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Preparing my first biz trip in 3 years – I am obviously rusty... I used to be good at that stuff, now it feels like I am flailing around... Things are however coming – slowly – together. I managed to get my samples from France BEFORE the departure date! Wasn't a given outcome...
The mere fact that I have to make checklists is disconcerting. But at least – hopefully! – I won't forget anything...
I've also updated my Cathay Mileage Tracker – it has had very little activity in the last 3 years, except for point transfers from my bank account, and gifts from #CX (thank you!).

With this first trip, I will have 50% of the points needed to renew my Marco Polo Gold status.
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This is an interesting perspective on the #AdaniSyndrome Don't miss.

#cocacola entered India, taking over 11 other Indian soft drink brands, the rest being taken over by Pepsi!

No objection! No shouting

#AMAZON hasn't left out any city!

No resistance! No shouting!

Courier services like #BlueDart #DHL & #FEDEX came & brought their planes too. Now the whole business is occupied!

No resistance.. No shouting..

#Chinese & #Korean mobiles dominate India.

No resistance, no noise! No shouting..
#Nestlé #Maggi #ITC #HUL #PEPSI etc entered the farm sector!

No resistance, no noise

In the 4-wheeler industry, #SUZUKI #MG #Hyundai etc.
#Honda dominates the two-wheeler industry,

No resistance, no noise, no shouting..
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I've got a great list of top UK affiliate programs for December! These are all hand-curated, unbiased, and cash programs. Plus, 99% of them are free to join! #affiliateprograms #UKaffiliateprograms
1. Wish Affiliate Program: You can earn up to 18% commission with this one. #Wish
2. DHL Affiliate Program: Earn up to 5% commission on this one. #DHL
3. Crystal Clear Memories Affiliate Program: This one pays 12% commission. #CrystalClearMemories
4. Robinhood Affiliate Program: You can earn up to $20 with this one. #Robinhood
5. Gap Affiliate Program: This one pays up to 4% commission. #Gap
6. Ancestry Affiliate Program: You can earn up to 20% commission with this one. #Ancestry
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🧵New investigation into e-commerce giant We uncovered a huge range of child sex abuse dolls including replica toddler girls marketed for men's sexual purposes on @madeinchina_b2b
#madeinchinaDOTCOM #MICchildsexabusedolls #ecommerce #endsexploitation Image
We found numerous listings for the replica female children designed with penetrable orifices for men's simulation of child rape. @madeinchina_b2b #madeinchina #MICchildsexabusedolls #ecommerce #EndSexploitation #CSAM #CEM #EndSexploitation #b2b #ecommerce Image
The products are listed with descriptors including 'young', 'child', 'girl', 'flat chest', 'real' and 'loli'.

The number of penetrable 'holes' - mouth, vagina + anal orifices - is usually listed.

