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Weekends can often be tough for #carers. Long weekends even more so, and this jubilee weekend could be particularly tough for anybody with a caring role. Here’s a few thoughts on why…
First up, there’s often a disruption to support services over the weekend (typically care workers coming in to give a hand). That might be hard work but manageable for a weekend but over four days it can feel overwhelming
Second, any regular socialising opportunities either don’t run at the weekend or are cancelled for the BH. So many of things #carers would regularly look forward to then can’t happen. N.b. Disruption to routine can be difficult for cared-for too - more complexity for the carer.
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A personal #ActuallyAutistic perspective on getting urgent #healthcare for someone in a medical emergency, and being an autistic ‘#carer’, or ‘caregiver’.
There’s a liminal state between life and death I encountered once during childbirth.
It didn’t feel survivable, but it was. And when it was over I lay there exhausted like someone who’d been swept out to sea, then washed back in on the tide.
Decades later my partner had sudden respiratory failure.
I could feel him slipping away.
His grip on life depended on me finding the right words to persuade the 999 operator how ill he was.
Even then they could not get there quickly enough, so I bundled him into the car.
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Apart from parenting children we rarely discuss being #autistic AND being a #carer.
I have personal and professional experience, and I’m interested in why it’s under explored.
Search ‘autistic carer’ and it’s assumed we’re the one being cared for.
I’m focusing here on caring for relatives, family members, or friends.
It’s something many of us find ourselves doing with no training or support.
My first experience of being a carer was as a young adult.
Back then (the early 1980s) the term ‘carer’ hadn’t even been invented.
One of the hardest things was being unrecognised and unsupported by professionals.
My partner had severe mental health issues and I might as well have been invisible.
Even after my existence was acknowledged no one had direct contact with me.
I was left to try and cope alone.
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I see a lot of commentary about the @NHSEngland paper on the future of integrated systems. Here is a perspective based on what is happening NOW rather than on some conceptual future - a hugely exciting agenda and one that is right in front of you @WYHpartnership
The paper recognises the role of LAs and the #NHS on the BROADER DETERMINANTS of health, including the economy, the environment, housing. Between @LeedsCityRegion @WYHpartnership we have made substantial progress on aligning health, housing, economy e.g.…
Tackling HEALTH INEQUALITIES is a role of ICS' and @WYHpartnership has a focused programme on this which builds on public health leadership of @Sarah5656 @robintuddenham @DrJamesThomas1 and our recent commission on #BAME populations is an ambitious example…
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It took me a while to get to this episode but so glad I did.

Dr Linacre touches on so many important issues with regard to the sharing of lived experience by mental health professionals.

This will be a long thread.

10:37 - 11:25

On recognising the double-edged nature of our personal qualities. How qualities that predispose us to mental health difficulties might also be strengths.

11:43 - 12:25

On how personal experiences of #stigma towards disability and #Ableism motivated him to work with people with learning disabilities.

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As you may know I’ve a new book out 😊 so for today’s #FollowFriday I’m going to credit everyone on Twitter who helped, inspired or are a source of support listed in #BeingWellInAcademia

It’s going to be a marathon thread! Get ready and prepare to follow some amazing folk 🌟
Let's go! Beginning with a #FollowFriday for @DrHelenKara and @ThomsonPat who are the series editors of the Insider Guides to Success in Academia… of which #BeingWellInAcademia is a part
Who's in the acknowledgements of #BeingWellInAcademia? A lot of folk not on Twitter and @lindsay_odell @butlerceri who are here and who I've enjoyed working with for longer than I can remember 😊 #FollowFriday
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1. Dear St Martin, you were always tirelessly caring for the sick. During your lifetime and from your place in Heaven God allowed you to work many wonderful miracles. We pray for (name of sick person)
#Covid_19 #Covid19UK Image
2. suffering now from sickness. Obtain for us from God the pardon of every sin and the health of mind and body necessary for our state in life.

Help us to use with wisdom and with a thankful heart the health and strength God gives us
#StMartinDePorres #prayer #CatholicTwitter
3. so that, following your example, our whole lives may be a song of thanksgiving and of praise to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Saint Martin, pray for us and for all who are sick.
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1/20 unfinished thoughts...#online Church has been dismissed for years: a ‘last resort’, a ‘pale imitation’, ‘only just better than nothing’ are 3 verdicts I've heard. Some say how much they #mourn the loss of meeting in church buildings. It's a heavy loss, a significant sorrow.
2/20 But, as with many who #grieve, in our sorrow we must be careful not to #wound others, as #mainstream #church struggles to inhabit what has been the lived, continuous (sometimes total) experience of #disabled #christians, Christians with #mentalhealth struggles...
3/20 ...Christians who are #carers for those who can't #access #Church as we knew it & Christians who work shifts. In our thrashing about in this new arena, we should be careful not to push out those whose #spiritual #home this has been for a long time...
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#ClapForCarers #ThankYouNHS

With such immense gratitude for the people putting themselves on the line for us all every single day. For everyone at #stmaryshospital in #paddington, and all our #NHS and all #carers across the country. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Never even knew so many people lived on my street. People out in force clapping, whistling and shouting “NHS NHS”. I can even hear people banging pots. #solidarity #ClapForCarers #ThankYouNHS #londonlockdown
Medic family and friends responded very emotionally to all the cheering and support. We mustn’t forget them in the days ahead. #ThankYouNHS
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Not sure why I'm so bothered about the lack of government support for UK family carers during the pandemic?

Here's why 👇👇👇

(1) Almost 9 million people in the UK provide unpaid care for family members and friends with long-term illnesses and disabilities 1/n
(2) Their unpaid labour saves the British government £132 billion each year. That's £15 million every hour.

(3) This makes family carers the equivalent of a second NHS. 2/n
(4) Second only to the NHS, family carers are providing the majority of care to those most vulnerable to COVID-19.

(5) Family carers already experience higher than average rates of physical & mental illness, social isolation, and financial distress. 3/n
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#realcarersweek 1/
Carer poverty is increasing - as the benefit system is devastated; as care charges increase exponentially, as carers are forced to leave work to care, many find themselves struggling to afford the basic and subsidising care costs and paying for equipment.
#realcarersweek 2/
Carer health is suffering - mental health, anxiety, physical pain, putting off their own health checks, often because there is no support to allow them to do this. Emergency planning to take account of carer needs/wellbeing is patchy at best.
#realcarersweek 3/ Where is the future planning? How are we planning for the future of disabled children and adults who may outlive their immediate family? The greatest fear of carers is what happens if they are no longer there to care for our loved ones.
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