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A Tale of Two Coups: A thread about the diverging performance of democratic institutions in response to recent coup attempts in Canada and the USA. #KlondikePapers #January6thHearings #FreedomConvoy #cdnpoli #CanadaDay #EmergencyAct
TL;DR: The US is outpacing Canada in responding to foreign attacks on its democracy by communicating intelligence with its population.
1/62 The past month has been a study in contrasts as the proverbial chickens come home to roost for both the Canadian “Crypto Convoy” and January 6 coup attempts of the past two winters.
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Dear Pat King and Stacey, Canada has lottery laws which apply whether a 50/50 or lotto max. Posting that both you and Pat King know his accounts are frozen, but you have another secret account pat has access to, is illegal. Another scam by #FreeDumbConvoy…
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Roughly a year ago I was doxxed by the anti-everything convoy crew. Back when they were stationary. I run(HR stuff)businesses housed in a federal building. My office was destroyed by an angry employee that was encouraged to it. 1
Her group destroyed my office and terrorized my assistant. My emails, office number was bombarded. Death threats from random strangers, from all over Canada. She was arrested and I obviously fired her with cause. Plus 3 others were charged. 2
I am extremely happy to say that this group of "I can't fly, freedom kooks" cannot fly again. Least not out of the country. All were convicted or plead out. The girl got good jail time! Peaceful my a$$! #FreedomConvoy
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Tamara Lich will be back in court tomorrow for a double-barrelled bail event. The Crown is seeking to have her sent back to jail.

Brief explainer 🧵

#FreedomConvoy #BowieOnBail
I do not yet have the full application materials, but the Crown is alleging material change of circumstance.

What is that? They’re going to argue that Tamara Lich breaking her conditions will affect the courts view of whether there is a serious likelihood of reoffending.
She’ll be in Alberta by Zoom. She is not required to attend in person. If the Crown is successful, she’ll have to come back to Ottawa to return to custody.
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🧵1. There is no #coalition as the NDP MPs are not in the Liberal cabinet., instead there is a supply and confidence agreement to provide stability and an environment to get important work done #supplyandconfidenceagreement
2. During a time when transitions from a pandemic financing to normalcy must take place Canadians will benefit from what the supply and confidence agreement provides. Federal #COVID19supports expired on May 7th.…
3. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland says Canada's surging job growth and record-low unemployment rate is evidence that ongoing pandemic support will not be needed. Those applying for workers' benefits have 60 days to submit their claims, while businesses have 180 days.
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During lockdown, the Canada health agency tracked 33 million cellphone users to study their movements.
During the February protests against the federal Covid vaccine mandates, National Defence operated a surveillance aircraft above the protests.… #cdnpoli
Beware. Those who engage in misinformation as a profession are warning about misinformation on social media!…
33 million mobile devices...
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Thread. 🧵

Here is list to date of allegations against truckers convoy proven false by police & other federal authorities.

#disinformation #misinformation #cdnmedia #onpoli #cdnpoli #EmergenciesAct #FreedomConvoy #Charter40 @Safety_Canada @JusticeCanadaEN @OttawaPolice

1/8 Image
— March 19 @TorontoStar story that police found “weapons inside some of the trucks,” that “loaded shotguns were found.” None were found.

— March 11 @CBCNews story that “total economic damage” cost Ottawa $200 million. Compensation claims to April 15 totaled $820,000.

