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How much has each country contributed to climate change through historical #emissions of #carbon dioxide, #methane and nitrous oxide?

Today, our new 'living' dataset for tracking national contributions to #warming is published in @ScientificData @Peters_Glen @robbie_andrew @JoGuetschow @PFriedling @cleque
@ScientificData We provide estimates of the #warming caused by historical #emissions of #CO2, #CH4 and #N2O by 226 countries, for every year since 1850.

National warming contributions are further split into #fossil or #land use, land use change and #forestry (LULUCF) sources. @Peters_Glen @robbie_andrew @JoGuetschow @PFriedling @cleque
@ScientificData The top contributors to #warming up to 2021, through #emissions of all three gases since 1850, were:

USA: 0.28°C / 17% of the warming caused by all global emissions
China: 0.20°C / 12%
Russia: 0.10°C / 6%
Brazil & India: 0.08°C / 5%
🇮🇩 , 🇩🇪 , 🇬🇧 , 🇯🇵 , 🇨🇦 : 0.03-0.05°C each @Peters_Glen @robbie_andrew @JoGuetschow @PFriedling @cleque
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Why did #methane surge in 2020 ?

Our article just published @Nature shows that the high growth rate of CH4 in 2020 is explained half by decreased OH removal & half by more wetland emissions @ShushiPeng @CEA_Officiel @gcarbonproject @IPSL_outreach … 🧶… Image
We expected in 2020 less anthropogenic emissions from #COVID but in fact the #CH4 growth rate was record high at 15.1 ppt y-1 (@NOAA data ) Image
The #CH4 growth rate results from an imbalance between emissions ( natural and anthropogenic ) and the OH sink in the atmosphere @gcarbonproject Image
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İnsan gerçekten çok üzülüyor bu devirde metan gazı patlaması kader olmamalı diye düşünüyorum, mikroplastik ve maden ocağı kardeşlerimizin emekleriyle çıkardıkları kömürün yapısı AYNI !!… Image
2- Yani mikroplastik yıkımında da maden de ki kömür ortamında da CH4 kaçınılmaz oluyor ne yazık ki işte bu noktada Bifidobacterium Infantis devreye giriyor, bu probiyotik bifidobakterimiz mikroplastik ve methanı #carbon kaynağı olarak kullanıyor ! Yani kısaca methanı azaltıyor
3-Aneorobik ortamda( bağırsak ve maden ocağı gibi) örneğin 10 lt lik suyun içine belli oranda B.Infantis koyulursa ortamdaki CO2 ve CH4 ü azaltacaktır, nacizane önerim şudur bu şekilde maden ocaklarında özellikle havalandırmanın yetersiz olduğu veya olmadığı noktalara 👇👇👇
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1/¿Cuán efectiva es la medida de eliminar los GEI de la ganadería rumiante para limitar la temperatura global de 1.5ºC (Acuerdo de Paris)? Aprovechando que tenemos un nuevo vídeo con @pablopastos (os lo dejo al final del 🧶) recopilo los principales datos y matices en este 🧵
2/ Se estima que la contribución en GEI de la 🐄🐓🐑🐏🐂🐃🐷global y considerando no sólo emisiones directas (CH4 y N2O en granja), sino tb indirectas (GEI de fabricación, transporte, potencial deforestación etc de insumos) es de aprox 14.5% del total GEI antropogenico (FAO,2013)
3/La estima de 14.5% contribución de GEI de 🐷🐓🐑🐏 🐄 (considerando un análisis de ciclo de vida) es la +utilizada pero, apuntar q existen otras estimaciones y todas, entendamos, con bastante incertidumbre x metodologías o asunciones…
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(1/14) Hey #StarshipAddicts , @CSI_Starbase has concluded that #B4 is NEVER going to leave the ground under its own power & #B5 is just a massive lawn ornament.

#StarshipSuperHeavy #B7 is up next, lets look at some of the difference we have noticed so far!

(2/14) Fwd Dome Section:

On the FWD dome we see a new design for the stage separation clamps. These may have not been completed yet on #B7 but the initial shape of them is a departure from the previous boosters.

📷:@StarshipGazer | @CosmicalChief
(3/14) Fwd Dome (cont):

Autogenous pressurization lines have been moved higher up towards the top of the #CH4 tank dome instead of below the stringers like the #Block1 #SSH's (Sorry not sorry for making new acronyms)

Anyone else wish this was related to Hot Gas Thrusters?
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(1) Hey #StarshipAddicts...I have a feeling that a lot of you have heard various things here and there about possible issues with the #OrbitalTankFarm at the #Starbase launch complex. Check out this thread if you want the FULL story starting from the very first signs of trouble
(2) This is a break from my normal style, I'm going to tell you all a story.

