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.@POTUS Biden’s Executive Order today is a powerful step to lower families’ health costs. With this bold action to #ProtectOurCare, nearly a million Americans will see lower premiums & hundreds of thousands of uninsured Americans will gain affordable coverage.
By delivering affordable coverage to families who only have unaffordable coverage options at work, we put more money in families' pockets and realize a key priority of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Enhancement Act passed by the House Democratic Majority in 2020.
Thanks to @POTUS & @HouseDemocrats, health care is more affordable & accessible than ever.

Our Rescue Plan saved families an average of $2,400 last year. And we are fighting to slash prescription drug prices, including by capping out-of-pocket insulin costs at $35/month.
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Call to action to protect #Medicare!! Direct Contracting Entities #DCE model from @CMSinnovates unwittingly enrolls patients with traditional Medicare into an entity to manage their care and allow DCE to keep what they don’t pay for in health services. No ptnt freedom of choice!
/2 No patient choice!! Entity scans the big data of claims for a patient and then selects the patient!! Privacy invasion. Patient not even notified of enrollment!! #DCEscam
/3 Traditional #Medicare chosen by many so they have freedom to choose where they receive healthcare. #DCEscam chooses its patients and patients are not even notified they are enrolled in an entity. #ProtectOurCare
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Today’s medical adventure: patient goes to hospital’s outpatient infusion center. /1
Patient complies with intake procedure which takes 1 hour. This involves nurses doing required data entry for #EHR documentation. /2
Once intake completed, pharmacists is requested to bring up medicine. Waiting time for arrival of infusion drug after getting set-up is 1.5-2 hrs /3
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Congresswoman Carolyn Bourdeaux flipped #GA07 blue & helped put Georgia in the Dem column for the 1st time since 1992.

@Carolyn4GA7 uses her experience helping to rebuild GA’s economy in the Great Recession to tackle kitchen table issues for working families. #WomensHistoryMonth
Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez fought for decades for equity & investment in the health & economic security of Latino & tribal communities.

@TeresaForNM’s expertise is vital as the House tackles a pandemic w/ disparate impact on these communities. #NM03 #WomensHistoryMonth
Congresswoman Marie Newman’s fight for #Equality4All was a national model years before she came to DC.

@Marie4Congress also works for health care, gun sense, and curbing economic inequality with workforce & infrastructure investment for a green economy. #IL03 #WomensHistoryMonth
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Peter Morley: When people hear of the ACA, they think of the marketplace. It did help people gain access to healthcare for the first time.
@morethanmySLE @USofCare #ProtectOurCare
Peter Morley: If the SCOTUS strikes down ACA:
~Protections of 135 million Americans w/ preexisting conditions would be gone
~Medicare donut-hole for prescriptions would be reopened
~Companies could charge women 50% more for insurance
@morethanmySLE @USofCare #ProtectOurCare
Peter Morley: If the SCOTUS strikes down ACA:
~Lifetime caps on out-of-pocket expenses would be gone. As someone w/ ten pre-existing conditions, I can tell you that one kidney surgery can get you to the maximum lifetime benefits.
@morethanmySLE @USofCare #ProtectOurCare
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California v. Texas case being heard now.

This case isn’t about the effectiveness of the program but on the constitutionality of the law. But if we were to look at the effectiveness, let’s look at the healthcare law objectively

Broken promises abound from the initial proposal
1) You can keep your plan
2) You can keep your doctor
3) Your premiums will go down by $2500
4) You’ll have more access to care
5) Those with Pre-existing conditions will be protected
As it relates to Medicaid expansion..

The RAND health insurance experiment and the Oregon Medicaid experiment showed that health insurance expansions produce negligible average effects on health.…
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NEW EXIT POLL: A new @ppppolls finds that health care is a key issue for a large majority of voters in the #2020Election, with 63% considering it either the most important issue or a very important issue when it comes to their vote for President.…
@ppppolls When given a list of choices and asked which is most important to their vote for President, 78% of voters listed either health care or responding to coronavirus among their top two issues. #2020Election #ProtectOurCare
@ppppolls Voters who are concerned about healthcare voted overwhelmingly for @JoeBiden: 78% of voters who consider health care to be among their top two most important issues say they voted for Biden, while just 12% of those voters say they voted for @realDonaldTrump. #2020Election
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Four years ago, Donald Trump became president and started trying to take away my health care.

I had never gotten involved with politics, past voting and sometimes talking with friends, but some things are just too important to stay silent about.

Thread 1/
So I started speaking out. I’m an extreme introvert with stage fright, but I wrote, I called, I rallied, and I protested. I recorded videos, I spoke at press events, I gave interviews, and I even had in-person meetings with elected officials. 2/…
For four years, I have shared my story.

