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Happy Monday! I have been wanting to do this for a while, but I have been reviewing my social vulnerability work lately and I wanted to share some of my work with the #EMGTwitter universe. I am hoping to dive in and map some new cities soon. 1/n
As EMs, we wear MANY hats. With preparedness, outreach tasks, preplanning, and mitigation - we never have a short to-do list. This only includes blue sky days activities as well... not even talking about response/recovery!

SV can help us prioritize some tasks in our cities! 2/n
So many disaster studies have shown that there are certain demographics that cause people to have a higher risk of injury or death during disasters. These same variables also point to:
-Less storm resource access
-Less prepared
-Likely to have higher financial damage [3/n]
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Finally got to watch an insightful webinar on the CERT work @leiniemom has worked on. A THREAD - on some very good CERT ideas for up and coming teams. #EMGTwitter #CommunityIsKey #CERT

A good way to recruit vols or just members of the community into CERT training is to tell them about how the skills they learn are "life long." This means that despite choosing not to be a member of a team, they will have the skills for life in the event that it is needed.
After a team is established, figuring out a structure that works good for your team and jurisdiction is very important! Some do that based on service/skill while others may use only ICS branch. A mix of both is not out of the question.
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So, I imagine @oneconcerninc is currently formulating a response to this @nytimes piece, but here are some personal thoughts, from yours truly, sitting in a space that intersects with its field fairly closely.… 1/n
So to wade in... What One Concern has built is a catastrophe model. We can quibble about how it's done it, whether it uses public data/AI/magical fairy dust/whatever, but that's what it is - a model that predicts damage from a disaster 2/n
The insurance industry uses cat models to make realistic estimates of how damaging a whole suite of natural perils will be - hurricanes, floods, wildfires, earthquakes, and so forth. Thousands of years of hypothetical events, and huge catalogs of historical "as-if" scenarios 3/n
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Hey #EMGTwitter and DisasterTwitter!

I'm writing a paper for EMI Advanced Academy on Barriers and Opportunities in collaboration between researchers and practitioners.

Is there anybody who can help provide some insight?

Thanks team!
@SamLMontano @mikamckinnon @SarahDeYoung2 @Alisha_Beth @Ready_Northwest @CourtOfDisaster and all my other Tweet-buddies who have knowledge on the topic!
Hey all! Thank you for all of you input and feedback! I haven't had a chance to engage much yet, but I have been taking quick opportunities to digest all of your comments. I'll be popping in more soon.

You are all amazing and I'm glad to have y'all in my community!
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Welcome to day 25 #30days30waysUK September is #Preparedness Month. Today we talk about #preparedKids and young people 👦👧👨👩👧👦
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Emergency Preparedness MUST include children and young people. Today we share lots of info and resources both UK and international, like this brilliant 'pillow project' from the USA. Watch:

#EMGtwitter #SMEM
#Preparedness with young people can be fun and easy as the above video shows and @ConversationUK discusses that "Children aren’t liabilities in disasters – they can help, if we let them" see…
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1/ Dear colleagues, as a result of extreme frustration with poorly executed social media accounts responsible for disaster information, I am imploring that you take the following actions listed in the thread below:
#EMGTwitter #smem #lesm #gsmchat
2/ (1) Disconnect any links you may have between Facebook and Twitter. Automatically posting from one account to another is lazy and leaves your audience without timely, accurate information. In an era of spam and viruses, why would anyone click on a link without context?
3/ (2) Do an audit of all of your accounts. Search for fake and misspelled accounts. Contact the government liaisons at each of the platforms and correct lost passwords to old accounts. Get imposter accounts deleted. For goodness sake, take these steps now.
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Had a FANTASTIC training today at the college I work for- I asked someone from our disability office give a presentation to our campus volunteer group about how to best support people with disabilities in a disaster response. A few highlights for #EMGTwitter:
When possible, give information & instructions in multiple formats. Both written and verbal! Repetition is important. Also, make sure it's possible for people to revisit that information at their own pace.
Sending information electronically is good because people who need assistance with text usually have some kind of program on their phone that will read it for them. BUT - keep in mind that PDF's are usually not accessible in this way.
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