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One of the elements of Julian Assange's persecution has been to demonise him. By dehumanising him, making him seem unworthy of humane treatment, authorities are torturing and slowly killing Assange in plain sight with minimal media or public outrage.

#FreeAssange #HumanRights Image
Assange's persecutors want us to forget how we felt about him a decade ago & forget he's one of the greatest journalists & dissidents of our time.

In 2010 Assange won:
-TIME’s Readers Choice Person of the Year
-Le Monde Man of the Year
-Rockstar of The Year 🇮🇹 Rolling Stone ImageImageImage
In 2011 Julian Assange won 2🇦🇺awards:
-Walkley for Most Outstanding Contribution to Journalism
-Sydney Peace Foundation Gold Medal

Today is Julian Assange's 1389th day in the UK's most high sec prison. Held on remand while fighting US extradition, where he faces another 175 yrs. ImageImage
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#BREAKING: The UK High Court will deliver its decision on Monday morning [24 January] about whether to permit Julian #Assange to appeal the US extradition decision to UK Supreme Court #JulianAssange #FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange #FreeAssangeNOW
#BREAKING: #Assange has been refused permission to appeal to the UK Supreme Court (SC)

The SC can still decide to grant permission to appeal now that part of the appeal has been certified by the High Court

#JulianAssange has 14 days to request permission to appeal from the SC. Image

The High Court have limited what the Supreme Court can consider, i.e. a very specific point of law

“In what circumstances can an appellate court receive assurances from a requesting state which were not before the court of first instance in extradition proceedings?” Image
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The 'Free Assange! Attorney General Merrick Garland Vigil' continues.
Leaves have dropped but the prosecution has not!
It's long past due for the U.S. to walk away from this anti-First Amendment trial. @TheJusticeDept
November 13/14th Thread 👇 Image
Cold, windy and raining!
#WeAreAllAssange Image
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It is ironic that no one responsible for war crimes in #Afghanistan & #Iraq has been punished

And yet the man who helped exposed these crimes is in the dock

Next month, #JulianAssange will have his final extradition appeal hearing in London. #Assange Image
2/. Assange created the technology that allowed outsiders to get a glimpse within

If extradited, @wikileaks founder #JulianAssange faces detention conditions that could amount to torture, the possibility of an unfair trial & a sentence of up to 175 years
3/. “Populations don’t like wars. They have to be fooled into wars. Nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies” #JulianAssange

Obama opened the investigation

Trump brought charges

Biden admin should drop them
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“The activities that #JulianAssange engaged in are activities that journalists engage in all the time. We wouldn’t have information without them”
@JuliaHall18 @amnesty

#Assange will hear the verdict on his extradition to the US today Image
2/. 9HRS - "#Assange, is at glaring risk that he would be put into a maximum-security prison & subjected to Special Administrative Measures"

"If the decision comes to extradite him, we'll come out very strongly against it" @JuliaHall18 @amnesty @AJEnglish…
3/. 8HRS - It's staggering little most people know about the #Assange case & it's importance for the protection of those who publish leaked/classified information that is in the public interest

But before people can care, they need to know what's at stake…
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The fourth & final week in the #Assange hearing

The judge has indicated she’ll give a date for her final ruling on Friday. It will be some time in 2021

See link to the 17-page opening statement of the prosecution. #DontExtraditeAssange #JulianAssange…
“Outside the court it was a carnival. Inside the court it was a circus”

My piece for @newsweek about the fact that - after 3 weeks of trying - @amnesty's fair trial observer is still refused entry into the #Assange hearing

Here’s @FollowWestwood’s take😊…
“He truly represents a core value of why we are free — because we have freedom of the press.” @aiww at the #Assange hearing today. #AssangeTrial #JulianAssange #DontExtraditeAssange #aiweiwei
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🔴 #CASOASSANGE 🇮🇹 Diretta Live

Tra circa 1 ora (15.00/15.30 ora italiana) riprenderanno le udienze.

Continuerò da qui il LIVE THREAD, che proseguirà anche sul canale Telegram.


🔴 #CASOASSANGE 🇮🇹 Diretta Live

Il giudice rifiuta la richiesta della difesa di consentire a Ellsberg (89 ANNI) di iniziare alle 15:15, (07:15 in California). Dice che deve iniziare alle 2.30pm (6.30am per lui). Il tribunale gli ha inviato il fascicolo di 350 pagine ieri.
🔴 #CASOASSANGE 🇮🇹 Diretta Live

Iniziano di nuovo le udienze all'Old Bailey di Londra.
La difesa riceve istruzioni da Julian Assange, mentre si siede sul banco degli imputati (la famosa scatola di vetro) indossando una mascherina bianca.

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Week two of Julian #Assange's extradition hearing has begun

After a #COVID19 scare, lawyers & clerks are wearing masks

For updates from courtroom, follow:
@kgosztola, @SMaurizi, @richimedhurst, @rebecca_vincent

For a summary of last week👇
The prosecution have had years to prepare for #Assange’s hearing & yet basic technology is not working

Today, there were more problems with the audio & video links. Defence witness, Eric Lewis, couldn’t be properly heard

The video feed was turned off causing delays #AssangeCase Image
Six days after the start of the #AssangeTrial, @amnesty - and other fair trial observers - still don't have access to observe the hearing.

We approached the court again yesterday to "try to get our foot in the door". #Assange #JulianAssange
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For the third day in a row, @amnesty & 40 other legal observers, have been denied access to the technology that would allow them to observe the extradition hearing of @wikileaks founder #JulianAssange.