How I was born with a pre-existing condition and spent my life fighting to get health care. How I was desperately sick but couldn’t get treatment because of denied insurance claims. How this taught me I didn’t deserve to be healthy. 3/
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.@AvivaAronDine also addresses the real threat that the Affordable Care Act the ACA including Medicaid expansion could disappear altogether, right in the middle of the crisis, because SCOTUS is hearing the Trump administration case against it.
@AvivaAronDine Striking down the law would end protections for people with pre-existing conditions, including the millions of Americans who have just acquired a pre-existing condition because they had #COVID19. #ProtectOurCare
@AvivaAronDine About 20 million people would lose coverage if the law was repealed, while those at the very top would get a tax cut:… #ProtectOurCare
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1 week after Election Day, Dem AGs will be at the SUPREME COURT to stop Republican AGs from repealing the #ACA

Republican AGs are using TAXPAYER $ to TAKE HEALTH CARE away from those same taxpayers

@DemocraticAGs are the ~LAST LINE~ of defense to save health care!
Folks it doesn’t get more clear than this:

-Dem AG will be on one side of the courtroom defending access to affordable health care

-Republican AGs will be on the other side of the court room, trying to take health care away & end protections for people w/pre-existing conditions
There are 5 @DemocraticAGs running for re-election this year:
- NC @JoshStein_
- OR @EllenRosenblum
- PA @JoshShapiroPA
- VT @TJforVermont
- WA @BobFergusonAG

Help make sure they get re-elected so they can DEFEND your health care

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Rest in power Lorie
A year ago we went to @sendavidperdue office to talk healthcare. Lorie told Perdue's aides that she was unable to receive Medicaid (not old enough) & fell in the insurance gap for the ACA & that she worried about what
. would happen if she got really sick. We asked the aides what Sen. Perdue was going to do about this. What was his plan? The only statement we could get was "Sen. Perdue doesn't think the ACA is the way to go." Okay, what does he propose? Crickets. 2/3
Lorie passed away early this morning after a short illness that was treatable if she'd had health insurance. The hospital and doctors worked to get her approved for Medicaid but too little, too late. Bob, our sincerest condolences. 3/3
#ExpandMedicaid #ProtectOurCare
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We're 100 days from the #2020Election!

1/100 THREAD “This election is a matter of life & death for kids like Xiomara.” Xiomara’s mom, @ElenaHung202

Now to 11/3, we're sharing a story of a #LittleLobbyists each day - 100 reasons to be a #HealthCareVoter
2/100 “Shreve was in the NICU for 9 months. Without the #ACA & #Medicaid, he would have reached the lifetime cap on care long before discharge." Shreve’s mom, Laura

This November, #vote against putting a cap on kids' lives.

3/100 “#Medicaid allows our family to function. It allows us as parents to sleep at night knowing Willa’s safe with a nurse. It makes it possible for us to work. It gives Willa access to the tech she needs to communicate & thrive.” #ProtectOurCare
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Speaker Pelosi took a blowtorch to the ridiculous assertion by the Trump WH that Trump wasn't briefed orally about Russia putting a hit on our troops in Afghanistan because our intelligence agencies didn't have 100% confirmation.

More 🔥🔥🔥 from #MadamSpeaker's presser below!
Nearly a week since we learned that Russia put a bounty on the head of our troops in Afghanistan, Trump still has had nothing to say to Putin about the spilled American blood on his hands.

So on top of everything else, Trump is also a failed Commander-in-Chief.
With 25 years of experience in intelligence, Speaker Pelosi knows exactly how this kind of actionable information usually comes across when there is a President and Commander-in-Chief who is not invested in letting Putin get away with murder.

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📣 WARNING: Graphics-intensive thread ahead.

How many Americans would lose healthcare coverage if the #ACA is struck down in YOUR Congressional District? (Updated for the #COVID19 era) 1/…
In March 2019, the @urbaninstitute wrote an analysis which concluded that if the Trump/GOP #TexasFoldEm lawsuit is successful & the #ACA is struck down, 20 million Americans would lose healthcare coverage & states would lose $135 billion/yr in funding. 2/…
A few months later,
@EmilyG_DC, @NicoleRapfogel & I broke those 20 million people & $135 billion/yr out by all 425 Congressional Districts: 3/…
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⚠️ They were warned.
They were given an explanation.
Nevertheless, they're persisting.
#TexasFoldEm #SaveACA #ProtectOurCare…
Here's the Republican #TexasFoldEm lawsuit to strike down the #ACA in a nutshell. Here again is the ACA's 3-legged stool:
In December 2017, Republicans changed the #ACA's individual mandate penalty from $695 to $0 (or from 2.5% of income to 0.0%).
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Today, I joined 800+ public health experts calling on Trump to drop the lawsuit trying to overturn the #ACA and take away health care from 20M Americans. Doing that anytime is bad; doing it during a pandemic is crazy. #ProtectOurCare…
Millions of Americans who have just lost their jobs and employer-sponsored coverage during COVID-19 now rely on the ACA coverage as a critical safety net. If Trump succeeds in repealing the ACA by legislation or court order, ~20 million MORE Americans would lose coverage. 2/
This is not a theory: @realDonaldTrump said: “We want to terminate health care under Obamacare.”

Instead of destroying #ACA, defend it.

