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New from me @TheSpectator:

Democrats in Washington, DC and Iowa are now led by a pair of election deniers.…

Following a disastrous cycle, @iowademocrats have elected @RitaHartIA, one of their party’s most prominent 2020 election deniers, to helm them into a critical 2024.…

The decision by @iowademocrats comes weeks after @HouseDemocrats threw out their old leadership and elected veteran election denier Hakeem Jeffries to run their caucus.

I wrote about that @TheSpectator here:…

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New from me @TheSpectator:

In the latest example of the NBA's "addiction" to Communist China and its cash, the Wizards played a video message from China's new foreign minister, who has threatened war with the United States!…

China’s new foreign minister, @AmbQinGang, issued his first public statement at @WashWizards game. “Happy Chinese New Year to DC family,” he said, in a video blasted on screens across @CapitalOneArena and shared by outlets controlled by the CCP.

This is a continuation of China using American sporting events to exert its soft power, and is another stark example of the existential challenge the US faces in its struggle to outmaneuver Chinese Communists — even in its own capital!…

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The #TopMinion phone bank is the unsung hero of 2022

We made over 1,OOO,OOO calls for Republicans around the country, helping our friends win primaries and general elections

While some of them came up short, I'm confident we'll see them soon

Here's who we called for...

(1/xx) Image
The #TopMinion Phone Bank called all over New York, starting with @claudiatenney in her primary in the new #NY24 district, which she resoundingly won en route to a landslide victory in November

(2/x) Image
If at first you don't succeed...

@EliseStefanik is a huge supporter of @marcmolinaro, and when her team asked if the #TopMinion Phone Bank could call for him, we did over 5O,OOO calls for him in the #NY19 special

While he came up just short then, he won in November!

(3/xx) Image
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The GOP's Congressional Leadership Fund concludes its final major filing binge before next week's election, dropping $29.4 million in 41 races.

Tonight's dump brings their general election IE total to just under $210 million, over $70 million ahead of their 2020 pace. ImageImageImage
Tonight's CLF buys (1/3)

#NY17 $2,593,204
#IL06 $1,913,350
#NV03 $1,509,471
#CA47 $1,484,309
#NV01 $1,447,925
#PA07 $1,419,827
#CA49 $1,343,586
#NY04 $1,324,750
#CA13 $1,162,594
#TX34 $1,050,079
#VA07 $1,031,830
#IL17 $996,760
#IN01 $899,304
#NY18 $786,512
#MN02 $653,079
Tonight's CLF buys (2/3)

#CA22 $646,452
#WA08 $644,145
#OR05 $636,737
#CT05 $604,832
#NY19 $599,291
#NC13 $594,582
#PA17 $567,250
#ME02 $527,500
#RI02 $506,313
#NY22 $497,750
#MI07 $453,800
#OR06 $447,500
#OH13 $402,750
#TX28 $356,186
#OH01 $340,851
#AZ06 $320,051
#AZ01 $310,380
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The GOP's Congressional Leadership Fund concludes tonight's filing dump, dropping $24.9 million in 39 races, bringing its general election IE spending to $175,411,754, more than the $173,430,579 spent by the Democratic House Majority PAC and the DCCC combined.
Today's CLF buys (1/3)

#CA47 $1,682,483
#PA07 $1,539,925
#NY17 $1,518,158
#NV03 $1,503,351
#NV01 $1,455,758
#IN01 $1,014,589
#VA07 $991,831
#CA13 $945,284
#NJ07 $833,186
#NY19 $770,181
#CA49 $769,283
#TX34 $738,255
#WA08 $715,288
#CA22 $711,987
#OR05 $680,714
#PA17 $665,653
Today's CLF buys (2/3)

#TX28 $636,376
#CO08 $624,456
#IL17 $611,310
#CT05 $608,112
#NC13 $582,079
#ME02 $548,414
#NY22 $498,339
#RI02 $486,313
#MN02 $472,556
#VA02 $405,567
#FL27 $393,568
#OH01 $343,088
#AZ06 $329,402
#CA45 $294,819
#NE02 $259,178
#MI07 $249,885
#NY18 $222,852
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Friday night's filing dump from the GOP's Congressional Leadership Fund concludes after a $23.15 million torrent of spending spread across 43 targeted House races.

