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Last week the @bcndp failed to put forward permanent, long-term solutions on the table to save #FairyCreek.

Instead they are kicking the can down the road, extending deferrals until 2025. 1/ #bcpoli #oldgrowth…
The @bcndp needs to put conservation financing on the table so that Indigenous communities receive the benefits of protecting old growth and are able to diversify their economies away from resource extraction. But so far we've seen nothing. 2/ #bcpoli #oldgrowth
What's worse is that the federal government in 2022 put forward $50 million dollars to permanently protect #oldgrowth on the condition that BC matches the funding.

Over a year later and the @bcndp remain silent . 3/ #bcpoli….
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Today marks exactly two years since the BC government released the results of its Old-Growth Strategic Review.

This review outlined a clear process to safeguard old-growth + implement a paradigm shift in forests in BC.

Unfortunately, the @bcndp is far behind.

A VERY long 🧵:
The OGSR, undertaken in 2019 and early 2020 by two veteran foresters, was the largest review of forest policy and practices in BC history.

The result was a groundbreaking report, completed in April 2020 and released to the public Sept11th:… #bcpoli
The report explicitly acknowledged the problems in the BC forest industry. It classified the status quo as unsustainable, and highlighted the huge lack of public trust due to poor transparency from the provincial government.
#bcpoli #oldgrowth #bcforestry
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1/ My firm took cell calls today from arrestees at Grouse Camp in #argentaBC on Sinixt tty against old growth logging conducted by Cooper Creek Cedar Ltd.. Observations:
- RCMP CIRG officers arrested 17, many of whom appear not to have been in breach of injunction.
2/ - Many arrestees were not given a chance to avoid arrest and had no intention to get arrested but were removed from the area by the CIRG led by Jason Charney. Cooper Creek staff then took steps to clear the camp.
3/ CIRG activities repeats patterns from CIRG-led raids on #Wetsuweten tty and at #Fairycreek : goal is to clear territory for industry and arrests are often for illegitimate legal reasons. Many of the arrests today appear to be without a strong legal basis.
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Hi @checkupcbc, it strikes me that your guests & callers are treating the convoy as a grassroots protest & not a highly orchestrated political strategy on the part of large interests. Sure, such interests easily harness free-floating anger, but their money & agenda come first.
@checkupcbc Yes, some are upset about the pandemic, some are racist & hate-motivated, others may have other grievances, but it looks as if they're all being easily recruited by good corporate strategists. I work as a strategist & I recognize the signs. There's money behind this. Follow it.
@checkupcbc In short, your frame of 'are the divisions in Canada growing more extreme' is a false frame. The frame should be 'how are large interests harnessing Facebook to create astroturf movements like Yellow Vests & the convoy to advance their own interests, usually resource extraction.
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My kid, underage in BC, was arrested twice (trial soon) for peaceful protest at #FairyCreek summer 2021, where #surgical #RCMP swat-style units would pull down protestor masks to pepper spray them directly in eyes 1/3
& would target Indigenous & Black protestors for removal. Their violence was called out by a BC judge. All to #defend old growth logging while protestors worked to protect climate & all of us by defending forests. But white nationalist organized 2/3
border #blockades & occupations see a few tickets issued. This is 🇨🇦 & we need to address our problems with policing, with white nationalism, & with values that put capital above & sanction violence over climate, Indigenous & Black lives. #canadaprotests
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Remembering Emily Carr on her 150th birthday 🎂
🎨 Nan Lawson Cheney, 1937
"For the creative artist there is no finality, no one has said the last word on Emily Carr and no one ever will."
- Lawren Harris
(Canada's two greatest painters in one tweet)
Emily Carr
Totem Walk at Sitka 1917
"So still were the big woods where I sat, sound might not yet have been born."
At the Unformable Things: Emily Carr & Some Canadian Modernists show @artgalleryvic, from the summer of 2019. What a long, long time ago!

