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1. Dear All, I would like to debunk the rumors, that I have been hiding due to #crypto market crash. Every year on beginning of May I go for vacations with my family, and I spend time with them not working. Image
2. I understand that it was very thought time in the market but to be frank nothing has changed with my investment thesis and these price that we have today are great buying opportunity for #Bitcoin and #Ether, and...
3. if you don’t exceed certain percentage level of exposure on your total investment portfolio you should think about using these levels to accumulate more. (Not financial advice). However please remember that this is and will experience great level of #volatility,
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$eth predictions based on the current market trend: There is a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $2,380 on the hourly chart of $ETH/$USD ( via Kraken). 🧵
$eth has an initial resistance near the $2,350 level with major resistance near the $2,380 level.
This is causing a major bearish trend line forming with resistance near $2,380 on the hourly chart of $ETH/$USD.
$eth has its main resistance forming near the $2,400 level. It is near the 50% Fib retracement level of the recent drop from the $2,569 swing high to $2,200 low.
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2021, la plus grande adoption institutionnelle des #cryptomonnaies de tous les temps ?🤔

Les investisseurs institutionnels se sont rués sur la #cryptomonnaie et la finance décentralisée, et ont fini par reconnaître que les cryptos devenaient incontournables.


BlackRock 🤑demande à la SEC (gendarme 👮‍♂️de la bourse 🇺🇸) l'ajout à ses fonds de produits sur le #Bitcoin .

Les seuls investissements autorisés sont des contrats à terme sur des #bitcoins réglés en espèces 💵et négociés sur des bourses enregistrées auprès de la CFTC.

La plus grande banque allemande 🇩🇪 @DeutscheBank prévoit de créer une plateforme d'échange d'actifs numériques.

Elle le fera via des courtiers de premier ordre, et des bourses approuvées pour assurer la sécurité 🔒et l'accessibilité à des actifs pour ses clients.
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is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who wrote a great story on this case some time ago. To his credit, in the story, he acknowledged claims related to conflicts of interest. I remember discussing the $15M paid to Hinman in “retirement benefits.”
I responded that its very easy to classify ongoing payments as “retirement” and skirt the rules. We now have clear proof that that is exactly what occurred.

Hinman had a financial interest in the ongoing success of his law firm WHILE SIMULTANEOUSLY BEING EMPLOYED BY THE @SECGov.
As Chairman, Clayton blessed the plan to bypass the ethics rules. It is now well settled that Clayton and Hinman’s law firms were directly tied to Ethereum.

Is it a coincidence that Clayton was the ONLY Commissioner to receive and give input in the #Ether free pass speech?
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Hackers allegedly breached gaming-focused #blockchain platform Ronin Network last week and extracted #cryptocurrencies now valued at more than $600 million, the company announced on Tuesday,
marking the second-biggest hack ever in the burgeoning cryptocurrency space.
There has been a security breach," Ronin, an Ethereum-linked blockchain platform for non-fungible token-based video game Axie Infinity, the company wrote in a blog post on Tuesday, adding that the hack was discovered today but occurred on Wednesday.
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If #bitcoin is sound money, how is #Ether @ultrasoundmoney? 🧵 👇🏻
1/ Among proponents of #bitcoin, one of the widely endorsed narratives is that of bitcoin or digital currencies being sound money.
2/ This idea of sound money stems from the fact that unlike government-issued fiat currencies, which rely on fractional reserves; with decentralised digital currencies, there is no individual or group with executive power who can change the fundamental attributes of the currency.
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Of the top 98 wallets that withdrew $CEL from #FTX over the last month, 81 of them are funded and controlled by #CelsiusNetwork.

In other words, #Celsius is manufacturing the appearance of demand for their token.

