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🔸What is Blockchain Technology
🔸10 x Great Blockchain Companies to Invest in

We dive deeper into this in the thread below
What Is Blockchain Technology?

It is a type of database that is both public & decentralized

Each “block” in a blockchain is a data structure & is recognized by a cryptographic “hash” and timestamp

It is almost impossible to alter/delete anything that has already been added
The blocks make up the chain & the data they contain is kept in a public database

Blocks include information on a transaction, such as cost/date/time & the digital signatures of those involved

Info on the blockchain can be accessed by anybody
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#Robinhood just cut its workforce for the second time this year. The wave of layoffs hitting tech is unveiling a simple truth: the whole startup-to-unicorn capitalist model is intrinsically flawed, because it is based on promises that rely on overly optimistic assumptions. 1/
The world is complex. Sh*t happens. Good investors and good managers should know that and prepare for the worst scenario. That clearly wasn't the case at Robinhood and in many other tech companies.
Now the question is - why? Why these leaders weren't prepared for this kind of scenario?
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#reddit is not your friend. A 4/20 study by London School of Business economists discovered #wallstreetbets $GME retail traders lost $5.27 billion trading options during the 2021 stock market bull run. 🧵@stillgray @acrossthespread /1…
LSB analyzed a combination of small-contract trades and SLAN-coded trades to isolate the activity of amateur retail speculation between November of 2019 and present. /2
The team found ordinary people lost:

$1.14 billion on directly failed options trades

$4.13 billion in aggregate trading costs, including a bid-ask spread that at times almost 30%.

By comparison, the performance of the overall options market was a positive $5.48 billion. /3
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1- İlk flood'umuz gelsin

@Superalgos Nedir ⁉️
@Superalgos , kripto market araştırma ve ticaret otomasyonu platformudur. Platformun amacı, ticaret zekası üretmek ve bunun için gereken tüm önemli unsurlrı birbirlerine entegre etmektir.

#BTC #ETH #kriptoparalar #Crypto #superalgos
2- Bilgiden maksimum değeri çıkarmaya ve akıllı stratejiler oluşturmaya izin veren, her şeyi kapsayan bu entegrasyondur.

#superalgos, çoğunlukla sağlam, esnek ve güçlü araçlar arayan kullanıcılara yöneliktir. Geniş bir sistemdir.
3- Size piyasada avantaj sağlayacak #ticaret #botları geliştirmek istiyorsanız, #Superalgos'un açığa çıkarabileceği gücü denemelisiniz. Ancak söylemeliyiz ki #Superalgos , hafta sonu ustalaşabileceğiniz basit bir plug-and-play bot değildir.
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You wont catch me talking bad about #Doge maybe some of the influencers but not Doge ... I made my first $80,000 of Doge so its special to me even though I've moved on to #Shiba#MyFirstLove
Shiba will flip Doge in the coming days .....get in before it's too late and for the doge community that bought doge before the penny feels familiar right??? Jump in #Shiba #1CentDream #1CentDreamShib #Flip #ShibaInu #ShibaArmy #Doge
This is why @elonmusk out of all the times he was asked do he hold Shiba strategically tried to bury us with the nope answer #ShibaInu #Shiba #ShibaArmy #doge #ElonMusk
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how is #Coinbase launching #NFTs going to x100 your portfolio!?
first off, we need to understand what #coinbase is and what it means to the #nft/#crypto world.
then you will know how their entry will literally change your life if you are in #nfts now.
so pay attention 🚀
0.1 coinbase

is one of "the easiest place to buy and sell crypto". if #robinhood was for stocks, then #coinbase is for crypto.
$coin - $249USD/share
market cap - $52 billion
2100+ staff
+68,000,000 users...

for comparison
#twitter market cap is $49 billion... ImageImage
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New File researched regarding the


in the file shown below - will be a longer post I guess^^…

I read the 83 pages and extracted some of the information and argumentation.

It gives an interesting insight on the happenings and that #Robinhood was aware of an drastical increase in requirements while these where rising over time - but likely(?) ignored.

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Can ethical, inclusive tech help to create a better world?

This @wef report argues that critical #technologies such as artificial intelligence (#AI) and machine learning, have already defined our world.

@AlbertoMChi @oost_marcel @SaeedBaygi #ML #BigData
Their point is that it's not the #technology, but its curation that matters. Technology for technology's sake is neither positive nor negative.

To paraphrase Tim Cook over the's all about trust.

@jaypalter @terence_mills @KeithKeller #TimCook #BigTech Image
It's a theme I keep coming back to because there are lots of examples of "bad #tech", by which i mean "bad USES of tech".

#Facebook and #Robinhood come to mind, and there are many more.

