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Faces of change makers!🇺🇸

POST YOUR #GeorgiaBlue selfies!🍊

#Georgia #VoteEarly
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To my Jewish brothers & sisters in #Georgia. There is heinous misinformation being peddled by a desperate #KellyLoeffler in the Senate race. She is smearing Reverend #Warnock as being anti Israel and antisemitic.

#ReverendWarnock is a fervent ally to Jews everywhere and is unequivocally pro-Israel. #JonOssoff, who is running to unseat openly anti Semitic #DavidPerdue, is Jewish &close friends with the Reverend.

Interestingly, his opponent ALSO peddled in racist tropes when he (2/4)
made ads with images of #Ossoff doctored to make his nose look bigger. Enough with lies, racism, scare tactics, & corruption.
#LootingLoeffler & #ChickenPerdue (who is too scared debate Jon Ossoff) FAILED #GEORGIA. They voted AGAINST #covid relief! (3/4)
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1/ Election officials have been providing some excellent behind the scenes footage to help Americans understand more about the processes, procedures and safeguards used in election administration. This thread includes some favorites! #TrustedInfo2020 #Protect2020 #VOTE #IVoted
2/ Thanks @jolingkent for giving America a peak into one of the best operations in the country - @OCRegistrar.
3/ In a year w/ too much misinformation, confusion & rhetoric about a trusted method of voting, @VICENews did a great job showing some of what goes in to making mail/absentee ballots the preferred method of voting for millions of Americans!
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Here's the thing, they are using these exaggerated threats about that ability in order to suppress the vote.

"It’s unlikely that Trump will steal the election. But unlikely doesn’t mean impossible." - @zackbeauchamp


"Trump’s focus on mail-in ballots is pernicious, and intentional. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, many, many more Americans are planning to cast their ballots by mail. And polls have shown that Democrats are likelier to vote by mail than Republicans."

#WhenWeAllVote, #WeWillWin.

"The general sense among experts on American politics is that the nightmare scenarios ... are only plausible if the election is close, and even then, they remain unlikely."

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I love building websites that answer simple questions.

I knew I'd be asking this question a lot over the next few days, so this morning I built:

Many thanks to @ElectProject for the data!

Post coming soon!

#Election2020 #VOTE #VoteEarlyDay #VoteEarly
Wrote up a little about the process here:…
I posted to @IndieHackers about using questions on your mind to get ideas for projects!…
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The polls just opened and are open til 3 PM! Last chance to register and vote early. Join the 4.27 million NCians who have already cast their ballots. Here's the list of early voting sites in your county: #VoteEarly
Hey, want to know which early voting site has the shortest lines? If you live in Buncombe, Cabarrus, Chatham, Durham, Forsyth, Guilford, New Hanover, Randolph, or Wake counties, you can! Links below: 2/
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This is the *massive* county where Republican Governor Greg Abbott said they could have only one absentee ballot drop box for the entire county. Looks like he failed at voter suppression in Harris County!
UNBELIEVABLE!!! Keep it up, Texas! ❤️💪
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News has reached the front. There are new #SecondCivilWarLetters. The final battle is on and victory against President Trump’s “War on Intelligence” is near. Read on.

General Biden:

President Trump has run out of corners to round in his “War on intelligence”. The fires of contagion have encircled his wagon full of lies and there appears to be no escape. He lost the battle of COVID without even trying to win. Surrender!

General Harris:

President Trump’s “War on Intelligence” is nearing it’s end. It appears that both the President’s Secret Healthcare Plan and his cargo of bombshell revelations were both lost in the mail. They have run out of ammunition. Victory is near

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Asian Americans being unapologetically Asian American in America is my favorite mode in the face of all the xenophobia and anti-Asian sentiment of 2020.

We mobilize. We vote. We say fuck you in ways our parents could not when faced with hate. #AAPI
18 to 29-year-old #AAPI voters cast 84,000 early votes in 2016.

So far this year, young Asian American voters have cast 330,000 early ballots. An almost 400% increase! 🙌🏼

Let’s keep it up. Text a friend!…
“...polls show that Indian Americans are turning decisively to the left, alienated by the @GOP’s divisive rhetoric toward immigrants and minority groups.

