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1/7 Rejection Sensitivity (alt text in picture descriptions) Slide 1: Title of “Rejection Sensitivity” in a multicolo
2/7 Rejection Sensitivity Slide 2: Main text reads: “Rejection Sensitivity, or Rejec
3/7 Rejection Sensitivity Slide 3: Title of: “Experiencing Rejection Sensitivity”
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1/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 (alt-text in picture descriptions) Slide 1: "Situational Mutism is all about the situation
2/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 Slide 2: "Mute around crowds or in front of a lot of pe
3/8 Situational Mutism Pt. 2 Slide 3: "Mute around strangers or with new people"
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1/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 (alt text in picture descriptions) Slide 1 - title "Situa...
2/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 Slide 2 - title "Situa...
3/5 Situational Mutism Pt. 1 Slide 3 - title "Be Ac...
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"There are legitimate situations where an autistic person needs to be able to put their autistic behaviours aside. For example, how about a job interview"--Bruce McIntosh

🤮… "There are legitimate situations where an autistic pers
Me: "Oh, I'm sorry! I forgot to leave my autism at home for our job interview. Here, let me stick it in my purse, so as to make you more comfortable interacting with me, regardless of my actual qualifications for this job."
"put their autistic behaviours aside".

They're not "autistic behaviours", they're *human* behaviours from an Autistic human being. There is a difference: autism is our *neurology*. Being Autistic impacts one's entire brain & body. We can't just "set it aside" like an accessory.
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I’ve heard this said about my son on more than one occasion, “he seems to think he can do what he wants, and doesn’t have to do something if he doesn’t want to.”

Um, well, yes.

He’s a human being after all, with free will and autonomy.

#GentleParenting #Parenting #WritersLift
Certainly all of our actions have consequences, and I mean naturally-occurring consequences, not adult-imposed punishments.…

#MediumWriter #MediumBlogger #ParentingBlog #ParentingTips #ParentingAdvice #MentalHealthAwareness #ADHDAwareness #Oppositional
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Today is #AutisticPride day and the kid woke up with grief about not being normal. So I reminded him that normal is what a group of industrial psychologists thought would make the ideal factory worker.
I reminded him that if autistic people were valued for who we essentially are, the word neurotypical would not exist, it would be replaced with a word that suitably describes a difference in process and functioning. #AutisticPride
I also reminded him that a lot of "normal" people are miserable and unfulfilled. Being normal is not the key to a perfect life.
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The “Gold Standard” for Autistic Children.

So many Autistic people explain how & why ABA is abusive & harmful, yet many professionals continue to push it.…

#ADHD #Autistic #ActuallyAutistic #Autism #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #Writers #WritersLift
I have heard this line so many times: “They told me ABA therapy was the ‘gold standard’ for Autism.”…

#WritingCommunity #WritersSupportingWriters #ADHDSupport #CelebrateNeurodiversity #AutismAwareness #AutismAcceptance #AutisticPride #AutisticPrideDay
Professionals need to explain exactly what they mean by that, because gold standard is subjective; it will mean different things to different people.

Successful supports (as opposed to "therapies") will mean different things to different people.

What does it mean to the CHILD?
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Autistic Pride 🧵

This was never, ever supposed to happen. Here it is:

First photo: BA, English, 2001, San Diego State University
Second Photo: MFA Creative Writing (Fiction), 2005, San Diego State University

#AutisticPrideDay2022 #AutisticPride #Neurodivergent
I mentioned this before, even a week ago: I wasn’t even supposed to had had to had the chance to graduate from high school, let alone ever get through first grade. Psychiatrist wrote a disabled child as should be institutionalized

#AutisticPrideDay2022 #AutisticPride
Here, I am thankful for a parent’s judgment against an expert, as my mother only completed school up to the 8th grade, was learning English at the time, and was an immigrant wife of an Americans in the military.

#AutisticPrideDay2022 #AutisticPride #Neurodivergent
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Let's be totally clear here so there's no misunderstandings and bcuz I've had another influx of new folks who don't know me very well yet:
In my mind, based on my own lived experiences, the trust I place in my own people and my instinct to protect them from a world that HATES US that I should always listen to my fellow Auts first and foremost when it comes to Autistic lives, health, experiences, desires, etc.
When I say I'm also "an Autistic parent" (esp to bigots and puppets) I'm not implying that I'm better than other Autistics in any way. I'm DEFINITELY NOT!

It's not even always for the person I'm speaking to. Sometimes it's for the rest of the crowd listening in.
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It occurred to me that some may think I “waste” time on Twitter (as I primarily Tweet during my evenings/weekends when I am not working). As a #Hyperlexic , my first & most natural language is actually writing because I take in such inordinate amounts of sensory data… 🧵
…so, when I Tweet I am actually doing a number of things which folx may not realize: 1) I am processing my 💡ideas 💡, some of which are incorporated into my 📕 projects: they may be saved for later or might even inspire a cathartic impromptu writing session…
2) I am engaging with a global community of advocates & amazing humans of multiple ages, across all time zones & representing diverse intersecting lenses specifically because my specialization is understanding perspectives which are different from my own, and this enriches me…
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A-Z of autism from a personal autistic perspective.