How do I know? 🧵👇 (1/n)
To recap: I recently found a number of wallets that perform one task-

Receive small #Ether transfers from #Celsius Wallet 5, then distribute the #Ether to dozens of downstream wallets. (2/n)
#FTX hosts the largest market for $CEL token in terms of volume. On the surface, it appears that there are many different parties sending and receiving $CEL from the exchange (I know pic sucks, best I could do): 3/n…
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Stefan, most people (not #XRPHolders) underestimate the incredible advantage the free pass gave #Ethereum, @ConsenSys, etc. Ironically, it was @ethereumJoseph who understood just how much of an advantage it was.
On August 5, 2020,
Lubin falsely claimed:

“There are only two decentralized protocols on the planet right now that are sufficiently secure enough and decentralized enough so that they can be trusted. Those are #Bitcoin and #Ethereum.”
Lubin added that #Bitcoin is too difficult to program, and therefore, for ALL developers of “value tokens”, #Ethereum is:

“the only game in town.”
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@DigPerspectives @digitalassetbuy @TAIGxrp

Why haven’t the trade associations or crypto leaders spoken out against the SEC or appeared as amicus on behalf of the industry?

When ETH was given a free pass was part of the deal @Ripple and #XRP would be the sacrificial lamb?
Have you listened to @GaryGensler lately? He talks about picking a high profile project and going after it as a way to send a message to the entire industry. Gensler met with Clayton in March of 2018. Gensler was aware Ether investors met with Hinman asking for the ETH free pass.
Watch the👇 video. Genlser scoffed at:

“a group of venture capitalists went into the SEC.”

He said:

“they’re sort of saying – believe us, we get you, we’re with you, SEC – but we have a bunch of clients who are going to evolve to be a consumable token …”

(sound familiar)
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In simple words, if a single unit of #Bitcoin is always equal in value to another BTC, each NFT has its own digital signature and cannot be exchanged for one another. However, they can be sold and purchased online – many of them can be bought only with #Ether, so setting up… the respective wallet is the first step towards owning one of these digital masterpieces. OpenSea, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, and Foundation are just some of the popular platforms that make a global NFT marketplace. WHY WOULD PEOPLE PAY FOR WHAT THEY CAN SCREENSHOT FOR FREE?
Well, this is definitely the most common question asked in relation to non-fungible tokens, which became especially relevant after, in March 2021, Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet ever as an
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2012: Perkins Coie (the same law firm that helped write ✍️ Hinman’s #Ether Free Pass Speech) informed @chrislarsensf #RippleCredits (aka #XRP) IS NOT a security;

The 2012 memo warned Larsen there was a risk under the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA);
The 2012 legal memo 📝 stated that the law firm’s “analysis has never been tested by FinCEN in practice, and therefore reliance thereon is not without risk”;

The Perkins Coie 📝 was spot on b/c in:

2015: FinCEN sued @Ripple claiming it had violated the BSA;
FinCEN’s suit against Ripple was the first civil enforcement action against a cryptocurrency industry player - a case of true first impression in the industry;

Ripple settled paying 700K and agreed to comply w/ NON- SECURITIES regulations;
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🧵 THREAD N°15 : le langage crypto

On arrive à la moitié de ce challenge de 30 jours de threads, il est temps de faire une petite pause dans notre apprentissage avec un thread plus léger !

Aujourd'hui, on fait un petit tour du langage de la crypto 👇
1/ En faisant vos recherches ou en trainant sur Twitter, vous êtes forcément tombés sur un tas d'expressions type #DYOR ou #WAGMI sans forcément toutes les comprendre.

Maintenant, vous saurez ce que ça veut dire.
2/ #gm : good morning

La seule et unique façon de saluer quelqu'un. Un signe de reconnaissance qui ne trompe pas.

Avec sa variante #gn (Good night) pour le soir.
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Kudos to @davidmicahels for tackling this case and recognizing the significant impact it could have on the SEC’s ability to regulate the crypto industry. What makes this case both very different and more dangerous than other cases is the @SECGov is attacking the token itself.
In previous cases, the SEC alleged specific sales during a specific time period constituted illegal security offerings. Here, the SEC claims that every transaction from 2013 until today - made by anyone - including secondary market sales independent of @Ripple - are all illegal.
B/c of the amazingly over broad allegations implicating retail holders of #XRP, over 64K #XRPHolders filed a motion to intervene asking to be sued as co-defendants - an extraordinary request. Recognizing the damage caused, Judge Torres granted #XRPHolders amicus status.
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One question I get asked every time I’m on a podcast or being interviewed, is to provide an estimate of how long the @SECGov 🆚 @Ripple case will take to resolve either by settlement or by judgement.
If you’ve watched those interviews, you know I placed a lot of emphasis on the 👩‍⚖️ Judge’s DPP ruling.