CLF has now passed $120 million in general election IEs.…
Congressional Leadership Fund continues to run well ahead of their pace from past cycles and is running laps around the Democratic House Majority PAC, outspending their counterpart $120.9M to $40.7M.
Tonight's CLF buys (1/3)

#NV03 $1,429,474
#NV01 $1,422,146
#PA07 $1,047,124
#NJ07 $901,401
#CO08 $881,835
#CA47 $841,483
#OR05 $821,203
#IL17 $726,494
#FL27 $651,174
#MN02 $650,074
#NY19 $646,069
#VA07 $631,866
#CA13 $629,151
#MI07 $618,935
#TX28 $616,752
#CA22 $604,211
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The House GOP's Congressional Leadership Fund SuperPAC wraps up its Friday spending dump, finishing up at $22 million deployed across 42 House races.…
32 days out, @CLFSuperPAC's general election spending is running ~$60 million ahead of their breakneck 2020 pace.
Today's @CLFSuperPAC buys (1/3)

#NV03 $1,494,562
#NV01 $1,181,949
#PA07 $1,022,681
#NH01 $981,150
#CO08 $934,807
#OR05 $773,033
#IN01 $740,075
#IL17 $711,513
#MN02 $684,808
#CA13 $678,224
#VA07 $663,140
#MI07 $644,028
#TX34 $615,633
#CA49 $584,838
#OH13 $565,159
#NY19 $553,155
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Did you know that:

A) There is a House GOP bill called 'The Life at Conception Act' (H.R. 1011) - also known as a 'personhood' bill - that would declare life as starting at ‘the moment of fertilization'?

B) Of its 166 co-sponsors, many are running in very close races?

🧵👇 Image
Co-sponsor: TED BUDD

Race: #NCSen

Democratic opponent: CHERI BEASLEY (@CheriBeasleyNC)

Co-sponsor: MIKE GARCIA

Race: #CA27

Democratic opponent: CHRISTY SMITH (@ChristySmithCA)

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The magic numbers: 5⃣ and 3⃣0⃣

5⃣: Average point swing improvement for Dem candidates in House Special Elections Dem over 2020 Presidential margins.

3⃣0⃣: Number of GOP-held House seats Trump won by five points or less, or that Biden won.

🧵👇 Image
Race: #TX34

Democrat: Vicente Gonzalez (@VoteVicente)

Republican: Rep. Mayra Flores

2020 Margin: Biden +15.7

Donate:… ImageImage
Race: #CA22

Democrat: Rudy Salas (@RudySalasCA)

Republican: Rep. David Valadao

2020 Margin: Biden +13.1

Donate:… ImageImage
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Big shakeup in DCCC's House battlefield this AM. The committee named 12 challengers to its "Red to Blue" program, added 3 members to its "Frontline" program, added 8 new GOP/Dem districts to its "In Play" list, and removed 6 GOP-held districts from its target list.
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A few stray thoughts on last night's Trump rally in Iowa, so bear with me:…
1. It's still largely Trump's party. Chuck Grassley is the longest-serving Republican and has a brand that is independent of Trump. But nonetheless, he's willing to accept his endorsement.…
Peculiarly, @ChuckGrassley didn't vote to object to the election results on Jan 6, but Trump endorsed him anyway. Nor did @hinsonashley of #IA01 or @RepMMM of #IA02 but spoke earlier before Trump.…
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This story isn’t getting nearly enough notice: after months of holier than thou appeal to respecting elections and the democratic process, Pelosi is planning to strip a Republican rep of her victory *certified by the courts* and hand it to a Dem. #IA02…
The irony is the left has harassed and cancelled any law firm with even a flimsy connection to Trump’s election lawsuits.…

But the Dem lawyer here, Marc Elias, represents virtually the entire Dem establishment.

