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We are super excited to present to you our innovative #DeFi Aggregator

Check it out:
-Visual wallet
-Best price
-Trending Bubbles
-Data at a glance

(!Only Desktop PC MVP working!
Mobile web Q1)

#DeFi Security Guide 👇 🧵
It is important to take certain precautions when connecting a web 3 wallet to a web 3 website, as this involves interacting with smart contracts on the blockchain and could potentially expose you to security risks. Here are some tips to help you stay safe:
1. Verify the website's address and security certificate: Before connecting your wallet, make sure that the website's address is correct and that it has a valid security certificate. This helps to prevent phishing attacks and other types of fraud.
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An update on #Bancor 3. Where we are now and what's next

There are plans on releasing the next 150+ pools in the upcoming weeks on #Bancor 3 🚢

Even though all pools can be released at once, there is still a bootstrapping process for each pool that requires some manual procedures🔧
This includes setting the funding rate, setting fees, monitoring for minimum amount of $TKN liquidity to enable trading, setting $BNT / $TKN rates, monitoring pool depth, making sure that trading liquidity is doubling as expected, etc… 🤓

All pools require some intervention
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DeFi Q2 report is out! Full report will be released soon. Here is the thread of it! Please enjoy and email us if you have any thoughts about it or need any help.(
#UNI became the most dominant token in the top 15 #DeFi tokens, accounting 37% of the top15’s mkt.cap, #10 among all cryptocurrencies. #AAVE became protocol with the highest TVL, more than $10bn. Only #MKR & #CAKE decreased in mkt.cap.
May 19 crash caused the price of #ETH halved, while the TVL of the total market decreased by only 40%. We witnessed the TVL peaked more than $100bn in May, a history record was made. 🚀🚀🚀
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موضوع: تحلیل سبد سرمایه گذاری 15 شرکت معتبر سرمایه گذاری #کریپتوکارنسی
1-اعلام #رمزارز های مشترک در #پرتفوی شرکتها
2-معرفی پروژه ها و توکن های فوق ، پتانسیل رشد و ارائه توضیحات شخصی
در صورتی که محتوا مناسب و دارای جنبه های آموزشی برای سایرین است لطفا #ریتویت کنید.
لیست شرکت های سرمایه گذاری بررسی شده:
#a16z #polychain #boostvc #dcg #hashkey #pantera#Placeholder_Ventures #cms_holding #blockchain #Coinfund#fabric_ventures#CMS_Holdings #binance_labs#Multicoin#DragonFly
خیلی مهم- رمزارزهای ذیل صرفا انتخاب کارشناسان شرکت های فوق است و زمان خرید آنها توسط شرکت های فوق فاکتور خیلی مهمی است، به نفع شماست که بدون تحلیل، تحقیق و بررسی، آنها را معیار سرمایه گذاری خود قرار ندهید.

توکن های مشترک در پرتفوی سرمایه گذاری شرکتهای بررسی شده: Image
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#DNT Reclaimed the range. Could take some time in here but could also pump straight away for 190 which is 200% move.

What you wanna do is to look for entry between the two bottom lines. Could be on a LTF

#district0x #0x Image
Very similar structure on #ONE that already broke its range up. Look ready for another leg. Image
Great time to get in here on .

Retesting range low - 200% uspide potential! 🔥

#DNT #district0x #0x Image
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0/ Strong finish to the week in the #cryptocurrency and #blockchain space. Partnerships, funding, mainnet/testnet launches, interviews; that's just some of it!

Below, a 23-part thread covering the latest from the budding #crypto industry over the past day or so. Enjoy!
1/ 🙋‍♂️#Crypto spot and futures trading platform @ErisX_Digital announced two additions to its board of directors: @EthereumJoseph (CEO & Founder, @ConsenSys; Co-Founder, #Ethereum) and #fintech entrepreneur, Chris Conde!
2/ 📢 @HelloICONworld [ $ICX ] published a write-up detailing their strategy to expand the #ICON public #blockchain ecosystem!

There's plenty planned for 1H19, including the launch of a DEX, DID #smartphone app, and Tokyo-based #dApp launchpad.…
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0/ A busy #crypto/#blockchain space to kick off the week! Below, I've covered 16 events that took place over the past 24 hours or so.

Now that should keep you in the know!
1/ 📢 @EthereumCF-, @Zilliqa-backed @SwingbyProtocol, a cross-chain lending protocol for issuing an ERC20 BTC token, shared its MVP and whitepaper!

Creates a 1:1 soft-peg b/w #bitcoin [ $BTC ] and the BTC token *while keeping the custodian decentralized*.…
2/ 🗾 @HelloICONworld [ $ICX ] entered into a strategic partnership with top Japanese #blockchain company, @LayerXcom.

Will co-host hackathons, demo days, and conferences to increase the adoption of SCORE, ICON’s smart contract implementation environment.…
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0/ The stream of #crypto- and #blockchain-related news knows no end!

To help you stay on top of all that's been happening over the past 24 hours, I've put together this 22-part thread.
1/ ☁️ @helloiconworld [ $ICX ] launched 'ICON Development Network' on #Amazon's AWS Marketplace, allowing developers to easily run a private instance of the ICON #blockchain network through @awscloud.

