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The following is a thread detailing how the true fascist political ideology driving the Dalai Lama and the #FreeTibet "movement" have been whitewashed by an ongoing CIA-funded media campaign and bolstered by literal Nazi propaganda. 🧵
In Old Tibet serfs were treated like property at birth. Serfs slept with livestock while house slaves were referred to as "speaking beasts". Indentured serfs tilled the land in chains; others endured starvation, amputation, torture, and were even skinned to make furniture. ImageImageImageImage
Watch 47 minutes into this documentary to see beautiful footage of former Tibetan serfs celebrating their liberation from the oppressive Lama system by burning the rags they were forced to wear along w/ their debt bondage documents.
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🧵 So #FreeTibet is a thing again? Let's talk about it. Support for Tibetan independence means support for imperialism & feudalism. For 70 years the US and its allies have nurtured a pro-independence movement in Tibet in order to dismember, weaken and encircle socialist China...
Tibet's only period of (nominal) independence in modern history is from 1937 to 1950, during which time it was essentially a British colony. California and Texas have an infinitely more legitimate claim to independence than Tibet does...
The CIA trained Tibetan fighters in Nepal and northern India, and supplied arms and equipment for the 1959 Lhasa revolt. The US continued to be the main supporter of the armed independence movement until well into the 1970s, financing training camps in Colorado and Nepal...
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Let’s cut the BS - Punjab is facing annihilation.

Not from the Hindoos, not from Godi media, not from the chaiwala, not from Gujarati kutte Ambani Adani, not from non-Jats.

But from a depleted water table caused by the current farming methods & incentives.
Punjab faces annihilation via desertification.

The images below show the dire need of reform in Punjab & the adjacent areas - yes the areas where protests are massively derived from.

Unequal MSP allotment and addiction will destroy the land if things remain.
But wait, what if we just double down on MSP to higher rates or to all crops?

Good luck with the inflation that will whiplash to the common man as the gov rots in a massive deficit.

& the water table will get worse, furthering the speed of annihilation of a beautiful Punjab.
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Watch this space for glimpse into astrological analysis of Tibet and PLA...
Coming soon.
Follow up.

Tales from an #astrological meeting of 1960, held between HH #DalaiLama and astrologer Pd. Hardev Sharma Trivedi.
One spoke English while the other spoke Hindi.
No translator was allowed as the meeting was confidential...
Watch this space...
Retweet and follow.
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SAHF is excited to present a thread and several slides on Tibet, specifically its history, the Chinese occupation, the religious persecution of Buddhists by the Chinese State, and the cultural genocide that China has actively precipitated in Tibet.

Swipe Through! 👇
For history, Tibet is a devoutly Buddhist area that was relatively isolated from the rest of the world, although it had a strong Sanskritic influence from India. For centuries, Tibet was predominated by a pastoral society with a hegemony of hierarchal Buddhist monasteries.
Before the Chinese occupation of Tibet, at least one boy from families in Tibet were expected to study in a Buddhist monastery and were educated in Buddhist philosophy, religious rites, and Tibet’s culture. Monasteries also acted as refugee for Tibetans during extreme weather.
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As far as China is concerned, historically, Xinjiang was very much part of Indian influence and hence should be part of GREATER LADAKH.
There is an excellent article by @subhash_kak which makes a case of this.
Tibet historically been the buffer between India and China, conceding it to China was one of the biggest strategic blunder by Nehru and later by ABV.

If @narendramodi could restore pre-1951 position, he will surpass NEHRU's legacy (already he is longest serving head of state).
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We can witness the start of the #WW3 in very near future...

Things are looking all set - Vietnam is positively in #QUAD camp. Bombers from china are all set in south china and east china sea...

China plans to invade Taiwan in January 2021, during US Presidential Inaugurations- will hack-in to disable all national power grids & military systems of Taiwan, will pave the way for landing of PLA amphibious forces.

