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One of the keys to business success is providing an exceptional customer experience.

In this thread, we'll explore effective strategies and valuable tips to help you deliver outstanding customer service.

#CustomerExperience #CX

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#1 Understand your customers:

Take the time to truly know your customers - their needs, preferences, and pain points.

This will enable you to personalize interactions and anticipate their expectations.

#2 Clear communication:

Communication is crucial for a great customer experience.

Be responsive, and proactive in addressing customer inquiries or concerns.

Promptly resolve issues, keeping customers informed throughout.

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Live from #GartnerTGI |  Product Management: Intensify Product Analytics To Design for Sustainable and Compelling CX with Gartner VP Analyst Adrian Lee: #CX #CustomerExperience Image
About this session: Adrian explores how product managers can create compelling customer experiences through product analytics and more agile CX responses: #GartnerTGI #CX
Let’s take a look at the number 1 critical challenge for product managers. #GartnerTGI #CX #ProductManagement Image
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Dear @zomato & @Swiggy,

Despite the constant rise in cases of #dogbites across India, both #central & respective #state govts are silent & not bothered.

#Dogattack #Hyderabad #Noida #DelhiNCR #AnimalRights #Safety #DogTerror #deliveryguy #SafetyFirst #BeHumane #Kind #CX PlsRT
Plz don't let your employees go inside buildings or homes where there can be #dogs. Enquire about it before U accept the order. Either reject the #order or ask that customers to come downstairs & take the package. Please #Help & protect your #deliveryguys who work 24*7. #food #RT
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Did you know some skills that are too difficult to learn but will help you throughout your life?

Unless you’re passionate and committed to mastering them, you can't learn them! A twitter thread... #Inspiration #Talents #Business #LifeSkills Image
Communication Skills

When you have excellent communication skills, you can excel at whatever you do in life. You can also expect a quick promotion in your job and a smooth career journey ahead.

#Profession #Lifegoals #Lifehacks #Communication #BodyLanguage
Listening Skills

Someone said it a long time back to never stop listening. Being a good listener can be a great way to make professional friends and enhance your network. As a good listener, you understand what others are saying, which can help you make an informed decision.
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Welcome to #chatbotvoice2023 from Berlin.

I'm throwing up some tidbits around #conversationalai live from the 5th World Chatbots & Voice Summit from Berlin.
First up, Christoph from @GetCyara

We're talking testing and assuring quality in #conversationalai Image
Testing is an impossible manual task and it needs to be automated. Done wrong, it can cost heavily. So it is a huge, but important challenge. Image
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Preparing my first biz trip in 3 years – I am obviously rusty... I used to be good at that stuff, now it feels like I am flailing around... Things are however coming – slowly – together. I managed to get my samples from France BEFORE the departure date! Wasn't a given outcome...
The mere fact that I have to make checklists is disconcerting. But at least – hopefully! – I won't forget anything...
I've also updated my Cathay Mileage Tracker – it has had very little activity in the last 3 years, except for point transfers from my bank account, and gifts from #CX (thank you!).

With this first trip, I will have 50% of the points needed to renew my Marco Polo Gold status.
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Why does the Government of India, Twitter or broadband service providers censor searchable adult content on Twitter like searching hashtag “Allie Haze”? @Twitter #adultcontent #porn #censorship #internet #sex #broadband @JioCare #jiofiber @internetfreedom Image
@Twitter @JioCare @internetfreedom Why does the Government of India, Twitter, or broadband service providers censor searchable adult content on Twitter like searching hashtag “Allie Haze”? Is it by court order? @PMOIndia @JioCare @internetfreedom @TwitterSupport @barandbench
@Twitter @JioCare @internetfreedom @PMOIndia @TwitterSupport @barandbench Did I miss something related to the twitter adult content censorship circular from the Government of India or the Court? @IndianExpress…
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J'ai reçu mes codes d'activation de ma smartcard @luxtrust. Du coup je tente l'activation.

Sans surprise aucune, cela ne fonctionne pas hein 😂

Le "middleware" ne reconnait même pas la carte luxtrust
Franchement c'est top 👍

Après avoir requis une signature manuscrite du PDG du groupe parce que "on accepte pas la signature électronique", on est vraiment sur une expérience client #UX #CX au top du top.