@madeinchina_b2b #MICchildsexabusedolls Image
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"Vavilov's seed collection, rightfully considered the world's first genetic bank, is actively used in breeding practice, although in other countries such banks began to be created only in the 70s , when the seeds were already weakened due to technogenic factors .."
"VIR has been operating for several years a scheme to export samples of a unique collection worth 8 trillion dollars abroad. The collection was taken to China and to the gene bank built on the money of the Rothschilds and Rockefellers in Svalbard"
"according to the publication, Dzyubenko's henchmen, in a hurry to catch up to the appointment of a new director, are preparing to send more than 2.5 thousand samples of unique varieties and hybrids of seeds from the Russian collection to the Norwegian Genetic Bank. "
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@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
The deputy commander of the Ukr 503rd Independent Marine Infantry Btn has been captured in #Mariupol. He say the remnants of the unit have broken up in small groups to try to make it through the blockade
@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
Georgian Dato Gobedzhishvili & Belorussian Dmitry Apanasovich from the "Georgian Legion" have reportedly been killed at #Irpen near #Kiev ImageImage
@vovka3232 #RussiaUkraine
First footage of combat use of the new #ISDM Remote Mining System in the #Kharkov area
More info in link…
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Les colis parcourent 1,5km sur la chaîne de tri #DHL
Une noria de colis
La, c'est le " cerveau" de la chaîne de tri Image
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Ces toboggans? Ce n'est pas un parc d'attraction, c'est le nouveau hub #DHL à Roissy. Image
240 emplois, le plus important investissement de DHL en France
38 000 colis a l'heure.
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Les quiero contar algo que me pasó ayer porque como dicen Twitter es servicio. Hoy un poco más calma puedo sentarme a escribir porque ayer estaba muy nerviosa, angustia y enojada conmigo misma.
Casi caigo en el cuento del tío de una manera tan absurda (por eso mi enojo) Me la paso diciendo a todos los mayores que tengan cuidado con los llamados estilo estafas y a mis amig@s con hij@s que no suban fotos de menores a redes... creo que me iluminó papá desde el cielo
Por el chat de FB hablo con mi prima que vive en EEUU (todo muy lógico) era su perfil, sus fotos, sus publicaciones. Me saluda y pregunta por la flia, la vacuna, etc etc. Lo de siempre. Hasta que en un momento me dice que tiene unas cajas que mandó por #DHL si puedo recibirlas yo
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Jetzt! Blockade des Güterbereichs vom Flughafen #LEJ #le0907
Es wird protestiert gegen die ungezügelten Frachtflugverkehr mitten in der Nacht. Es geht um #Nachtruhe, #climatejustice, gute Arbeitsbedingungen und globale Lieferketten.
#DHL #LVZ #LIZ #Amazon @Ende__Gelaende
23.07 Raus, also nach Hause kommen die LKWs. Die Zufahrt wird aber weiter blockiert. #le0907
Währenddessen staut sich der Reinkommende Verkehr.
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Así consigna la prensa la noticia de la “llegada” de 3,000 vacunas #PfizerBioNTech

Más allá, de que son notoriamente insuficientes vale la pena LEER este 🧵 👇

@SRE_mx dice que hubo un cambio de avión en Cincinnati, que es el Hub de DHL vía @beltrandelrio


Abro 🧵 1/6 ImageImageImageImage
Si le creemos a @SRE_mx que NO fue el mismo avión el que despegó con las vacunas de Bélgica que el que aterrizó con ellas en México, se podría explicar la duda sobre la bitácora del avión vía @flightradar24

Salvo por un pequeño detalle de información que proviene de #DHL

2/6 ImageImageImageImage… vía @mrxmx2019

El Pharma Hub Airport de #DHL y avalado por #IATA vía su programa de certificación farmacéutica es el de Miami, NO el de Cincinnati

La conexión entre Bruselas y Miami de #DHL inicio en marzo con el Airbus A330-200F para 65 toneladas

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Today our behavioural anomaly hit an interesting sample.

1⃣ Macro Document
2⃣ Spawning Notead with a funny command line
3⃣ Spawning a WMIC instance
4⃣ WMIC running rundll32 with a malicious dll

But what got my attention was something else:
The bahaviour of wmic.

thread 👇🧵
I always looks for interesting behaviour, what you can notice is how is possible that WMIC is creating a process? 2 possibilites, or with the Macro injecting code, or #Squiblytwo

You can notice there is no Injection involved, nor the cmdline for Squiblytwo! 👇🧵
So i started digging the Macro and the behaviour was very funny.

1⃣ Macro spawns notepad and using Message Passing, it let create the document xsl needed later on
2⃣ Macro spawns wmic and using PostMessageA pass a new cmdline that will be the #Squiblytwo attack

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Fast alle bisherigen Threads+ zur #Klimakrise, zu #FridaysForFuture, zu #ExtinctionRebellion etc. vom WRKSHP, nichtchronologisch, zum Teil in-medias-thread bzw. Drukos oder als HTMLisierter thread und doppelt:

(Foto: "Beuys-Baum" mit "-Stein" vor dem Kasseler Kohlekraftwerk)
George #Monbiot ist "gefühlter" Stichwortgeber...

#FridaysForFuture bisher noch ganz im Rahmen der herrschenden gesellschaftlichen Funktionsweise
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