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The Government just won, 319 votes to 246. We now have mandatory vaccinations in the UK following a snap vote no one knew about, with no evidence provided for it.

I suppose those 319 MPs will #clapforcarers as they sack them?

Democracy is broken.
I am absolutely devastated for the carers, mostly women, who now face untold anxiety, intrusion, joblessness. Let alone the millions of other workers who now face vaccination demands at work due to the expanse of this law.

Where was the safety net for care workers? Or the press?
I am not saying this lightly, the pillars of democracy have absolutely crumbled over the past 18 months.

I am beyond furious.

I am going offline until morale resumes (and it will).
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1/ Connected more with loved ones: We connected and reconnected with friends and family as we became accustomed to Zoom and FaceTime. I want to see loved ones soon but the intentionality I gave to virtual get togethers will continue post-Covid. #2020perspectives
2/ Learnt online skills: We've learnt how to hold team meetings online, and create music that has gone viral, causing joy for many.

Here’s Walking in the Air (Howard Blake) by the online choir CHOIRANTINE
3/ Came together locally: We formed #mutualaid groups, set up street WhatsApp groups, spoke to those in our street more than normal, helped neighbours out with shopping, and supported those most affected by Covid-19. #2020perspectives
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Discover @BCWGlobal’s #Twiplomacy Study 2020 in 50 tweets.
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#DigitalDiplomacy Visual with the Twitter profiles of nine world leaders weari
Over the past four months the world as we know it has changed beyond recognition.

The #coronavirus has upended diplomacy, a profession which involves lots of travel, physical meetings, and in-person interactions. 2/80 A rare picture of U.S. President Donald Trump wearing a face
No more handshakes, hugs or accolades.

No more physical meetings, bilateral summits or multi-lateral gatherings. World leaders and diplomats had to adapt to work from home and have been thrust into virtual meetings. 3/80 Twitter profile picture of South African President Cyril Ram
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Tonight would have been the 11th week of #ClapForCarers. 63% of Brits agree with the decision to wrap up the event last week, however. Only 19% think it should have continued… Image
Overall 69% of Britons participated in at least one #ClapforCarers, including 29% who took part every week. Only 29% didn't take part at all… Image
By the end of its run 44% of Brits thought that #ClapforCarers was becoming, or had become, politicised.… Image
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Plenty of people criticise #ClapForCarers on the basis that we should be funding them properly, not giving them communal platitudes. Yes to that.

But the clapping was always more than a gesture to the NHS. It’s a gesture to each other. Something communal amid enforced isolation.
In that sense, #ClapForCarers is similar to Remembrance Day and poppies; or World Cup/Euros display of the national flags. A rare moment where we acknowledge we’re all one country, by focussing on designated ‘heroes’ (soldiers, footballers, NHS staff).
The discord, and maybe the hypocrisy, comes because the moment of national unity is centred around idealised heroes rather than the reality. Thus it transpires that we underfund hospitals, and allow former soldiers to slip into drugs, prison, and suicide.
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At tonight’s #ClapForCarers Dr @meenalsworld & colleagues stood for 237 minutes silence outside No. 10 to mark the 237 healthcare workers who’ve died since the crisis began. She & her doctor husband are challenging the government over PPE
This was such an extraordinary moment. Boris Johnson came out & clapped for a minute, probably less, & the silence - 237 seconds for every healthcare worker who’s died - went on & on & on
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I have felt uncomfortable about #clapforcarers for at least the last three weeks , given the horrendous way they were exploited in this crisis. But this seals it.…
I am no longer prepared to contribute to the once-a-week heart-warming picture of “thanking our NHS”, if all it does is to allow the government to replace competence, common sense and fairness with a sense of national self-adoration.
I’ll clap again when this country treats immigrants like actual people and doesn’t charge them extra for the services they so often provide to others, when it pays all NHS staff fairly, and protects them and their patients as it should.
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'Vivienne' is care worker in a home for elderly. She shares 1 room with her son & kitchen & bathroom with 10 other adults & 6 children. She pays £600 pounds a month - she tells @JackieLongc4. Care workers twice as likely to die of Covid19 than general population.

#clapforcarers Image
Meet 'Tabitha' another carer who spent 28 days off sick with Covid-19 symptoms and was forced to rely on charity for help. Since returning to work she often walks an hour both ways because "with one meal I couldn't afford transport" she tells @JackieLongc4

#clapforcarers Image
Both women asked not identified for fear of losing their jobs & accommodation. They are low paid, regarded as low skilled, & without question in normal times, low valued.

Tonight clap for Vivienne & Tabitha, and thousands of others like them, when you come out to clap tonight.
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#GrowYourLove for the NHS today and every Thursday in May! 🌳🏥

Together with @Ecosia & @NHSForest, we'll plant trees around hospitals in the UK to thank our brilliant NHS key workers, but we need your help! Get involved:

#ThursdayThoughts #ClapforCarers
Urban trees and green spaces are incredibly important to everyone's physical and mental wellbeing.

So as well as the #ClapforCarers tonight, why not give them the gift of nature that not only celebrates their efforts but gives back to them as well? 💚
It costs just £6 to plant a tree in one of our UK projects, and each tree will help clean the air and increase the biodiversity of our cities. If you are able to join in, please do - it would mean so much to those who are giving so much right now:…
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If you're in the UK please RT!

