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All about basic CANDLESTICK patterns a chart analyst should know! - Part 2

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In Part - 1 of this series, we have seen
1. Doji
2. Harami
3. Hammer
In this thread, lets checkout few more basic candlesticks with examples.
4. Engulfing candlestick
5. Piercing candlestick
6. Marubozu candlestick
4. Engulfing candlestick.
As name says its a sweep over (something) so as to surround or cover it completely.
The candlestick is termed as engulfing candle if the second candle completely covers the first candle body.
The candle pair should be of opposite colours.
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All about basic CANDLESTICK patterns a chart analyst should know! 👇👇

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The candle stick in trading community refers to two different subjects.
1. This is a way of putting in data of a stock in graphical representation.
2. By vitue of #1, we intern can use them for analysis by combining various time frames known as chart analysis.
3. When we say chart analysis, it is nothing but study of price behaviour at various levels. Price behaves in certain manner due to larger participation of people at various key levels, by increase/decrese of demand and supplies.
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#ITC at #AshwamedhIndiaConclave organised by #ElaraSecurities

Time for thread 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


During COVID Wave II, the cigarettes industry was affected by severe restrictions on store operating hours & reduced mobility; hence, May was much affected. Post first week of June, week-on-week demand has improved and the recovery rate is faster than that during last year.

ITC’s capsule cigarettes are present across all segments of DSFT, RSFT, Longs and KSFT. ITC believes that this category has high growth potential and hence, has heavily invested to effect 100% indigenization.

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Breaking Investment Stereotypes - a quick capsule📌 of our 🎙️ with Saurabh Mukherjea (@MarcellusInvest).

We know this cannot capture all we learnt from the hour long discussion - check the full recording for that🤠

See select snippets in thread below👇 Image
1/8 Here is how Saurabh describes Marcellus's investment philosophy in simple terms 👇

- Clean promoters
- Essential products
- Monopoly franchises.

The true test of a monopoly is not market share, but pricing power. A monopoly is when even if a rival comes and offers the product 20% cheaper, the customer will say I am not shifting boss!
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#IRCTC > 100% Market share in Rail Network.

#IEX >90% market share in power trading.

#Zyduswellness >90% market share in sugar free product.

#Eichermotors >85% market share in 250cc bikes category.

#MCX >85% market share in commodity trading.

#Coalindia >80% market share in coal production in India.

#ITC >75% market share in cigarettes.

#HondaSiel >75% in portable power generators.

#HindustanZinc >75% market share in primary zinc industry.

#AsahiIndiaGlass >70% market share in automotive glass.

#NRBBearings >70% market share in needle roller bearings.

#Pidilite >65% market share in adhesives.

#CAMS >65% market share in RTA within mutual fund industry.

#TimeTechnoplast >65% market share in polymer based industrial packaging.

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IMP Note for #ITC
“Committee is of the opinion that the FDI in tobacco sector albeit in a regulated manner would stimulate the production and processing of Indian tobacco thereby boosting its export.

Rerating Trigger ?
The Committee, therefore, recommends the Department to undertake a study to analyse the prospects of opening FDI investments in the tobacco sector at the earliest,” the report states.

Currently, FDI is prohibited in manufacturing of cigars, cigarettes and tobacco substitutes.
Quality tobacco at par with international standards is available in India at competitive prices and there is good potential for export of Indian tobacco to China. The revival of the phytosanitary protocol with
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Going to share ITC's daily and weekly and RS Charts as well either by EOD or EOW

Very Interesting, a move towards 260 possible by end of year

At last #ITC $ITC investors will party🥳🎉
Ciggy Stocks looking good
Just love this chart of #GODFRYPHLP

Entered today🚀🌕, a bit medium to long term bet. This one should reclaim 2020 Jan high
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ITC #shareholders today
Those Who don't have #itc in #portfolio .
Those #investors recently sold #ITC
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#Banknifty in focus.
#Hdfcbank 8 days of cons. A move past 1560-65.
#Icicibank 10 days of cons. A move past 717
#Reliance 6 days of cons. A move past 2400
#Hdfc 3 days of cons. Holding 2785-2805 & move past 2825
#Hdfc breaking out..
#Icicibank is poised..
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Journey of most typical trader.

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🎯 Swiping TV channels and anchor shouting that investors gained lakhs of crores in a day.
🎯 A friend flaunting that he has earned 5-10K today.
This 5-10K is the monthly salary of many.
🎯Inspiration from Profit screen shot of twitter traders.
After encountering with one among above case, you opened demat account and put 10K as initial capital.
First day of trade, you took very less quantity, say 10 quantity of a share. It came down but you held. at end of the day it went up above the buy price and you booked profit.
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Freak trade - A daylight robbery?

