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There are over 2,000 AI tools that have hit the market over the last 365 days.

So I condensed them into the best.

Here are the TOP 15 AI TOOLS for Data Scientists. 🧵

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It's hard not to get excited about #AI. The potential is insane. It's also scary.

And the worst thing you can do for your career is ignore AI.

I mean, there are literally 2,000 new tools that have hit the market in 365 days. So where do you start?

I want to help.
Here are the 15 AI tools that, as a data scientist, MUST be on your radar (I'm road-testing ALL of these).


1. ChatGPT: OpenAI's AI Chatbot
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I just revealed the data science project that helped my small business generate $3,500,000 in revenue in the last 2 years.

Here are the juicy details...

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It's true. My company did almost $2,000,000 last year with an email list size of under 100,000.

And a big part of it was the Marketing Analytics that I'm revealing in my new Python course.

What did we do?
We used machine learning to score leads.

We then created nature vs sales targeting segments.

Then we did this...
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As a data scientist, productivity is a 10X super power.

Here's a short list of AI tools to help data scientists with: 🧵

#ai #datascience #career #skills #tools Image
1. Writing code

AI pair programming is a huge benefit.

Tools like #chatgpt & github #copilot can help debug complex code and replace Googling + Stack Overflowing for common scripting.

Key skill: ChatGPT prompting (more on this in my free ChatGPT for Data Scientists) Image
2. Code Quality & Documentation

Great products have great documentation. AI can help produce documentation, comment code, and replace time-consuming manual documentation with automated AI docs.

Key Skill: Using @mintlify to build your docs: Image
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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm beyond excited to announce that in 5 days, I'm launching my brand new course- The #Python for Machine Learning & API's Course.

This course will transform your #career.

Here's what's inside... 🧵

#datascience #course Image
This launch marks the culmination of 2 years of research...

It covers The 6 Top #Python libraries for machine learning and production:
1. #Pycaret: Low-code machine learning Image
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Over the past 3 years, I've been writing Python code daily.

And this coming Thursday, I'm excited to share what I've learned. 🧵

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Most of you know me as an #R guy. And I 1000% love R. ❤️

But I've also grown over the past 10+ years that I've been practicing data science as a data scientist, as a consultant, and as an educator.
What I've come to realize is that no one language is perfect.

Each has its strengths. And weaknesses.

And more often than not we get caught up in debating things that **don't** really matter...

Like R vs Python.
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Becoming a 6-figure data scientist (with #R) in today's economy is different than it was in 2022.

It requires a transformation...

#datascience #career #rstats Image
And those that successfully make the transformation:

1. Get hired 75% faster (3-6 months vs 12+ months)

2. Earn 17% more ($145K vs $117K)

3. Get promoted 2X faster (1-2 years vs 2-4 years)
Want to learn how?

I have a LIVE Masterclass today where I will reveal the exact steps to take.

Strict limit: 500 Seats (and we are over-capacity)
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87% of data science projects fail.

One reason is the lack of production.

Here's an easy solution. 🧵

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This is called an #API (Application Programming Interface). Image
An API allows the user to make requests using a tool they are comfortable with.

The API runs a program that the data scientist has created on the server.

And the API returns a result.
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Becoming a data scientist in this economy isn't easy.

But it can be done.

Here are a few tips.

#datascience #career Image
First, build the foundational skills.

These include:

- Data Cleaning
- Data Wrangling
- Visualization
- EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis)
- Machine Learning
- Clustering
- Reporting
- Programming

Time Frame: 6 Weeks
Next, you need 3 of the most overlooked skills:

1. Problem-Solving Skills
2. Time Series
3. Production

These are the skills that will generate the most ROI for your company.

And it's what they will hire you in a recession for.
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#AI isn't going to take your data science job.

But the #recession might.

Here's how this trend is unfolding from Big #Tech to the broader job market (and how to prepare)...

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For the better part of a decade, Big #Tech was on a hiring spree.

Companies like #Amazon, #Microsoft, and #Meta overhired. And that's OK when things are going well.

But then 2022 hit and Big Tech had its worst decline since 2008.
And in January 2023, with CEOs seeking to protect their stock prices, companies like:

PayPal, and

...all announced deep cuts to employees.
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Data science is evolving.

And the cold, hard fact is: Your Career Is On The Line.

If your projects aren't making it into production, your job has a bullseye on it 🎯

Time to smarten up. Here's how.

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Data science is different today than it was in 2022.

In 2022, companies were OK with hiring 15+ person data science teams...

The "hype" hiring was that AI would solve all problems...

Grow revenues.
Cut Costs.
Make MONEY (aka profit)
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If you're starting out in data science (or if your wondering what you need to learn), don't believe everything you read. 🧵

Spot BS and focus on these 4 steps to grow your career.

#datascience #rstats #career Image
My friend Rafael Nicolas Fermin Cota (Nico) pointed me to this modified graphic from a Harvard Business Review Article on "Prioritizing Which Data Science Skills Your Company Needs".
With ChatGPT, AI, and the "trendiness" of buzzwords, this graphic becomes even more dangerous.…
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Here’s a list of 7 problem-solving skills that will help you become a 6-figure data scientist (with resources).

#datascience #rstats #career Image
Whether you are trying to transition into data science, building your skills, or seeking to land your first data science position...

It can be a big challenge to figure out what businesses want.

And that's why I put together this list of curated resources.
7 Skills To Grow Your Data Science Career

1. Costing A Problem:

Quantify the effect of no-change in a business process to show opportunity for improvement.