Working on the #ACA was a highlight of my career. The time is now to build on the ACA to expand coverage and bring down costs. /end
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Tomasz P. Malinowski #NJ07 is an American politician and diplomat who is the U.S. Representative for New Jersey's 7th congressional district. A Democrat, he previously served as Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor in the Obama administration. Image
From 2001 to 2013, Tom Malinowski #NJ07 was a lobbyist for Human Rights Watch. In this position, he advocated for the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. FOLLOW>>@Malinowski #Election2020 #NJ07 #OurHouse #DemFuture Image
Tom Malinowski #NJ07 was praised in 2014 by leaders from both parties for his defense of human rights and his work toward ending torture.
While working in the State Department, Malinowski spearheaded efforts to assist persecuted religious minorities targeted by ISIS in Iraq. Image
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Peter Morley: "Hydroxychloroquine" is never easy to pronounce but it's such an important medication to people like me in the Lupus community who depend on this drug.
@morethanmySLE @USofCare #ProtectOurCare
Peter Morley: I don't understand where Trump is going with claiming that he took this medication. In a letter from the WH physicians, they say they discussed the risk/benefits of the medication but they didn't verify if they prescribed it or not.
@morethanmySLE @USofCare
Peter Morley:I can't imagine any *responsible* doctor prescribing a medicine like hydroxychloroquine when it isn't truly needed. I've experienced a shortage of this medication; instead of 90-day supplies I get 30-day supplies, if I can even get it at all.
@morethanmySLE @USofCare
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Welcome to Pennsylvania, Mr. President. I hope you wore a mask while you were here.
And since you visited, in a blatant attempt to rewrite your disastrous response to the #COVID19 pandemic, let me be clear: between downplaying the outbreak and failing to meet the needs of the health care system, you’ve failed Pennsylvania and people across the country.
We need tests. We need PPE. And we need you to #ProtectOurCare and #DropTheLawsuit to rip coverage from millions of Americans, including hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians, which will only throw the health care system into chaos.
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#FlashbackFriday: Wednesday was a remarkable day for the Little Sisters of the Poor. Even after 7 years and 2 trips to #SCOTUS, the Little Sisters (and I) know we live in a world where #SCOTUS will protect their religious exemption & their mission of caring for the elderly poor. Image
Because we couldn’t physically gather at #SCOTUS this year, @BECKETlaw and @WomenReligious hosted a virtual rally that featured members of Congress, faith leaders, and non-profit organizations. Check out these highlights ⬇️ (2/6)
Catholic nuns (not Little Sisters) led thousands in a rosary in front of a rainy #SCOTUS. It was inspiring to witness these selfless women pray for our nation, joined virtually by even more nuns! Little Sisters of the Poor from CA➡️MD prayed from #sociallydistant chapels. (3/6) Image
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Ten years ago today, President @BarackObama signed the #AffordableCareAct—which has saved countless lives nationwide, and left us better equipped to care for District residents during the #CoronavirusCrisis.
The #ACA guaranteed protections for 135 million Americans with pre-existing conditions, and extended coverage to 20 million Americans—including 100,000 in the District, giving DC a record-low uninsured rate.
That’s why our office has gone to court to stop this administration from rolling back #ACA protections, and it’s why I won’t back down from the fight to #ProtectOurCare. Image
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Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act, which has helped millions access affordable health care.
It's more important than ever that we keep fighting to protect our care and keep Trump’s anti-health care, anti-ACA judges off the bench. #ACA10 #courtsmatter
The Affordable Care Act has given millions access to affordable health care - but the Trump administration has been working overtime to pack our courts with judges who will gut this critical law. To #protectourcare, we must #protectourcourts.#ACA10 #courtsmatter
The ACA has provided crucial health care coverage for millions of Americans - but Republican senators are aiding and abetting Trump’s work to pack the courts with extreme, anti-ACA nominees. It must end. #ACA10 #courtsmatter
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THREAD: ACAP vs. Treasury, our lawsuit challenging junk insurance plans, will be heard over the phone today by the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. The threat to public health we face right now is so menacing we cannot make our arguments in person.
Today the Administration will argue that #junkinsurance plans are a good idea but we’ve already seen how these plans operate when they come into contact with health need.
Like this Miami man who, when he tried to get tested for coronavirus, was stuck with a bill for thousands of dollars until news stories shamed his junk plan into covering what it should have all along.
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Last night, at a Fox News town hall, Trump once again lied about protecting the 130+ million Americans who have a pre-existing condition – misleading Americans into thinking he's on their side when it comes to health care. Trump is blatantly lying.
FACT CHECK: The Trump admin PROACTIVELY joined a coalition of Republican AGs led by Texas AG Ken Paxton in a lawsuit to strike down the Affordable Care Act. The case, California vs. Texas (was Texas vs. US), will be heard by the Supreme Court next term.…
If the GOP sabotage is successful, 20 Million Americans will lose health care coverage and protections for 130+ Million Americans with pre-existing conditions would evaporate. The uninsured rate will increase by 65 percent.…
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