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#COVID19 This disease has very little to do with ACE2 receptors, as everyone claimed. Instead, more studies are now saying they can't find ACE2 mRNA expression in relevant sites of major organs and tissues where the virus attacks, including lungs, blood vessels and platelets. ⤵️
You can't have a blood clot without platelets, you know. And if ACE2 is not expressed in platelets, how does the virus cause platelet dysfunctions? Nobody's got that one figured out yet.
This disease is taking longer to recover from, three months and counting... ⤵️
fatigue, memory loss, vision loss, pain, anosmia.
This disease is producing all kinds of unexpected damages in the brain that no one anticipated. These damages cause demyelination similar to multiple sclerosis. Did anyone say it can be like MS? Wait a few months and find out.
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Muito triste!
A ARGENTINA Não existe mais!! Agora é China. O COMUNISMO chinês conseguiu o que tanto sonhara! Mas o sonho de consumo da maldita China é o Brasil, o nosso BRASIL brasileiro...😪.
Argentina já era, quebraram quase todas as Empresas, o governo vai ser dono de tudo,...
...conseguiram implantar o Comunismo com apoio da China. A China já instalou uma base militar chinesa, aqui na Argentina, e nem a Polícia Argentina pode entrar. Alegação de ser território chinês e que pagaram pelo terreno vendido.

Atentem todos, principalmente os que se dizem decepcionados com o Bolsonaro. Uma médica argentina que fez residência em oftalmologia no Brasil, que pouco se manifestava nas brigas envolvendo a esquerda e a direita, hoje, postou essa mensagem no grupo de que fazemos parte.
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This is ridiculous! Here we go again another partisan hack. They are a dime a dozen. Another disgruntled employee whose advice wasn’t listened to for he feels he knows best. #RickBright #Whistleblower
Bright isn’t a whistleblower and any one can predict we are going to have a rough winter. That prediction is made every year the flu and how many people get the flu shot?
When will the left blame China? #ChinaLiedPeopleDied
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The Media
The Media
We are amist a #FakeNewsEpidemic.


Call them out on their lies
Have become the corrupt establishments protection and Propaghanda machine.
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If you aren’t concerned, you aren’t woke😌. #ChinaLiedPeopleDied
Not one question from the media about this horrible reality. No level of interest. #FakeNewsMedia
How in the devil did we allow Communist #China to get this much control of our lives: weak elected leaders who profitted; greedy corporations trying to make a profit, cheap purses? It’s all a mess. Now the question becomes are we going to let them get away with it?
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👀 See Something, Say Something if it’s against the Constitution & our President.

Lets see what we got.

🚨Add yours as well.

😷All in one place.


#NeverForgetBenghazi #NeverForgetEpstein #NeverForgetYourImpact #WWG1WGA #ExonerateGeneralFlynn
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What we all suspected has been confirmed by the independent 5-country alliance #FiveEyes:

"China deliberately suppressed or destroyed evidence of the #coronavirus outbreak in an 'assault' that cost tens of thousands of lives..."

"...the Chinese government covered up news of the virus by silencing or 'disappearing' doctors who spoke out, destroying evidence of it in laboratories and refusing to provide live samples to international scientists working on a vaccine..."

#CCPVirus #ChinaLiedPeopleDied
"...It cites the Wuhan Institute of Virology's work discovering coronaviruses in a cave in China, along with their research synthesizing a bat-derived #coronavirus that could not be treated. At least one of the ­viruses in the lab is a 96% match to #COVID19."

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China’s communist government KNEW there was human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan Virus in early December. They arrested 7 doctors in Wuhan for spreading “malicious gossip” and forced them to recant.Health professionals were being infected in hospitals. #ChinaKNEW
They had 104 reported cases and 19 deaths in DECEMBER IN WUHAN. Their heroic health professionals were being infected in the hospitals while treating patients. THEY KNEW DAMN WELL ABOUT HUMAN TO HUMAN TRANSMISSION and then LIED to WHO about it. #ChinaLiedPeopleDied #ChinaKNEW
Then...The Wuhan Institute Of Virology applied for a patent on Gilead’s Remdesivir on Jan 21st. A literal attempt to STEAL Gilead’s IP for the world to see. The CCP’s actions in and around the Wuhan Virus 🦠 outbreak have been nothing short of CRIMINAL. #CoronavirusOutbreak
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@venkate98507511 @impuni @Swamy39 @Jerusalem_Post @FBI @WHO @WHIOV_China @realDonaldTrump @ChinaInFocusNTD @BBCWorld @DrTedros It is relevant as #CCP_is_terrorist using @WHO as shield, each international question on #CCPVirus leads to @DrTedros nonsensical remarks till date. He has to resign and new strict director has to come. Remember 2002,2006 the directors took strict actions, after that it passes to
@venkate98507511 @impuni @Swamy39 @Jerusalem_Post @FBI @WHO @WHIOV_China @realDonaldTrump @ChinaInFocusNTD @BBCWorld @DrTedros #CCP_is_terrorist from Hongkong, then to @DrTedros , both of them hugged in hapiness when @DrTedros was selected. Australia should take strict measures now, they are at deciding position of @WHO norms.
@venkate98507511 @impuni @Swamy39 @Jerusalem_Post @FBI @WHO @WHIOV_China @realDonaldTrump @ChinaInFocusNTD @BBCWorld @DrTedros Listen to this Interview very carefully, you will understand the level of criminal lie involved with Mr. #BillGates that you can even make very evident that he is very much in the game of #ChineseBioterrorism. Such mastermind criminal-
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#ChineseWuhanVirus invading 184 countries IS #China’s crime against humanity. #CCP allowed Chinese to fly out of China Dec-Feb but shut down domestic travel.


