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Randy Hillier's motion for a change of venue was dismissed today by Justice Kevin Phillips of the Superior Court of Justice. Justice Phillips dismissed the motion "summarily" which means he didn't permit the parties to even have a hearing. Respectfully, he got it wrong. 🪡🧵
Firstly, I'll say that I am not going to lay out all of my criticism for this decision. Judges cannot respond to criticism and so public criticism is not the best way to address a judicial decision. I will, however, make some comments about the worst aspects of his decision.
Summary dismissal is a drastic result. In a situation like this, it can only be issued where there is no chance of success of the motion. To this, Justice Phillips likened Mr. Hillier's motion to the motion brought by James Bauder and Pat King.
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Last year, former MPP Randy Hillier was charged with criminal offences in relation to his support for the #FreedomConvoy. His trial is currently set to be held in Ottawa. Tomorrow we argue a change of venue motion so that he can be tried in a jurisdiction other than #Ottawa.
In Ottawa, the #ArrestRandyHillier hashtag was prominent during the time. Further, the city and other local politicians have demonized the Freedom Convoy. One such example is the creation of @ottpeoplescomm funded largely by the taxpayers of Ottawa.
Another example is when then-mayor @JimWatsonOttawa tweeted his support for #ZexiLi who had received the “city builder” award from the City of Ottawa for her role as the lead plaintiff in a massive class-action lawsuit naming tens of thousands of ottawa residents as defendants.
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1. The Trudeau Foundation used this symbol just 6 years ago. It is of course a symbol known to the FBI as a pedophile symbol… #TrudeauFoundation #JustinTrudeau #pedeophile Image
2. Justin Trudeau claims recently that he has had nothing to do with the Trudeau Foundation for 10 years - but the Foundation certainly benefited once Justin took over Liberals, analysis shows… #TrudeauFoundation #justintrudeau Image
3. This report confirms that officially Justin Trudeau has withdrawn from the affairs of the Foundation for the duration of his involvement in federal politics but also lists him as a succession member..… #TrudeauFoundation #TrudeauCorruption Image
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🧵 A few years ago, Canadians associated #conspiracytheories with harmless lunacy promoted by nutbars. Then the COVID19 pandemic brought them to the forefront during the so-called #FreedomConvoy and #OttawaOccupation.
From #QAnon , #SoldiersofOdin, #Diagolon, #YellowVests so-called Christians etc. passing as truckers while spouting hateful white nationalism, racism, Islamophobia rhetoic and backed financially by several American far-right groups, the craziness revealed was much closer to home
Ir was so close to home that the Interim CPC Leader Bergen, past CPC Leader Scheer and current CPC Leader Poilievre met with them. The latter even provided donuts and marched with the so-called protestors who plotted a coup of a duly elected govt.…
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@PierrePoilievre didn't post it on his Twitter feed but condemned 'vile' views of Germany's @AndersonAfDMdEP in the media.
POLL: Will @PierrePoilievre remove CPC MPs Dean Allison, Colin Carrie & Leslyn Lewis who met with Anderson at a paid dinner from the CPC caucus?
Pls Comment
@globalnews @CBCNews @CTVNews @NatObserver all reported Poilievre denounced 'vile' and 'racist' views of @AndersonAfDMdEP who met with 3 of his MPs, 2 of whom (Lewis & Allison) have postured that didn't know who she was or what she believes.
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CSIS' *illegal* leak Fife & Chase wrote about in the Globe was released the same day as Justice Roleau's report vindicating the LIBs for the hammer they brought down on the #FreedomConvoy!

It is a major clickbait distraction based on China's bragadocious lies. #cdnpoli
The lie about re-electing a minority Gov means LIBs needed to win 140-165 seats & no more than 170 or less than 140!

How did China convince Quebec to elect the BLOC instead of PMJT?


LIBs accepting "undisclosed cash donations"? Political suicide & a LIE!

THINK! #cdnpoli Image
My thread on the Conservative/CSIS/FIFE distraction from Roleau's report is here:

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Great thread 🔥

Claiming China had "a sophisticated strategy" to *specifically* get a LIB minority as Fife did is patently absurd.

CSIS illegally leaked “top secret” material to a highly partisan Conservative journalist. For political purposes?

One of Fife's other claims in the Globe article as to how China interferes is that "undeclared cash donations" are given to political candidates or international Chinese students can "volunteer"! The problem is cash over $20 is not allowed.

Is that a CSIS error or a FIFE error? Image
“(China) did not have the impact they claimed,” Kelshall, president of the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies in Vancouver, said."

