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Social media platforms like #TikTok and #Instagram Reels have brought light-hearted fun into our lives, but we must acknowledge the darker side. Accounts disguised as legitimate platforms can prey on vulnerable children, raising concerns about their safety. #OnlineExploitation
The illusion of a #falsenarrative is prevalent on these platforms. Influencers project an idealized version of their lives, emphasizing glamorous experiences and seemingly perfect relationships. This content distorts reality, setting unrealistic standards for viewers.
Children, in particular, are tempted to imitate what they see online. They observe couples having fun, driving, holidaying, and engaging in activities they may not fully comprehend. This desire to replicate can lead to a dangerous vulnerability to online predators. #OnlineSafety
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THREAD “#Cottarelli sarà una punta di diamante della nostra campagna, capolista del PD che vuol far tornare la fiducia nella politica”: così @enricoletta. Ma @CottarelliCPI è davvero una “punta di diamante”? Rispolveriamo un #factchecking del 2020. 1/n

18.6.2020: @CottarelliCPI addita incompetenza digitale degli insegnanti italiani, citando “#OcsePisa”: “Italia è al 72° posto (su 79) per le competenze tecnico-digitali degli insegnanti”. Un tweet apparentemente basato su dati certificati … 2/N

Ma la “competenza” è solo apparente: solo chi frequenta i social network alla maniera di #Napalm51, compulsando Google e condividendo link senza averli letti, poteva dare credito alla classifica #OCSE. 3/N…
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It's really cool to see how youth on Discord are now using "peer moderators" and their own discord servers to police unwanted behaviour. A great example of how youth are taking agency over their onlife world! #digitalliteracy #socialemediasafety
2/ what is really cool is to see how specific communities will create their own "community standards" to meet their needs and to make their participants feel more comfortable and safer!
3/ I have been following a streamer whose community is LGBTQ2+ on Twitch & Discord, & it has been such a great learning opportunity to watch how their growth specific to community standards & code of conduct have morphed to meet the needs of their community.
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#InfrastructureWeek has arrived!

This #Infrastructure bill is about more than money.

It is also a bold commitment to universal broadband that we should recognize and celebrate.…
Congress has included critical language that lays the foundation for the broadband future we are about to embark upon.

This historic law is focused squarely on connecting every American to a whole new generation of opportunity.
In the legislation, Congress finds that:

Access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband is essential to full participation in modern life in the United States.
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Abro hilo sobre nuestro artículo con @csadaba y @jasepuch: 𝑴𝒆𝒕𝒂-𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒄𝒐 𝒅𝒆 𝒍𝒂 𝒂𝒍𝒇𝒂𝒃𝒆𝒕𝒊𝒛𝒂𝒄𝒊ó𝒏 𝒅𝒊𝒈𝒊𝒕𝒂𝒍: 𝒂𝒏á𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒊𝒔 𝒄𝒐𝒎𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒂𝒅𝒐 𝒅𝒆 𝒎𝒂𝒓𝒄𝒐𝒔 𝒅𝒆𝒍 𝑺𝒊𝒈𝒍𝒐 𝑿𝑿𝑰 publicado en @revistalatinacsha disponible en… Image
Antes que nada, el artículo está en acceso abierto, of course!👌, lo cual favorece la democratización de la ciencia y el conocimiento, y sin duda, la visibilidad de las publicaciones científicas [cierro cuña promocional] 🙃#openscience Image
Nuestro estudio analiza 8 frameworks de competencias del siglo XXI: ATCS, enGauge, P21, NAEP, NETS, OCDE, Unesco, UE; a partir de las cuales planteamos un meta-marco integrado de competencias digitales, que supera el enfoque instrumental de la tecnología #21stcenturyskills
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"Countering an ‘infodemic’ amid a pandemic" #CoronaVirusFacts #LawanHoax #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy

"When a national emergency was declared in March 2020, UNICEF supported the National Task Force for COVID-19 Response Acceleration ...
"When a national emergency was declared in March 2020, UNICEF supported the National Task Force for COVID-19 Response Acceleration (GUGUS TUGAS COVID-19) led by the Indonesian National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) to develop the country's official ...
"Melawan 'infodemik' di tengah pandemi"

