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Happy #AutisticPrideDay everyone!
Thought I would do a thread on autistic masking - a phenomenon particularly common in autistic women and something I was completely unaware of until I began exploring how autism in women and girls presents ..🧵
This resource from @Autism summarises masking:

Masking may be described as ‘to hide or disguise parts of oneself in order to better fit in with those around you’ 1/…
Autistic girls learn to do this early, We are socialised to try and ‘fit in’ with the dominant social group and so may hide our real interests, and mimic the phrases, inflections and body language of peers or characters from TV shows 2/
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Der #AutisticPrideDay wird seit 2005 jährlich am 18. Juni begangen. Autistinnen sollen sichtbar, die Notwendigkeit verbessterter gesellschaftlicher Partizipation betont werden. 1/9
Noch immer wissen erschreckend wenig Menschen, was Autismus ist. Ihre Informationen beziehen sie aus Klischees und Vorurteilen. 2/9
Aber weder ist jeder ein bisschen autistisch (Nein, einfach nein), noch sind alle Autistinnen Genies. 3/9
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The “Gold Standard” for Autistic Children.

So many Autistic people explain how & why ABA is abusive & harmful, yet many professionals continue to push it.…

#ADHD #Autistic #ActuallyAutistic #Autism #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #Writers #WritersLift
I have heard this line so many times: “They told me ABA therapy was the ‘gold standard’ for Autism.”…

#WritingCommunity #WritersSupportingWriters #ADHDSupport #CelebrateNeurodiversity #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #AutisticPride #AutisticPrideDay
Professionals need to explain exactly what they mean by that, because gold standard is subjective; it will mean different things to different people.

Successful supports (as opposed to "therapies") will mean different things to different people.

What does it mean to the CHILD?
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I’m supporting a family member through a crisis at the moment.
In doing so I’m aware of just how much my autistic strengths such as sustained focus, the ability to analyse complex situations, and creative problem solving are helping to resolve matters.
I’m also aware that my autistic sense of justice, my openness, and my hyper-empathy sometimes help, and sometimes get in the way.
I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved this week, including the fact that I’m able to state this without worrying about it coming across as immodest!
Since my autism diagnosis I’ve shifted significantly towards self-recognition, self-compassion and self-acceptance.
It has taken a long time to shake off deficit-laden ableist notions of what it means to be autistic, but I’m finally getting there.
My self confidence is returning.
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Long thread: Okay, so apparently it is #AutisticPrideDay, which I didn't actually know existed. Here's my, somewhat grumpy, thoughts on that. Usual disclaimers on an #ActuallyAutistic thread, I'm only talking about my perspective not any other autistic individual's. 1/
I worry when people say they are "celebrating" autistic people though, because, as well meaning as I am sure many are, it kind of feels like getting a pat on the head and an "atta boy" as if I am a toddler who just did something perfectly normal but has overly proud parents. 2/
I struggle with things. I can't tell whether I am hot or cold, which you can imagine has been wonderful the last couple of days during a heatwave when your body still has the normal reaction. I can't tell if I am hungry, need the loo, or just fancy a cigarette. 3/
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So it's autistic pride day - I honestly had no idea, which is strange. I'd lkke to talk about pride and autism - a quick thread. 🧵🧵🧵
I think all autistic people deserve to feel proud of one thing in particular: managing to cope in this unfriendly world. Even though its intensely difficult, we manage, for the most part, to get through each day.
This is despite the ableism thrown at us, the total lack of accommodation most of us face, the fact the world is as designed for us as it is designed for any minority. We still get up and push through, often exhausted, often alone.
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It's #AutisticPrideDay and, you know what, I am proud. I wasn't. It took me years to be proud. It took me years to realise it is part of me. It took me years to realise it makes me better at what I do when I acknowledge it. I wasn't always proud to be autistic. I am now though 1/
Twitter helped with that. I have met and seen so many people on here who helped me realise that being autistic isn't something I need to feel "ashamed of" or "hide from". I can't possibly list all of them here, but to all those who have helped, thank you. 2/
Being #ActuallyAutistic means navigating a world not designed for you. It can be hard. It means being stereotyped. It means being simultaneously dismissed as unable to do things, while it is also assumed you must have some savant superpower. 3/
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Ser quem eu sou não é ruim e o autismo é parte disso! Não dá pra separar e é por isso que eu tenho orgulho de ser autista ❤️

"Ain, mas você tem orgulho de ser doente?"

Autismo não é doença.

Eu tenho orgulho de ser quem sou! Gosto muito de mim. O autismo faz parte da minha identidade já que permeia todas as minhas interações então é uma das coisas dentro disso. Não é fácil sempre, mas a vida nunca é.
"mas você tem orgulho de ter essas dificuldades todas?"

Eu tenho orgulho de como essas dificuldades (e facilidades, nem tudo é ruim!) moldaram o que eu sou hoje. Não é porque algo é difícil que a gente tem que ter vergonha ué 🤷‍♀️
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