72% of registered Indian American voters plan to support Biden, compared with 22% for Trump.” #AAPI…
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Trump, by tweet, argues against counting all the votes:

"Must have final total on November 3rd."

But the other lie is Twitter’s statement that mail-in voting is "safe and secure." Not in America:…

The seminal MIT study, Losing Votes by Mail, warns that 22% – more than one in five mail-in ballots – never get counted. #SaveMyVote2020…
What’s the solution?

Massive in-person early voting.

Go mid-week when there are no lines.

Bring mask, gloves, sanitizer, ID and resolve.

#VOTE #VoteEarly #SaveMyVote2020…
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This is what democracy looks like. #Election2020 #VoteEarly
And to people replying.... of course it's also suppression! The board of elections failed to plan for this. But I am choosing in this moment to focus on my neighbors, who WILL do whatever it takes.
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Happy weekend! Here’s the content you need to get you through these next few weeks. You can’t possible watch it too frequently and it probably needs to go viral. Please share as a public service. #civicengagement #strutyourmutt #doghalloween #VoteEarly #vote 1/5
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Glad the New York Times has caught up to what I’ve warned about: mailing in your ballot is playing Russian roulette with your vote. Don’t. Don’t. Don’t. #VoteByMail #VoteByMail2020 #SaveMyVote2020…
And this year, some Boogaloo schmuck in a Hawaiian shirt will be the poll watcher challenging your ballot. #ElectionDay #Election2020 #Voting…
As we've previously reported, a seminal MIT study, Losing Votes by Mail, warns that 22% – more than one in five mail-in ballots – never get counted. #VoteByMail #VoteByMail2020 #PurgeByPostcard #VoterSuppression #ElectionFraud #VotingRights #CivilRights…
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Morning thoughts after the #Debates2020 We have been living in the midst of evil for 4 years. For all of us with tender hearts this has felt intolerable. /1
2/ Last night Donald trump has an opportunity to express empathy for the families of 220,000 dead Americans - many of whom died alone. He was not able to do so
3/ Last night trump was offered an opportunity to express compassion for the children he ripped from parents arms to sleep alone on concrete. He could not offer a single shred of care
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I think some people are confused as to why voting early is so important to @JoeBiden winning this election and us getting rid of Trump, so let me explain. #womansplaining
If you vote early, you have time to cure your ballot and make sure that it is counted.
If you vote early, @biden and @TheDemocrats can stop spending time on getting you to vote and work on getting out new voters. We can increase turnout.
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In the whole of my life I have never waited more than five minutes in line to early vote/vote. I am 49 and so that means in 31 years. Never.

Today I made it to the window for my ballot in just under 34 minutes. It was the middle of the afternoon. 😳
Don’t tell me something isn’t happening in this election.