At the end of May 2021, I took my first ever trip to Starbase as a treat to myself after quitting my job as an Engineer in the Oil & Gas industry.
(3) The moment my last shift came to and end, I got in my car and drove 10 hours straight with the intension of not stopping until I got to the #Starbase sign. I drove through a massive 4 hour rain storm that ended, right as the #Highbay came into view.
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Finally! Ive been waiting for this thing to show up for 2 months. Searched high and low in @RGVaerialphotos photos 8 weeks straight hoping I would see signs of it before anyone else.

If you are confused at what this is or want to learn more about it check out the thread below
Before we start:

I had a feeling this would happen. It sucks to have to skip ahead in the Orbital Launch Mount series cuz its going to be impossible to keep the whole thing in one thread now. Might have to come up with a better way of organizing this stuff.

One more thing! Image
Should I post this entire explanation at one time? Or would yal rather see them as I finish each page?

I'll let yal decide while I grab some food. @RGVaerialphotos unexpected post forced me to skip lunch for this.

*FYI The first option will probably contain more errors*
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Battle Head Ballad chapter 4. Get the latest updates on the ever-volatile market price of severed heads. (1/4)… #BattleHeadBallad #ch4
Only 20 miles (2/4)
Pressing circumstances (3/4)
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Nouvelle étude:
L'#Alimentation responsable d'1/3 des émissions de gaz à effet de serre d'origine #Anthropique (sur l'année 2015)
Le #GIEC/@IPCC_CH (#SRCCL) l'avait estimé entre 21 et 37%.

#GES #Climat
C'est peut-être la "première estimation des émissions totales du système alimentaire" confie une scientifique responsable de la commission EAT-@TheLancet (#AlimentationDurable)
Et maintenant que nous avons des chiffres, nous allons (peut-être) pouvoir en discuter calmement ?
Les #Data? Via #EDGARFOOD #FAOSTAT - première base de données couvrant chaque étape de la chaîne alimentaire par pays (données 1990 et 2015).
Cette base estime les émissions de #CO2, de #CH4, d'oxyde nitreux (#N2O) et de gaz fluorés pour chaque étape du système alimentaire.

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La vapeur d'eau est le premier gaz à effet de serre dans l'atmosphère, mais contribue-t-elle au dérèglement du #climat ?

La réponse est oui, mais indirectement (et cette précision est importante). Explications.


#GES #changementclimatique #CO2 #CH4 Image
Contrairement au dioxyde de carbone (CO2) et au méthane (CH4), la vapeur d'eau ne s'accumule pas dans l'atmosphère. Sa concentration y dépend essentiellement de la température.

Si la température augmente, de l'eau liquide est vaporisée. Si elle diminue, de la vapeur se liquéfie (rosée, pluie...), voire se condense (givre, neige...).

Ces procédés équilibrent la concentration atmosphérique en vapeur d'eau.

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“No other country in the world has ever created anything like this in the Arctic. By creating a brand new gas production center beyond the ArcticCircle, Russia has proven its leadership in the Arctic” Alexey Miller, chair of Gazprom

about his ticking #CH4 bomb on the #permafrost Image
This is the permafrost line in Russia.

(source: Permafrost-affected soils and their carbon pools with a focus on the Russian Arctic, Zubrzycki et al 2014) Image
This is the location of #Norilsk diesel disaster, where a fuel tank sat on thawing permafrost and broke its legs, so to speak.

With marked Yamal Peninsula as main origin for gas, and an attempt of added permafrost line according to the previous pic. Image
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11 “Beta Tells” That Signal To Women You Are a Beta Male [in any room]

#HTGHFAOTR {Don’t twitter search this hashtag if you’re not a cs Major. It’ll be like cramming John Woodens brain into your sophomore brain bcc Wyatt Earp}

My thread at a lowest common denominator. #Ch4
1/ Thirsty Beta Male Eyes. #CTCFTR

When I am by the river of puddy, I do not eyeball the GNO. Girls Night Out participants scan and archive every thing you see and focus on.

Focus on the group you’re inside of. And truly listen. This listening leads me into my next point
2/ Listening.

Betas are so starved that they cannot focus on the people in front of them.

Show me a person who can’t pay attention for 25-40 sec to 3-5 minutes and I’ll show you a person who cannot accomplish tasks on a 5hr makers schedule. #cs183puddy…
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