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Fighting the #Coronavirus #Pandemic: #China's Influence at the @WHO ~ @FGodement

Coronavirus: China's Influence at the WHO analyzed by @CarnegieEndow Senior Advisor for #Asia @FGodement. 1/n

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA

Fighting the #Coronavirus #Pandemic: #China's Influence at the @WHO ~ @FGodement

Thread by @Trinhnomics:
Great paper by a non-resident fellow @FGodement @CarnegieEndow on the role of the WHO and ... 2/n

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA
Fighting the #Coronavirus #Pandemic: #China's Influence at the @WHO ~ @FGodement

Thread by @Trinhnomics:
... the coronavirus #crisis we are facing globally. Allow me to summarize his key pts. 3/n

#CCPvirus #ChineseVirus #WuhanVirus #CoronaVirusCHINA…
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I've been asked by several friends what I think of the government communication strategy & activity of the #COVID19 #Crisis in #Israel.
I'll begin by saying that I believe that @netanyahu @moshebst & @IsraelMOH are really busy trying to save lives. Here we go.. Thread 1/
Any crisis communication plan needs to be based on four core elements: preparedness, strategy, execution, and evaluation. I'll try and give my two pence, based on my experience as an @IDF spokesperson in times of crisis. 2/
Preparedness is critical for #crisis comms. It places processes prior to the crisis, it determines who makes decisions when there is an internal conflict, it allocates resources for management, it mitigates the element of surprise, it makes sure everyone's on the same page. 3/
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1/8 Tks @FICCI_CTech & @ficci_india. @PrinSciAdvGoI recently mentioned the immediate needs to deal ranging from PPEs, RDTs, MobilApps, Criticalcare Equipments to Sterilising Equipments. I believe that we have several (indeed several) products between (TRL6-9) @PMOIndia @GKangInd
2/8 These products could be quickly assessed & along with #Indian #medtech #manufacturers productn could be ramped up to meet the immediate need for #Covid19 care. #agencies esp @BIRAC_2012 & @MADevImpact (@eittee & @AbhaySinghKr) have many #medtech #products in their portfolio
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>>> viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as aerosols, can still penetrate masks.
!!! it is possible to be infected with shorter interactions or even by picking the virus up from contaminated surfaces,,,
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Many are calling for a rate cut on the #Fed, but there's very little central banks can do at this point.

A thread on, why #centralbanks will be unable to stop any repercussions from the #CoronavirusOutbreak .

We naturally start with the balance sheets. 👇1/12
Which are just massive.

The very role of any easing (quantitative or normal) is to push interest rates down.

In addition, it was the purpose of QE -programs to also create a "wealth effect", by increasing the values of financial assets and making people feel "rich". 2/
We detailed the channels of effects of QE programs in the Q-Review 1/2018. 👉…

Even today, the effects are not understood by all, but they depend heavily on the ability of the programs to push down (converge) the yields of bonds in different classes. 👇 2/
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This is a topic we raised in September 2017, but I haven't commented this for a while.

Thus, I think it's good time to remind all, why we have experienced so nascent recovery from the GFC.

A thread on why global growth has waned.

We, naturally, start with this. 👇 1/
Global productivity growth stagnated in 2012. This is something that should not happen outside major crises, as shown in the figure above.

So, what's going on?

We dealt with the topic extensively in the March 2019 issue of our Q-Review. 👇2/…
Already in June 2013, we warned that:

"It is possible that the banking sector and the world economy were saved by using too strong methods in 2008. As a consequence of this, it is also possible that the world economy is more like zombie economy, where... 3/
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A lot of talk about the economic effects of the #COVID_19 . There are still those hoping for a quick (V-type) recovery.

In this thread, I'll try to be as detailed as a macroeconomist can be in explaining, why this is very unlikely.

But first, please remember this. 👇 1/
Second thing to note is:

"In this situation, it won't be feasible to adopt a proactive fiscal policy by expanding the fiscal expenditure scale."

By Finance Minister Liu Kun. 2/…
The above statements should not be disregarded lightly.

Similar statements, given at the start of the Chinese deleveraging in early fall 2017, indicated that the deleveraging had truly started. 👇 3/…
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*Mental health thread*

At least 1 in 4 of us are suffering with mental health illnesses.

We are all human and we do not know what trouble the human beside us is facing.

🙏 CHOOSE to listen, support, be kind & fair.

Your hello and smile may be what gives someone strength.
The thing about mental health is that it can seriously affect how we see things, how we perceive ourselves and others around us.

Negative thoughts of failure or self-criticism or loss of confidence being wrongly reinforced by how others treat us can affect how we feel.
Eventually it can all become overwhelming.

One can feel that they can no longer cope.

Choose not to be the person who takes away someone’s sense of security, self belief, sense of achievement or confidence.
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There are some deep misconceptions about the ability of #China to recover from the economic fallout of #coronavirus relatively quickly.

In this thread, I explain why this is unlikely, and why it's not China we should be truly worried about.

Let's start with the facts. 1/
It has been obvious for a while that China's economic growth lays in unsustainable ground.

