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When you strip away everything, you pull out the petulant demand from Donald to dig up dirt on Joe Biden’s son. It comes down to money.

Giuliani, Lev Parnas, Igor Fruman & Harry Sargent III (former Republican FL state finance chair) all worked ...
... to try to place “their guys” as CEO & prime Sr. exec positions of the government run Ukrainian Oil and Gas company. Igor & Lev seem to have bought their way into Donald’s inner circle (& a White House meeting) by donating $325k to a Trump PAC.
Both Lev and Igor have documents that three of the House committees have requested in the impeachment process. Both have declined to provide those documents. We’ve been assured that subpoenas are coming to gain access to those documents.

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@McFaul When will people wake up & realize that the Republican party is a christofascist party now? They have no desire to play fair or lose power. This is 50 plus years of consorting with the religious right. The religious right is tight with Russia.
@McFaul Why doesn't the #MSM report on all the members of Council for National Policy in this administration? Their goal is theocracy by 2020. They're no different than ISIS or Al-Qaeda. Religious extremists are dangerous.
@McFaul Read the books #DemocracyInChains, #DarkMoney, and watch the series about #TheFamily. Wake up people!!!
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Practical Ideas to fight DARK MONEY
AMERICAN SWAMP Marathon tonight on MSNBC
#AmericanSwamp @KatyTurNBC @jacobsoboroff
#DarkMoney #KochDarkMoney #DavidKoch #MoscowMitch
Legalized Bribery
A nonprofit group #CitizensUnited
Supreme Court ruled that Corporations had the same rights as individuals and political spending was a form of free speech
Citizens United lead to SUPER PAC which can accept ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY FROM ANYONE!
TWO Restrictions
● Donors must be disclosed see OPENSECRETS.ORG
● not allowed to work for a Candidate directly
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No election law cops on the beat to serve and protect just when you need them the most. It’s all up to voters to turnout in large enough numbers to beat the cheaters backing an un-indicted co-conspirator.
Britain struggles with its own existential electoral fraud enforcement crisis. How much more democracy needs to be subverted before the tides turn?
The @FEC’s response to #CambridgeAnalytica’s blatant campaign violations is now effectively shelved with the vacancies. Is it time to sue the FEC?
#DarkMoney #DarkData #TheGreatHack
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At the same time that #DavidKoch has cast himself as a champion in the fight against cancer, Koch produces formaldehyde in great quantities, as a “known carcinogen” in humans." Koch lobbyied to prevent E.P.A from labeling formaldehyde as such #DarkMoney…
"Scientists have long known that formaldehyde causes cancer in rats, and several major scientific studies have concluded that formaldehyde causes cancer in human beings—including one published last year by the National Cancer Institute, on whose advisory board Koch sits."
"The study tracked twenty-five thousand patients for an average of forty years; subjects exposed to higher amounts of formaldehyde had significantly higher rates of leukemia."
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1. To ignore what #AndrewScheer represents, is to ignore the serious threat Canada is facing in this coming election. & it is a serious threat. Let's begin with a past tweet from Scheer. #cdnpoli #Brexit
Why is this #Scheer #Brexit tweet important? Because by all markers assessed by experts in the field, Brexit was a malign influence operation, fueled by #DarkMoney.… #cdnpoli
3. Russia has played a major role in helping to elect right wing chaos agents: Trump, #BorisJohnson, #ViktorOrban & others across Europe. In 2015 the US treasury department estimated $300B is laundered annually into the US via a variety of #DarkMoney sources.
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A conservative activist’s behind-the-scenes campaign to remake the nation’s courts
The money behind the #FederalistSociety is no mystery. Charrles Koch has given it $6.5M directly since 1997, plus shifting $$$ through other ‘non-profits’ (Donors Trust & Donors Capital Fund, plus collecting a network of other billionaires and corporations (“#KochNetwork).
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NEW: Candidates, political parties, super PACs, and #darkmoney orgs routinely spend billions of dollars to secure power in the political system. But the @FEC fails to ensure they don’t break our election laws. Our new report looks at why it doesn't work:…
@FEC The @FEC lacks the budget, staff, and teeth it needs to enforce the country’s campaign finance laws as the 2020 elections unfold
@FEC While it is common knowledge that the FEC gridlocks frequently, it is less known that the agency is severely understaffed and underfunded. The lack of resources is crippling the enforcement of existing election and anti-corruption laws.
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Finally, we discover who has been running the massive #DarkMoney-funded campaign for a no-deal Brexit. Why the hell should such campaigns be allowed to keep their backers secret?…
I wrote about these ads and the non-disclosure of their backers in February. We now know who ran them. We *still don't know* who paid for them.…
.@Tim_R_Dawson, the only public face of this #DarkMoney campaign, has plenty of questions to answer. Like: who's paying? Over to you, Tim.
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📌Mueller is a meticulous pro...he has a plan, let it play out.

