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New study on energy #communities in #France :…

The study analyzes the ownership structure and institutional logics of 164 #energy communities. Here are some highlights of our results ⬇️(1/5)

CC @EnergiePartagee @REScoopEU @ademe @Enercoop_SCIC Image
We identify the following four energy citizenship configurations:

✔ Full #citizen ownership
✔ Shared citizen ownership
✔ Citizen #crowdfunding
✔ Civic participation

(2/5) Image
💡 In 76% of energy communities, citizens hold the majority of capital shares.

💡 This indicates that models characterized by strong #citizen #engagement in ownership and a strong #community logic dominate the French energy community landscape.

(3/5) Image
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@EuMalaele is a digital art project from the iconic Romanian 🇷🇴 cultural personality, Horațiu Mălăele.

Following his quote ”Drawing is my way of collaborating with the world”, let’s unveil his art turned into #NFTs @MultiversX #blockchain

🧵👇 Image
For those who don’t know him, Valentin-Horațiu Mălăele is a Romanian actor, director, cartoonist, writer and playwright.

A life dedicated to art, Mălăele gathers roles in many plays and over 50 personal exhibitions with own drawings and paintings.…

@EuMalaele brings the graphic self-portraits of the artist into the #blockchain space, creating a precedent for the 🇷🇴 culture to build #communities & expand its art to new horizons.

And what better #blockchain to use than a Romanian one @MultiversX
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1/n Hi All, @BlueDotWaters here again!👉🔵😄
Hopefully by now we’ve given you a good taste of what #BlueDots are, why they’re worth protecting, what pressures are affecting them and what the various sectors can do to address them.
2/n What else is going on and how can you and others get involved?🫵
Well it so happens that @WatersProgramme has been working with #communities👥 since 2016 to facilitate engagement with our wonderful water resources and aquatic environment.👉🏞️
3/n Our #CommunityWaterOfficers are available to guide and help enthusiastic members of the public, be it...
👥community groups
🎣angling clubs
🚣‍♀️water sports clubs
🏐GAA clubs and;
💧rivers trusts
...among many others to connect with and help to enhance our #waterbodies💧 Image
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“In colorado we got your back!” Says @SenadoraJulie

“We will make sure to hold these businesses to accountability & address these fake clinics”

This is the #reroductivehealthrightsjustice package
We have tons of cosponsors for the bills today! @RepEpps @sonyajlewis @RepMegFroe & so many more!

Hearing from Dusti at @colorlatina

“We are working along side our partners to tackle mis information from the fake clinics that target our communities!” #copolitcs Image
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A guide to being a #folkreporter with @BlackByGodWV - a 🧵:
Good ole fashion #folkreporting is done by YOU the citizen. Witnessing is one of the most important things we as citizens can do to keep our elected officials and community accountable. 1/
When forming a thread on what you are witnessing, it is important to tag the elected officials you are covering when ever that is an option. Including relevant hashtags is also important. If you are at a #countycommission meeting let folx know! Tag your municipalities as well. 2/
Let people know you are a folk reporter! Include the following at the begining of your thread:

#folkreporter | @BlackByGodWV | @folkreporters

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5 tips for networking with people effectively, a thread 🧵👇🏻:

#networking #communities #highereducation #student
1. Instead of just sending a connection request to people, send them a personalized note, writing about why you wish to connect with them.

#networking #linkedin #connections
2. Keep your messages crisp and clear. Don’t beat around the bush, get straight to the point. For eg, if you’re seeking guidance for your CS project, make sure that you write what you’re looking for, instead of describing your project idea in-depth.

#networking #linkedin
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Are you interested in getting started in #bioinformatics but not sure where to begin? Here are some tips to help you get started on your journey. A THREAD🧵🧵:
Start by learning a high-level #programming language, such as #Python or #R, and familiarizing yourself with data structures and #algorithms commonly used in #bioinformatics. The #BioPython and #Bioconductor libraries are great resources for this.
Next, learn about #genomic data formats and standards, such as #FASTA, #FASTQ, and #GFF. This will allow you to effectively manipulate and analyze large-scale #genomic #datasets. The #NCBI SRA and #EBI ENA databases are great places to find real-world data to work with.
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This afternoon, myself and others will set out the case for #planning reform.

#LevellingUp #LURB #Housing @michaelgove @lucyfrazermp @luhc @PA @thetimes @timesredbox

For sure, we don’t like top-down targets. But most of all, we want a better way of doing things: a planning system with #communities, regeneration and the environment at its heart.

We want a planning system that is environmentally #sustainable, rooted in community support and used to regenerate out towns and cities, not hollow them out.