I said if the Judge pierced the deliberative process privilege and ordered the SEC internal documents produced, we could see a settlement w/in 90 days thereof.
I also said if the Judge 👩‍⚖️ rules the documents don’t have to be produced to Ripple, I believe the case will go to Summary Judgement; and, possibly, a jury verdict.

The judge gave a mixed ruling. The SEC’s big victory is that most of the documents DO NOT have to be produced.
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Bill Hinman intentionally misled the public as Director of Corporation Finance while at the @SECGov.

Watch the 4 min @CNBC clip👇 and then read the brief 🧵 that follows.

On Dec. 13, 2017, Hinman had a meeting w/ @ethereumJoseph & @ConsenSys and lawyers from Sullivan & Cromwell (Clayton’s law firm);

The next day, Dec. 14, 2017,
@MattCorva of Consensys (w/ lawyers from Sullivan & Cromwell) stated that they were building an alliance with the SEC;
Six weeks later, on Jan. 25, 2018, Clayton meets with Chris Dixon and Andreesen & Horowitz of @a16z and instructs him to put together a group w/in the industry and write up a memo. Perkins Coie, a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, led this group of #Ether investors;
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#XRPHolders shouldn’t allow detractors to create and push a sour grapes narrative. Under the law, selective enforcement claims do not win and are not very persuasive. Just b/c #ETH got a free pass related to it’s ICO, doesn’t make #XRP a non-security.
Just b/c an argument can be made that, today, the #XRPL is more decentralized than the #Ether network - doesn’t mean #XRP isn’t a security. I watch #XRP or @Ripple detractors attempting to create the sour grapes narrative.
When someone asks me why today’s #XRP is not a security, I do not discuss or bring up #Ether in the answer.

What our opponents are attempting to do is dismiss our argument as “you’re upset b/c someone else broke the law and didn’t get sued.”
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Awesome new IMF working paper exploring the connection between crypto and equity markets, comparing pre- and post-pandemic period - we just had to write a Hive Deep Dive summary!

Here are some key takeaways 🧵
[1] Starting with simple correlations, the intra-day price #Bitcoin and #Ether, is now about 4-8 times more correlated with the volatility of the main US equity market indices (the S&P 500, Nasdaq, and Russell 2000) versus 2017-19. Image
[2] Intra-day returns have also become more correlated, particularly $BTC. While the correlation between Tether & equities also strengthened, it turned negative during the pandemic – implying people used it as a risk diversification asset in that period. Image
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@EleanorTerrett and I were discussing the Judge’s ruling today
b/c, as usual, her and @CGasparino seem to be the only journalists recognizing the magnitude of this case on the overall Digital Asset space. I re-read the decision and here are my final takeaways:
The June 13, 2018 legal memorandum 📝 regarding whether #XRP is a security (conducted by SEC legal staff) IS PRIVILEGED and will NOT be turned over.

But the Judge noted that the legal staff members who wrote this analysis:

“did not present a recommendation to the SEC.”
This finding is VERY significant. This means that after the SEC’s legal analysis, as of June 13, 2018, they did not recommend bringing an enforcement action against @Ripple @bgarlinghouse or @chrislarsensf regarding #XRP as a security.
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Many people, like Ian, believe @Ripple violated securities laws and should be sued by the SEC accordingly. Some believe that just b/c #Ether investors violated the law doesn’t excuse Ripple from it’s wrongdoing. Regardless of whether you agree, this is not an unreasonable stance.
What is unreasonable is the SEC abandoning all truth and law and arguing absurdly:

“the very nature of XRP in the market”


“the nature of XRP itself”

make all #XRP securities. Note the quotations. This language is directly from the Complaint filed against Ripple and #XRP.👇
Some people don’t know or refuse to accept that the @SECGov could’ve easily sued @Ripple @bgarlinghouse and @chrislarsensf to enforce securities laws w/o devastating #XRPHolders and making a complete mockery of 76 years of legal precedent while destroying the SEC’s credibility.
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If the SEC wanted to pick a top 10 Token to go after why would it choose the much more difficult case?

