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NEW REPORT | Salafi-jihadi groups linked to #alQaeda and the #IslamicState are spreading in #Africa, posing new threats to countries that have either suppressed or not yet experienced significant and sustained jihadist violence, warns @EmilyCEstelle. 1/5…
This proliferation and expansion of African Salafi-jihadi groups will fuel regional disorder, humanitarian crises, and a persistent and likely increasing global terror threat. 2/5
Identifying risk factors and tracking them over time can allow analysts to forecast potential Salafi-jihadi insurgencies and better understand the dynamics leading to worst-case security scenarios and the policies that can avert them. 3/5
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Η προσπάθεια αποσταθεροποίησης των ΔΒ, υποκινούμενη από τις δικτατορίες της Ασίας, θα πρέπει να βρει ως απάντηση μία αστραπιαία, χειμαρρώδη και τόσο πρωτοφανή, από την 🇬🇷, αντίδραση, που να μην αφήνει περιθώρια για εφαρμογή Plan B
#Σερβια #Kosovo #Balkans…
Η αδράνεια στην δεκαετία του 20′, θα αντιμετωπιστεί από τους ιστορικούς του μέλλοντος σαν προδοσία!

#Σερβια #Taiwan #Balkans #Albania #Greece #NATO #Χο_Τσι_Μινχ #AlQaeda
Η Ελλάδα είναι η μόνη χώρα που διαθέτει όλα εκείνα τα απαραίτητα εργαλεία/μέσα ώστε να τραβήξει τις χώρες των Δυτικών Βαλκανίων «πίσω» στην Ευρώπη, σε αντίθεση με γεωπολιτικούς μας ανταγωνιστές, που μόνο κοντύτερα στον αυταρχισμό της Ασίας μπορεί να τα φέρει.
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#Kabul .. this is one of two locations struck Sunday morning.. this seems to be the house where #Zawahiri was killed #AlQaeda #Afghanistan
Shattered windows in house next to it #kabul #Zawahiri #AlQueda
House now covered with plastic screens . Workers nearby tell us they thought house was empty . #Zawahiri #AlQaeda #Kabul
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As I think about the strike on #alQaeda’s Zawahiri, we know what the “finish” portion looked like: a drone strike in Kabul. What about the “find & fix” portions though? 1/n
We don’t *know* anything about that yet, though surely the Biden admin will release details to keep this in the news cycle as the midterms approach, so we’ll learn more. Still possible to speculate on the possibilities now, though. 2/n
First they had to *find* Zawahiri. Analysts like @asfandyarmir have argued for a while that he was likely in #Afghanistan somewhere. And there have been steady reports from Afghans of US drones flying over AFG post-withdrawal, to include over Kabul. 3/n
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Wow -- #Zawahiri killed in a U.S. drone strike in the #Kabul area over the weekend -- the 1st strike since the #Taliban's takeover of #Afghanistan in August 2021.

BIG blow for #AlQaeda's central leadership, but huge questions about how he was located (or who sold him out).
In Nov 2020, I wrote about #AlQaeda's looming "succession crisis" -- as the group's most likely No.2 (Sayf al-Adel) is based in #Iran, a location that for most AQ affiliates, has resulted in deep distrust.…

AQ's decentralization will only increase now.
For years, #AlQaeda has been under a self-reinforcing process of decentralization (& localization) -- whereby the central leadership remained a key guide, but an increasingly irrelevant source of strategic command.

More on that, in this lengthy piece:…
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I think the #Alqaeda existence in #Afghanistan highlighted by #UNSC needs unpacking:
- Some Arabs who moved to AFG to fight soviets never left. They married into Afghan and #Taliban families so their presence in the county should not be a shock 1/
- Other Arab fighters that fought under the Taliban today have given up fighting. What does the international community expect the #Taliban to do with them? Will their home countries ever accept them back?
- Does AQ have an active military presence in Afg? 2/
I just feel like there has been a constant failure in establishing metrics for meeting the vague agreed upon clauses in the #US #Taliban peace deal. #Afghanistan should never be used as a launchpad for terrorism again.
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"The Age of Political Jihadism"

- This is an excellent in-depth look at #HTS by @azelin, a group that's changed markedly over the past 5-7yrs & represents an entirely different challenge than its #AlQaeda-aligned predecessor.…
@azelin I've been studying #HTS (& JFS & Nusra before it) closely for 11yrs & as @azelin makes clear, it's existed in its current form for longer than its previous, #AlQaeda-aligned Nusra days.