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🧵1/2 I am a long-time political activist and protestor, as are many of my friends. I'm accomplished at letter-writing campaigns targeting govt officials. Today my protestor friends and I agree that the so-called #FreedomConvoy created a turning of the tide of illegal protests.
2/2 We no longer support illegal protests and blockades of any public infrastructure highways, bridges, ports, railways, etc. We are changing our strategy and tactics to gain public support and govt attention. We are developing more effective means of sharing our messages.
Clear transportation corridors are required to keep the supply chains operating. Clear roadways are required for emergency servicing via firetrucks and ambulance runs to hospitals. Sit-ins on highways are dangerous for sit-ins & can trigger violent responses from motorists.
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Just don't get yourself arrested. @CalgaryPolice are just as forceful as ever AS LONG AS YOU'RE NOT AN ANTIVAXER. Might get hit with a bike or other blunt instrument. They don't even care if you're a senior citizen, right @neufeld_mark? /41 #yyc #yyccc
DO YOU GET THAT THIS IS YOUR WHOLE CAREER FLASHING BEFORE YOUR EYES CHIEF @neufeld_mark? This IS a policing failure. We don't NEED to be told its not & we don't NEED to be told to just LIE DOWN & TAKE IT. You need to EXPLAIN THE FAILURE. /42 #yyc #yyccc
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I’m at the Dominion-Chalmers Centre where Carleton University is holding an event called “Journalism Under Siege”. It’s a panel on the #FreedomConvoy with members of the legacy media. I will provide regular updates in this thread ⬇️
Despite Ontario lifting restrictions & passports, I had to show proof of vaccination to access the event. I also had to say “no” to a list of COVID screening questions. Social distancing is in place & masks are a must.

For background on the event:…
The event started off with a land acknowledgment. Stating that the event is on “unceded” Indigenous territory. The MC also called on people to be mindful of the Indigenous territory they are themselves on.
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If you followed #FreedomConvoy, even supported it, did you really understand danger it poses to Canada? Maybe you waved away extremist elements, saying just a few "bad apples". You'd be deluding yourself. It's time to scratch below the surface, start here:
Those various flags seen throughout the protest. They weren't one-offs or bad apples, they were embedded in the protest from the start. You saw them:
#Trump flags, Confederate flags, 3% flags, &, yes, Swastika flags (if you have one Nazi in a crowd, you've got a crowd of Nazis).
Think this is an exaggeration? Maybe start to examine what's actually driving these groups. Organizers of #TruckConvoy have a history of extremist views, from #Wexit to disgusting racist bigotry and hatred. It wasn't hidden, you just ignored it.
Start with #CanadaUnity
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OK, Johnston J on the bench giving reasons. R v Lich. Bail Review. SCJ. Pub Ban is only with respect to identify of surety, as before.


#Lich #FreedomConvoy
Judge is reviewing St. Cloud, "not an open ended discretion," etc.
Judge is now reviewing Bourgeois J's decision, reasons for detention.
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BREAKING: The Capitol Police Board has issued an emergency declaration in response to the People's Convoy after it drove around the DC Beltway for four hours on Sunday. #FreedomConvoy
Per @bpolitics, the emergency declaration allows police to ask for help from the National Guard in addition to permitting payment for officers' hotels and food costs to stay near the Capitol.

"Officials were especially worried what the convoys would do Monday."
"The protest, which started Sunday with truckers making two noisy laps around the Capital Beltway interstate highway, could last several days." 😂 (@bpolitics)

Per a trucker on the official People's Convoy page: "We will hold the line! YOU WORK FOR US!"
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Canada is not under attack from a neighbouring country and if it were, it's the working men and women like the folks who showed up to protest, not the Zoom and Peloton class, who will be on the front lines defending this nation's freedom.
Seen so many tendentious and insidious comparisons of the Freedom Convoy protestors to what is happening in Ukraine, as if to imply that full scale invasion is the only benchmark for peaceful protests and civil disobedience.
It's a bit like saying women shouldn't continue to fight for their rights in country X, Y, Z because they have no rights in Saudi Arabia. Appalling.
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Court is now in session.

Pat King is on his way from the holding cells to the courtroom.

Follow this thread for updates 🧵

#cdnpoli #FreedomConvoy #Ottawa
There’s already some irregularities with how this matter is proceeding.

We were supposed to get a decision at 1 PM, but it’s starting early because apparently the defence wants to reopen the case.
Here’s the rundown from Tuesday’s hearing, in case you need to catch up.
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My observation on Jan 28 was that the officer effectively de-escalated (which isn’t always the case at protests). I still think so.

I wrongly assumed the trucks would have to park elsewhere.

The pickup with decals stayed in front of Parliament for several days.

The trucks just casually rolled in.
The trucks weren’t even in disguise FFS
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It’s disturbing to see disinformation spread about me in real time:

1) I produced some of the most valuable #FreedomConvoy footage, at my own risk.