Canada's two greatest artists side-by-side: Emily Carr, Lawren Harris
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So, @BIVnews is platforming forest industry whining by a resource extraction shill, Stewart Muir (ResourceWorks). I hesitate to link to it, but here it is, and then I'll rebut it.… #OldGrowth forests #FairyCreek #bcpoli
@BIVnews ..Forest expert says: "Since 2005, 35 sawmills in BC’s Interior & 9 on the coast were permanently shuttered, along with ~ half the coastal shake & shingle mills, & 1000s of jobs were lost with these closures all without a ripple or a blip to BC’s GDP or the total BC labour force"
@BIVnews .."The forest industry needs to downsize by many more mills and jobs than Muir is parading here. We can only hope COFI’s [Council of Forest Industries] prediction will come to pass. Communities will rebound if we conserve all old growth now." #oldgrowth #bcpoli
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‼️ BC judge denies application to extend injunction at Fairy Creek ‼️

Amazing news for all the forest defenders who continue to stand for old growth and for justice at Ada’itsx @SaveFairyCreek 👏 #FairyCreek #bcpoli…
In his ruling, Justice Thompson says “methods of enforcement of the court's order have led to serious and substantial infringement of civil liberties, including impairment of the freedom of the press to a marked degree” #FairyCreek
Of forest defenders, the Justice says: “They are respectful, intelligent, and peaceable by nature. They are good citizens in the important sense that they care intensely about the common good” 👏💯 #FairyCreek…
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Today Teal Cedar went back to court in Nanaimo to ask for their injunction against #FairyCreek forest defenders to be extended.

The logging company's lawyer Dean Dalke is really in a tizzy over the tactical abilities of the protesters... (thread)…
In court, the logging company's lawyer said of the land defenders, 'their resistance to being arrested is just shocking!' (This generated some amusement)

Leaving aside what "resistance" means for now, let's just review what's been going on with the RCMP at #FairyCreek...
Recall: the RCMP not only used this injunction to remove forest defenders from the #FairyCreek area, they exceeded their powers, & barred media from witnessing their actions, & more. In August, Judge Thompson (same judge as today) found that:… #bcpoli Image
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Yesterday we heard harrowing stories of RCMP violence from Wet'suwet'en matriarch Marlene Hale who's been at #FairyCreek supporting Pacheedaht Elder Bill Jones. See photo? Says police impregnate gloves w/ a sedative, force it over defenders' faces & drag them out
@mikefarnworthbc We heard about arrestees kept in overheated vans meant to carry fewer prisoners, hands tied & finally driven at breakneck speeds over logging roads until passengers throw up. Of the "green men" (RCMP tactical?) whose name badges are obscured by disallowed thin blue line badges
The land defenders' do not resist, so the fact so many are injured by police, esp by the "green men" who seem to have the job of roughing them up, is proof this violence is deliberate. Teal Jones wants access to the massive ancient trees now, & RCMP will harm kids to help them.
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THREAD. This 17-year-old was removed from a tripod at Ada’itsx/#FairyCreek on Aug 24. An RCMP officer cut the youth’s shirt off, covered his face with a gloved hand & held his head back at an uncomfortable angle, before dropping him down with a rope around his lower ribs. #bcpoli
Images of RCMP violence at #FairyCreek

1. Videos showing mask-ripping before pepper-spraying, in this article:…

2. An Indigenous woman land defender attacked and dragged down:

#bcpoli #oldgrowth #PoliceBrutality
..3. Arrest at River Camp, a young man dragged with rope under his arms by RCMP:

4. River Camp Aug. 20 – woman flipped over, four RCMP attack a young black woman:…

There is more, Minister of Silence @mikefarnworthbc...
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!!! From the Elders for Ancient Trees group today:

"The last two days have been horrendous on the front lines at Fairy Creek. Brutal RCMP and Teal Jones actions have overrun all the long-standing camps and industry is poised to start logging." Thread... #FairyCreek #bcpoli
.."Food, personal supplies are being stolen. 23 people have already been arrested today. We rushed up to #FairyCreek today... We were too late: dozens of RCMP officers were able to overcome about 100 peaceful protesters & allow Teal Jones logging & road building equipment.."
.."We spent an emotional couple of hours with Elder Bill Jones, the land defenders & the forest protectors, hearing about how all the camps had been smashed by the @BCRCMP, personal possessions taken or destroyed & discussing new tactics & next steps..." #bcpoli #FairyCreek
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THREAD - Report from #FairyCreekBlockade that you won't hear in the BC mainstream media, on the imminent cutting of these ancient trees, incl 1000 year old giants.