That evolution dates back to at least early-2015, when I wrote this:…
@azelin For an #AlQaeda affiliate born out of #ISIS to become a de facto governing entity that maintains ties to nation states & cooperates with INGOs is no insignificant thing.

Within its NW zone, #HTS has arguably been the most successful anti-#ISIS & AQ actor in #Syria -- but...
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Disturbing & disappointing developments in continued assaults by #Turkish military in #Syria + #Iraq , particularly Turkish claim that this has been coordinated with Iraq/KRG authorities, which has serious implications for #Yezidi #Yazidi in #Sinjar; and many others.

In this @washingtonpost article, it implies that cooperation exists among various authorities to green light #Turkey airstrikes in Syria and Iraq. This has serious implications for the so-called "Sinjar Agreement", which has failed to help Yezidis there.…
The situation is extremely grave. ALL authorities throughout #Iraq , including Iraq govt & KRG govt, have a solemn duty to protect citizens in their territories. The deliberate targeting of #Yezidi #Yazidi in #Sinjar is an abominable human rights violations that is ongoing.
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Finally, we have clarity on the status of the leader of #AlQaeda, Ayman al-Zawahiri. He has appeared in a video today talking about an incident that happened in Feb 2022 in India on the subject of women’s hijab code /1
The latest al-Qaeda video shows al-Zawahiri in seemingly good health and in a setting not seen in previous al-Qaeda videos, another sign suggesting it's new. In late 2020, he was rumoured to have died or been incapacitated /2
Despite AQ putting out multiple videos featuring Zawahiri since rumours of his death or ill health emerged in Oct 2020, they had all shown him discussing historical events & ideological topics that failed to prove his present condition & enhanced speculation about his status /3
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Last Thursday (s. ; or for the full live stream, s. ), @SevimDagdelen from #DieLinke has discussed with @RaniaKhalek & @EugenePuryear esp. the recently decided & billion-dollar rearmament of the German #Bundeswehr... a result of the #RussianFederation's military invasion of #Ukraine, as officially justified by the #GermanFederalGovernment. A recommendable interview! Besides her opposition to such rearmament & the associated fundamental departure...
...from the so-called „#Entspannungspolitik“ established by #WillyBrand & #EgonBahr for #Germany's relationship with the #USSR (& also its territorially largest & politically strongest successor state in the form of the #RussianFederation),...
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Amid rising anti-#US+#EU rhetoric in #Pakistan post-#Ukraine invasion & PM's #Russia visit, it is important to refocus on rising terror incidents in the country and the linkages to #Afghanistan #Iran and #India and the easily exploitable local actors. /1
The waves of organized terrorism in Pakistan since 1980s and through 2000s have been linked to elements in #Afghanistan. It accelerated with the #India-#Iran nexus in that country. Made easier by local extremism, easy & gullible Pakistani recruits, and regional sponsors. /2
#Peshawar mosque carnage targeting Pakistani Shia Muslims is particularly worth a closer look. It indirectly targeted the #Australia cricket team visit after 23 yrs and tried to revive sectarian conflict. Both objectives have wider linkages to #India #Iran #Afghanistan /3
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#VladimirPutin / #Putin

Vision, politics and strategy for a better world

Listen first, then judge ⬇️

#journalism =

long thread ⬇️⬆️
Oscar®-winning filmmaker #OliverStone unprecedented access to the Russian president #VladimirPutin in 12 interviews over 2 years, no topic off-limits.




Watch #Ukraine on Fire:
The Real Story

Full Documentary by #OliverStone (Original English version)…

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Finally had the time to listen to this @TheRedLinePod on #Syria, which I had the pleasure of speaking in -- it's a good listen that covers a lot over 1hr 40mins.

I'd be remiss though if I didn't highlight significant issues with claims made by another -- so here's a thread:
@TheRedLinePod In his section, Joshua Landis says (1) the revolution "quickly" became one of #Syria's Sunnis against Christians & Alawites' & (2) that #AlQaeda "quickly" dominated armed opposition.

