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Very much enjoying #ESA2020. Prompted by @BaierAndrea I'm compiling a list of (dis)advantages of a virtual meeting. Please feel free to add to this list (1/n)
Advantages (+):
-A lot of carbon not put into the atmosphere traveling there
-No resources used to clean/launder hotel rooms
-Saved a lot of grant (or personal) $$ on travel/lodging/food
-*Good* coffee & tea when I want it
-No crushing lines for snacks
-The snacks don't run out... and if they do I can cross the street to get more and still not miss a talk.
-No need to say "I'm sorry I missed your talk" because I can watch it anytime
-I can hit the "pause" button when I need a biobreak
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@kpanyc I get what you’re saying. But shutting the world down for months (or more) would have very different impacts on those who are paid by the hour, the week, the month, the semester, or the year. Some jobs can be done from home; some can’t. Some people have savings and homes...
@kpanyc and others are living from paycheck to paycheck. We don’t have the social safety net to rescue those who would fall into dire need. (We should; but we don’t.) Will we have to do triage? Play “Lifeboat”?
@kpanyc The best solutions are to cancel unnecessary gatherings; reduce workdays (w/FEWER PEOPLE PRESENT AT ANY ONE TIME); increase the standard amount of “personal space” between people (“Don’t Stand So Close To Me”);
DO MORE THINGS ONLINE! (We HAVE the technology.)
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Our #VA07 Rural Broadband Summit is beginning shortly! Our panelists @akmeacham, @Ali_Christopher, and Richard Jenkins from @USDA are up first. Follow today’s conversation in the thread below 👇
Broadband is essential for business, education, agriculture, emergency response, telemedicine, and more. Lack of access impacts rural residents in #VA07 and across the U.S., creating a #DigitalDivide between communities. #VA07BroadbandSummit
1. Business and the Economy
2. Education
3. Healthcare
4. Democracy
5. Quality of Life
The five pillars of the rural broadband issue, according to our panelist @Ali_Christopher. #VA07BroadbandSummit
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2 in 3 three people in Wales use #digital technology to support their #health through different actions. Our new report out today… @PublicHealthW @Cas__Sharp @markabellis
1 in 3 people in Wales use #digital tech to monitor their #health
But we found markedly lower levels in men than women, older ages (although 1 in 5 70+ yrs used tech to support health), less affluent areas, and amongst those who smoke/drink/inactive. #DigitalDivide. Lots more detail here.…
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What I learnt across 3 days attending sessions on accessibility and disability at the Internet Governance Forum:

- accessibility for disabled users is a long way down the list of priorities
- accessibility for those of us with invisible/cognitive differences is even further down that list
- accessibility is something of a dirty word for both designers and clients. It's seen as an imposition, compromising "good" design and stifling creativity and creative freedom.
- very few people recognise what an accessible web site or app actually looks like
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To stay on Medicaid, Arkansas is requiring ppl to log 80 working hours per month, ONLINE. Even tho low-income & older people have some of lowest internet adoption rates in the US #digitaldivide…
In the 1st month of the new system, 26% of the state's Medicaid recipients failed to successfully report.

Just like patronizing work requirements, politicians are exploiting the #DigitalDivide to make benefits less accessible for poor folks & elders.
This may be my favorite: "The website only accepts reports between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m." Why? The internet is 24/7 -- for those who can access & afford it. Why make the system online-only and not take advantage of that? #DigitalDivide
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The closures that @Rachael_Swindon highlights should also been seen in the context of government policy. She is completely right that this is how the Tories are reducing #socialmobility but it is also how they are reducing access to other vital services for the most vulnerable.
It has long been government policy (in common with other countries) that people should access government services online. Other countries recognise that there is a need to keep other options open to protect the most vulnerable. The UK government took a different approach.
The UK government decided to tell people who had difficulty accessing #digital services that they should go to the #library where staff would help them. They then gave no funding for the training of library staff or for their time or for the equipment needed.

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Listening to the opening remarks for the #EdTech Winter School by @cristobalcobo.

'Not everything that counts can be counted'

#edtech #educhat #edchat
'Create connections to re-think #education inntje age of digital technology.'

#EdTechUy #EdChat #DigitalEducation
The first session of the Winter School is lead by @lucipangrazio on young people's literacies in the digital age.

#EdTechUy #EdChat #DigitalEducation #ChildRightsChat
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Drop-in Time 2018! Six folks plus E who got to teach someone how to cut and paste today! Here he is helping Judy sign up for Twitter. Depending how you sign up for Twitter it may or may not require a cell #. Judy didn't have one, I lent her mine. a woman sitting at her laptop with a young boy helping her out.
E doesn't really know what Twitter is but he knows the President acts up on it, and he is a quick study. My other students chimed in "I don't care what other people had for breakfast!" and I was like "How do you even know that is a thing?"
Sandy is going to Peru in a week. She was having trouble locating some files so she called Apple Support and they set her up with her Documents AND her Desktop in iCloud Drive. Seemed odd. image of mac laptop
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Hey hey drop-in time! This is Irene. She just came in to talk. She bought a new (desktop) computer at Best Buy. They said her old hard drive was "unsalvageable" (it was working when she brought it in). I suggested 2nd opinion. older woman looking at list of notes, and me.
Her main issue was how the new Outlook is different from Outlook Express. She wanted it to do one thing it wouldn't do. I searched help forums to determine, she was right, it won't do that thing. I suggested workarounds.
She went home with a list of "try this" stuff. And then we talked about how terrible Comcast was for a while (she uses their email and wishes she didn't, hence the Outlook) and she headed home.
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