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1. Most people would rather accept a lie as truth, than admit they were wrong. Many of those same people would forgo freedoms & accept punishments just to save face, and prolong the canopy of deceit.

2. Millions of people struggle to comprehend the power and wealth mindset — and that just because an individual already has power and wealth, doesn’t mean they aren’t desperate for more of it. All lifestyles are relative, and naivety is a key component here.
3. Humans are generally complacent about the hard won ideas of freedom and liberty. Equally, most are blissfully unaware of the psychological techniques used to chip away at these important rights, while convincing you that you still have them.
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Sentient moving castle that spends it time going to ruins and investigating what happened to the castle that used to be there.
Then exacting justice magical castle style. (?)
Naturally adopts a rag tag band of adventurers along the way, thinks of them as naughty kittens.
"Damn it Alexander how many times! Don't bring your dead things inside"
"Sowwy Mrs Castle"
"You can keep your dead in the cemetery like all the other squishies"
"No necromancy indoors young man!"
I have decided it's a Mammy castle and anything that's not also made of
rocks is a "Squishie"
No one is allowed inside two of the towers as she uses them like hands or feet.
The siege of some such castle: 14 tickety boo
Siege towers rumble towards a castle as ballistae and catapults smash rocks against it's walls.
A squad of burly soldiers
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An audio and text update! #GreyDawn is going to be an #audiobook, cooking streams are within reach, physical rewards are coming, and more, and I need your help to do it. Find out how: #writerslift #twitterstorians #NorthStarForever
Thank you for the signal boost, @Squeak_11!
Thank you so much to our intrepid captain @PsychicRefugee for the signal boost!
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I was looking for a place with no broken hearts,
I was looking for a place with no darkness,
I was looking for a place with no wreaked ships,
I was looking for a sign
It was about time, that I had to call it quits, because there was no time left and no unbroken heart left.
It was then I realised, the light didn't emerge from the unbroken.
It emerged from the creeks that the broken hearts had.
The light traced it's significance from where the dark prevailed.
I wasn't looking for no broken hearts, but a sign of hope.
I found light stays only when darkness prevails

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Finding #writing opportunities and development jobs has never been easy. So, I’m starting this thread of jobs & script calls out in the hopes it helps level the playing field and may open doors for everyone.

#writingcommunity #scriptchat #writers
First up, the BBC has several script editor & story roles going on Eastenders. More info available here:
The @MotherTongues Award opens on 1st Nov. They’re offering a £10k development for films set in the UK, and a different language. Run by @ShudderFilms, @ManonArdisson & @ColdAsIceCream – three of the most exciting UK indie film producers. Deets at:
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