Absolute nonsense -- simply re-voicing the #Assad regime's self-fulfilling sectarian framing.
@TheRedLinePod Landis then turns to #ISIS, claiming:

- US helped Maliki fight #ISIS & #Russia helped #Assad "destroy" #ISIS (NO)

- US & #Assad were "allies" -- and that "helped Shiites in the US" (WHAT?)

- As a result of that alliance, the US decided in '13 not to overthrow Assad (DATES!)
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🇦🇫 ⚡🌐 The #Taliban have not yet met the conditions for recognition of their #government, the #US Special Representative for #Afghanistan Tom West said in an interview with the #Afghan 1TV channel. Image
He stressed that the #UnitedStates is not ready to resume the work of the embassy in #Afghanistan, but will continue to interact with the #Taliban in order to protect #American interests.
At the same time, he noted that the #Taliban are serious about fulfilling the terms of the #Doha agreement regarding the prevention of the use of the #territory of #Afghanistan against the #UnitedStates and its #allies.
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#ISIS's choice of NW #Idlib as a hiding point for leaders raises complex analytical Qs.

What it does not suggest, is that #Idlib's de facto governing actor, #HTS, is in some way complicit in harboring #ISIS. That's simply factually illogical, given years of open hostility.
#HTS has conducted 100+ deadly raids targeting #ISIS cells in #Idlib since mid-2017 -- & is similarly hostile to #AlQaeda too, having wiped out AQ's operational presence in #Idlib 18 months ago.

Like all non-state actors, #HTS's capacity to know everything is distinctly limited.
Just like the #SDF missed 200-300 #ISIS militants & x2 SVBIEDs crossing 12 of their own checkpoints into #Hasakeh city & al-Sina Prison, #HTS missed a man & his family living in one level of a 3-storey building near #Atmeh -- an area flooded with transitory IDPs communities.
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Something big is going down in NW #Syria -- (a) U.S. helicopter gunships firing on a target in the #Jinderes area of #Afrin & (b) a possible SOF raid targeting Tauqir Sharif, a [former] #UK citizen in the Atmeh area of #Idlib.

Personally, I'd be amazed if such an operation was launched at Tauqir Sharif (Abu Hossam al-Britani) -- while his #UK citizenship was revoked, the cause for doing so never seemed more than tenuous.
The house in the #Atmeh area has reportedly been surrounded by [alleged U.S.] SOF -- a loudspeaker just ordered the building to be emptied.

My guess: it's a senior #AlQaeda (Huras al-Din) figure -- HaD seniors are known to hide in the Atmeh area.
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[#NATO war propaganda]
US orders families of #Kyiv #embassy staff to leave Ukraine | Jan 23
- In a travel advisory published on its website, the State Department said that there were reports Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine.…
The #misinformation spread by the British Foreign Office is another evidence that these are the #NATO countries, led by the Anglo-Saxons that are #escalating tensions around #Ukraine | Jan 24
-We call to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense…
[War criminals: #NATO-#ISIS-#AlQaeda-#CIA]
We call on the British Foreign Office @trussliz to stop provocative activities, stop spreading nonsense and focus on studying the history of the Tatar-Mongol yoke” a representative of the Russian FM told | Jan 22…
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What's strange about this paper though, is that the conclusion rules that [in the context of the #Afghanistan withdrawal], drone campaigns *are* a viable alternative to large-scale deployments, though are insufficient to eliminate a terror group outright.

Let's dig into that...
The @TXNatSecReview paper's focus is on a drone campaign that benefited from an enormous U.S. & allied deployment in #Afghanistan & an accompanying extensive intelligence network that fed strikes.

With all of that on-side, the campaign was judged good, but far from a success.
@TXNatSecReview So with troops now out of #Afghanistan, the #Taliban in control, and no basing rights for near-proximity drone ops, how can the #FATA drone campaign be used to defend the viability of what's being proposed today -- a [distant] "over horizon" effort with little/no intel network?
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"The money of British tax payers is being spent very poorly, it is unfortunately strengthening extremists & Islamic groups, currently in control of majority of “opposition” areas” #Syria - @BBCPanorama 'Jihadis you pay for' Dec. 2017 - #BBC tried to 'disappear' report but... ImageImage
I will be doing a deep dive wth @YoureAllDunces The Last American Vagabond on 5/1/2022 (10.35 pm Damascus) after recent leaks fm Anon ref #WhiteHelmets #UKFCDO in #Syria, #MI6 ops & sponsorship of terrorist groups.