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And now @Katy_Lock introduces the TCPA's research and guidance on long-term stewardship - and new resources now available on our website... #TCPAwebinars Image
Lots of guides, checklists, sample policies and text - really useful resources to help you ensure #NewCommunities get better and better as they age... #stewardship #places #parks #communities
@threadreaderapp please unroll
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With 4,800+ unique holders of the Minter Token in the past 3 days alone, it’s time we show the dev community how to unlock #utility for their minters, at a smart contract level.

Remember, claiming your Minter Token is easy: simply head to

Let’s dive in🧵
ICYMI - Minter Token is an initiative launched by @fairxyz and @OpenSea which cryptographically certifies you have minted a specific NFT - even if you no longer own that NFT.

Each Minter Token is Soul-Bound, meaning it's not tradable and yours forever.

We’re excited by the degree of adoption across an incredible range of NFT projects, and look forward to seeing the experiences developers can build on top of the Minter Token for their #communities
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Okay, seit ich die Veröffentlichung meines Romans plane, beschäftige ich mich damit, wie man #Follower findet. Eine echte Challenge, speziell wenn man zunächst noch nicht weiß, wer die #Zielgruppe ist.
#weltherrschaft #communitybuilding
Erst nach dem Release von "Ohne Strom - Wo sind deine Grenzen?" wurde mir klar, dass ich recht gut abgegrenzte Zielgruppen habe: #regional #mittelhessen, nicht nur, weil ich dort aufgewachsen bin und lebe, vor allem weil mein Roman dort spielt.
Das Gerne "postapokalyptische Dystopie" bringt die nächste #Zielgruppe dazu. LeserInnen und LiebhaberInnen von #Dytopie und #Postapokalypse!
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🥂 “#Conservation research & discursive violence: a response to two rejoinders”, co-authored with Stasja Koot & Paul Hebinck, is back online 🥂

It was removed by @tandfonline a day after publication in Dec2021, for reasons unclear to us 😶…
@tandfonline @PolEcoNet @PCLG_IIED @cep_of @BathSpaResearch @SDC_WUR 3/ Our re-published Response follows 2 Rejoinders to a peer reviewed Review Article published online in Society & Natural Resources @info_iasnr, in May 2020 👇

I am 3rd author on this paper: the 2 lead authors – S. Koot, P. Hebinck – are not on twitter…
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Earlier on my #WalkForPlunkett I tweeted a pic of a former bus shelter converted into a library service. It made me look out for so many village assets no longer in use which once provided essential services, housed key workers, created employment & brought #communities together
I didn't come across any village services, businesses, or even people for over 10miles until I reached the amazing @westburyshop which was a busy and thriving #communityhub and testament to the resourcefulness of rural communities to take action themselves
The only new services or investment in the countryside I came across was the construction of HS2 - but of course this doesn't benefit the communities it cuts thru- only the urban centres at either end...
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With #Raisina2022 in full swing, @orfonline is delighted to announce the #RaisinaEdit— a selection of commentaries that unpack, interpret, & problematise contemporary global developments.

Edited by @anahitakhanna95 & @PreetiLourdes…
A key reason for the growth of the passion #economy is that it offers alternative ways of making money, innovative paths toward professional fulfilment & unprecedented career opportunities, writes @utkarsh_amitabh
The #circulareconomy is based on three principles driven by design: Eliminate waste and #pollution, circulate products and materials (at their highest value), and regenerate nature, says @Bharati09.…
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We are LIVE tweeting the panel discussion with @smritiirani @ctgchatter, Kwati Candith Mashego-Dlamini @drvanitasharma @ShombiSharp and @Chandrika0501

Stay tuned for updates!

Join us using this link:

#Raisina2022 #RaisinaDialogue @ril_foundation
Kwati Candith Mashego-Dlamini: In #SouthAfrica, we have space for #women & struggle side by side with men. #Women need to be seen as individuals. Empowerment of women is not a side agenda, but we need to focus on how we can help them have their own space & strength. #Raisina2022
.@ctgchatter: We require political will, affirmative action, and policy changes to empower #women. I believe, empowered women, empower women.

#Raisina2022 @ril_foundation
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#BlackHistoryMonth wraps up today but we can engage with #BlackExcellence round the year via these #BlackTwitter accounts.
Wherever you live, we invite you to learn more about these #Communities & institutions that are shaping the story of #Canada.
🧵with favourite accounts.