If we deduct the growth of debt on the growth of GDP, we get an estimate on the 'organic' growth rate for Chinese #economy.

Which has been negative since 2011 (till 2017). 2/
This, unsurprisingly, has led to another pressing problem. China's productivity growth turned negative in 2012.

This, quite simply, means that China has been accumulating vast amounts of unprofitable investments, at least since 2011. 3/
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In hoog opgeleide blanke (en bruine😉)kringen is het een ‘opinion chic’ om vóór legalisering van drugs te zijn. Een elitaire opvatting die van weinig empathie getuigt.…
Big Oil & Their Bankers In The Persian Gulf
Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network
🤓 video…
Lockerbie links to Franklin, #Dutroux, #Mossad, McKee
A Pan Am investigation believed that the #lockerbie bomb was targeted to kill a small band of US Defence Intelligence Agency operatives who had uncovered a #drugsring run by a #CIA unit in Lebanon.…
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1/5 A currency #crisis in 2018 opened the door for Turkey’s government to clamp down on financial markets in a way that turned inward the largest #economy in the Middle East, and spooked off foreign investors:… (thread)
2/5 President #Erdogan and his deputies say the measures, including tapping central bank legal reserves and regular #FX interventions, were needed to stabilize the #lira and boost growth – and they have had some success…
3/5 The investment impact in #Turkey has been dramatic: foreigners now hold only 8% of Turkish debt and mostly missed a once-a-decade bond rally, while non-residents sold a net $3.3 bln last year…
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I promised that we'd publish a new #Repo -blog today, with some "breaking info". Unfortunately, we discovered an error in the background info, which trashed the basis of our argument.

What we were trying to explain was this. 👇

Thread 1/
@Amdalleq @BradHuston
After the #Fed started its #repo -operations, #StockMarket has been in state of relentless melt-up.

As suggested by @zerohedge , hedge funds have been likely to use repo to increase their leverage.

But, what have the new repo-ops caused? 2/…
Like nicely elaborated by @bondstrategist , they have at least "thrown the moral hazard out of the window".

The #Fed is guaranteeing liquidity in the #repo -market, which basically removes all the risk, at least, in the markets of short-term paper. 3/
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Lets talk #New #Tools for #MonetaryPolicy...
The #Global #Financial #Crisis of 2007/08 taught the policy making world that something special beyond #Conventional #MonetaryPolicy was necessary to lift economies out of the economic malaise...tinkering with the key rates was not enough anymore...
To this end, #centralbanks in the developed world (The US, UK, Japan, The EuroArea) adopted what they termed #UnconventionalMonetaryPolicy #UMP which is characterised by #ForwardGuidance #NegativeInterestRatePolicy & #QuantitativeEasing...but, have they helped?
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#sackler #opioid #crisis
The Sackler Family 🕎🇮🇱 – A Secretive Billion Dollar #opioidcrisis Empire
With over 200,000 deaths caused by Opioids, are they in jail yet?
Nope, they sluiced their profits to taxhavens.
Lawyer = Rudy Guiliani. Great guy our Rudy!

Who are the Sacklers, the family at the center of the opioid crisis?
Jewish family, founder of Purdue Pharma and famous for philanthropy, has become notorious for causing mass-scale drug addiction. Will institutions reject their donations?…
Did Rudy Giuliani Help Purdue Continue Selling OxyContin?😨
No Purdue executives were jailed in connection with the criminal charge.
Rudy is Trumps lawyer 😉
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A terrible humanitarian crisis is happening. While we’re preparing for the Christmas holidays. On our continent. In front of our eyes. And it has been going on for way too long.

This is a solvable crisis. It is solvable. All we need is the European political will.
Read the article in the Guardian that Damian, the Volt MEP, wrote about his experience in the refugee camps to learn more:…

@guardian #guardian @d_boeselager
Contributing to a large scale, long term solution for this crisis is why I quit my job last year to volunteer full time for Volt. It is why I keep putting all my time and energy into the movement I believe can bring real solutions closer.
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Una de las cuestiones más controvertidas y enigmáticas del #Mediterráneo antiguo durante el #Bronce Final. ¿Quienes eran los llamados 'pueblos del mar'? ¿Fueron los causantes de la gran #crisis de los estados mediterráneos? ¡Abrimos hilo! 👇👇👇
A finales del Bronce Reciente asistimos en el Mediterráneo oriental a una serie de acontecimientos que la historiografía ha venido a denominar “crisis del 1200 a.C.”. Efectivamente, los grandes imperios que habían alcanzado un gran desarrollo durante el Bronce Medio y (1/18)
parte del Reciente, colapsan y sufren una crisis política y económica como nunca se había visto hasta entonces en el Mediterráneo. Tanto la civilización micénica como el Imperio Hitita se verán abocados a la desaparición, siendo sólo el Imperio Nuevo egipcio quien consiga (2/18)
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1/6 As Powell puts in his recent speech, we are “in a world of slow global growth, low inflation, and low interest rates…" and "fac[ing] heightened risks of lengthy, difficult-to-escape periods in which our policy interest rate is pinned near zero.”
2/6 CF40 member Miao Yanliang mentioned in his book that, under a #fiscal policy framework, the #demographic change and pessimistic anticipation collectively contribute to the world characterized by LOW #inflation, LOW #growth and LOW interest rate.…
3/6 After the global financial #crisis in 2008, major developed countries faced pressure to reduce #deficits, #debt, and private sector #deleveraging. In this context, the macro-policy has shifted from the former #monetary dominance to #fiscal dominance. #macroeconomics
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Aquesta progressió històrica del l'índex dels principals bancs europeus és molt interessant, tant en el curt termini (5 anys) com per comparar la situació pre i post Gran Recessió (10 anys). Res q l'economia marxista relacionada amb la teoria de les crisis no hagi explicat.
En primer lloc, en els darrers 5 anys Stoxx 50 no aixeca cap malgrat l'expansió monetària històrica (El BCE ha adquirit actius per 2,6 BILIONS D'EUROS entre març de 2015 i desembre de 2018) i la reducció de tipus (avui encara negatius).
Això explica pq el BCE, malgrat haver anunciat a bombo i plataret l'any passat que a 31 de desembre finalitzava aquesta política d'estímul, estigui buscant avui formes de reactivar-la.…
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1. #News ~ Crazed Antifa Terrorist Who Attempted to Bomb ICE Center and Was Shot Dead

