
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What is the #Wagner Group?

The Wagner Group (Russian: Группа Вагнера, tr. Grupa Vagnera), also known as #PMCWagner, #ChVKWagner, or #CHVKVagner, is a mercenary outfit that operates on behalf of GRU and directly under the Kremlin.
Putin's right-hand man, oligarch Yevgeniy Prigozhin, was in touch with both the #Kremlin and #Assad before #Wagner mercenaries launched an attack on U.S. troops in #Syria, which led to 200- 300 dead mercenaries in Feb 2018.…
The #Wagner Group founder is Dmitriy Valeryevich Utkin, who was born in Kirovohrad Oblast (then the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic of the USSR) in 1970, currently a military intelligence reserve commander for the Russian government. Circled below.
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#Assad regime closed schools, universities, cafes, restaurants, clubs, mosques, churchs and all social, religious & sport facilities and stopped the citizens services, compulsory recruitment, prisoners' visits & public transportation.

But officially "still NO #COVID19"
The real danger of spreading #COVID19 in #Syria is via visitors/ fighters from #Iran, the lines at bakeries & gas cylinder suppliers and Bazaars.

To talk about the #COVID19 could lead to be kidnapped by the Mukhabarat and accused of spreading false news or supporting terrorism.
The #Assad regime has many secret places as quarantines. The positive tested persons will be kidnapped and send to a quarantine after taking their cell phone.

The families of positive tested persons can't talk to any due fears of killing the patients in the quarantine.
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President Bashar al-#Assad interview, he affirmed that Head of the #Turkish regime, #Erdogan, fights beside terrorists out of his brotherhood ideology, so even Erdogan himself is unable to tell the Turks why he is sending his army to fight in #Syria.

#Saudis used their wealth in combination with their destructive brand of Islam #Wahhabism, to serve Western interests, through its support of the #MuslimBrotherhood. A masonically inspired organization started by Jamal ud Din al Afghani.…
The Muslim Brotherhood: The Many Faces of Her Majesty's Service
Hired Assassins of the West and Saudi Arabia
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The Assad regime was responsible for 60% of all attacks on churches and other Christian places of worship in the period of 2011-2019.…
In the thread below I will outline all the different cases of regime attacks on churches in #Syria as recorded by the @snhr. This is to counter the belief still existing out there that #Assad actively tried to protect Christians during the war.

1. Syriac Orthodox church of Lady of the Holy Belt, Hamidiyah neighborhood - #Homs city.

Shelled several times by the regime in 2012, most notably on 01/09 when it was hit by a helicopter barrel bomb raid, which caused severe damage.
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In Only A Few Hours: #Turkey’s Pres. #Erdogan to Meet with #Russia’s #Putin on #Syria. - - - “Putin-Erdogan summit: Prelude to Russo-Turkish clash or last best hope for Syrian peace?”…
I know they’ve had so many cursory meetings in the past, but this one is very critical. Tensions Very High. I’ll be covering the meeting with my analysis at #Newsbud. #Russia #Turkey #Syria
#Putin, #Erdogan Seek to Ease #Syria Tensions at High-Stakes Talks…
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A lot has changed in #Idlib/NW #Syria in recent days & much of the focus has been on hour-by-hour developments & less has been said on what it all means going forward.

Here's a lengthy thread laying out some of my thinking.
2 weeks ago, pro-#Assad forces were rampaging through #Idlib, overwhelming opposition defenses & swallowing up #Turkey's military observation posts almost at will.

The world stood virtually silent - or indifferent - as 1 million people were methodically & brutally displaced.
#pt: Amid the pro-#Assad advances, #Turkey ramped up arms supplies & intel sharing with #NLF/#SNA opposition proxies - in an attempt to bolster their offensive & defensive capabilities.