BBC Panorama can be viewed here:…
I have asked the #BBC & Mayday Series producer #ChloeHadjimatheou why they failed to make connection btwn #JamesLeMesurier (accused of financial malpractice ref #WhiteHelmets) & #FreeSyrianPolice demonstrated by #BBC to be siphoning funds to terrorist groups #AlQaeda
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1 - Foreign intelligence agencies behind Balochistan situation: Justice Javed Iqbal (9 June 12 Express Tribune)

Mr Moeed Yusuf Special Advisor to #PMImranKhan rips apart false claims of Fifth Columnists #Pakistanis about #MissingPersons in #Balochistan

2 - Foreign intelligence agencies behind Balochistan situation: Justice Javed Iqbal (9 June 12 Express Tribune)

Mr Moeed Yusuf Special Advisor to #PMImranKhan rips apart false claims of Fifth Columnists #Pakistanis about #MissingPersons in #Balochistan

1 - Foreign agencies behind missing persons: Justice Javed Iqbal ( The Nation | 9 June 2012 )

Mr Moeed Yusuf Special Advisor to #PMImranKhan solve the mystery behind the so called #MissingPersons in #Pakistan

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I always competed two countries which have been & still are effected by Islamist Terrorism.
Pakistan and Israel, but the matter is, Counter & Creator.

Israel is busy countering terrorism on her daily basis.
Pakistan still creates extremists for their political agenda. 1/
I completely agree with what @fawadchaudhry said in his tweet but the issue is, these time bombs have been and still are planting by the powerful institution of Pakistan.
#TLP was created to counter PML-N by Pak intelligence agency which is not hidden anymore in Pakistan. 2/
I agree that #ISI with the help of other foreign Intel services created #Jihadists & nurtured #Islamist ideology from Schools to Madrasahs in order to counter Communism in Afghanistan.
Two world economic powers, #Capitalism and #Communism fought their last war in #Afghanistan. 3/
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Semaine 11, jour 43 au procès des attentats du #13Novembre.

Aujourd'hui, la cour va entendre un brillant chercheur, spécialiste du djihadisme, @MicheronH puis les ex-patron DGSE & DGSI en 2015.

Après avoir entendu la semaine dernière, @fhollande…
LT @franceinter sur ce fil aujourd'hui.

Et @ChPiret dans le journal de 13h. Elle reviendra sur la contestation par certains avocats de la venue de chercheurs à la barre.

Aux pinceaux, toujours Valentin Pasquier pour croquer l'audience @ValPSQR
L'audience avait été suspendue pendant cinq jours. Durant ces cinq jours, les commémorations en hommage aux victimes du #13Novembre, samedi, six ans après les attentats.
Week-end douloureux pour beaucoup de parties civiles, certaines reviennent assister au procès aujourd'hui.
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WATCH LIVE | FDD @LongWarJournal's @thomasjoscelyn testifies before @SASCDems @SASCGOP on #Afghanistan.

Read his full written testimony here:…

And tune in beginning at 9:30am EST here:…
@LongWarJournal @thomasjoscelyn @SASCDems @SASCGOP HAPPENING NOW: @LongWarJournal's @thomasjoscelyn delivers his opening statement before @SASCDems @SASCGOP on #Afghanistan.


Read his full written testimony here:…
"I heard Gen. Milley say nobody saw that the Afghan forces and government would collapse in 11 days. As the senior editor of @LongWarJournal who's been covering this insurgency for the last 12 years of my life, I have to say... that's inaccurate."

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Dear @SecDef #Austin, the Afghan Government "collapsed" because the US Administration cut a deal with the Taliban, not because of Taliban attacks which they countered for 19 years.

The Taliban made advances because they had a deal with the Adm that they will be the next power.
Dear General #Milley, the best way not to "Americanize" any war is not to cut deals with the enemy, the Taliban in the case of Afghanistan.

As simple as that.
Can Congress ask the secretary of defense, the joint chiefs, and @CENTCOM commander, what is the plan they established with the #Taliban in #Doha, to transfer #Afghanistan to them?

Was there a joint plan? If yes, what was it. If not, how would a transition take place?
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