On est à quoi? J+ 3 semaines après la commande ...
Les logfiles sont sympa aussi accessoirement.
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Stop. Building. Rapport.
'Build rapport' is at the heart of #communication skills training and #CX

It's obviously good to have good conversations, but what does ‘building rapport’ look like ‘in the wild’ – and does it 'work'?
1. Thread. 🧵 Getty Images
2. What actually counts as rapport building – in terms of words and phrases and 'tone of voice' – is "amorphous” and “nebulous”, says G.B. Rubin (2016) in her thesis on crisis #negotiation

'Active listening' and related concepts sound good but they're also imprecise.
3. One common piece of advice (and instruction) to ‘build rapport’ is to ask, “how are you today?”

‘How are you’ have also been called “the three most useless words in the world of communication"🤔

Let’s have a look at some salespeople ‘building rapport’ in #B2B conversations.
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Now #CMMNeededNow
#OnlineLearning for the Future
With our Futurists/Fab Expert Panel👇👇👇
@UniversitySA @gsiemens
@Deakin @partridh
@victoriauninews @Chris__Walsh
@curio_group @matthewriddle
Let's go!
@Deakin @partridh
3 things
-Student as person
-Blended/ Integrated learning
"Student in life of uni vs uni in life of student"
-Sense of belonging & connectedness
[Relationship rich edu is the future -Thx @pfeltenNC]
@UniversitySA @gsiemens
"MOOC pioneer in 2008" "HE Royality"
Learning Analytics & AI
Are at early stages of change
L&T is now global competitive & corporate ecosystem
What does HE edu do for future society
"Everyone will be dumbest person on team cos AI wins"
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If your welcome message to your customer service number is to take 45 seconds to give the website address and business hours, you're doing it wrong. @vanguard
And then you do it again. Trust me, I don't want to call. You don't need to try to deflect me twice. @vanguard #cx
And then 60 seconds asking me via an incredibly verbose series of messages if I want to give feedback at the end of the call @vanguard #cx
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It's October! And that means it's

A #CyberAware Poem

Hard to believe it is the 17th time
October is chosen to address risk of cyber crime
Despite all the tech thrown at securing us online
We are as insecure as ever
Tech can't solve human problems, without in some part leveraging human solutions. Changes to how we use passwords, has exacerbated issues associated with human tendencies and rather than solve problems, they created new and more complex problems.…
Complexity breeds vulnerabilities as systems become more difficult to understand and patch together. This is where criminals thrive. And where companies struggle to manage the risk and the cost of identifying when these vulnerabilities are exposed and result in a #databreach
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Reliance Jio is in "Technology Commodity Market". Design ripoff by JioMeet & JioChat affirms this underlying message in the market. Technology as a commodity is different from (1)(#JioMeet #JioChat #commodity #Commodities #RelianceJio #Jio #UX #Design #Market) ImageImage
Software as a commodity. White-label apps, framework & platform were in the market since a long time that are the example of Software as a commodity. Commodity trading is one of the oldest practice. Traditional companies environment are well equipped with (2)(#trading)
commodity legalities, so as India Trade & Legal Ecosystem. Reliance Jio have turn the table in their favor from bureaucracy, regulatory & legal perspective. It could also be possible that (3)(#trade #legal #bureaucracy #regulatory)
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Reviewing the @t3techhub #T32020 agenda starting tomorrow and @FinTechie and team have outdone themselves pulling together an amazing speaker roster and sessions on what's next in #AdviceTech.

Some sessions I'm particularly looking forward to...


- @AdvisorEngine CEO Rich Cancro on the Change Hyper Cycle
- @Riskalyze @DrewDiMarino on Fearless Investing
- @Timeline_Tech on Retirement Distribution / New UX
- @Fidelity4BD_RIA Mapping Your Future w/ Tricia Haskins


- Summit Wealth launch
- @ENVMoneyGuide on removing barriers to planning w/ Kevin Hughes
- @Schwab4RIAs on digitally-enabled advisor
- @orionadvisor reimagining advisor xp
- @inventwithus on cloud-native wealth mgmt strategy
- @lifeyield strategies to boost outcomes