Then #TSK artillery support was added, along with a low-tempo campaign of covert UAV strikes.
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Short THREAD on my take on #Russia's [in]action to #Turkey's onslaught on #Syria/n army within last 48 hours
[Caveat - this is just my specualtion based on how I read RUS foreign policy, #Putin-#Erdogan relations, and I may be totally wrong]
1. Following killing of TUR servicemen, #Putin, #Erodgan had phone talk where #Turkey's president asked #Russia/n counterpart to "to stand aside in #Syria" and "do what is necessary”, i.e. let Turkey fight Syrian government forces alone"…
2. In this piece for @AlMonitor I discuss the kind of debates in #Moscow over the crisis with #Turkey and what's at stake for #Russia in #Idlib (and, actually, beyond that). No doubt #Kremlin considers all of this when chosing options on #Syria…
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In 85 days, ~1 million people have fled their homes in #Idlib, #Syria.

60% are kids & 20% women.

They're now homeless, hemmed onto a shut #Turkey border. There are no tents left & little food. Kids are freezing to death.

Where the Hell is the world's attention? WAKE UP.
#pt: The #Idlib crisis is unprecedented, BUT not just for #Syria - this is the biggest humanitarian crisis in modern history AND it happened rapidly, in 2-3 months.

This isn't just "someone else's problem," it's a global one. If left untouched, the consequences WILL be global.
#pt: 1 million people, including 600,000 kids, with the clothes on their back & some blankets, if they're lucky. In the winter.

The @UN has run out of cross-border funds & #Syria is blocking supplies from elsewhere.

Meanwhile, #Russia is flattening hospitals, schools & markets.
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1. #NES #Syria: I see what appear to be propaganda based reports amplifying a perceived conflict developing between #Russia and #Turkey. There are reports citing Pentagon source but I can find no Pentagon statement to confirm it. Absent that, I'm considering it propaganda.
2. ENKS appearing with Turkey and appearing to have rejected reconciliation in Syria is a serious development. Because I conclude Turkey is a fully corrupted society I suspect #ENKS has been co-opted. The point of this is it appears that ground is being prepared for another
3. Turkish attack on US force areas. Yesterday's strident propaganda piece in @kommersant that I read as an official statement that includes more propaganda to alienate Syrians and create a more dangerous situation for US forces supports Turkey's goal to advance ISIS restart
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#Assad regime used always the international & @UN aids as a weapon against the people to humiliate, subjugation & even for military aims.

In this picture the @UNICEF's schoolbag is used as ammunition bag.
@UN @UNICEF it was not a single case of using @UNICEF's schoolbags. Here are two of them to see
@UN @UNICEF Car of @WFP used as wedding car in #Lattakia. I think it was in 2015.
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Great to be @MiddleEastInst for an event on #EU-#MiddleEast relations with @AlexVatanka, Przemyslaw Osiewicz and @KianpourWorld. What do changes in EU personnel and the new @EU_Commission mean for EU-MENA relations?
Listen to our own MENA episode on Europe and #Iran here:…
What are the main issues in MENA region for EU?
1) #MiddleEast Peace Plan
2) Iran
3) #Libya
4) #Syria

For reference, here is Osiewicz's latest MEI piece:…
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I beg my friends in #Syria NOT 2waste your time & demean yourselves begging for #trump aka, #ComradeAgentOrange the #TraitorInChief to help you! It is because of him that no #Syrians are allowed into the US I’m an #American have never voted for a GOP candidate! #BlueTsunami2020
When you beg #tRump for help, you hurt @TheDemocrats! They are the only ones who will drop the travel ban against the Syrian people. trump couldn’t find #Syria on a map! He had #Soleimani killed to deflect from his #Impeachment #BoneSpurs is a coward a laughing stock!
I support the Syrian people but I will not RT anything that includes begging that fat head, #Trump for anything! I’ve done it before for all of you but that ends tonight. Pls do not tag me regarding RT’s to #IMPOTUS I’ve just left 1 Syrian group & I will leave them all if I must
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Mr. Guterres .@antonioguterres
Please read these tweets.
I am in #Idlib. I have been displaced nine times.