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It was a calm trading day on last trading day of the week and from nowhere price shooted up in some of the contracts disrupting everybody's self esteem!
If we go through past two month's history, this was the fifth/sixth price surge. Past surge were on
🩸On 5th July, Nifty Futures surged 805 points.
🩸On 28th July, Nifty futures made downmove of 530 points.
🩸Bank Nifty 37000 strike price surged 2000 points.🩸Nifty 16450 for August expiry rose by 700 points.
🩸Bank Nifty 37100 PE surged to 1921.
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There's a couple of key changes happening in the consumer facing FMCG brands which I think investors need to taje notice of and think about. Investors of #itc #hul #britannia need to think carefully about this. 👇👇
1️⃣ The retailer is becoming ecommerce heavy. Ex: I buy all my grocery on Tata big basket or Amazon. To me this represents a change in power dynamics across the value chain. The ability of Amazon or big basket to bargain is far higher than an offline only limited space distributor
Or a mom and pop front end kirana store. Now how fast this shows up in numbers and depresses working capital for brands is a function of market share of e-retail vs that of offline retail. I'd definitely track this if I were invested in the consumer facing brands.
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Having your own conviction in #investing is important.

Would like to share views of an #opportunistic #investor ,that me.

I bought #divislab when I found a small fish in a big pond: added more #DIVIS after now when they transferred themselves as a big fish in a big ocean (1/n)
Bought #lauruslab when I found #laurusbio a small fish in a big ocean.

Bought #deepaknitrite when #china announced #bluesky policy .

Added more #deepakntr when covid19 #disrupted China dependence and formulation of china+1 policy.

Added more #deepaknitrate when they (2/n)
Transferred themselves into a big ocean proving to be big fish recently.

Bought #saregama when there was a #turnaround story.

Bought #tatamotors when their management changed.

Bought #jubiliantingrevia when #demerger took place.

Added #tatapower when they are transferring (3/
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🩸FIBONACCI retracement and GOLDEN RATIO - PART 2

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We have described how interesting Fibonacci numbers and ratios are and how it's been formed in PART 1 of this series. In PART 2, Lets see how we take trade based on fibo.
🎯How to draw Fibonacci levels?
Drawing Fibonacci retracemnts are fairly simple. The main point we look into is, If the direction of retracment is up or down side.
✅ If the trend is up, choose lower point and a higher point. Connect lower point with higher point using Fibo tool.
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🎯Journey of fibonacci traces back to ancient Indian mathematics. However, Leonardo Pisano Bogollo, an Italian mathematician is considered as father of fibonacci numbers.
🎯Fibonacci numbers are sequences of numbers starting from zero arranged so that the value of next number is the sum of the previous two numbers. Sequence starts with 0,1 always.

Sample of Fibonacci sequence is as below:
0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233......
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For, #twitter followers of @DrdhimanBhatta1
Age: 3 months 2 days.
Chief Complaints: #Multibaggers aches.
O/E, Signs of #bullish ness.

Rx, My internet provider is #reliancedigital
My buddy @BhatiaPrashant1 's connection is of #Airtel but @CaJohnKaran1 doesn't know (1/n
#techmahindra is working for 5g in #India.
Being a top brass of #kotakmahindra bank,my buddy @kamale1605 rides #eichermotors bikes and smokes top brands of #ITC cigerrattes.
Major @kuttrapalian loves #hdfcbank very much!
Though people loves #tatasteel very much,but I use (2/n)
#jswsteel for my home,rather I love products of #tataconsumer .
I have to go,chief manager of #cipla is waiting for me.

Direction for use: Bookmark this thread and read it loud once a week for 3 weeks.
Not a recommendation for treatment purposes only.
Thanks for your time ✍️🙏.
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#jubilantingrevia is creating buzz all over.
In Bull 🐂 market everyone forgets the risks.
So,let us discuss it's key risks:
1. Government regulations on its factories.
2. Margin is either low like #laxmiorganics or moderate like #artiindustries and not like High margin as (1/n)
Of #DeepakNitrite

3. It's margin is cyclical.
Sometimes only 4%.
Sometimes #jubilantingrevia margin 10%.
4. #jubilantingrevia has overdowersified portfolio like #ITC which may be huge impedance for growth in future.

