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In this little story I summarize how Covid, Supply Chain, Debt, Wages, Inflation, a Eecession, Insolvency and an aging population come together to form a common solution: Crypto Assets

1) ...
So much is happening in the world. War, High #inflation, Covid, #recession, insolvancy, a debt bubble and Supply Chain problems.

All of these causes have a large impact on the world economy and therefore on your portfolio, which makes it important to understand what is going on. Image
The main consequence:

An nation on the verge of collapse and a debt bubble around the world.

As Ray Dalio said

'A nation in its last effort of strength is hugely in debt, there are internal wealth disparities and printing money seems to many to be the solution, but it is not'. Image
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Judging from our twitter feed the past couple of days of #bitcoin price action, some of you have obviously not read The Price of Tomorrow or listen to @JeffBooth podcasts like AT ALL
Time for a thread 🧵👇

WTF is deflation?
It's when goods and services go down in price versus your money?

Is that a bad thing?
No... normally... wait what???🧐🧐
Correct. Deflation is good thing. In deflation, which is the NATURAL ORDER OF AN ADVANCING SOCIETY, people would save more money (because their cost basis for things they want and need is lower).

But that's just first order effect, what's more...
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1- Please be aware that it's still a bear market, and we still haven't seen the 19Ks (which is an optimistic point of view). The tweet below tells a lot about the expectations of the top executives of the crypto-dedicated companies. #BTC #Bitcoin #BitcoinCrash
2- If you don't have too much money to risk, don't jump on the wagon with artificial rises that might be designed by those who have lots to lose more than you can imagine.
3- If you are a small investor and want to invest your limited money (before a global recession soon), you better find safe instruments to keep your money first.
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Using Bitcoin at online casinos comes with many benefits. The biggest of them is that BTC is the only option to always allow for both deposits and withdrawals – well, #USA players are far from being spoiled for choice. Setting up a #BitcoinCrash wallet is an easy and… No doubt, withdrawing winnings using BTC is the most reliable way to receive your payout. First off, you will be hard-pressed to find a website, which accepts BTC deposits but doesn’t allow BTC cashouts. Secondly, no one can deny a win-win combination… existence of limits. Typically, it takes up to 24 hours (of course, after your withdrawal is approved) to receive your Bitcoin winnings.

Litecoin, Ethereum & Bitcoin Cashof high privacy protection, zero to very low fees, and virtually non-
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Looks like we’re going to finished back in this low tf range. Hold here over the weekend and I’ll be looking for 37.3k during this coming week.

I’m thinking we may have just set the low of the weekend there. Image
2/ No dice on that being the weekend low. Time to just wait and see how the rest of Sunday plays out and what they do at the weekly close.

Keep it flat. Likely to be some sort of fuckery later on. $btc Image
3/ The CME Gap is up at $36k this weekend.…
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#Bitcoin lateralizando dentro hilo👇

Desde enero de 2022, #BTC ha lateralizado entre los 45K y los 33K. En estos momentos, es imposible predecir con certeza hacia dónde se dirigirá el precio a corto y medio plazo. Analizamos el escenario de una posible caída.
Tras rebotar en los 32.9K #BTC, ha estado lateralizando de manera que, podemos ver una serie de altos mas bajos y bajos más altos (con una falsa ruptura en la línea de resistencia). Esta secuencia, nos arroja un posible patrón de triángulo simétrico bajista.
En caso de que, se cumpla este patrón de continuación de la tendencia bajista, proponemos la zona de 34K como nuevo suelo, dado que es el soporte del canal macro alcista y estaríamos tocando la SMA semanal de 100.
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1/n We haven’t seen capitulation yet, like we did in the reset of March 2020 and May 2021. Will we get it? No one has a fucking clue. Especially not CT. Is this a bear market or bull market? Who the fuck cares…there are plenty of opportunities in this market to make
2/n wealth regardless of how #BTC trades. Newsflash: while #BTC has downtrended since Nov, plenty of people made life changing gains in other sub sectors. Lets get real - unless you’re already rich, you won’t get rich from the corn. Now I’m not saying #BTC isn’t the sentiment
3/n leader. Of course it is…it would be naive to deny that. But I also believe that people are too obsessed with absolutes: bull or bear. Extended bull or extended bear. As far as I can see (from data and not emotions) we’ve been in an uptrend since the March 2020 lows. So
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viele fragen sich, wie der #bitcoincrash von statten gehen wird. ich persönlich halte ein szenario für wahrscheinlich. dafür muss ich ein bisschen ausholen. ein thread.
bitcoin mining ist ein teures business. die miner benötigen viel upfront kapital, um die hardware zu kaufen und exorbitante stromrechnungen zu begleichen. das bringt sie in ein dilemma. sie brauchen fiat geld. traditionell müssen miner dafür die geminten bitcoins verkaufen.
gleichzeitig wollen sie die bitcoins aber aus zwei gründen behalten: 1. sie spekulieren ja selbst auf einen höheren preis. 2. als selffulling prophecy, denn wenn sie bitcoins einbehalten steigt ja der preis. (ähnliches verhalten kennen wir von den opec staaten bezüglich öl)
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A VERY zoomed out look to the SPY (S&P500) trend. Using the Weekly timeframe.

Hope this helps to provide some perspective of where the market is right now.