I hope that you watch the attachments listed in this text.
If your stand was resolute in order to stop the war and compel Bashar Al-#Assad and #Putin to stop their military actions, and the destruction of cities, and the displacement of civilians, then we would not need humanitarian aid.
But, for 9 years, your statements have been spoken without any action. I wish that the United Nations and the Security Council use force against #Assad.
The situation in #Syria would have be different from this dangerous situation.
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This picture was taken in December 2019.
A normal pic of kids with a father , talks about a family with two words in it “my daughters, My life”.
By an #Assad airstrike on idlib cs, only the father survived.
The strike killed the 3 girls and the mother.
" They were just like us"
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UNSCR 2449-on cross border aid in #Syria-was extended six months and the new version severely limits to border access-particularly to the NE. It passed with numerous abstentions, including #US. #Aid via @OCHA_Syria continues, but through fewer borders.
This inevitably is a win for #Russia and the #Assad regime who are a few steps closer to reconsolidating political power over Syria’s border. In a sense it’s about sovereignty and legitimacy. #Syria lacks both at present because UN doesn’t require Syrian consent...
This issue emerged in 2014 due to egregious government attacks on civilian populations and sieges on urban areas where the state employed #humanitarian access to systematically keep food and aid from targeted areas. 2165/2554 was passed to bypass state consent and open up aid...
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Let’s have some straight talk on #Soleimani, shall we?
1. Suleimani took command of the Quds Force over 20 years ago and his job is to reshape the Middle East in Iran’s favor: thru military force, by assassinating rivals and arming allies.
2. His twenty year focus is directing
a network of militant groups that has killed hundreds of U.S in #Iraq and others.
3. I know of only ONE American who has ever met him, John Maguire, describing him as soft-spoken yet the most powerful man in the MidEast. Thoughtful, strategic, smart, charismatic - 100% dedicated
4. He personally runs #Iran’s war in #Syria and brought in thousands of #Quds Force when #Assad’s army began to fail.
5. Suleimani and #Nasrallah of #Hezbollah #Lebanon are old friends and cooperate globally where Hezbollah has performed terrorist acts at Iran’s behest.
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As a former @StateDept official who worked on Iraq and Syria for a decade, two decisions taken by the Obama Administration greatly empowered #QassimSolimani. The first was allowing his #Qudsforce to successfully support #Assad. The second to play a leadership role in the #PMF
We watched him ferry supplies to Assad as early as 2012 over Iraqi airspace and eventually send Iraqi and Afghan militias, and Quds Force personnel. We watched them lay siege to, and starve countless Syrian towns from Homs to Mouadmaya to Aleppo.
Then we allowed his proxies a leadership role in the US-backer PMF that we provided indispensable air cover to and the support of a 70-nation counter-ISIS coalition. The Iraqi government begged us at the time to bail them out when Mosul fell. We could have kept Soleimani out.
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"Why I'm here today is because #Russia is perpetrating the most enormous war crimes in #Syria, in order to help the #Assad régime crush and torture the Syrian people."

"My message is that Russia can be beaten. Russia lost in Afghanistan, and in Syria they are in such a mess they don't know how to get out of it. Assad's economy is collapsing, he doesn't have an army that wants to fight for him.

"There are new laws, the #Caesar [Civilian] Protection Act in the #UnitedStates is introducing new sanctions against the régime. His ally #Iran faces protests at home and protests in #Iraq. And Russia will lose."

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Ecco cos’è che il mainstream non vuole farvi sapere e per questo ha censurato l’intervista al Presidente #Assad:
“Europe was the main player in creating chaos in Syria” (L'Europa è stata il principale attore nella creazione del caos in Siria)
#Assad : “the EU supported the terrorists in Syria from day one, week one or from the very beginning” (l'UE ha sostenuto i terroristi in Siria dal primo giorno, dalla prima settimana o fin dall'inizio)
#Assad : “They blamed the Syrian government, and some regimes like the French regime sent armaments” (Hanno incolpato il governo siriano e alcuni regimi come il regime francese hanno inviato armamenti)
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