Study well before INVESTING (2/
Thanks for your time ✍️🙏.
Not a recommendation for educational purposes only.
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ITC Q122 result update

Source : Jefferies
Time for thread 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


The pandemic-related disruption impacted most consumer companies but weighed heavily on ITC which reported a sharp earning decline in FY21. ITC enjoys low base benefit but 1Q performance has been sharply ahead led by cigarettes (& paperboards); FMCG EBIT was also ahead.
Management showed agility during times of disruption and has presented a fairly positive outlook. We raise EPS by 2-4% and view ITC as a high conviction Buy with a price target of Rs275.
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Many #investors are loosing patience as #ITC is not generating returns since a few years.

Lets get the bigger picture

Can you imagine if one would have invested Rs. 1000 (just one thousand rupees) in ITC shares #IPO in 1970, what would be the returns today? @dmuthuk

A Short🧵
Your invested capital in the #ITC #IPO of

Rs. 1 thousand would have become ~ Rs. 2.43 Crores

Yes you have read it RIGHT !!!

That's not it, your would have got some heavy dividend too in all this 51 years .

Check out this real #wealth creation journey of ITC

Year 1970, for Rs. 1000 you would have got around 333 #ITC shares ( IPO price was Rs. 3 per share)

Here's the story of the BONUS and SPLIT

1978: 1:5 bonus
Your total shares = 333 + 333/5 = 399 shares

1980: again 1:5 bonus

Total shares = 399 + 79 = 478/-

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having moved up from 200.9 to 209.65 (1st wave), consolidating in a "Flag pattern" so far.
Ahead of Q1 results, it could trade in "206 - 208.75" range.
Break out above "208.75" (for the 3rd wave/ "B" of 2).
View gets negated below "204-205" Image
EW points out to low risk zones - 206.2-206.5 as (2)nd wave for targeting 208.5+ for (3)rd.

IF fails, you lose small; IF works, you gain big, LRHR. Image
EW points out to low risk zone-206.2-206.5 as (2)nd - "Low done "206.5"
That's how you choose LRHR trades
This is 5 min t/f; choose in Hour or Day t/f a similar (1) & (2) set up, imagine the gain of (3)rd wave

Let us see IF this one does a good (3)rd of 5 min. t/f to 208.5 Image
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How ITC is churning value from its highly commoditised agri business division

Source : Business Today

Time for thread 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

@dmuthuk @ITCCorpCom

Around 20% of agri business division's revenue in FY21 came from its value-added business.
ITC in recent years has launched frozen vegetables such as peas, tinda and parwal under the Farmland brand. It has also launched frozen shrimps under Kitchens of India. Acc to management, “The agri-business is the source of competitive advantage for our food business”

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Laurus lab is the clear winner 🏆 here.
Let's discuss about it.

Time for a thread.(1/n)
Laurus Labs is principally engaged in offering a broad and integrated portfolio of Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredients (API) including intermediates, Generic Finished dosage forms (FDF) and Contract Research Manufacturing services (CRM).
The company has grown from one-product company in 2010 to 60+ commercial products in 2020. The company has 116 patents .(3/n)

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A Mega-Thread on a 111-year-old conglomerate and one the most debated stocks of the Indian stock markets #ITC (Earlier known as Imperial Tobacco of India) @ITCCorpCom

(Would appreciate a retweet as it helps educate more investors and inspires us to work harder on such threads.) Image
1) ITC first set foot in 1910 at Calcutta based on agricultural products and services.

2) A year later in 1911, it began sourcing leaf tobacco from South Indian Farmers to mass-produce consumer cigarettes, a landscape it would dominate for over a century!
3) In 1911, They set up a stall at the Delhi Darbar to promote Scissors, one of ITC's initial cigarette brands.

The constant need for promotions ultimately led to the relocation of the company from Calcutta to Delhi.
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On popular demand and @LuckyInvest_AK sir’s guidance, here is the thread to understand the business of #mastek
If you find it useful, please retweet _/\_ so that other investors can also benefit.
@LuckyInvest_AK Before mastek, let us understand the industry it operates in. Broadly speaking, the IT industry is an enabler for all businesses, automating those business tasks for them which are somewhat incidental to the core business. As an example, consider #ITC & their ITC store.
@LuckyInvest_AK ITC has its own ecommerce store from which products are ordered. Building out this IT product: the backend & the app, are incidental to the core business (FMCG brands) of ITC. Some companies choose to build and maintain in-house IT teams. Others, outsource it to IT companies.
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