Conclusions at the end.🔽🔽 Image
- We continue on the uptrend channel.
- Uptrend Channel support at 417 USD
- Weekly sentiment is current neutral.
- Macro bottoms (best opportunities ever to buy) occur on the ranging or downtrend zone and when TR Sentiment is at medium-extreme fear.

- Nothing to worry in the long term.
- DCA (buying a little every day) works great for the SPY index.
- If Macro bottom signals appear I would go all in.
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$ETH Max Bottom Identifier (MBI)

$ETH just entered the downtrend channel, fighting to get out. (resistance:2458 USD)

Sentiment already at Low Fear, last 2 macro bottoms reached high and extreme fear.

Conclusions at the end. Image
-Each time $ETH enters the downtrend channel it tends to go all the way down to its lower limit (1700 right now)

- The ammount of time it stays in the channel varies greatly. (From 30 to 320 days)

- Macro Bottom was hit when we reached the purple sentiment levels.
- But there was a failed bottom previous to the march'20 black swan event. Sentiment was yellow at that time.

So in conclusion.
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Trend System (TS) Update $BTC Midterm

Midterm: Bearish (3.5 out of 4 indicators)

- Support: 29.5k
- Bounce Resistance: 40.1K
- Trend resistance: 44.6K
- Mood: Small daily DCA and waiting for trend reversal for big investments.

Comments below
#BTC #Bitcoin Image
We had a volatile day, as expected. Hope you stayed level headed and used the ribbon to identify short term resistances.

Bullish divergence and double momentum dot still active (until a blue dot appears), so the bounce chances are still alive.

My strategy is still the same:
1) Wait for the daily trend to flip bullish using out TS.
2) DCA a little every day using our MBI to detect when to intensify the buying.
3) Buying some alts that confirmed orange dot near strong support with tight SL and aggresive profit taking.
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Is it a good time to start DCA into #Bitcoin ? I would say yes if you don't need to use the money anytime soon.

Using our Max Bottom Identifier (MBI) Model to analyze $BTC Price structure.

Please read all facts so you can come to your own conclusions. Image
-Once Trad. Psych. turns orange it takes on average 126 days for price to reach higher levels.
- It is currently orange.
- Also that period is the best time to DCA and relax, instead of timing the exact bottom.
A more efficient way:
- Start DCA on orange levels.
- If TP turns red or bloody red increase the daily ammount for DCA, that is a clear sign that bottom is very close.

See this thread for more context.
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We don't mess around when it comes to cycles here, unlike many others.

"Adding 5 years to any top will give the next bottom of a 5-year cycle."
Remember that many of these will be in years so the months won't really matter.

#Bitcoin #BitcoinCrash
"Year No.2 - The second year, is a year of a minor bull market, or a rally in a bear market will start at some time."
I'd say that's off to a pretty good start.
"Adding 10 years to any bottom, it will give you the bottom of the next 10-year cycle, repeating about the same average fluctuations".
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We all know that the stock market will eventually recover. And the crypto market will too.

Nasdaq broke some key supports on friday, after that the crypto market entered derisk mode (people selling to preserve their capital, anticipating more downside)
The only question is how long it will take, and what will be the bottom.

NO ONE knows those answers, we could return to ATH on monday or in a few months.
I will be actively waiting, monitoring the market without feeling the rush to invest, doing some DCA in major support levels. Searching for macro bottom signals on our MBI, and most importantly waiting for our Trend System (TS) to flip bullish again.
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1/ On #BitcoinCrash days, time well spent re-reading an old but fantastic article:

An Institutional Investor's Take On Cryptoassets by @jlppfeffer. A thread of some of the super points he makes in his article.…
2/ "...At mature equilibrium, tokens will do no more than allocate computing resource, with the exception of the special case of a cryptoasset that serves as a monetary store of value. "
3/ "A given protocol is like a simplified economy. The GDP of such an economy would be the total cost of the computing resources to maintain the blockchain - the quantity of processing power, memory and bandwidth consumed, multiplied by the unit cost of each."
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1/ As it stands: We're still in this range. Now at range low. Over the past few days we've seen aggressive pushing down with absolutely no relief. However, we're literally at the bottom of this range so i'm not looking for shorts at the moment. $Btc #Bitcoin Image
2/ Moving to the high tf we see a red vector on the daily, and 2 pinks vectors on the 12hr. The last 12hr being pink and not pushing down beyond the lows makes me think they're just building long positions and by aggressively dropping price are trying to scare retail into selling ImageImage
3/ Max pain for options expiry for 30th Dec (ie today) is 48k (image 1). And with it being Thursday i'm always looking for a reversal in the New York session.

Max pain for 31st of Dec is 47k (image 2). Then we have a clean slate to work with for 2022. ImageImage
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El producto interno bruto (PIB) mundial en el 2017 fue ~$80,000,000,000,000

En el 2021 el PIB mundial será de ~₿18,500,000 #BTC
El sabado se dispararon mis alertas de #BTC a $14K... pero #fiambre
Que por cierto; Ayer bitcoin tuvo el segundo cierre mensual mas alto de su historia , $13,816 en bitstamp. Tomenlo con un grano de sal, sin embargo me hace pensar, cuando les toca a las altcoins? #BTC
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