I also want to say I have never cried reviewing my ballot and scanning it into the machine. I have never cried thanking poll workers. Never, never. Before today. 😪
I have prayed and prayed and wrestled over this election...and most every vote I had to cast (except one - thanks @cmjones99 for the quick civics lesson while I stood in line - my phone a friend). I am so proud of my selections.
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ALL 50 states ALL Info you NEED #VoteByMail
Alternate ways to REQUEST & RETURN #AbsenteeBallot
LINKS to apply #AbsenteeVoting…
Medium article:
& Postcards for each State
Retweet your State!
If #EarlyVoting appeals, you can actually #VoteEarly in all States! Even ones that don't, technically, have #EarlyVoting
(Some by #AbsenteeBallot which you can hand deliver if you prefer.)
If you see a list that says you can't vote early; it's wrong.
All Dates for all States⤵️
Here are the dates that States require a REQUEST for #AbsenteeBallot to be made.
All info, including links to Apply, Alternate ways to return - including & DropBox locations on #PostcardsforAmerica Website:…
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THREAD: @FoxNews has played the long game & it has very nearly cost us our democracy. When they started their slogan was “Fair & Balanced”. It implied that the rest of the mainstream news channels, which the majority of Americans believed & trusted, were NOT fair or balanced. 1/8
It also created a false equivalency, where the GOP & Fox News pundits could make increasingly outrageous & factually dubious statements that could be given the same weight as mainstream news reporting, which in the vast majority of instances was down the middle & fact-driven. 2/8
Fox News was the originator of “both sides” political reporting, not in that they reported both sides, but that they CREATED the very dynamic that one side’s political demagoguery was the equivalent of the other side’s earnest political discourse. 3/8
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Links for all States to REQUEST & TRACK your BALLOT #AbsenteeBallot
*Voters can track #absenteeballots in at least part of all States except MS & TX
#VoteByMail #EarlyVoting #Election2020
#EarlyVoting&In-Person Absentee Dates; 50 States
& other ways to RETURN besides USPS
If #EarlyVoting appeals, you can actually #VoteEarly in all States! Even ones that don't, technically, have #EarlyVoting?
(Some by #AbsenteeBallot which you can hand deliver if you prefer.)
If you see a list that says you can't vote early; it's wrong.
All Dates for all States⤵️ Image
Not sure how to request your Absentee Ballot?
#AbsenteeBallot Here's a handy guide
We can work around 45's attempts to 86 the #USPS
Fight #TrumpChaos Vote #BidenCalm #VoteBlue2020
See #PostcardsforAmerica website for more specifics for your State
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Standing in line to get my ballot.... I can't describe to you just how much more practical this is for some people than same day voting. Line is 100% African American as far as I can tell mostly older folks
I requested my ballot online and in my state you can get your ballot EMAILED to you. Print it out and take it back. For some reason the BOE (which I've called a good 4-5 times since my application) had me listed as mail in. I don't trust it'll arrive on time OR that l I'll see it
So I'm standing in line. Do I worry about #covid? Yes but we're outdoors and no closer than you get to people in a grocery store. You do what you gotta do 🤷🏾‍♂️
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Nomination of #AmyConeyBarrett to the US Supreme Court is a long-strategized attack on substantive due process body of law, among which is a woman's right to choose whether or not to terminate her pregnancy. #Abortion #RoevWade #GriswoldvConnecticut
As soon as Griswold v. Connecticut extended substantive due process to the 'right to choose' whether or not to use contraception, the GOP realized it had made a huge mistake by creating the precedent in Allegeyer & Lochner.
Lochner & Allegeyer were cases from the turn of the 20th century (early 1900s) that were about contract rights. A Republican majority Court opined that the Bill of Rights created an inherent 'right to choose' that emanated from the various aspects of protected individual rights.
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We at .@CodersCovid have completed our daily update of our unofficial White House Coronavirus Task Force Reports:

Today, we released a national map of #COVID19 death rates:

This short thread highlights a few key observations.

Florida is trouble —

🔸Nearly every county in the state is in the “Red Zone” … for *deaths*
🔸I’ll need to look back at the historical data, but I can’t recall another *state* having earned this “distinction”; CA, NY, TX, AZ had death hotspots, FL is a wildfire

When we compare the data to the same time last month, we can see that we’re seeing areas that are improving and areas that are getting worse.

Taken together, the data suggests that Florida’s #COVID19 response has been haphazard and inadequate for at least 6 weeks

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Tonight scared me. This whole week has scared me. This whole month. Six. Long. Days. This fucking year. So. Much. More. To. Come.
It’s time to talk some real serious scary but necessary talk.
Here’s what I think you should do immediately to survive what I fear may come next.
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“The danger he poses is related to past dangerousness he has shown in terms of verbal aggression, boasting about assaults, paranoid reactions… This is a national security threat and the White House has a credibility crisis.” @pttrn_ntgrty #The25thFor45

“It cannot be that here and now in 2020 we allow the government of the people, by the people and for the people to perish on this earth. No, it cannot and it must not… WE WILL VOTE.” @JoeBiden in Gettysburg

“The FBI says white nationalism is a real problem, and the FBI wants to do something about it, but President* Trump doesn’t want to talk about that. He doesn’t keep the country safe.” @GenMhayden @RVAT2020

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