"Ketika keadaan darurat nasional diumumkan pada Maret 2020, UNICEF mendukung Satuan Tugas Nasional untuk Percepatan Respons COVID-19 (GUGUS TUGAS COVID-19) yang dipimpin oleh Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Bencana Indonesia (BNPB) ...
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Digital Gender Divide
A Thread
Digital space is expanding in Pakistan but this expansion is not gender-equal. Pakistan is among countries where gender gap is the highest regarding mobile phone ownership and mobile internet use. Pakistan Demographic Health Survey (PDHS 2018) 1/11
is a government survey that is conducted regularly to see progress in demographic areas. It has a section that captured digital divide among men and women of Pakistan. According to latest PDHS, only 12% of the surveyed women, aged 15-49, used internet during last 2/11
twelve months. While 28% men reported internet use during the same period. This disparity was higher in rural areas. In urban areas 22% of women and 40% men used internet. While in rural areas only 7% women reported use of 3/11
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I need your help. In one tweet, how do you define digital literacy...really? I need to hear from people with a variety of backgrounds. Can you respond then tag someone else? I have only a day... 🙏
This keeps me up nights. Is it mindset? Is it skills? Is it forming purpose and fluently navigating whatever needs to be navigated in a digital world to get there. Is it more? Less? What is #digitalliteracy really? @adelee38 @tanrit57 @tkorte
Hey @Haroldnuk I feel I need your mind on this one. I bet this is a q that keeps you up at night as well. And you will look at this from that meta kind of place...????
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MAFINDO's "Fact Check Competition" a year ago, one of our efforts for passing fact checking skills to the next generation. We've also include these youngsters as part of our "COVID-19 Task Force", one of our efforts to prioritize ... #LawanHoax #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (1/4)
and coordinate COVID-19-related fact check. And, to also forged their skill in a real-world daily fact checking operation, NOT just before or during the competition. (2/4)
"Kompetisi Periksa Fakta" MAFINDO setahun lalu, salah satu upaya kami untuk meneruskan kemampuan periksa fakta ke generasi yang selanjutnya. Kami juga melibatkan anak-anak muda ini ke "Gugus Tugas COVID-19", salah satu dari upaya-upaya kami untuk memprioritaskan dan ... (3/4)
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[EDUKASI] "Hoax: Apa dan Tips untuk Mengenalinya"

Saintif, / #LawanHoax #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (1/14)
Apa itu Hoax?

Berita yang seolah-olah benar tapi sebenarnya bohong. (2/14)
Kita tidak suka dibohongi, makanya kita harus bisa mengenali hoax. (3/14)
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Indonesia's political polarization in a nutshell. Cebong: derogatory label for Jokowi supporters, Kampret: derogatory label for Prabowo supporters. Since 2014, even after Prabowo joined the administration ... #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (1/4)
[FALSE] "Apparently all the tadpoles are in a mental hospital"

The Conversation: ""Tadpole" versus "Kampret": Political polarization after 2019 presidential election is getting sharper" (2/4)
Gambaran sekilas polarisasi politik di Indonesia. Cebong: label merendahkan untuk pendukung Jokowi, Kampret: label merendahkan untuk pendukung Prabowo. Sejak 2014, bahkan setelah Prabowo bergabung di Kabinet (3/4)
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"Dosen Universitas Nadhlatul Ulama Surakarta Ahmad Faruk menjelaskan, dalam perspektif agama Islam tidak ada makanan Syariah, akan tetapi lebih kepada halal atau haram dan toyiba atau tidak. ... #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (1/3)
Ahmad Faruk yang juga Sekretaris Pengurus Cabang Nahdlatul Ulama Solo menegaskan “ Kalau dalam agama Islam itu bukan makanan syar’i, tapi lebih kepada apakah makanan ini halal atau haram.
unggahan tersebut suatu bentuk parodi yang mana ... (2/3)
sebenarnya masyarakat tidak perlu memperdebatkan dan membatasi diri untuk berkomentar yang dapat menyinggung orang lain. (...)"