Makes building on #ICON far more convenient.…
2/ ✍️ @_PoetProject [ $POE ] - a decentralized protocol for content ownership, discovery and monetization in media - is now live on the #bitcoin #mainnet!

Partnership announcements and product updates in the coming weeks. Growing strong!…
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0/ A plethora of #crypto- and #blockchain-related events happening within the past 24 hours!

Below, a thread I've put together to help you keep track of it all. May it serve you well.
1/ 🌉 @POANetwork [ $POA ] announced the ERC20-to-ERC20 TokenBridge!

Now, projects can leverage separate #Ethereum-based networks to communicate with one another through the transformation of #ERC20 tokens. #Blockchain interoperability growing strong!…
2/ 🚢 The @EthexMarket team shipped its Ethex Trade Wallet, a unique native mobile #dApp that features hassle-free #ether and #ERC20 token trading. Compliments their existing #Ethex browser dApp nicely!…
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0/ The #crypto and #blockchain space can get awfully noisy. Below, the bits that caught my eye over the past 24 hours or so.

21 events compressed into a humble #Twitter thread. Enjoy!
1/ 🙋‍♂️ @IOTAtoken [ $IOTA ] made hires #52 and #53 for 2018 via Andreas Penzkofer and William Sanders.

The former is an electrical engineer and physicist specializing in analytical and numerical methods. The latter, an academic focused on commutative algebra and category theory.
2/ 💡 Australian #blockchain startup @PowerLedger_io [ $POWR ] upped its presence in the U.S., announcing the deployment of its P2P renewable #energy trading platform at licensed retail electric provider @APowernet's Pennsylvania HQ.

Click below for more!…
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0/ It's that time again! As always, there's been *plenty* happening in the #crypto/#blockchain space over the past ~24 hours.

And so, I've compiled this thread to help keep you in the know. I hope it can do just that. Now, shall we?
1/ 🤝 Prof. services giant @PwC_China established a joint research initiative with #blockchain research organisation @LoopringOrg [ $LRC ], focusing on decentralized trading protocols designed to promote future #crypto ecosystems.…
2/ 🇺🇸 The world's largest decentralized lending protocol, #ETHLend, just got *a lot* bigger after the founder of its parent company - @AaveAave - revealed they'd start "allowing US borrowers to borrow cryptocurrencies within ETHLand."

Learn more:…
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0/ #Crypto ending the week with a full head of steam. Not ready for the weekend just yet!

Here's the latest from the #cryptocurrency/#blockchain space over the past 24 hours or so...
1/ 🔧 @POANetwork [ $POA ], @CompoundFinance, and @ConsenSys have teamed up to develop Mana, an open source, full node #Ethereum client written in Elixir, a programming language that runs on Erlang Virtual Machine (i.e., BEAM).

Read more:…
2/ 🤖 @Singularity_NET [ $AGI ] was chosen by @MaltaGov to help them fulfil their desire to explore #AI as an economic niche.

The #crypto startup - known for their work with @HansonRobotics' @RealSophiaRobot - will first help create the world's first 'Robot Citizenship Test'.
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0/ Lots of #CryptoNews as always! Below is a look into some of the eye-catching happenings in the #crypto and #blockchain space over the past 24 hours or so...
1/ 📝 @Ethfinex's #0x-powered #EthfinexTrustless hybrid DEX listed @MakerDAO [ $MKR / $DAI ], @SpankChain [ $SPANK ], @AttentionToken [ $BAT ], @AI_Autonio [ $NIO ] and @AugurProject [ $REP ].

Trade instantly vs. a highly liquid, centralized order book:
2/ 🔛 @GetGitcoin unveiled 'Kudos', an easy way to show appreciation and build relationships in open source.

Each Kudos is ltd. edition, sovereign to #Ethereum's #blockchain, with a custom art piece your collaborator can show off on their #Gitcoin profile (or #ERC721 wallet).
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0/ Want to know what's been happening in the #crypto and #blockchain space over the past ~24 hours? Then look no further! I've got you covered.
1/ 📣 The @MakerDAO [ $MKR ] team announced the 'Core Community Development Group (CCDG)', an initiative focussed on attracting more third-party interest.

Whilst not identical, the CCDG reminds me of Elastos' @Cyber__Republic & Dash's DGBB; projects w/ strong communities indeed.
2/ 📝 @dydxprotocol's short Ethereum [ $sETH ] - an #ERC20 token pegged to a short ETH position - got listed on #0x-powered @RadarRelay.

Can't wait to see what other types of tokenized short and leveraged assets dYdX can come up with!…
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0/ Having trouble staying on top of all the latest in the world of #crypto and #blockchain? I've got you covered. Well, at least for the last 24 hours or so 💁‍♂️

Let's get this thread going shall we.
1/ 📝 @DPRating published the September edition of its #GitHub Audit, rating more than 200 #crypto and #blockchain projects.

Teams that ranked disproportionately well included @Raiden_Network [ $RDN ], @NulsService [ $NULS ], @ParticlProject [ $PART ], and @POANetwork [ $POA ].
2/ ♻️ @PowerLedger_io [ $POWR ] introduced Asset Germination Events (AGEs), furthering the utility of its native #crypto token.

AGEs will allow people to invest in and co-own energy assets. More details to come via a Friday AMA.…
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