Post to come on alleged claims: “…Chiu faced social-media campaigns on WeChat & WhatsApp ...”…
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🧵 "Nearly a year after the start of Canada’s 2022 #FreedomConvoy—a series of protests and blockades that brought together a wide variety of #farrightactivists and #extremists, as well as ordinary Canadians who found common ground with the aggrieved message of the organizers ...
the question of whether and to what degree foreign actors were involved remains largely unanswered. This paper attempts to answer some of those questions by providing a brief but targeted analysis of #Russia’s involvement in the Freedom Convoy via #media and #social media.
The analysis examines Russian involvement in the convoy through the lenses of overt state media coverage, state-affiliated #proxywebsites, and overlap between #Russianpropaganda and #convoycontent on social media.
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I don't watch corporate news media. I followed the 2016 Bernie Sanders mainstream press quite closely but other than that, the last time I remember watching any mainstream news in any detail goes back to the Gulf War in 1990-91.
At that time, I was quite an obsessive student of media propaganda and I was glued to CNN like I was watching a car crash, only infinitely worse of course.

Of course, many of the stunts used to promote the conflict have since been exposed for what they were: shameless, sloppy..
bits of atrocity propaganda, like the Nayirah testimony for instance. If you're not familiar with this, read and watch these:…

By the Gulf War Part II, the propaganda was so ridiculous, I couldn't tolerate watching any of it..
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The Ottawa People’s Commission on the Convoy Occupation (@ottpeoplescomm) today released Part 1 of its final report.

Included are testimonies of many residents, and it's clear that this was a violent occupation in which the people of downtown #Ottawa were abandoned.

(A thread)
The so-called #FreedomConvoy negatively impacted community organizations offering essential services, businesses like pharmacies and restaurants, churches, schooling, daycares, emergency services, and programs to help the homeless. Many women experienced sexual harassment.
It’s also very sad how many residents – including me – have been gaslighted and mocked for their experiences.

Here are some notable quotes from the report, which is available here:
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Hi @JenOConnell_

It appears that you have not had the opportunity to meet any of the participants in the #FreedomConvoy.

It would be my pleasure to introduce you to some of them.

#FreedomConvoy people

#FreedomConvoy people

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A year ago, I stepped out of my home in Ottawa to check out a protest unfolding in my part of town. Little did I know the #FreedomConvoy protests would go down as one of the greatest cultural moments in Canada's history, inspire the world,and that it would change my life forever. Image
I expected #FreedomConvoy protests to be your garden variety protest on the hill with a couple of hundred people at the most. Would end that day. I'd heard from the legacy media that they were racists and we should be afraid. I went with an open mind and am glad I did. ImageImageImage
These were the very first images of the trucks I saw on the evening of the 27th from my perch, driving around and honking. What's the big deal, right? I get on to Rideau street first thing in the morning on the 28th and this is what awaits me.I hadn't seen anything quite like it. ImageImageImageImage
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I did a thing. I agreed to go visit a freedom convoy group having a bbq. I went with as open a heart as I could. My friend said "come see, we are nice people". Well curiosity killed the cat and I will never go back. It started ok.
Grabbed a drink, and listened. Within 5 minutes, they had insulted the disabled, called for vaccinated to, hurry up and die, so they can be right. I said something. "The divide is on yourside, why should I try when I already feel spit on." 2
I was told it's my fault they were persecuted. "How is it my fault?" Yelly, yelly, something something. Thanked them for the drink, told them good luck and walked to the bar down the road. They are hateful and do not listen. I lasted 23mins. #FreedomConvoy
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I gave testimony to the Ottawa People’s Commission (@ottpeoplescomm), which is examining the impacts of the horrid (anti-)#FreedomConvoy that terrorized our neighbourhood last winter. I also listened to other testimonies. Some takeaways.
(A thread)
#FreeDumbConvoy #FluTruxKlan
I shared the story of my near-death experience at the hands of a red-light-running “F*ck Trudeau” trucker, and the debilitating impacts on my wife’s anxiety of the senseless honking. I am humbled by the messages of sympathy I received afterwards, many had similar experiences.
The executive director of a local community health centre, situated in the middle of the area of the illegal occupation last winter, told heartbreaking stories from their clients who were desperately needing services...
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🧵 The Alberta Sovereignty Act is Needed🧵
Everyone that ignored coerced Euthanasia, saw no constitutional problem with lockdowns, shuttering bank accounts without court orders, invoking martial law to quash a protest

They're screaming bloody murder

And I love it.

Danielle Smith's sovereignty act is the opening salvo in what is certain to be a constitutional crisis if not a seperatist crisis in Canada.

And i bloody love it.

What the act proposes to do is no different than what countless sanctuary state/city laws in the US do:

Refuse to let municipal and provincial resources be used to enforce federal laws the locality opposes.

This is exactly how California and Chicago help Illegal immigrants
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1. Nazi Flag and Claims of "False Flags": Brendan Miler's Accusations Amplified By Extremists and Conspiracy Promoters
2. On November 21, the big news emerging from the inquiry was that CSIS had advised that the Prime Minister invoke the Emergency Act in response to the occupation in Ottawa and the border blockades in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.…
3. However soon a lawyer representing the "Freedom Convoy" made a bombshell claim in which he implicated an executive with Enterprise Canada in an incident that occurred in the early days of the occupation.
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▶️Le FBI chercherait à l'identifier, pendant que la légende #Satoshi, 20° fortune mondiale, continue à faire couler beaucoup d’encre.