@efipm @profgalloway @SpirosMargaris #Gamification
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1/ #Coinbase $COIN- The Big Cryptocurrency Revolution,
The world watches as the largest #cryptocurrency exchange is now set to go public on NASDAQ through #directlisting. With 56M users, the platform is bigger than its traditional counterparts (#Robinhood, #Venmo , etc).
2/ Opening New Doors for Investors
The day will be marked as a historical event in the books of #WallStreet as it bridges the gap between legacy investors and the #cryptomarket.
The quarterly results have already shown a surge of 847% i.e. $1.8B revenue
3/ Why is now the right time to go public?
This move takes advantage of the current market conditions.

The last two quarters have seen investments of $7B in #Bitcoin. Major companies like $TSLA and @elonmusk have also shown keen interest in Bitcoin & Crypto
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(1/11) En estos días, la noticia del alza de la acción de #GameStop, una compañía minorista de videojuegos en EEUU, ha causado revuelo en el mundo. Pero, algo de lo que poco se habla son las oportunidades que trae para las empresas que quieran levantar capital. Abrimos hilo 👇
(2/11) #GameStop con su modelo de negocios anticuado, en cuestión de días superó el market cap de Ecopetrol debido al efecto de las redes sociales y al auge de plataformas de trading de cero comisiones, pero a las que les otorgas el derecho a utilizar tu información financiera
(3/11) Estas plataformas (la más notoria Robinhood) generan ingresos no con comisiones por transacción, sino vendiendo la información de los movimientos de sus clientes a fondos de cobertura (hedge funds) que se especializan en trading de alta frecuencia.
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This is a MASSIVE STORY!! After researching the Overnight Bank Funding which comes STRAIGHT From the Feds App, the Squeeze on Jan 12 caused overnight bank funding volume to spike. As the shorts continued to get squeezed they needed more money. You can see this in the next slide.
You can see as the overnight bank funding volume increased volume on GameStop and all the other squeezes contributed to this. This all peeked last week as soon as RobinHood and firms limited buying and raised margin requirements. This event probably caused more liquidity problems
That is why the #RobinHood CEO came out last week all over the media saying there was no #liquidity problems but the data says other wise. ReTweet spread the word @realJosephRich @MedievalNomad @LibertyTre3 @JeromePowellet1 @EndTheFed001 @EndTheFed_org @litcapital
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Dear #MarketingTwitter Colleagues,

The data-driven argument for continued growth in #digital activity and online behavior is flimsy and needs to be scrutinized. (👀@eMarketer & @Merkle)

Let us tell you why:
At the @Merkle #DigitalMarketing event today, we posed this question:

How probable is a reversal in digital activity totals in 2021 Q3&4? How confident can we be in projections for digital behavior in the post-pandemic period if data is based exceptional pandemic-era behavior?
Appreciate @Merkle VP Ryan Gibson’s bottom-line answer:
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Silver has been manipulated by multiple banks, specifically JP Morgan, custodian of the manipulated $SLV silver derivative market, but they are not the only one responsible for manipulating the silver price

^^ this thread goes in depth on JP Morgan

This market manipulation goes back to the years just after America left the gold standard in 1971. The following is from #Wikileaks, originating from the Dept of Treasury.

Gold and silver are both heavily manipulated, but it’s silver that comes in first place in the manipulation Olympics.

Check the ratios.

The first chart is the gold to monetary supply ratio

The fourth chart is the Gold to silver ratio (GSR)