‘N’s Needs, niceness and nonsense.


When I was diagnosed autistic at 58 it was news to me that I actually had ‘needs’ that could be regarded as ‘additional’.

I’d just assumed I was a run of the mill neurotypical person, doing slightly less well at holding everything together.

In a sense it was liberating.

All those times at work where I’d needed less noise, or fewer people in close proximity, weren’t me being precious at all.

Now I had a logical, professionally-approved explanation for why these were ‘needs’ not ‘wants’.

But this didn’t change how the world responded to me.

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A-Z of autism from a personal autistic perspective.

‘M’s Marmite, marriage and myopia.


One of the ‘L’s I didn’t mention was likeability.

The desire to be liked is a strong motivation for many of us.

Just look at social media.

So it was hard in my teens when I started to become a bit of a Marmite person.

Opinion about my likeability was strongly divided.

No one is liked by everyone. But this was a bit different.

Some people went out of their way to let me know that I wasn’t liked.

Perhaps the constant smile I’d assumed looked too smug.

Maybe they thought the snubs weren’t getting home to me.

So they told me, maliciously.

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A-Z of autism from a personal autistic perspective

‘G’s (from gatekeeping to gratitude).


I completed a research questionnaire the other day about my experience of autism assessment and post diagnostic support.

Two years on, it was interesting to look back on what got me through the process.

I was supposed to seek referral via my GP, but I hadn’t the energy.

For those of us who weren’t recognised as being autistic when we were younger, it’s often some kind of life crisis that generates the impetus to seek autism assessment.

But ironically, just when we need to be able to articulate our difficulties, we may struggle to do so.

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A-Z of autism from a personal autistic perspective.

‘F’s (fascination, focus and functioning)


What stands out to me about my childhood was how fascinated I was by everything.

I often remained incredibly focused on activities for long periods of time.

Until I got my autism diagnosis, two years ago, it hadn’t occurred to me that this might be seen as ‘dysfunctional’.

2/ Small child with bobbed hair and short fringe gazing downwar
Fascination and focus have been functional for me in career terms.

They have also helped me bond with people I love.

I prefer fairly serious forms of ‘fun’.

And I find deep conversations more fulfilling.

My ‘focus’ doesn’t seem ‘hyper’ to me.

It’s part of the way I am.

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We’re only in the first week of April & I’ve already received a multitude of emails asking about how to respectfully speak about Autism & Autistic people.

Here are a few gentle reminders, for those of you who want to be good allies this month:
In the debate over “Autistic Person” or “person with autism”, though individual opinions can and do vary, Autistic person is preferred by most Autistic (not all) people.

It’s always good to ask & respect the individual’s choice in how to identify themselves.
Aspergers is being phased out as a diagnosis though some Autistic people have received this label in recent years (depending on where they live in the world).

Autistic is Autistic.

Separating Autistic people this way harms all of us even those who are given the Aspergers label.
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A-Z of autism from a personal autistic perspective.

‘E’s - enlightenment and emancipation.


When I discovered I was autistic, just over two years ago, my emancipation began.

It was enlightening to realise why so many aspects of life had been effortfully exhausting.

Even lovely, enjoyable events could completely drain me.

At last I understood why.


I had often had to ‘get out of’ social events that I feared I’d find overwhelming.

And employment in roles that required a lot of social interaction left me exhausted.

This made me feel really pathetic.

But now I had an explanation I understood and embraced these limits.

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I found out that I was Autistic, at the age of 29, fairly late in life.

When I would tell people this newly discovered information, often, they would have a range of reactions, from not knowing how to respond, to disbelief.
In my experience coming out, Autistic has been a lot like coming out Queer -you have to come out over & over again.

It is an endless process with each & every new person you meet (if you choose to disclose that information).
When you do decide to disclose this information to people who may have been close to you in your life, you may lose people, because some humans will be unable to accept the new information, in relation to the way they think of you.
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A-Z of autism

From a personal autistic perspective.

‘D’ words (the disaster zone!)


A lot of the D words used about autism are potentially damaging.

Deficit, disorder, developmental delay, dangerous, disaster.

We’re encouraged to feel a sense of despondency, to see ourselves as damaged goods.

Why else would people research ways to prevent or cure autism?

The diagnostic criteria set out in DSM-5 evoke despair:

‘Deficits in social-emotional reciprocity.’

‘Deficits in non-verbal communicative behaviours.’

‘Deficits in developing and maintaining relationships.’

Replace ‘deficits’ with ‘differences’ and it transforms things.

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It’s official April. You may have heard that April is considered “Autism Month” to many people.

A few gentle reminders to non-Autistic people, as we jump into this month:
1. Please step aside and let Autistic People lead the conversation about Autism this month.

Historically, April has often been a time non-Autistics speak over Autistic voices, effectively silencing us and cutting us out of conversations about issues that impact us.
2. Please DO help to amplify the voices/words of Autistic people on Autistic issues this month (and all year long).
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