All UK searches today will fund the planting of trees around NHS hospitals 🌳🌳🌳 /1…

#NHSheroes #clapforcarers 👏
These trees will be woodland species, largely native to the UK and provide future green spaces for our key workers. They'll be planted this autumn by @TreesforCities and @NHSForest /2

Over 25% of UK hospitals have dangerous levels of air pollution above @WHO's limit. These trees will help tackle that and will be dedicated to NHS staff as a living monument and lasting expression of gratitude for their efforts across the UK /3

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Well, I checked the latest advice. Decided to walk from home (as I didn’t really understand it, although it seemed reassuringly familiar).

Thread...on going outside this week.

@JRfromStrickley @butnorain @carey_davies @terrybnd @CumbrianRambler @WildIntrigue @Lindsey_Chapman Image
Someone had chalked this on the car, when I’d driven nearby for a walk last week. It may have helped them work through their worries.
Compare it with this kind welcome placed by a farmer elsewhere (now with added politeness, asking people to help, by just keeping dogs on leads) ImageImage
Saw some nice things on the farm and some bizarre litter in the next village. I’m used to seeing fast food wrappers and energy drink cans... ImageImageImageImage
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Last call for the Thames Clippers RB1 service #VirtualTour! We're setting sail in this thread in one hour so take a seat, grab a hot drink from the onboard bar and get ready to sail through London in style (virtually) #VirtuallyLondon
As our service is currently suspended, all content shared has been captured prior to lockdown. #StayHomeStaySafe
As we depart Woolwich, on our way towards central London, we’re passing the Thames Barrier. One of the largest movable flood barriers in the world – it even has its own visitor centre! Image: Bill Green
#Woolwich #ThamesBarrier #RiverThames #VirtualTour
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Hearing a frustration that fewer people listening to standard #covid19 messaging. Just share real people's messaging, FFS. There's acres of it. It doesn't have to be local. It doesn't have to be yours. It just has to work. #localgov #police #nhscomms #govcomms
It doesn't have to be local. Christ, the internet doesn't have boundaries. A story from Southampton can cut through in Stourbridge.
It doesn't have to be your content. Share someone else's. Share a paramedic or a nurse.
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On #clapforcarers day our hearts are swelling at this update from our partners @redesdamare in Rio de Janeiro.
In a favela complex where 140,000 people live in cramped conditions, w poor water/sanitation services & no source of income if they don't go out to work - and in the absence of any government help - Redes launched their public health and emergency support campaign 4 weeks ago.
Redes da Mare have used social media and their extensive networks to promote messages about hygiene, social distancing and self-isolation. Here they are stencilling local walls with key public health information.
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Saying social care is in crisis is about as uncontroversial as it gets.

In @Telegraph today,I try to highlight just how important front-line social care workers are & argue that the social care action plan shows just how desperately we need LT reform 1/…
No £-wall, but here it is in tweets.

It's hard not to be moved by @captaintommoore's 100th birthday walk for @NHSCharities. Thousands have done some amazing stuff to show support for NHS front-line. (NB whether there should be NHS charities is an altogether different article) 2/
But the other COVID front-line is just as important and admirable. 1.5m people providing around the clock social care to our most vulnerable friends, family, and neighbours. 3/
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8 PM Street meetings.


Sometime in 2001-2002 i was the beat officer for an area in South London called Upper Norwood. There was a particular problem of an evening with a group of youths, a gang had claimed a corner and a telephone box. They were dealing from there
It started with a few cars turning up, 30 seconds later, they were gone. Then the scagheads of the locality started to get their crack from the gang. Anyway, shit happened. A couple of burglaries and a theft from cars.

None the neighbours were talking to each other about
the issues, but they all had the same concerns, as news filtered through to the Police.

So, as well as targeting the gang, picking them off, and gaining lots of evidence, it was a persistent problem. So, we teamed up with the residents. The solution was the simplest ever
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✨ I felt so happy to see the world coming together in this crucial time.

People are coming up with a lot of contributions, firms are becoming more flexible and the government putting their best efforts, all these add up to the greater welfare of the nation. 💯 #ClapForCarers Image
A huge salute to all the nurses, doctors, army soldiers and police officers working round the clock to keep us safe. 🙏

Let's not waste their efforts and let's unite together to make an impact on fighting #COVID19. 💪
#StayHomeSaveLives #GoCoronaGo
And I hope, it should not last long, as it was made in China. ;)
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#ClapForCarers #ThankYouNHS

With such immense gratitude for the people putting themselves on the line for us all every single day. For everyone at #stmaryshospital in #paddington, and all our #NHS and all #carers across the country. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Never even knew so many people lived on my street. People out in force clapping, whistling and shouting “NHS NHS”. I can even hear people banging pots. #solidarity #ClapForCarers #ThankYouNHS #londonlockdown
Medic family and friends responded very emotionally to all the cheering and support. We mustn’t forget them in the days ahead. #ThankYouNHS
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Nice green tie @RishiSunak! /2
For the smallest businesses @RishiSunak says for the smallest businesses #HardshipGrantPlan - up live. /3
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