📌Mueller GJ 'continuing robustly,'
The revelation indicates ongoing cases Mueller HANDED OFF will feature significant developments.

📌Eyes on actions @ EDNY, SDNY, DC, EDVA & other Federal venues

📌”No further indictments” means no further prosecutions conducted by SCO; however the fruits of his probe were indeed farmed out to other venues for prosecution.

📌Any & all criminality will be prosecuted in other Federal & state venues. #SealedIndictments

📌A previously unreported e-mail exchange alleges how Ivanka’s atty Abbe Lowell suggested changes to Cohen’s congressional testimony that would distance Ivanka from the Moscow Tower deal.

📌Butina, the NRA & the Firearms Business of High-Ranking Russian Officials
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Wouldn’t you know that the clowns behind this would be an industry lobbyist and a Koch-funded hit group operative.…
.@RussVought45 spent seven years at the #darkmoney funded @Heritage_Action trying to destroy the ACA. Now he’s running OMB trying to do that same thing. It's almost laughable.

So much for #Republicans being the “party of health care.” @realDonaldTrump has a drug company lobbyist, Joe Grogan, calling the shots on the future of the #ACA.…
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WATCH LIVE: The Federalist Society…
Did you know that nearly 90% of Trump’s appellate judges & both his #SupremeCourt justices are members of the @FedSoc?

This is an operation funded by #darkmoney & designed to remake our judiciary on behalf of a distinct group of wealthy funders.…
Add in the #darkmoney funding @judicialnetwork.
Add in the dark money funding amicus briefs telling the courts what to do.
And then look at the outcomes when the @FedSoc-selected appointees get a majority of the Court.

It is not a pretty sight.
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Rhode Island isn't a damn shame that
@wpro @wpri12 @wjar @NewsProvidence @RIrelevant @IanDon and many more so called journalistic outlets in our state REFUSE to bring you any of the following news stories?
Providence tell @GovRaimondo this is a National Emergency... @realdonaldtrump #ripoli #darkmoney #timetowakeup



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From the introductory document, it seems investigations into Trump started on July 28th, 1986 with a Special Agent from Manhattan, NY. However, a grand jury subpoena on PG 140 reveals a deeper, earlier connection with then District Attorney of SDNY @RudyGiuliani
This subpoena from then Rudy, I assume is addressing Donald Trump, and his associate George H. Ross of Dreyer and Traub as witnesses for a Grand Jury case. What is the case about? I've taken the liberty of filling in redacted boxes with red text of my own based on research.
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Here are three deceptive claims coming from the supporters of the "More Big-Money" bill (SB 622) in the #WV Legislature.…
#1 - We need to "reconcile West Virginia's contribution limits with the federal contribution limits"
MISLEADING: There is no need to "reconcile" the amounts of money given to state legislative candidates with those running for office for the Congress of the whole country. No one supports the big-money swamp in Washington & no one wants to bring it to #WV. #FightBigMoney
#2 - "Independent expenditures are not subject to the same limits or disclosure requirements as direct contributions, because of First Amendment protections."
FALSE: According to the National Conference for state legislatures.…
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UPDATE on the Indivisible Network account!🚨

I will lay out the following info: false claims of non profit status, FEC status, where their various donation buttons lead, the criminal background of the treasurer & their possible motives. THREAD #opsec #SCAM #SundayMotivation
Per FEC filings, this org is Turlock, CA:

The State of California Franchise Tax Board has downloadable lists of Exempt Organizations.

Indivisible Network PAC isn't listed.

They are *NOT* a non profit.

