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NEW: #EU’s chief #Brexit negotiator has urged the new #UK Prime Minister to ”engage” with talks on the #NorthernIreland Protocol.

@MarosSefcovic says this call has been made "for over a year."

"And it still stands – also vis-à-vis the incoming UK Prime Minister & government.”
The European Commission Vice President was speaking at the British-Irish Association Conference in Oxford.

He repeated the EU’s criticism of the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill, describing it as a “clear breach of international law” that is “extremely damaging to mutual trust.”
He also warned against further unilateral action – likely hinting at reports that frontrunner, Liz Truss, could trigger #Article16.

Such action may, he said, “Give the impression to many in the EU that the UK leadership is not that interested in cooperation with the EU.”
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#EnoughIsEnough #energybills
last night the FT reported Truss will immediately invoke Article 16 causing a trade war whilst we have rampant inflation, are heading in to recession & at the moment 70% of businesses will fall off a cliff in October when they renegotiate energy bill
#EnoughIsEnough #energybills #EnergyCrisis
several quotes here from 300% increases to over 1,100%.... as I have been alerting everyone to, since the 10th March.

if govt doesn't step in immediately, the UK will have businesses failing faster & harder than they did in 2008
#EnoughIsEnough #energybills #EnergyCrisis
here's my thread from the 10th March stating businesses will fall off a cliff, nearly 6 months later STILL NO ACTION has been taken, this is INEXCUSABLE! If I knew it in March, then the govt sure as hell did!
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EXCLUSIVE. Boris Johnson: How to avoid a nuclear disaster in Ukraine and why "Putin is in a cul-de-sac"

A long interview on Moscow's aggression, how to deal with the Russian President and the unity of the West, despite Brexit - @repubblica…
PM: “An attack on a nuclear power plant or an explosion are clearly a matter of our common European health and safety. We remember what happened with Chernobyl, the radioactive clouds spread over the whole continent, and indeed, also to North America. There is clearly a risk.”
PM: “There are other Ukrainian plants and radioactive nuclear waste sites. We need to consider is how we're going to work together to prevent such a disaster. I don't think the answers are easy, but UN and the IAEA on the ground", he invokes, "are going to be extremely important”
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🕓Starting in 10 minutes...

👂🏼Commission President @vonderleyen meets with Left MEPs to discuss vaccine fiasco and pandemic response.

🤳🏼Follow our live tweeting


#COVID19 #right2cure #NoProfitOnPandemic
Watch Facebook Live with our Co-Presidents @ManonAubryFr & @schirdewan.

Hear their immediate reactions to the meeting with Commission President @vonderleyen.

In welcoming @vonderleyen to our meeting, @schirdewan says the Commission's #vaccine strategy needs proper scrutiny:

"We've long been calling for transparency,not opacity, when it comes to #BigPharma."

"We need details on the liability regime & 'reasonable best efforts' clause"
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💉 Europe #vaccines update: Several EU countries including #Germany, #France, #Poland & #Sweden have announced they will avoid giving the #AstraZeneca vaccine to people over 65, citing a lack of data on its safety and efficacy for them.

Belgium has set the threshold at 55.
🇪🇺 President @vonderleyen told MEPs yesterday she accepts “full responsibility” for the #Article16 screw-up on Friday, according to people in the room.

She said the EU's joint procurement strategy and waiting for EMA conditional approval is the right one to avoid #VaccineWars.
📩 Ahead of a meeting with member states today, VDL & the PM of Portugal (which holds rotating presidency) have written a letter to governments acknowledging that the EU's vaccine roll-out has been "challenging and sensitive".

They defended the new export transparency mechanism.
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I have a few questions on the whole #Article16 row, and row-back.

Though I understand it's FAR more exciting to report on the inevitable political #PileOn / #AxeGrinding / #CasusBelli, there is actually an agreed Protocol and procedures.

1a) Have folks read #Article16 of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland?

It's on p13 of this PDF:… and is quite short [left pic].

1b) Have they read Annex 7 [right pic, p62 of PDF] which describes the procedures to be followed?
Assuming the answers to (1a) & (1b) are Yes:

2) Given the EU appears to have considered these to be "exceptional circumstances" was the UK notified via the #JointCommittee, and was all relevant information provided?

(Papers should be here, eventually:…)
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European Commission has backed down over Northern Ireland, but overall EU vaccine 'export ban' plan still stands. #article16 #brexit #coronavirus #VaccineStrategy
Breaking: Statement from Euroepan Commission.
Ireland / Northern Ireland Protocol will be "unaffected" by the EU's vaccine export authorisations, European Commission promises
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Thank f*** for that. I had a 3-part thread ready to go, slamming the commission over #Article16.

I'll put the it below because it's still useful to say.…
If not for the pandemic, the path we were on was going to see the UK government unlawfully allowing unchecked goods into Northern Ireland, forcing the EU Commission to tell Ireland "To avoid a hard border and protect the Single Market, we need France-Ireland border checks.".
That would put the Ireland in a position of having to choose between being letting Brexit damage peace, being dragged out of the Single Market or uniting Ireland.

That's a horrible position, entirely the UK government's fault, but it avoids any abrupt border disasters.
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