2) My credentials & tangible work are unassailable.

3) I have actual (brown) skin in this game. Image
The Reddit post maligning me above links to a Twitter feed that has been obsessively repeating lies, half-truths & gross mischaracterizations about me for ~six months.

The Twitter account DMs, QTs, and replies to random people (especially blue checks) who engage with my content.
I have been stalked online & IRL for ~nine months.

I’ve tried ignoring it.
I’ve tried confronting it.
I’ve tried rising above it.

I put it on the back burner in Ottawa because I couldn’t afford distractions, meanwhile the perpetrators turned up the heat.

It’s now boiled over.
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Alright, court is coming back for Pat King's bail hearing after lunchbreak. During the recess, King was served with the statement of claim in a $396 million class action lawsuit against him and other #FreedomConvoy organizers and participants.
That lawsuit, btw, is for damages on behalf of downtown Ottawa residents, businesses and workers.
Technical difficulties. There are too many people on the zoom call for the hearing. So they're ending it and restarting. Asking people to wait a minute so lawyers can get in.
Hopefully I don't get booted. Media also trying to do its job here..
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Tuning into the outcome of Tamara Lich’s bail hearing. 🧵

#cdnpoli #FreedomConvoy #Ottawa
Reminder, the court can only consider the following grounds:

1) flight risk
2) protection of public, including ongoing commission of offences
3) confidence in the administration of justice
For ground #2, detention is justified only where there is a *substantial* risk (likelihood to reoffend).

The judge is now going over the allegations against Ms. Lich, including that she was an organizer who continued to counsel others to commit crimes, even after her arrest.
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Despite their military-style appearance, police were fairly restrained in clearing the convoy/occupation (esp. compared to other protests).

And yet Krista Haynes (née @fordnation) boosts anti-vaxx “influencer” Rob Primo’s narrative of state oppression.

#FreedomConvoy #Qrista
What’s funny (?) is that Qrista’s husband is a former cop who left his job after refusing to get vaccinated.

She knows the outcome could have been significantly more violent.

I’ve never seen her post about the brutality of encampment clearings, for example.

Selective outrage.
There are many threads to unravel in all of this, with a view towards understanding right-wing populism and how it gains momentum.

During times of uncertainty & information overload, I find it helpful to reflect on what’s known in order to formulate my thoughts.
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1/ Am tweeting more screenshots from the #GreatReset book by Klaus Schwab as they pertain to the Canada and USA #FreedomConvoy2022 movements, and more.

p113: "There cannot be a lasting recovery without a global ... governance ...."
2/ The #GreatReset Davos Gang was already COUNTING ON the pushback from #FreedomConvoy movements. See page 104: "the coming post-Covid anarchy ..." and "global messiness."
3/ #GreatReset Davos Gang proclaims the #TRILEMMA: Economic Globalization and Democracy and State Sovereignty CANNOT CO-EXIST ...
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I think it’s time to go home ☺️

#FreedomConvoy #Ottawa
There will be more analysis & footage to come, including my handpicked highlight (lowlight?) reel.

The convoy/occupation may be over, but it would be a mistake to become complacent about populism.

I will do my best to continue covering this and other matters of public interest.
I do not have the benefit of having a media outlet that pays for my time or expenses. This venture has been entirely self & crowdfunded.

If you took any value from my work and can afford & are inclined to show appreciation, I accept e-transfers:
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As @petersankoff and I discussed earlier this week, a major downside of heavy-handed police enforcement against convoy/occupation supporters is how this will play into their narrative of victimhood & oppression.

This will hasten radicalization.

#cdnpoli #FreedomConvoy #Ottawa ImageImageImageImage
If a group is paranoid about government overreach, censorship & suppression, it seems ill-advised to deploy the riot squad, cavalry & weapons after ~ three weeks of lawlessness with impunity.

The pendulum swung too far the opposite way, thus validating the group’s paranoia.
To reiterate what’s been said elsewhere, the situation should never have reached this point.

Parliament Hill is surrounded by water. There’s literally one street to protect, which didn’t happen.

Why were trucks permitted to park on Wellington in the first place? Image
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