The RCMP are acting as heavies for the logging company Teal Jones which has been posting... record profits. #bcpoli
.."This tree is in the next block to be logged at #FairyCreek starting tmrw. It's just outside the watershed. Police cleared the route to it by smashing in the windows of a van so they could drag a woman who had been sleeping in the van out, then crushed her van with a bulldozer"
.."Did we get pictures? No, we are no longer allowed to take pictures, on pain of arrest, and the media were excluded by an illegal exclusion zone. The one BC Supreme Court Justice Justice Thompson said this about:
#bcpoli #FairyCreek #oldgrowth @BCRCMP @mikefarnworthbc @Dave_Eby “The RCMP’s use of exclusion zones was unlawful to bar m
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I love how the #fairycreek narrative has wandered so far from reality that they’re yelling for the courts to protect them from the RCMP (who were sent there by the courts) to remove them for defying the courts.

Judges *love* stupid games that insult them & waste their time. 👍🏻
Galaxy brain move: defeat the courts by convincing the courts that enforcing their lawful orders is actually unlawful so the courts have no choice but to enjoin themselves from enjoining you.

Way to go, geniuses. In the 900 years of the common law, nobody thought of that before
Blockade: We are frustrating logging operations!

Courts: Move.

Blockade: You can’t tell us to move! You’re garbage! Nobody should obey you!

Courts: Move now.

Blockade: Do your worst!

Courts: RCMP, move them.


Blockade: Courts! Help us! They’re shoving us! Help!!!
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What's happening in #fairycreek right now is absolutely unconscionable. These actions are a deliberate choice in the interest of profit over people, planet and Indigenous jurisdiction. I cannot stand behind this.
This is a shameful abuse of power, a militarization of the police against one of the main things that strengthens democracy - civil disobedience.
With critical inaction on the #ClimateCrisis and justice for Indigenous peoples, and when leadership chooses not to act, it's PEOPLE who take up responsibility for what's important. There are Indigenous youth fighting this fight for our collective future.
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VIDEO - NEW. Police violence at #FairyCreek & area. PLEASE watch, read and share. Will include full text in this thread. Includes list of actions - please do them! This is serious & the situation is escalating... #bcpoli #cdnpoli #oldgrowth #climatechange
▫️The world needs to see this!
▫️Please share everywhere you possibly can."
#fairyCreekBlockade #oldgrowth #bcpoli #cdnpoli
...@SaveFairyCreek: "The line was being pushed, I was trying to protect an Indigenous femme. The cops started pepper spraying everyone. They grabbed me, held open my mouth and sprayed pepper spray into my mouth and eyes. Then they punched me hard..." #FairyCreek #bcpoli
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THREAD: Brutal account of police violence & more from a land defender at #FairyCreek. He has bruised ribs & torn muscles & tendons, & says police left people in nearly closed paddywagons in 37C direct sun for hours. This is on you, @jjhorgan & @mikefarnworthbc. #oldgrowth #bcpoli
@jjhorgan @mikefarnworthbc .."I am absolutely gutted this morning. My arrest and the arrests I witnessed on Tuesday were some of the most brutal I have seen or experienced in over 30 years of civil disobedience. I have been tuned up by the cops before but, never that bad simply for saying no.." #FairyCreek
@jjhorgan @mikefarnworthbc .."My body hurts in places I had forgotten that I had, and I can't stop crying every time I see another kid dragged through the dirt for standing up for something they believe in..." #FairyCreek #oldgrowth #bcpoli #policeviolence
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ICYMI, this is one of the best pieces of journalism I've read in a long time. David Broadland in Focus on Victoria, on the perilous BC forestry mess that the BC NDP steadfastly refuses to fix. Some key quotes to follow. cc #oldgrowth #FairyCreek #bcpoli
.."Our investigation found the Ministry of Forests with its collective head in the sand and the logging industry feeding on the huge public expenditure of money used to fight the fires.." #bcwildfires #WhiteRockLakeFire #bcpoli
"..testimony provided to an Oregon court in 2019 revealed that clearcut logging, followed by replanting, creates fuel conditions that make fires easier to ignite and harder to control. These effects persist for decades..." #BCWildfires
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URGENT REQUEST from @SaveFairyCreek for self sufficient folks to regroup at #FariyCreek HQ. "THE LIVES OF OUR GRANDCHILDREN DEPEND ON IT!"