By their own logic, they’re ALL complicit
.@TheDemocrats and @JoeBiden, your attorney, Marc Elias is currently fighting to overturn a certified election in Iowa just because a Republican won.

Will you denounce and distance yourself from him?

I mean, you’re not hypocrites are you?
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It is a bad idea to seat Rita Hart in #IA02 if there is no clear and convincing evidence supporting the unseating of Miller-Meeks. But comparisons to 1985 don't work; firstly, it won't be something to unite the GOP, and secondly, swing voters won't be basing their vote off this.
The entire GOP has spent months yelling about election fraud etc, so the argument that the Democrats are the ones doing it doesn't hold water with most people. Because many have no idea what the hell #IA02 is, and even fewer care. But they all saw January 6th.
So essentially, I'm not convinced that this is something that will "kill the Democrats with swing voters", making the optics *electorally* untenable -- the larger problem is in the precedents it sets and the ethical issues arising if this is done unfairly...
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🚨SOON: At 12:00 PM ET the House Administration Committee will meet about a petition for the #IA02 2020 congressional race. We'll be live-tweeting the meeting on this thread. Before the meeting starts, get the facts on the situation below⤵️
The 2020 #IA02 congressional race was extremely close after GOP candidate Marianette Miller-Meeks was certified as the winner by 6 votes. Democratic candidate Rita Hart contested the results under the 1969 Federal Contested Elections Act, claiming 22 legal votes were not counted.
Hart filed a petition with the House Administration Committee who oversees contest election adjudication. The committee is chaired by Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren of #CA19. Miller-Meeks was provisionally seated as the #IA02 representative until the contest is settled.
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A GOP amendment to this bill that was supposed to fix some concerns raised in the committee process also does something that was not discussed at all in the committee process: Changing the poll close time in Iowa from 9 p.m. to 8 p.m.…
The Iowa Senate is debating this election bill now. You can watch the debate here. #ialegis…
"County auditors have constantly lobbied the legislature to implement uniform poll closing times at 8 p.m. Some elections close at 8, some elections close at 9. This will bring consistency and I thank the auditors for bringing this forward," Sen. Roby Smith says.
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A RECAP of 2020 House races (now that #NY22 is finally resolved)

Dems have 222 House seats. Rs have 213 seats. They are 5 seats away from the majority

Rs flipped 14 Democratic seats & captured the Amash seat. Dems flipped 3 seats. The GOP net gain: 12 seats
The # of House GOP women grew 130%, from 13 to 30, in one cycle

13 Dem members lost in November. But House Rs didn't lose a single incumbent.

Dems flipped #GA07 (Biden+6) & #NC02 + #NC06, thanks to redistricting. The GOP flipped 11 Trump-won & 4 Biden-won districts
GOP flips by presidential margin:

