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#Humana Inc.

- Ingresos: 16.24B vs 16.15B
- EPS: 5.03 vs 4.58

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- EPS: 1.84 vs 1.77

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سیل فون بنانے والی دنیا کی تیسری بڑی کمپنی #Huawei نے اپنا ہیڈ آفس اور فیکٹری پاکستان میں کھولنے کا اعلان کیا ہے
اور صرف اِس کمپنی کی مخالفت میں #Iphone نے بھی اپنا ایشیا کا ریجنل آفس اسی سال اور آنے والے تین سالوں کے اندر فیکٹری بھی لگانے کا اعلان کیا ہے
نئے پاکستان میں بہترین کارباری مواقع دیکھتے ہوئے #Nike اور #Addidas نے بھی اپنی فیکٹریاں پاکستان منتقل کرنے کی پلاننگ مکمل کرلی ہے

#Toyata اور #Honda اور #Suzuki کی گاڑیوں کی فروخت میں کمی کی وجہ کچھ اور نہیں بلکہ مہنگے
داموں غیرمعیاری گاڑیاں بیچنا تھا جو اب #VolkWagon اور #Porsche نے پاکستان میں پلانٹ لگانے اور اُن سے کم قیمت میں گاڑیاں فروخت کرنےکے اعلان نے اُن کمپنیوں کے پیسے کمانے کے پلان کو ناکام کردیا

پٹواری اس کو جھوٹ سمجھ کر طرح طرح کی باتیں کرینگے لیکن عمران خان ہمیں تم سے پیار ہے
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I'm dimly aware that only a dozen people will ever read this, but as someone with some inside knowledge of the car industry I think it's very important to explain in some detail why #Brexit MUST have been a factor in the closure of #Honda's Swindon plant
To do this, I'll explain two concepts that will be familiar to those of you in manufacturing, but less so to the rest. They are "Just in time manufacturing" and " lean processing". You'll have heard the former in the news a fair bit I expect
"Just in time" refers to the supply chain. In basic terms it means that you get the parts/materials/etc you need, but crucially you get the amount you need, at the place you need them, at the exact time you need them
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So much nonsense posted about #Honda today..

But ask yourself the question, we know EV's are the future industry is spending billions on them.. So what could have happened two years ago that stopped EV investment in the UK, and what is likely to happen to traditional car plants?
Investment taps have been turned off due to May's policy of leaving the SM/CU, £2.5bils in 15 to £0.5bils in 18

As the world was shifting to EV's we put up the "not welcome" sign and investment went elsewhere.

As legacy non EV products ramp down so will the industry.. 😢
This isn't the result of a "bad brexit deal" or anything that happened this month, it's the inevitable consequence of May's red lines

Once we missed out on the EV investment over the last few years the writing was on the wall.
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As you may have seen, my colleague @MarkKleinmanSky just broke the news that Honda are planning to close their car factory in Swindon. 3,500 jobs at risk. Will be closed by 2022. A very big deal. A few further thoughts:
Some will be tempted to put the Honda closure down to Brexit. But not so hasty: major secular shifts happening in auto industry: dieselgate, shift to electric powertrains, econ demand moving from G7 to China etc. They are likely to have played as big if not bigger a part
More directly significant than Brexit is the fact that Japan now has a free trade deal with the EU. All of a sudden the economic obstacles to making a car in Japan and sending it to the EU have diminished. More on this here… #Honda
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