This was the letter we received yesterday.
In her letter, the judge expresses her "regret" at her decision to deny remote access to the proceedings to @amnesty but offers no reason for her decision

Instead, she sets out rules to ensure the court is #COVID19 safe

But remote access is FAR safer than practices I witnessed.
Telling legal observers - some of whom are from the European Parliament - that they have to compete with the public for one of 8 gallery seats results in a scrum of people at the doorway to the court.

There was no distancing & even court officials & police weren't wearing masks. ImageImage
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Ahead of the start of the hearing, RSF along with @StellaMoris1, attempted to deliver the petition at 10 Downing Street calling for the #UK authorities not to extradite #Assange to the #US. Unfortunately, 10 Downing Street refused to accept it.
As his extradition hearing resumes, we call yet again for Julian Assange to be immediately released, the charges against him dropped, and for him to not be extradited to the #UnitedStates.

We fully believe the case against him is connected to his contributions to public interest reporting, and his prosecution has extremely worrying implications for press freedom and the protection of journalistic sources internationally.
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1/. On the 7th of September, Julian Assange is scheduled to appear court for the start of an extradition hearing that could take weeks before concluding.

The UK should not extradite #JulianAssange

The US should drop the changes against #Assange. PETITION…
2/. If extradited to the US, Julian Assange would face detention conditions that could amount to torture as well as the possibility of an unfair trial.

It is vital that the right to freedom of expression & access to information are protected. @wikileaks
3/. Under the Espionage Act, #Assange faces up to 175 years in prison.

This would set a dangerous precedent for all journalists who publish classified information of public interest.

Due to #COVID19 restrictions, Assange has not been able to see his lawyers for over 6 months.
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Julian Assange's extradition hearing restarts in 2 weeks at the Old Bailey in London.

In this crime scene everything is on its head. The detective is in the dock and the prosecutors are the criminals. #DontExtraditeAssange #FreeAssange #AssangeCase
Journalism is not a crime. War crimes are!

Print your own "crime scene" tape, posters and more to help put an end to the persecution of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks:… (pic is the first roll printed in London!) #DontExtraditeAssange #FreeAssange
Wrap 'Journalism is not a crime: Don't Extradite Assange' "crime scene" tape around US, UK and Australian embassies, around law courts, trees, poles, yourself, wherever!… #FreeAssange
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Defence lawyer Edward Fitzgerald: The extradition is for political purposes and that’s prohibited under US/UK treaty.

#DontExtraditeAssange #Freepress #FreeAssange
Defence lawyer Edward Fitzgerald: This prosecution is not about criminal justice, it is due to underlying political motives of the US government.
Extraditing #Assange would also lead to "inhuman and degrading treatment," in the US prison system, his counsel tells the court, says mental condition could put him at risk of suicide.
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24 FEB
Global Free Assange Protest #DontExtraditeAssange
@🇬🇧consulate / embassy or as per thread↩️
🇳🇿New Zealand🔥
24 Feb 2020

UK Consulate

Parliament Steps
@FionaHansenkiwi @GreenweaverArch 🇦🇺Australia🔥
24 Feb 2020

UK Consulate 100 Eagle St (daily)

Martin Place Ampitheatre
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Julian Assange’s detention “sets a dangerous precedent for journalists”, according to politicians from the Council of Europe’s parliamentary arm, who voted on Tuesday to oppose the WikiLeaks founder’s extradition to the US…
Labour peer and UK Rapporteur on #mediafreedom Lord Foulkes, ...had drafted an initial report – Threats to Media Freedom and Journalists’ Security in Europe – that will now contain amendments referring to Assange tabled by a number of European parliamentarians.
One of the amendments backs the recommendation of the UN special rapporteur on torture who called last year for Assange’s release and for extradition to the United States to be blocked.
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'All info on associations with ********* & Assange'

More news on US DoJ v Bean—Google sent the full (redacted) Search & Seizure warrant & gag order on informing me of this targeted surveillance. Revealing full docs here:… #FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange
Excerpt from govt motion to seal the warrant: granted. 'Reason to believe notice will jeopardise investigation incl giving targets an opportunity to flee, destroy or tamper with evidence & intimidate witnesses.' Okay...

What was the US DoJ fishing for?

- aiding & abetting
- accessory after the fact
- misprision of a felony
- conspiracy
- false statements
- unauthorised access of protected computer
- obstruction of justice
- witness tampering
- wire fraud & conspiracy
- foreign contributions ban
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Finally received my badge of honour with notice that Google have handed over "information related to [my] Google account" to the US DoJ.

You think Assange case is just about Assange? Think again. #FreeAssange #DontExtraditeAssange
Have emailed Google requesting the relevant order which prohibited them from previously notifying me about this. DoJ doc search to come. #FreeAssange
So, here's some further info on the US DoJ's investigation of me presumably for supporting Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.

Oh it's "SEALED v. SEALED; Case is not available to the public."

#DontExtraditeAssange #FreeAssange
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Article 4 of the Extradition Treaty between the UK and the USA states that: "Extradition shall not be granted if the offense for which extradition is requested is a political offense."

So why the hell is #JulianAssange behind bars pending extradition to the US? 1/5
The British govt's treatment of Julian Assange is a grotesque abuse of state power.

The circumstances of his incarceration are tantamount to torture.

The Extradition Treaty clearly doesn't apply in his case because his 'offence' was political, i.e. he exposed US war crimes. 2/5
Yesterday's proceedings at Westminster Magistrates Court for the case management hearing regarding the attempts to extradite #JulianAssange to the US, were both sinister and farcical. The events that unfolded in that courtroom brought our judicial system into disrepute. 3/5
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1 to 20. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
21. Assange a true HERO. The Siege & Injustice with Julian Assange 🤨👇🏼…
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