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Here we go: just gonna create a thread to live tweet #Debates2020
Trump didn’t prep?? What a dumbass #Debates2020
He didn’t just say Amy is “good in every way” 😭 #Debates2020
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No it does NOT!! Our country is divided in 2, by 2 parties...pick one or don’t provide your useless opinions!! If you don’t vote for Biden, you give your vote to the tramp!! The repubs know this, and even when they hate tramp, they voted for him!!
They also knew the difference of voting down ballot!!

They realize the importance of party survival! But many have defected and will be voting democrat because they believe in country over party...

You believe in “me, me, me!” And fail to see your rhetoric affects our country
This Me not Us is pure bs!! You think withholding your vote affects us voting for Biden, but it affects everyone, even the people you claim to be fighting for!!

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Chicago is behind (again). What we see in Los Angeles is a burgeoning partnership between @UTLAnow and their district—a remote learning plan that recognizes that a) we are in a pandemic, and b) the social inequities that existed already have been exacerbated.
It isn't perfect, but it's an agreement.
We don't have that.
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I love that Reed, and his stans always point out that he is Black in response to him being a class reductionist but when other people point out race regarding COVID or policing they are race reductionist are engaging in racecraft. #makeitmakesense…
Just be consistent either Reed being Black does matter to his critique of anti racism & identity politics. Which is a identarian move or Reed being Black doesn't matter and shouldn't be used to bolster his arguments. I smell opportunism from his stans who use this defense.
But more importantly Reed was offered to a debate by @AFROSOCDSA

We would've arranged for someone like Ransby, Kelly or Yamahtta Taylor, Marxist who believe in radical anti-racist politics to debate him. He declined and cancelled. Reed is the cancel culture
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1/ I get the characterization of remote learning as a win.

It makes sense only bc our country has allowed politicians to turn the safety & mortality of human beings into a political contest. #COVID19 #SafeReopening
2/ Students, community groups, parents, and @CTULocal1 organized to force the mayor into making the best decision.

We shouldn’t have had to make her make that decision. An #ERSB should hv made the decision already. But, this is Chicago. #MakeItMakeSense
3/ Honestly, once #Trump said re-open schools, the decision was obvious. But, #CPS and #MLL 🤷🏾‍♀️

Victory lap? Nah. Imma pass. We still hv an extraordinary amount of work before us. #RemoteLearning
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#Thread Mayoral control of #CPS has been an unmitigated disaster—#Daley, #RahmHatesUs & #MLL. Mayoral control has failed every single stakeholder in #CPS. #ERSBNow 1/
#MayoralControl has birthed some of the worst EDU policies ever.
50 schools closed.
Failed privatization schemes.
Scores of Black women educators fired.
Schools w/o nurses.
Schools w/o libraries & librarians.
The list is seems endless. #MakeItMakeSense 2/
Now another mayor & their handpicked board intends to bless a re-opening plan that puts everyone & their “mommas” in harms way. #MakeItMakeSense #ERSBNOW 3/…
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#ADOS random thought:

The fact Talib Kweli Greene & Jessica Aiwuyor were able to spread such misinformation about ADOS, *and so much of the blue check population quickly embraced & believed it,* says WAY more about them and the #DecadentVeil than it does about us. (1/)
I mean...

What in the Terry Crews does it take for middle-class to wealthy striver Blacks & ADOS on media platforms to embrace a belief that a group of poor & working-poor Black Americans are xenophobic white-supremacists? #ADOS #MakeItMakeSense (2/)
What does it mean, for the totality of the #ADOS who has not practically, but LITERALLY NO WEALTH that we are a group of undesirables that reaps EVERYTHING THAT WE DESERVE FROM WHITE SUPREMACY? (3/)
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In a CPS community meeting with officials, parents, teachers and community members today, one of our members posed the following question in the Q&A:

"Have you prepared statements for when the first student or teacher passes away due to exposure to the virus at school?" #thread
"Know that decisions you make are putting lives at stake. Teachers are NOT comfortable with your plan. Please, it is imperative we are engaged in SOLELY remote learning, not in-person instruction."
"It's easy for you to be socially distant at CPS HQ, but would you implement this same plan if you were going to be in-class with me teaching 9th graders in a school with 3,000 students?"
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I've tried over and over to get folks to see in my community how we are targeted by disinfo. All the there isn't "real impact" is about to be proven wrong with #DatRona we aren't immune to this virus no more than we are immune to disinformation and take actions we shouldn't.
Right now folks are in my mentions sharing disinfo even about my reports and what I said but have no knowledge of data, visualizations and never believe Russia interfered despite 17 agencies saying otherwise.
the really interesting part is that they are railing against elites. it's now clear they don't know what that means. They want to compare my report to some university. Isn't that elite? but I'm elite because I no longer live in the projects but I do this work. #MakeItMakeSense
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(1/4) There are several problematic assumptions made in this piece that we disagree with, but we want to respond to the two key points:

1. This article makes sweeping generalisations about the working class (which btw also includes BAME people).
(2/4) This ‘woke’ narrative seems to be the new way to shut down marginalised voices. Social conservatism is not a protected characteristic and is now represented by a majority Tory govt.
(3/4) We are extremely concerned to see this kind of divisive race & class narrative being pushed within the charity sector as an appropriate response to the election. We must recognise the complex & intersectional aspects of ethnic & working class communities.
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@Mimirocah1 I’m a “young woman” that supports @BernieSanders, him standing next to @ewarren won’t change that. You dont believe he’s pro-woman? He gave me, a nurse & Ferguson activist, the platform to tell thousands about the struggles of being a black woman in America. 1/4 Image
I spoke about the racism and misogyny I was experiencing as a black woman running for federal office. 2/4 Image
Yep, that’s me there at the podium. Sen Sanders makes your skin crawl? PoC work hard everyday to dismantle systems that have created a society where people have physical reactions simply by seeing or thinking of black & brown people. It was an ugly thing to say. 3/4 Image
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