Also will cash in Financial Markets crash

#QUAD to #KillCCP
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Hitlerian COLONIST china is sponsoring-

> Terrorist States like Pakistan "whose PM calls Osama a Martyr"
> BLM to down Trump for chinese spy Joe
>occupying lands like Tibet, killing Millions like Uyghur

#QUAD to #KillCCP to save Democracies become chinese colonies
The COLONISER Land Gobbling Monster china camouflaged as trade mission of BeltRoad- here is a small example of this technique again - Tajikistan - now Chinese colony.

#QUAD to #KIllCCP to save Humanity. #NukeOutChina, if necessary

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رشتو/ رژیم #توتالیتر_پوشالی و نبرد ما 1:

کاربرانِ گرامی، رژیم ایران یک توتالیترِ فریبنده و پوشالی هست و این در چند واژۀ ساده یعنی، نه اقتدارِ نظامی دارد و نه اقتدارِ امنیتیِ آن، آن چیزیست که سالها پیش داشت!!.../
رژیم هایِ توتالیتر مبتنی بر ایدئولوژی، پس از مدتی که کارآمدیِ ایدئولوژیک و رهبرِ کاریزماتیکِ آنها (در این مثال خمینیِ شیطان) از بین میرود، تمامِ سحرآمیز بودن و مسخ شوندگیِ خود را از دست میدهند.../
خامنه ایِ ویروس، هیچوقت نتوانست کاریزمایِ خمینی را داشته باشد و از این رو بسیارهم عصبانی و حساس شده و این موضوعی بسیار شایانِ توجه است چرا که تمامی تلاشِ خود را برایِ بر قراریِ همان جذبۀ بنیانگزارِ ج.ا گذاشت اما نا توان مانده.../
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Graphic Novel: The Dalai Lama’s Escape to India. #FreeTibet #DalaiLama #Tibet #WorldTibetDay #Tibetan
Graphic Novel: The Dalai Lama’s Escape to India 2/3 #FreeTibet #Tibet
Graphic Novel: The Dalai Lama’s Escape to India 3/3

Waiting eagerly for the day when his holiness @DalaiLama can return to his homeland. I was fortunate enough to see him once. #FreeTibet #Tibet
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Economist on #China's #YogaDay

How China sees a world distracted by #COVID19
and too economically weak to
hold it back from attacking #Tibet #HongKong #Taiwan & #India

#FreeTibet #IndiaChinaFaceOff Image
Economist on How China became India's neighbour
by "grabbing Tibet"

#FreeTibet #Tibet Image
Well put by the Economist

China refues to show its version of the boundary
and continues to grab Indian territory
in spite of India's aim to talk and handle with peace!

#indiachinastandoff #ChinaLiedPeopleDied Image
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#ChiNazi is when —
🇫🇷#Lyon fans are annoyed by a *special reschedule* tailor made for #CHINESE live broadcast, fans just unveiled a "#FreeTibet" tifo, BRAVO!

法甲里昂對南特,球團為迎合 #中國 市場,特意將比賽時間提早以便中國人看直播。不滿的里昂球迷排出 #雪山獅子旗#足球即政治 ImageImageImage
#SnowLionFlag, a time-honoured military flag from #Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo.

-Snowy mountain symbolises #Tibet
-Sun rays rising from top mean #Freedom, #Faith, Prosperity, #Happiness & Fairness by all Tibetans
-3-color #Triratna रत्नत्रय visualise the "3 Jewels in #Buddhism" ImageImageImage
#雪山獅子旗 源於吐蕃歷史法王時期藏王 #松贊干布 時代的軍旗

-中心之雪山象徵雪域 #西藏
-雪山頂上升起的太陽之光芒象徵雪域西藏之全部眾生均享受 #自由#信仰、富裕、幸福與公平公正

#History about #Tibet
#FreeTibet #HumanRights ImageImageImage
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1956: The Dalai Lama enters India through a high mountain pass. He is followed by the Panchen Lama. Image
Tibetan Passport 1947/1948 issued to then Chief of the Finance Department of D Tibet b4 the #ChineseInvasionOnTibet. Image
1938s::Soldiers of the Tibetan Army in Shigatse (Xigazê), #Tibet.
Before the #ChineseInvasionOnTibet. Image
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