Per the FEC & OpenSecrets, the Indivisible Network PAC received 0 donations for the 2018 election cycle:

If they are getting donations, they aren't telling anyone how much, or what it's being spent on. #campaign #DarkMoney
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Whether Leave or Remain, you should all watch this report about @Arron_banks's involvement with Russian interests. The crucial question becomes ever louder: What was the origin of the £8m he channelled into the Leave Campaign?…
If democracy means anything in this country, Brexit should not proceed until this and other questions have been answered. Until then, we have no idea whether the referendum met basic standards of fairness.
.@UKLabour and @Conservatives, if you care about democracy, you should immediately press for Brexit to be suspended. And guess what? This gives you an entirely honourable way out of the mess you're both in.
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.@realdonaldtrump outsources his judicial picks to a shadowy group called the @FedSoc that chooses candidates based on some pretty indefensible ideas about our Constitution.
#NeomiRao comes right out of the deep bog of special interest #darkmoney, and brought that mucky world with her into OMB.

She’s going to be loyal to the #darkmoney fixers she’s served for years.
The big fixers have lots of business before the DC Circuit, and they fund front groups to tell the Court what to do as “amici.”

Rao will be a ready ear and an obedient voice to give the smelly #darkmoney crowd even more wins.

Oh, and she’s never tried a case🤦🏻‍♂️
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Not many people have done as much harm as #GeorgePell, the cardinal found guilty of child sexual abuse. He used his position to promote a virulent strain of climate science denial, in conjunction with #DarkMoney-funded lobby groups. Eg
Pell is also a vicious homophobe and repeated blocker of child sex abuse enquiries.…
It does not reflect well on the historic culture of the Catholic Church that a man like this could rise so far.
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Right, so on behalf of funders whose identity you refuse to reveal, you have just destroyed an attempt to stop children being poisoned by diesel fumes. Then you present this as some kind of triumph for the public interest.
The Taxpayers' Alliance is a #DarkMoney-funded lobbying group, seeking to rip down the laws protecting our health, our public services and the living world. In this case, it has succeeded. We should be incensed about it.
The political objective of extremely rich people and the corporations they control is to be released from the constraints of democracy: such as regulations and taxes. But they don't want to be seen. So they hire people like the Taxpayers' Alliance to do it for them.
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Almost unbelievably, the government has introduced no new laws in the wake of the #CambridgeAnalytica/Brexit scandal. So guess what? It's still going on. My column:…
I argue that this astonishing failure is symptomatic of a much wider problem:
.@carolecadwalla, @AdamRamsay, @PeterKGeoghegan, @Channel4News: It makes me furious that your brilliant work on this issue has not led to a change in the laws governing our politics. The responses I got from the government were pathetic beyond belief.
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Take immediate steps to protect US Constitution

As of Jan 25 there are 29 resolutions in 12 states calling for a
#ConventionOfStates (#COS) also known as a #ConstitutionalConvention (#ConCon)

Info required to contact legislatures 👇
See link👇👇👇 for interactive chart tracking Active #COS Legsln

Committee contact names & #s are included for all Resolutions

Public hearing dates listed as available

⏰ALL ConCon resolutions MUST BE BLOCKED & Rescission calls DEMANDED

What is the threat?

For years there’s been a stealth mvmt guided & funded by #DarkMoney sliding under radar

GOAL 👉 to #RewriteConstitution in ways beneficial ONLY to #Koch-#Mercer-Extreme Christian Right-1% population

#NoConCon #UnKochAmerica #ALEC…
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It has been 9 years since the #SupremeCourt’s disgraceful 5-4 #CitizensUnited decision.

The damage this ruling has inflicted on our democracy is undeniable. It is time to choose to be on the side of the American people over sleazy #darkmoney & special interests.
Senator McConnell and the #Republicans recognized long ago that restoring power to the people would mean losing their own.…
Looks like @Senatemajldr’s #darkmoney donors are growing uneasy about the push by @HouseDemocrats to rein in slimy special interest groups, which have gone largely unchecked since #CitizensUnited.

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How can Bernie not know about a $30000 settlement from his own campaign? This does not pass the credibility test.
Bernie Sanders' votes and non-votes that support GOP's LIFTING SANCTIONS on Russia's oligarchs is definitely not consistent with his campaign trail words from 2016.


Sanders silent on claim that Russians backed him in 2016 | by Gabriel Debenedetti…

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