There’s a legitimate debate over whether today’s #ETH or #XRP (the networks - not token ownership) are more “sufficiently decentralized?”
But when applying securities laws to fundraising, there’s no debate over which is the easier case to prove. Ether held a pure ICO. Both Clayton and Gensler are on record stating they’ve never seen an ICO that wasn’t a security. @Ripple sold stock to VCs then sold XRP, but no ICO.
I said months ago that a monkey 🐒 could prove #Ether started out as an illegal securities offering. All you need to do is play video clips of the people responsible for the offering. @stevennerayoff has described himself as the architect behind the #ETH fundraising. Listen 👂👇
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A brief 🧵 providing the answer.

[hint: if you own #ETH, you won’t like the answer]
On April 23, 2018 @GaryGensler at MIT Business of Blockchain. 👇👇

Then-former CFTC Chairman Gary Gensler says there is not regulatory clarity in the digital asset markets, and “for @Ripple” & there “needs to be clarity in the market.”

Sounds like a decent fair notice argument!
But despite Gary Gensler declaring that there was no clarity in the market for #XRP or #ETH, he is coming after all of crypto. Why should #ETH holders be concerned? He was well aware of @ethereumJoseph, Chris Dixon, and the secret meetings with the @SECGov for an #ETH free pass.
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On January 1, 2021, I sued the SEC. It was 9 days after the SEC sued @Ripple declaring #XRP - including #XRP traded in the secondary market - investment contracts w/ Ripple. I argued from the beginning the conflicts and appearances of impropriety.
From the start, I’ve argued it absolutely makes zero legal sense to give #ETH a free pass but claim #XRP are securities. I created @CryptoLawUS. Utilizing assistance from the #XRPCommunity, I created the video library at, providing the irrefutable proof.
But my efforts have NEVER been about attacking #ETH the token - the platform - or the technology. Today’s #XRP is NOT a security. Likewise, I don’t believe Today’s #ETH is a security. Some folks have criticized me for attacking #ETH. They argue I shouldn’t bring #ETH up at all.
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WHO SUES OVER $585 (no not 589)?

On May 3, 2018, a lawyer filed a putative class action against @Ripple and @bgarlinghouse because his client lost $585 trading #XRP.
According to the Complaint, on January 6, 2018 this person bought 650 #XRP at $2.60 per #XRP for a total purchase price of $1,690. Twelve days later, he sold his 650 #XRP for $1.70 per #XRP - creating a loss totaling $585.
I’ve always been troubled regarding the timing of this putative class action filed against Ripple during the same period of time #Ether investors were secretly meeting the SEC asking for a regulatory free pass. The Perkins Coie Memo and Ether Safe Harbor is dated March 26, 2018.
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WRIT OF MANDAMUS - A One year later 🧵 -

A year ago today, I filed a rarely used legal action 🆚 the @SECGov - a Writ of Mandamus. Mandamus is a judicial remedy in the form of a Court order to any gov’t employee to do some specific act which he/she is obliged under law to do.
Like I said, its a legal remedy that’s not often sought. In fact, according to the DOJ website: “Mandamus is an extraordinary remedy, which should only be used in exceptional circumstances of peculiar emergency or public importance.”
After reading the 79 page Complaint twice, I realized #XRP itself (ie today’s token) was being attacked by the SEC and I knew what that meant for innocent #XRPHolders. I believed this case was one of those “exceptional circumstances of peculiar emergency or public importance.”
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