Use dollar value to demonstrate opportunity.

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There's a reason that companies are "restructuring" #datascience teams.

And, it's actually an opportunity to make 17% more.

Let me explain.

#datascience #rstats #career Image
Companies are getting frustrated.

In 2020-22 they hired 10+ person data science teams with the **hope** that they would bring:

1. Increased productivity
2. predictive analytics,
3. improved customer experience
4. And more revenue + profit
But instead what they got was:

1. 15 Months for project schedules
2. 87% of projects fail
3. $1,000,000+ cost for a data science team
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After 12 weeks of using #chatgpt for #datascience, I've learned one thing:

Prompts are ABSOLUTELY critical.

This is why. 🧵

#career #dataanalysis Image
4 weeks ago I made a full chatgpt for data scientists workshop where I showed...

...the MASSIVE amount of debugging I had to do to get ChatGPT to make a data science analysis "work".
Sure, chatgpt still saved me time.

But I was frustrated.

And, debugging was killing me. 😡
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A friend rang me after applying for 40+ jobs in 2 months with 0 contacts and 0 interviews

I got him 4 recruiter contacts, 3 interviews and 1 officer in 2 weeks

Here's what we tweaked:

He initially told me he was job hunting and would prefer to apply online

After reading his profile, I tried to discourage him, but he insisted on online applications.

I agreed but on a condition
I told him:

"If you don't get a job in 60 days, we will do it my way"

He agreed.

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If you're struggling to become a data scientist...

There's a 95% chance you are doing it wrong.

Master these 5 things to escape career boredom (and make 6-figures).🧵

#datascience #career Image
Would you believe me if I told you it took me 5 years to become a data scientist?

I've written 10+ R packages that have amassed 2.5 million downloads.

I've consulted for S&P Global, MRM McCann, and 3 more Fortune 500 companies.
But I made 5 critical mistakes that I want to teach you how to fix.

1. I was too focused on #DataScience

2. I couldn't relate it to the business

3. I struggled to communicate the value
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I recently helped 3 professionals prepare for job interviews.

They landed their dream jobs at:
- JP Morgan, UK
- Australian Government Health Department
- International Research Institute, UK

They couldn't thank me enough.

Here's how I prepared them:

[steal my template]
1. There are 3 key stages in a job interview - entry, process and exit.

The entry and exit are the most important.
#1. The Entry

You need to put your best foot forward for the entry by ACING your first question.

It's crucial
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Every data scientist I know lacks some skills (me included).

But, a change in your focus can take you from no job to $145K+.

Let me explain.

#datascience #career Image
The learning path for a data scientist is full of traps.

It goes something like this:
- Python (or R)
- Algorithms
- Math
- Stats
- Make a Portfolio
- Get some projects under your belt
- More math
- Neural networks
- Deep learning part 2
- More projects (now with cats & dogs)
...And it's a mess.

No wonder why you are struggling.

And it turns out that in this economy, it's even become a lot harder with the "traditional" approach.

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The time of bloated data science teams has come to an end.

And, there is a massive shift that's going on right now... 🧵

#datascience #career Image
Bulky data science teams are getting "restructured" as businesses demand more value from their investments.

They don't want 10+ number crunchers.

Especially if it takes 15 months to **maybe** get a project into production.
What they want is business value-

Results that drive revenue & growth.

And starting the year $1M+ in the hole with a bulky data science team isn't the answer.

In their place, a new breed of data scientist is forming.
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20 FREE Cybersecurity Certifications to Add to Resume/CV
1. Introduction to Cybersecurity…
2. Computer Forensics…
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How I Recently Made A x10 $Profit 🏌️‍♂️

When it comes to #crypto, don’t invest after the hype has settled.

The early adopters dominate the market. Be the $early adopter.

If possible, #invest even before the hype becomes public

A 🧵, Like and RT for others🍷
#Crypto isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. It's a get-rich-early scheme. Your odds of success increase exponentially With When you enter the market.

Time is an investor's best #asset in cryptocurrency.

The early bird catches the worm.
#Core #Sui #Optimism #Arbitrum
The frictional costs of being an early adopter are high. More $USD are made

If you're already in the crypto world, take advantage of being early in building and scaling #projects.

Start early, Execute early, and you'll have a Greater potential to become $richer.
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1/ Thread (8) Young Lawyers who want to learn Criminal Law without help of any guide or mentor, may consider following points.
1) Criminal law is a "Tacit Knowledge" (Knowledge that is learned by doing a task. Just like learning to ride on a bicycle. Here the whole body learns the skill when a job is actually being done.)
2) To learn from a case, you must have access to some actual record of a criminal case.
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1/ (7) Young lawyers often feel stuck in their career. They may try following exercise.

This exercise is called "20 Sentence Completion Exercise"
2/ Write, "I feel stuck in my life because ........ ".

Then complete this sentence 20 times. This will take out all worries from your mind and will put them on paper where you can see them.
3/ Then write, "I feel unstuck because .....".

Now, complete this sentence 20 times.

Here are some examples which have guided me :
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The best starting point for you as a #software engineer to advance your #career is by asking yourself this.

Do you create drag or lift within your team?

#thread 🧵
Drag and lift are terms that come from aerospace that apply perfectly to #development teams.

Let’s look at how they are used:
Drag is when you cause friction and slow down processes. One example of drag is showing up to a meeting 5 minutes late and having to have the product owner restart the presentation.
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