Silver at cyclical lows

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ICYMI The $GME ripple effect was so strong that clearing houses (those insitutions that ensure when two sides trade, both get the asset or the cash) were unable to deliver stocks for a short period of time. That is the reason they increased margins for brokers, which is...
... the reason that #RobinHood had to restrict trading (along with other brokers) as they could no longer afford the margins at clearers. This is the only reason trading was restricted. Regulators really not doing themselves a favor by repeating "will protect small investors"...
... all the time. This was a move that was necessary to protect the entire financial market from collapsing. Not more and not less. It was not an attack on small traders nor a support of HFs. It also did not stop the bleeding. FWIW professional investors were also unable to...
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Überlegungen zu #Gamestop, #RobinHood, #TradeRepublic & Co aus Sicht des deutschen Marktmissbrauchsstrafrechts (Thread).
1. a) Die ungedeckten Leerverkäufe der Aktien von GameStop& Co, gegen die r/wallstreetbets mobilisiert hat, wären in Deutschland nach Art. 12 der
EU-Leerverkaufs-Verordnung verboten, wenn nicht die dort genannten Maßnahmen zur Sicherung der Geschäftsabwicklung getroffen wurden.
Wenn die
Short-Positionen (wie im Fall GameStop) aber die Menge der verfügbaren Aktien übersteigen, muss jedenfalls ein Teil der ungedeckten Leerverkäufe illegal sein.
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@AOC che critica #Robinhood perché non lascia comprare #GameStop ai piccoli investitori è l'ultimo nonsense di un sistema impazzito. Comprare #GameStop oggi è come spendere 4 m. euro per 20mq a Tor Bella Monaca ("per far perdere gli speculatori") e volerci anche fare dei soldi
Le trading app come #RobinHood o #eToro usano le commissioni zero sul trading azionario come specchietto per gonzi. In realtà sono molto costose su derivati, leva finanziaria, trading di crypotovalute (dove indirizzano gran parte degli utilizzatori)
Le trading app come #RobinHood o #eToro non sono il riscatto dei piccoli sui titani di Wall Street o gli hedge fund, ma l'opposto: un sistema ben dissimulato per aspirare soldi dal basso della scala sociale verso l'alto. Dai piccoli risparmiatori a #WallStreet. Perché? Semplice..
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1/ The Robinhood CEO's statement on why they limited the purchase of $GME and other stocks caught in the recent short squeeze is misleading. Here is proof:

#robinhoodboycott #boycottrobinhood
2/ Here is a screencap from a chat group of Chinese Robinhood employees. One of them notes that Robinhood is nowhere close to exceeding its OCC margin requirements, even with the elevated trading volumes and price volatility in the securities Robinhood restricted...
3/ One of them then notes that this fact is a 'company secret' and a third then notes that 'if the cash is sufficient [for the margin requrements] then the situation will be awkward'.
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Cosa è accaduto con #GameStop e #RobinHood
1) Gli investitori retail che partecipano a community come, ad esempio, #reddit WallStreetbets hanno creato un flusso in acquisto su titoli sottili quali, ad esempio, #GameStop 1/ 👇@marioricciard18 @MoryaLongo @MariangelaPira
2) Questo flusso in acquisto ha, da un lato, fatto salire i titoli; e, dall'altro, creato difficoltà agli hedge fund.
3) Gli hedge fund acquistano normali titoli, ma si difendono da eventuali perdite su quei titoli stessi vendendo allo scoperto altre azioni (GameStop) 2/ 👇
4) Gli hedge fund, che vedono il titolo su cui sono esposti al ribasso, hanno due possibilità. O chiudere la posizione short (ricomprando il titolo GameStop e contribuendo al suo rialzo); oppure tentano di resistere. Ma il fatto è che perdono un sacco di soldi 3/ 👇
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1) META THREAD collection of select helpful threads looking at the whole GameStop Robinhood Short Squeeze phenomenon from slightly different angles.
H/T @WallStCynic @KralcTrebor @SahilBloom @chamath @StevenACohen2 $GME $AMC $NOK $SNDL $NAKD #RobinHood #RobinhoodApp #GameStop
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Tomorrow at 3-4pm PST a plane with a banner that says


will be flying around Oakley and San Fran. I encourage anyone in the area to go outside, take photos and videos, and post that shit all over social!

Flight path below:
Took me a while to find a pilot who was willing to do it, but I just got it booked and paid for 😂
@MrJayCroft @nicovald @NotoriousIanV @dennishegstad @Zarsace plz tag anyone you know around SF!
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THREAD: Do the people on Reddit's #WallStreetBets who are buying Gamestop, AMC, and other stocks have any legal liability to do so?
1/ Although the facts are still evolving, it appears that many users on #WallStreetBets (a "sub-reddit" on Reddit, a social media site) and others starting buying Gamestop, AMC, and other stocks that they believed were being "shorted" by certain Wall Street firms.
2/ You "short" a stock when you sell a stock that you don't own, betting that the price will go down. The goal is to sell high and buy low. If you "short" a stock and the price goes up, you can lose a lot of money by buying shares at a higher price than you sold them at.
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Quickie #GameStop thread: The #Robinhood roller-coaster is a vivid reminder of whom our financial system benefits. Hedge funders like to think they provide social value, when really they are just guys (almost always guys) who have figured out how to game the casino... (1/7)
"I'm a fucking genius," is how one family office guy characterizes the hedge-funder mindset in my upcoming book ( I'm enjoying the takes of @HuffPost's @zachdcarter, @DougHenwood at @jacobinmag, and @MrBrownEyes2020 (whoever he is) on all of this. (2/7)
In short, the big fish manipulate markets FOR A LIVING and then weep and moan when small investors beat them at their own greedy little game. But they have the ear of the establishment because, as I lay out in the book, hedge funders are MASSIVE campaign donors. (3/7)
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