Ignore the polls and get out there and #Vote on November 6th. Relying on polling is a relic of a time gone by.
I’m not saying looking at @FiveThirtyEight’s model and charts and stuff isn’t cool, because it is and provides some insight. But no matter what the numbers say, it’s most certainly NEVER an excuse to not #Vote because you feel your peeps are a “lock”
Need nothing further than to point to 2016. Which by the way, @FiveThirtyEight didn’t really have wrong, but the “selected not elected” mindset existed before 2016. Why else would over 100 million people choose NOT to participate in their civic duty to choose their leaders.
I’ll point to @JoeCrowleyNY’s primary defeat as a more recent example of polling being defeated by voter turnout.
But another thing arose in America & I’m not sure what time frame this occurred (someone help me out if you can). People started this idea of that because the electoral college is an archaic system that their vote doesn’t matter. At all. They choose to not use it or “protest”
The electoral college being such a archaic system is all the MORE REASON your vote matters. Not participating or writing in candidates to cast a “protest vote” does nothing to help your vote matter. It actually diminishes its value. I’m sorry to tell a hard truth here..
There is no third party.

I’m not saying that it’ll never be a thing. I’m saying that the last third party candidate to win FIVE PERCENT of the #Vote was Ross Perot. Remember that dude?

I was like six years old. Now I’m an adult. Still not close to a thing.
Your #vote should have nothing to do with party affiliation. All of these candidates have policies they run on. And now, we have the Internet. We see the special interest groups. Research is readily available on how all of these groups want to shape your country.
#MarchForOurLives co-founder @davidhogg111 had more of an impact of holding a Fox News anchor accountable than any member of the #MSM. He’s 18 years old.

“We always say this is the year of the young voter and then they never turn out” is what old heads on TV say.

It’s time.
It’s time for the people of this country to #TakeItBack from special interest groups. It’s time take back the power from old white men who don’t represent the majority of this county.
Old white men with old white ideologies (racism, sexism, etc) are a large voting block. But if the young people actually do come out this year, that block would be easily CRUSHED. Not even a question.
It could be high school syndrome. I had it. When I was 15 I thought I knew everything. By 18 I didn’t have interest in voting. What does my one vote matter?

Cynicism is extremely dangerous.
Conspiracy theories used to be tongue in cheek fun. Example: The moon landing. That’s a rabbit hole you can go down and get lost in.

But #DeepState? #QAnon? #Truthers? #Birthers and the latest #FlatEarthers? All the info available to you via the web, is government that savvy?
The govt that can’t figure out how to give everyone healthcare then can’t figure out how to take away everyone’s healthcare? The govt that can’t figure out a solid immigration policy for 50 YEARS? The govt that let a hostile foreign power elect a president?

They’re that slick?
I don’t think they’re THAT smart. Because the brain deteriorates with age. And young people are coming this year. They’re sick of their friends getting killed at school. Sick of policies that ensure them a future of poverty and illness. Sick of politicians not believing SCIENCE.
This is your country, our country. And we have strong group of progressives who was strong messages. People who care about our country, not their wallet.

Our countries success and global success are one in the same.
Long story short, the #2018Midterms requires a straight vote down the ballot for democrats. If America doesn’t get check on this White House, America will become less American.
Over 25 years a 3rd party has not advanced. If you want to dedicate your life to making a third party a thing, first this country back needs to get back in order immediately. Checks, balances, a 2020 election sans Drumpf. Thats the best chance for the birth of a real 3rd party.
It’s like Kurt Cobain. He wanted to wreck the music industry establishment but couldn’t do it on an indie label. Nirvana signed to major label DGC and blew it up from the inside. Took down Michael Jackson

Right now, the third party ain’t near the building. Ain’t even in the city
Point is, this is the most important election of our lives. We need to #TakeItBack. It’d be sad if progressives let it get away (AGAIN) because they feel comfortable enough in the landline telephone polling of 649 likely voters to stay home #BeAVoter #VoteForOurLives #VoteThemOut
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