Toute hypothèse reste possible...

- Thread que Musk, Biden, Macron, BFM & Goldman Sachs aimeraient pouvoir interdire

Censuré une 1° fois, RT♻️
- Et si un lobby technologique & industriel, la CIA ou le WEF se cachait derrière cette légende ?

Comment ? Pourquoi ?

▶️Revenons aux origines de l’émergence de la cryptographie :

#Bitcoin est né dans les méandres de la crise financière de 2008... Image
Alors que l’économie, le système financier & bancaire mondial étaient au bord du gouffre.

Afin d’éviter l'implosion financière imminente, les gouvernements ont opté pour des politiques de Quantitative Easing, misent en place principalement par l’activité des banques commerciales ImageImage
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1. When I did the timeline on Pat King's involvement in the #OttawaOccupation (link below) I didn't include a lot of what I had.

In retrospect there was a lot that I should have included, thus here are with Part II

2. And once again to set the mood and contradicting the "ah shucks, I'm really a nice guy" and "teddy bear" persona Pat has cultivated, here he is during a summer a few years back telling people he is not a nice person and saying he has a record the size of his arm.
3. Based on a redacted intel report during the occupation which is clearly Pat King, this admission might be one of the few things he has said about himself that is accurate.
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1. So.

I just finished watching Pat King's testimony.

And it was... something.

Suffice to say I don't have time to deal with everything he said, but I thought I would put out a thread to provide context.
2. Let's get one thing out of the way right away.

In late 2021, Pat was prevented from boarding a flight due to his vax status. He was upset, hence the "catch a bullet" comment.

Since I would hate to take it out of context, her is the video he posted in it's entirety.
3. In early January he got wind of the planned convoy. Here on January 14 he talks about the Memorandum of Agreement that a faction of the participants was going to submit and suggested something would happen if the Senate rejected it.
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Yesterday's #EmergenciesAct nugget of knowledge is that the truckers were PAID "PROTESTERS" getting multiple envelopes containing $2000 cash. A couple of the organizers testified to passing cash out multiple times. What a fuckin' joke. They got paid, it was a JOB not a PROTEST.
Wow, popular, I get the feeling you'd like to see the testimony about multiple Convoy organizers handing out $2000 envelopes to paid protesters multiple times with no tracking. It's just 2 minutes, put the sound up. #FreedomConvoy #EmergenciesActInquiry #EmergenciesAct #DarkMoney
Not only did each trucker get multiple $2000 cash envelopes, but they also received approximately $8000 in cryptocurrency!!! What in the Lex Luthor bullshit is happening?
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▶️Le FBI et la CIA chercheraient à découvrir son identité, pendant que la légende #SatoshiNakamato, 20° fortune mondiale, continue à faire couler beaucoup d’encre

Toute hypothèse est possible à ce sujet

Étudions donc le phénomène avec un esprit cryptique.

@Jokaver x @0xTwareg
@Jokaver @0xTwareg - Et si un lobby technologique & industriel, la CIA ou le WEF se cachait derrière cette légende ?

Comment ? Pourquoi ?

▶️ Revenons aux origines de l’émergence de la cryptographie :

#Bitcoin est né dans les méandres de la crise financière de 2008... Image
@Jokaver @0xTwareg Alors que l’économie, le système financier & bancaire mondial étaient au bord du gouffre.

Afin d’éviter l'implosion financière imminente, les gouvernements ont opté pour des politiques de Quantitative Easing, misent en place principalement par l’activité des banques commerciales ImageImage
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1. As the Emergencies Act Inquiry continues we need to remember that most of the individuals who participated in the #OttawaOccupation and border blockades are still planning further actions.

And that includes a "convoy" planned for Lethbridge in support of the Coutts arrestees.
2. This week occupation organizers such as Tamara Lich and Pat King appear before the Emergencies Act Inquiry, however we have to remember the EA wasn't only enacted due to the situation in Ottawa but also because of the border blockades.…
3. Borders were shut down in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. The most economically damaging was likely the closing down of the Ambassador bridge but the longest and perhaps most dangerous blockade was at the Coutts, AB border crossing.…
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1. If you are following me odds are that has been since January 29, 2022 when I started composing some epically long and frequently snarky threads on the "Freedom Convoy" which I often characterized as the #OttawaOccupation.
2. The occupation in Ottawa eventually inspired anti-vaxx/anti-mandate people to block border crossings in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, slowing and in some cases stopping international trade.
3. The convoy attracted a number of participants, many of whom subscribed to outlandish conspiracy theories, and a number of whom adhered to extremists ideologies.
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