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THREAD - short infographic briefing on Citizens' Assemblies, which are at the heart of the @ExtinctionR third demand - #ExtinctionRebellion #BeyondPolitics #CitizensAssembly #CitizensAssemblies
1. Representative assemblies are chosen at random from ordinary people. #ExtinctionRebellion #BeyondPolitics #CitizensAssembly #CitizensAssemblies
2. The Citizens Assembly members learn about #ClimateEmergency issues with help from experts. #ExtinctionRebellion #BeyondPolitics #CitizensAssembly #CitizensAssemblies
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Rory Stewart has gone walkabout.... 🚶‍♂️

He has ideas on Brexit and other things...

"Our leaders either don’t understand or don’t care what they’re doing to people"…

"At the moment I tend to be worried when I wake up at 3am about whether this no-deal Brexit episode suggests there are people in government who either don’t understand what they are doing or don’t care"
He decided to set out on a journey across Britain to find out what the country really thought.

He spent time in Northern Ireland, the north of England, and the East End of London, where he arrived shortly after yet another knife attack.
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A short positive thread on #CitizensAssemblies 👇
I’ve put a lot of effort into arguing the case for a #CitizensAssembly in Scotland & I’m totally committed to having a gold standard process
I stand by my comments that the #CitizensAssembly is a good way forward for Scotland in the #Brexit crisis. I see the ultimate destination as #independence. Others disagree. That’s the joy of democracy
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In the shadow of the deplorable SCOTUS decision in #Rucho, it's time once again to talk about how to fix gerrymandering. So, here comes a thread.

(Betcha never seen a Twitter thread w/ToC before!)
Elections twitter peeps have probably heard me make these points before. You may agree with some, disagree with others. Either way, respond! Above all, I want to spark dialogue. I saw in BC how, when we don't get ahead of the curve, we end up behind it.
The tweet count on this thread is gonna be high, but I'm gonna make just 4 key points here. Here they are, up front, as a table of contents:
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Some of my initial thoughts on this, a wee #thread: This is a momentous announcement - a potential milestone for democratic innovation in Scotland. But as ever, the devil will be in the detail of how this temporary institution will be set up 1/?
Its legitimacy & effectiveness depends on various factors. I will focus on 3. Firstly, how will the broader public be included in the conversation? For example, there could be an online crowdsourcing platform to feed evidence and arguments at various stages of the assembly. 2/?
Also, assembly members can be supported to facilitate community meetings in their localities, helping to inform their thinking and contribution during the assembly -a kind of a hub and spokes system that keeps the assembly somewhat connected to the ground across the country. 3/?
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We need a #GreenNewDeal and #JG. Most people aren't socialpathic. In their jobs, they don't want to work on making the planet unlivable for their children, they don't want to engage in fraud or corruption, they don't want to stand by while their coworkers are harassed and abused.
Most people don't want to build systems of mass surveillance, psychological manipulation, and autonomous weapons. Most people don't want to work on how to exploit others more and more. But fear, fear of unemployment and loss of livelihood gets people to work rapidly on all these.
This fear is real. Whistleblowers are completely destroyed in this system. This is a system of socialpaths, by socialpaths, for socialpaths. With impending climate catastrophe and massive concentration of autonomous means of violence, we need a new system immediately.
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I’ve hit back at smear campaign against me calling for unity behind the #independence cause & an end to @theSNP infighting. The timetable for #indyref2 has been announced, our restiveness is at an end, with unity & civility we will win…
The problem is that from the moment the first parliamentarian complained against was hung out to dry a signal was given to those with petty motivations that if you seek to smear an @theSNP MP or MSP the party won’t get behind them, even if they are exonerated
Its important that @theSNP elected representatives are not drawn into trashing our members and supporters who work so hard for the cause. The so-called ‘War on Cybernats’ last weekend was unnecessary and has really upset our core support
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Who are we? We are life. These are our values and principles. We #RebelForLife. Join us and our non-violent and peaceful #InternationalRebellion. We will make government act now on the climate and ecological crisis.…
Who are we? We are life. These are our values and principles. We #RebelForLife. Join us and our non-violent and peaceful #InternationalRebellion. We will make government act now on the climate and ecological emergency.…
Who are we? We are life. These are our values and principles. We #RebelForLife. Join us and our non-violent and peaceful #InternationalRebellion. We will make government act now on the climate and ecological catastrophe.…
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Starting a separate thread on #CitizensAssembly so that the substance doesn't get buried among "welcome" tweets replying to @YellowJacketLa1's first tweet. #yellowjacketlady #YellowJacketWoman But it is a reply to her core point. 1/
The #CitizensAssembly (CA) has been such a successful recent innovation in the Irish constitutional tradition that it has now probably been accepted as an essential prelude to any future referendum in this country. 2/
Because our written, quite detailed and prescriptive 1937 Constitution can only be amended by referendum, we have found the CA is an excellent device for preparing a well-informed vote on controversial/toxic subjects like equal marriage or abortion. 3/
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To UK ppl talking about Irish vote to #repealthe8th and #brexitshambles, why UK referendums either sink without trace or create massive, unintended geopolitical self-harm: Ireland preps for years, UK turns up at the marathon starting line in novelty costume with no training 1/n
Irish ppl voted on specific change to written constitution, based on a fair idea of what the enacting legislation would be.

Brexit: open-ended question, little discussion of how it would work, no enacting legislation, no clear way to interpret result vis a vis Parliament.
Irish political system worked rigorously through the EVIDENCE and testimony; experts, affected women, etc. in disciplined + public way with a well-reported parliamentary committee to deliberate, resulting in some politicians changing their minds.

British system: did not.
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