— Left an Audio MANIFESTO - Was saying Goodbye To His Comrades, Planned To Die & Take People w/ Him. #DomesticTerrorism


#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA
2. #News ~ REMINDER: An AOC-Inspired Terror Attack Against ICE Was Committed by ANTIFA Last Saturday…

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA
#DomesticTerrorism #Terrorist #Terrorist
3. #News ~ New York Times Exploits Children to Demonize ICE and Border Enforcement - This is the type of propaganda that led to the ANTIFA terrorist attack this past weekend.

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA #CRISIS #DomesticTerrorism #EnemyOfThePeople
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1. #News ~ REPORT: President Donald Trump PLOTTED TAKE-DOWN of Clinton-Epstein FOR YEARS

@realDonaldTrump Knew About Clinton ISLAND PHOTOS…

#Trump #Qanon #TickTock
2. #News ~ Lawyer for one of Jeffrey Epstein VICTIM'S RIPPED NYPD for not monitoring the Level 3 sex offender — said that flub may have contributed to his sick PORN STASH [WORSE]…

#Trump #Qanon #TickTock
3. #News ~ Disneyland [PEDO-Land]has become a ‘ghost town…

#Trump #Qanon #TickTock
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Here is how I ruined a fruit for myself. I’m in Nagpur. This is an orange farm and this is an orange tree. India gets its largest supply of oranges from here. National Research Center for Citrus says a mature orange tree on an average consumes 40 liters of water per day.
It takes 4 years for an orange tree to bear fruit. If the water needs are met adequately then each tree produces 20 kilograms of fruit. So each orange that you eat takes about 4300 liters to grow.
There. If Maharashtra is running out of water then maybe, just maybe this could be one of the reasons. If I ever eat an orange again, I’ll know at what cost. #water #crisis
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Abro hilo con algunas lecturas -tanto texto académico como ensayo-, para empezar a entender mejor temas financieros y #monetarios. Abro con 4 clásicos contemporáneos de @GeorgeSelgin (#must). #money #libros
Otro clásico contemporáneo y quizás la mejor puerta de entrada a la materia para el lector español es "Dinero, crédito bancario y ciclos económicos" (@UnionEditorial1) de J Huerta de Soto (en inglés disponible PDF en @mises). #money #banking
La temprana Teoría del Crédito y del Dinero de L von Mises (1912), que parte de la base trabajos previos de Bhöm von Bawerk, y especialmente de "Capital & Interest" (1880s), están disponibles en PDF en @mises son los dos grandes pilates Ta moderna crédito y ciclos económicos.
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1. #News~ Epstein Depraved Artwork Eerily Reminiscent of Podesta Bros w/Prosthetic EYEBALLS decorating hallway, life-size doll hangs from chandelier as if being TORTURED…

#Trump #MAGA #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#JusticeComing #SOON #TickTock #PAIN
2. #News ~ It wasn’t Republicans in denial. Democrats didn’t act when President @realDonaldTrump wanted Congress to provide funding to border crisis. Dems refused to acknowledge the crisis…UNTIL NOW.

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA #CRISIS
3. #News ~ WATCH: Matt Gaetz Exposes Democratic Party Leadership for Laughing at Border Crisis

#Trump @realDonaldTrump #Qanon #WWG1WGA #CRISIS
#Democrats #WalkAway #NotFunny
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1. . #News ~ BREAKING: Southern California Hit with 6.9 Magnitude Earthquake — 11 miles North North-East of Ridgecrest, California…

#Trump #Qanon #EarthQuake #California
2. #News ~ Navy’s China Lake base closed, assessing damage after 6.4 magnitude earthquake…

#Trump #Qanon #Earthquake
3. Breaking #News Another strong #earthquake just shook parts of southern CA. While the places below didn't feel shaking, instruments recorded seismic activity picking up on waves traveling thru Earth.
#Earthquake #Qanon
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