Duta Damai Jawa Tengah, (3/3)
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False information normally exploits the current trend, otherwise it's likely will not get enough traction from the public since they don't care about the topic. Since for the past several months public interest is about ... #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy #CoronaVirusFacts (1/6)
COVID-19, so is the topic for false information. Using classic context twisting, not always related to COVID-19 itself. This one is a combination between fear of the pandemic itself and exploiting Indonesian's religious beliefs. ... (2/6)
NO, people in Wuhan DID NOT scream uncontrollably: (3/6)
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The religious aspects of societies, including Indonesian, is often exploited for false information. NO, the call for prayer is NOT related to the black cloud in the video: #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (1/2)
Aspek-aspek relijius dari masyarakat, termasuk masyarakat Indonesia, sering dieksploitasi untuk informasi salah. TIDAK, Adzan TIDAK ada kaitannya dengan awan hitam di video ini: #FactCheck #DigitalLiteracy (2/2)
Not just religious belief, superstition belief is also exploitable. For Indonesian, a fireball falling from the sky is traditionally believed as a sign that something big is about to happen.

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1/16...Far too often I find that many adults like to focus on the negatives surrounding social media/technology and our kids. We like to celebrate and recognize the positives. In this spirit, I offer the following examples: #parents #digitalliteracy #socialmediasafety #STEAM
What about this teen who developed this App to help students manage their homework
3/16... what about teens who are winning full 4 year college scholarships to join e-gaming teams
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Here we go again: US govt tells Facebook to kill end-to-end encryption for the sake of the children… via @theregister
1/n La pression est continue (et pas nouvelle), mais ce n'est en aucun cas une réalité aujourd'hui, le chiffrement de WhatsApp est toujours exempt de porte dérobée, et l'application utilise le même protocole de chiffrement que Signal. Les failles de sécurité de WhatsApp...
2/n se situent au niveau de l'application, et pour celles qui sont devenues publiques, à ma connaissance, aucune de ces failles ne remet en cause le chiffrement en tant que tel (…). Ce genre de faille n'est pas non plus propre à WhatsApp, par exemple...
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After a quick photo op with the @DSP_SPE #scipol #NextGenCanSci #dreamteam, I'm attending the #CSPC2018 panel @sciencepolicy on the social implications of emerging technologies w/ @ideas_idees @SocMedDr @emmeslin @Scienceadvice
Discussion questions for 2-way Q&A at the emerging technologies panel #cspc2018 ⬇️
Directions: There are some questions that are easy to answer, others that are more important that are harder to answer (@emmeslin). The social implications of new tech, esp if algorithms can exponentially increase biases and misinformation, are the latter (@SocMedDr) #CSPC2018
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Now up: Zachary Brown, Lead Data Scientist at S&P Global on #DataScience and #OpenEducation for the enterprise. Dayjob: #AI, Sidehustle: building #digital skills using #opensource #ODSCWest @School_GC
#DigitalLiteracy - Why? Effective work today requires a lot of associated learning. @linuxfoundation @github #VersionControl #Visualization -- continuous learning is critical. Optimal tools & processes are probably not the ones you are using now (Matlab vs. Scikit-Learn)
Need an evolving understanding for what tools are available today to get your work done. If you want your business people to work with your #datascience team, they need to understand what data is and what it can do. Also helps to avoid chasing buzzwords and bling.
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Orientation session at #APrIGF2018, #VintCerf: Internet is not useful if it doesn't work. Resilience is an imp. aspect of the Internet. As the global warming continues, water rise continues there rises concerns for cable landings. #internetsociety
#VintCerf continues to discuss fragile aspects of digital content. He asks the audience if the data they store in whichever form, cloud/hard disk. Will it continue to exist at the same place after 50years? #APrIGF2018
#VintCerf cites an example of how with technological advancement his floppy disks have been rendered useless. And in this light, he urges the tech community to take care of how and where we document our content. #APrIGF2018
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