#MN07 (Trump+30)
#NM02 (Trump+12)
#NY11 (Trump+11)
#UT04 (Trump+9)
#SC01 (Trump+6)
#OK05 (Trump+6)
#FL26 (Trump+5)
#IA01 (Trump+4)
#IA02 (Trump+4)
#MI03 (Trump+4)
#NY22 (Trump+??)
#CA48 (Biden+2)
#FL27 (Biden+3)
#CA21 (Biden+10)
#CA39 (Biden+10)
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Pelosi:"Sadly,the Congress received the news last evening of the passing of a new mbr of Congress,Luke Letlow from LA,due to be sworn in this Sun,but taken by the coronavirus yesterday.He leaves his wife & 2 babies,& we extend great sympathy to his family. It's so sad.41yrs old."
Pelosi on House-passed $2,000 direct payments: "Who is holding up that distribution to the American people? Mitch McConnell and the Senate Republicans...In blocking it, they are in denial of the hardship that the American people are experiencing now."
"Yes"-Pelosi on whether she'll seat #IA02 House election certified winner Republican Mariannette Miller-Meeks, who won last month by 6 votes, in the House Sunday for 117th Congress. Democratic nominee Rita Hart had filed a petition in the House to contest the election.
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FWIW, I'm still very skeptical Hart/Dems can find 218 votes in the House, a partisan body, to overturn Iowa's state-certified results - especially when Hart never challenged the recount procedures in *court* during/after the recount. #IA02
On DCCC-facilitated press call, an IA reporter asks Hart attorney Marc Elias why they chose to take issue w/ some ballots before the House but not others. Elias says identifying these 22 ballots "made the cleanest presentation" - also notes they include four ballots not for Hart.
On call, Hart campaign says Hart has *not* been in touch with Pelosi/Dem leadership and that whether Miller-Meeks (R) is seated on 1/3 is ultimately up to the House Administration Committee. #IA02
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Republican Luke Letlow won #LA05 House runoff election tonight per AP and will succeed his former boss, retiring 3rd term GOP Rep. Ralph Abraham. Letlow, who served as Abraham's chief of staff, defeated Republican Lance Harris for the central and northeastern LA district seat. Image
NRCC Chair Tom Emmer on #LA05 House election results: "Congratulations to Luke Letlow on his victory. Luke will be a strong, conservative voice for the people of Louisiana and I look forward to working with him in the House.”
117th Congress will have 222 Democrats & 211 Republicans w/2 races uncalled. #NY22 Brindisi-Tenney race is in NY Supreme Court. #IA02 race was certified with GOP state Sen. Mariannette Miller-Meeks winning by 6 votes,but Democrat fmr state Sen. Rita Hart has appealed to US House.
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Interesting. Race certified by Iowa after 2 recounts resulting in a 6 vote margin in #IA02 race declaring GOP Miller-Meeks the winner.

Dem Hart is filing under Federal Contested Elections Act for US House to overturn loss vs using IA judicial process.…
Guess who is speaking out on it? Elias Image
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Seeing some bad takes comparing #IA02 recount situation to the pres election. The margin in IA-02 is .002 percentage points. That is *167 times smaller* than the .253-point margin in Georgia, the closest pres state.

GA was close, but IA-02 is one of the closest races ever.
BTW .002 makes it sound less close than it is. You go another digit out and it’s .0015 points. So it barely rounds to 2 one-thousandths of 1 percentage point.
In fact, per an unofficial Wikipedia list of close elections, this would rank as the closest US House race by percentage point margin ever. Just gets at the point that it's super-duper close.…
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In @RitaHartIA’s home county of Clinton County, the last county to complete its recount in the incredibly tight #IA02, where @millermeeks leads by 34 votes, according to unofficial results per @IowaSOS.
Not all counties that have completed recounts, but where county officials have yet to certify the re-canvass of votes, have reported results to @IowaSOS, including Scott County, where @RitaHartIA netted 26 votes. By that count, @millermeeks has just an 8-vote lead. #IA02
The Scott County Board of Supervisors meets Monday — the deadline for the state to certify results statewide — to receive the recount board’s report and decide whether to accept & submit recount results to @IowaSOS, including an unexplained 131-ballot discrepancy. #IA02
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I realize all the updates have probably been confusing, so let me try to summarize the #IA02 situation.

21 out of the district's 24 counties (all but Clinton, Jasper, & Scott) have recounted and certified results. Miller-Meeks (R) leads by 35 votes in those counties.
Jasper County just finished its recount and Hart (D) netted 1 vote (which would narrow the margin to 34 votes overall). These new results haven't been certified but there's no reason to think they won't be.
Scott County also finished its recount today and Hart netted 26 votes (which would narrow the margin to 8 votes). These new results haven't been certified AND might not be, because there was a 131-ballot discrepancy between the recount total and original total.
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The #IA02 recount is getting very interesting, and somehow this race has gotten even tighter. Republican @millermeeks is leading Democrat @RitaHartIA by 36 votes out of more than 394,400 cast, down from her 47-vote lead when the recount began…
This reflects 15 of the 24 counties in the district that have completed their recounts and submitted new totals to the state, according to @IowaSOS. It does not include any of the 4 counties that Hart carried
Notably, it does not include new results from Scott County, where the Quad City Times says Hart netted 30 votes in the recount that concluded Saturday.…
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