RCMP are acting unlawfully with @jjhorgan & @mikefarnworthbc authorization. Indep media is being kept out. Where is MSM? Crickets. #bcpoli
@SaveFairyCreek @jjhorgan @mikefarnworthbc .."Join us at #FairyCreek (Ada’itsx) HQ! Please arrive prepared to self-sufficiently camp overnight. Arrestees & non-arrestees are needed DAILY.
Read our pre-arrival info sheet:
Worried about getting arrested? Some educational info:
@SaveFairyCreek @jjhorgan @mikefarnworthbc .."Indigenous Elder Bill Jones has called for help to get press out to #Fairy Creek immediately. The RCMP raided all the #FairyCreek camps on Monday, the one year anniversary, knowing many defenders would be in Victoria at the Legislature event.." cont'd #bcpoli
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Private comments by one of BC's most experienced foresters (who'd rather remain nameless:) "Vaughn Palmer and RBC capital markets are missing the main reason for the exodus of BC's oligopoly of forest corporations to the southern United Sates...." #OldGrowth #FairyCreek #bcpoli
...Thread cont'd: "The forest companies are leaving because over 40% of the forest cover within B.C'.s timber harvesting land base is under 20 years old and the availability of large grade 1 and 2 logs is rapidly declining...." #OldGrowth #bcpoli
... Forester: "These big logs from primary/#OldGrowth forests together with large subsidies to the forest sector provide the economic competitive advantage to the 80% of provincial forest products exported to the U.S., Japan and China..."
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Elders for Ancient Forests now at Empress Hotel. #bcpoli #FairyCreek #yyj
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Today, the B.C. Supreme Court ruled in favor of forestry company Teal Jones Group and their injunction application to remove protestors and blockades from #FairyCreek. It sets the stage for #OldGrowth logging in the last intact old growth valley on Southern Van Island. 1/ #bcpoli
It is time for the @bcndp to step in, revoke permits for Teal Jones Group and come to the table with conservation financing to provide real options for a path forward to save #FairyCreek. 2/ #bcpoli #OldGrowth
.@jjhorgan promised to implement all of the recommendations of the #OldGrowth Review Panel, including immediate deferrals of logging in high-value at-risk forests. The #FairyCreek watershed is the definition of a high-risk ecosystem. 3/ #bcpoli
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Today in QP I asked about #FairyCreek. There is an injunction request by Teal Jones to remove the blockades from #FairyCreek and start roadbuilding in this valley. It sets the stage for #OldGrowth logging in the last intact old growth valley on Southern Van Island. 1/ #bcpoli
My question was directed at Premier @jjhorgan, he didn’t stand to answer - instead Minister @KatrineConroy made banal, generic statements she’s been making for weeks, and in her answer she did not refer to #FairyCreek even once. 2/ #bcpoli #OldGrowth
The #FairyCreek watershed is the very definition of an ancient, high-risk ecosystem that the #OldGrowth Strategic Review Panel recommended be protected while a strategy is developed. No valleys like it remain on Southern Vancouver Island, they've all been logged. 3/ #bcpoli
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