Join them in their goal to “reduce the racial disparities in health outcomes & promote health & well-being for people from the diverse Black communities in Canada with emphasis on the broad determinants of health, including racism." #BlackHistoryMonth

@blackartndialog is "dedicated to supporting, documenting and showcasing the artistic and cultural contributions of Black artists and cultural workers in Canada and internationally." #BHM

Explore their incredible FREE for the public gallery here:
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Tips for authors and publishers to foster interaction with #OAbooks – a weekly COPIM 🧵 series

Chapter 2️⃣: Highlighting collaborative #opensource publishing platforms and authors & communities that have used #annotation workflows as part of their publishing process.

Scalar (@anvcscalar), developed by the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture (ANVC), provides options to annotate video, audio, images, source code, and text.

See their comprehensive introduction for an in-depth overview ⤵

Scalar also provides access to its own API, through which one "can mashup your Scalar content with other data sources, build your own visualizations, or create completely new interfaces for your materials.”

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Tips for authors and publishers to foster interaction with #OAbooks – a weekly COPIM 🧵 series

Chapter 1️⃣: open #annotation can enrich a document by enabling multifaceted conversation between a text and its audience.

Kicking off this showcase with @hypothes_is – this #opensource project has evolved out of years of work undertaken in conjunction with the @w3c Web Annotation WG, and is nowadays featured in a variety of #openpublishing & #openeducation projects. #socialannotation

On a 🛠 technical level, a provision of plugins helps with the integration of functionality in a variety of platforms such as @WordPress, @omeka, or @pkp's Open Monograph System - platforms that are also used for #OAbook publishing

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🦠Quick thread 🧵 on latest #Covid19 #Omicron situation. Summary: inequalities and learning lessons! Please read & RT @CMPHN @ADPHUK @FPH @R_S_P_H 1/15
🦠Confirmed cases of #Covid19 in #Liverpool are the highest they have ever been, lots of people are off work sick, causing disruption to key services and the wider economy, and hospitalisations have jumped in the last week. Deaths will follow… 2/15
🦠It is clear that the #Omicron wave is well and truly upon us in the north west, following the experience in London and the South East 3/15
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(@manijadegarcia) #Epistemology thread here, discussing ideas for survival, stress management, joy & healing using the acronym ACCESS to organize the ideas.

While I take a break I'd love you to read my new related article with @sisterSTEM


(@manijadegarcia) #Epistemology refers to to 'how we know what we know.' #Epistemologies are systems of knowledge & knowing informed by the ways different groups of people navigate & make sense of the world & are related to what we justify based on what's "true" or "real."

Who we are shapes our experiences & therefore our reality. So #disabled people; #women; #BlackPeople; etc. all have their own #epistemologies. Like languages, groups can borrow from each other's epistemologies to build knowledge & make meaning of the world & their lives.

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(@manijadegarcia) #Community thread here, discussing ideas for survival, stress management, joy & healing using the acronym ACCESS to organize the ideas.

Some ?'s I'd love us to delve into: (1) how do we use technology to build community in more accessible & safe ways?
(@manijadegarcia) (2) COVID-19 taught us that we have the relatively inexpensive digital tools to build more accessible virtual & blended (virtual + in-person) spaces for creating #community. But tools don't build community, we have to! So how do we do that most effectively?

(@manijadegarcia) (3) How can we utilize #acceptance #compassion & the tools we have to build interconnecting #communities as disabled people with intersecting identities? For example, how do we make people with "psychotic" or "personality" symptoms feel more welcomed?

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THREAD: Some interesting uses of the @TwitterAPI to explore #extremeweather events in relation to #climatechange. I found the cognitive dissonance explored in the #wildfires in Australia to hold up based on……
…research that has been carried out. This is where #socialscience can be a leader in engaging with the public. Work that I’m doing now creates spaces for conversations that explore #severeweather risk, focusing on issues of shelter access for those without a range of resources
…we help #communities explore their options, including building consensus on alternative shelter provision, especially where funding is an issue in rural communities. We work with faith groups who have strong #trust and social networks alongside other stakeholders to explore…
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There are 18 young adults across the Nation who are training to be model citizens. For a month, they have worked with their local governments to uplift the civic standards of their neighborhoods.
They are the Youth vertical of the Solve Movement! Working endlessly with our mentors, this group of leaders is training to build the future of the country. Are you still reading this?
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#thread Der Lyriker, Kulturproduzent und Publizist Max Czollek @rubenmcloop hat in den letzten Jahren pointiert Stellung zur Frage bezogen, wie wir in einer zunehmend #diversen Gesellschaft zusammen leben wollen (1/9)
Im Zentrum seiner Texte und performativen Interventionen in öffentliche Debatten steht das spannungsgeladene Verhältnis von Menschen mit jüdischen und migrantischen Familiengeschichten (2/9)
auf der einen und Menschen mit ausschließlich deutschen Familienbiografien auf der anderen Seite in Deutschland heute (3/9).
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