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A guy walks into a marketing conference. He's not in marketing. He's actually in sales but he doesn't sell anything. So who is he and why is he here? (Thread) 👉 #mpb2b
For one thing, he works with marketers. His sales team sells stuff to marketers and then he helps those marketers find tons of business value from the stuff they bought from us 👉
So a marketing conference is a perfect place to learn what's keeping marketers up at night. A perfect place to learn the latest buzzwords and KPIs 👉
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@Microsoft #Feedback Forum #CX / #ServiceDesign. No text box to dump feedback with one click. Miles long textual instruction. Poor #UX with high first threshold of user feedback. Image
Encourage people to first dump the feedback then further categories. That way team will have feedback to analyze. If you expect people to look for the category then add the feedback, let me tell you in B2C, consumers will simply drop off. @Microsoft
Isn't all User Research of existing services starts from User Feedback. In view of such a User Unfriendly poorly design #feedback page, I wonder where does the UX Research budget goes? @Microsoft #uxresearch #servicedesign #ux
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All talks no action. Google #Feedback Forum #CX / #ServiceDesign. No text box to dump feedback with one click. Not responsive. Not mobile friendly. Poor #UX with high first threshold of user feedback. @Google Image
Encourage people to first dump the feedback then further categories. That way team will have feedback to analyze. If you expect people to look for the category then add the feedback, let me tell you in B2C, consumers will simply drop off. @Google
Isn't all User Research of existing services starts from User Feedback. In view of such a User Unfriendly poorly design feedback page, I wonder where does the UX Research budget goes? @Google #uxresearch #dropoff
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We’ve finalized our speaker line-up! 🎙️ 1 day. 1 track. 12 industry experts in growth, product, engineering, and design 👩‍💼👨‍💻. Amplify this October 8th is going to be amazing.

(Pssst..keep reading for a hidden promo code!👇)

(2/13) 📊 We are delighted to welcome @merci as a speaker again at Amplify! Merci is currently a partner at @lightspeedvp. She is also the Founder of @womeninproduct and former Director of Product at Slack.
(3/13) 💡 Company founders including @ericsyuan, Founder and CEO of @zoom_us (the highest valued IPO of 2019) and @buckhouse, Founder of @Sequoia Design Lab.
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Search "UX" online, the results will show ample of Card Sorting images. Card sorting is the Output. Unfortunately, nowhere the Inputs are displayed like spending long hours Observing Users, in their environment. Submerging self in the context. These card sorting visuals misguide
the perception of Leadership & Management Teams. It later reflect in resource allocation, budget, hiring & overall expectation. Visual Communication of UX as a domain need to made right.
#ux #cardsorting #users #cx #businessdesign #design #userinterface #business #productdesign
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How to connect Voice based HelpDesk Softwares with UX Feedback Management?
This is where revolutionary @GoogleDuplex engine could be used. It understands the speech & context well enough to give a suitable reply. If it understands
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@NarayanaHealth I am an User Experience Professional. I would like to pass my humble #feedback about OMNI CHANNEL Experience of Hotline Number 18602080208. It is easy to reach Ward Desk to enquire about the IN patient. Its extremely difficult to communicate a message
to the doctor through third party like Via Ward Desk, Out Patient OPD or Doctor's Personal Secretary. I belive the Hotline Desk should take the message, pass a copy to ward & another copy to out patient OPD and the Doctor will check it in due time.
Some tests need to happen at 7 am today for my Dad (In Patient). The tests didn't happen because Ward Representative was waiting for some pending permission. I came to know when I called Hotline and spoke to ward desk at 12.30 pm. Post that, it took me 3-4 unsuccessful attempt
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@Dell @DellCares In a nutshell 3 engineers have visited in last 4 days with 3 faulty screens from Dell-Wipro Bhawanipur Kolkata facility that is approximately 25 KM from my home. Unfortunately due to lack of lab facility at their center, they couldn't test
the screens manually and there must be some sort of gap in production pipeline / process that "QC approved" faulty screens have been delivered from the warehouse successively. It must be adding latent resource cost to company. Please take care. #feedback #CX #UX
I have a feedback. QC of Monitors and Screens are very important because any tiny fault on screen is apparent, visible and disturbing. Good QC and Customer Service of Screens will motivate users to invest in Dell Professional Grade UltraSharp monitors.
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I find it bit stressful to browse @Zomato. This is my Personal Feedback. @zomatocare can forward it to the UX Team.

User Journey 1. My browsing habit, when I have a preferred location in my mind, normally in my home city.
Environment - Sitting on my Bed, browsing Zomato.
Go Out -> Select a Location -> List of Restaurant -> Filter by Budget -> Filter by Type -> Quickly check Location of successive Restaurants on Map -> Select Restaurant -> Book Uber.

User Journey 2. My browsing habit, when I have a
preferred Cuisine in my mind. Most of the time, I search by Cuisine than searching by Location. I am a Fan of Tasty Youtube Channel. I like visiting new Restaurant.
Environment - Sitting on my Bed, browsing Zomato. Go Out -> Search a Cuisine (Sizzler) ->
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