The #Chinese Art of #War…
#Coronavirus...“ended up being a biological agent with the quality of a weapon spread from China to the United States by design—even if that design was normal international travel, even if the virus was used not merely to run up the body count but to damage our”
“So let us continue the thought experiment: if the virus was not going to kill us all, what was its purpose?

The most obvious answer may well be right one. The only reasonable response to highly contagious novel #coronavirus of unknown lethality is lockdown of the US ECONOMY”
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It appears the Harvard Crimson (@thecrimson) opted out of including my content or comments in their recent article about Dr. Lieber & the CCP Virus.

I wonder why?

It's almost like they didn't want to let their readers see what the alleged "disinfo" was for some reason...

Perhaps because most of the questions I ask are perfectly reasonable?

Some ass hoes changed the hashtag on us.


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Oh shit Tucker going in on China tonight. Let's get it
Pangolin sighting
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Many who contract novel COVID19 are asymptomatic
#WuhanVirus • APRIL 17 2020


1,486,134 Active

2,174,904 Confirmed

142,463 Deaths

546,307 Recovered


590,815 Active

677,918 Confirmed

30,867 Deaths

56,236 Recovered
John Hopkins University COVID19 map


2,208,091 cases

148,720 deaths

558,599 recovered


3,420,394 TESTED

679,611 cases

34,698 deaths

56,236 recovered

More positive results doesn't speak to severity / lethality…
223,691 New York 12,248

75,317 New Jersey 3,518

29,263 Michigan 2,093

28,157 California 973

23,532 Louisiana 1,156

32,181 Massachusetts 1,245

23,340 Florida 668

28,314 Pennsylvania 848

25,733 Illinois 1,073

11,285 Washington 587

17,263 Texas 391

16,368 Georgia 617
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Is China trying to take over Africa ? Or has it ?

Thread (conspiracy theory)
Firstly It's a conspiracy theory can't say fake news, Secondly i don't hate Chinese people just that communist government 🚩
There is over 20 African countries that owe China billions.These are the same countries that will still ask China for more money even though they're drowning in debt
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The liberal media is yet another I take China on for it’s cover up of the deadly #coronavirus. Thank goodness fir Tom Cotton.
Doesn’t make a difference if the US was slow to act as dumbbell Juan Williams and others in the liberal media and Dems like to say bottom line #ChinaLiedPeopleDied. The WHO is a propaganda tool for China & if they want funding let Bloomberg and Gates fund them.
MSNBC jokester Brian Williams didn’t know jack! They are indeed #FakeNewsMedia #WuhanVirus
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The Truth about #COVID19

Over the past 10 years, #China’s Bio-Lab, The #Wuhan Institute of Virology, has collected over 2000 viruses from wild animals including Wild Bats. Most of these viruses have been strains of #Cronavirus.

The Truth about COVID19:

#COVID19 or a similiar #coronavirus leaked from a #Wuhan Bio-Lab by infecting a Grad Student, Miss Wong, who worked as a researcher at the #WuhanInstituteOfVirology. This led to the outbreak in #China in December 2019. #ChinaLiedPeopleDied
The Truth about #COVID19

Miss Wong, a Bio-Lab researcher in #Wuhan #China was the first victim of COVID19 #coronavirus. She infected other lab workers, went to the Hospital and then infected doctors and nurses.
#Trump #ChinaMustExplain @realDonaldTrump
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👀 (See Something, Say Something if it’s against the Constitution & our President.

Lets see what we got.

🚨Add yours as well.

😷All in one place.


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How is it that prisons, a CLOSED population, are suddenly running rampant with #ChineseWuhanVirus ? These people are being infected DELIBERATELY?…
2/ Marion Prison is a United States FEDERAL Penitentiary run by the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE. The virus numbers do not add up. #COVID__19 deaths are added to generalized deaths UNRELATED to the virus, the CDC & WHO are not telling us the truth, & #ChinaLiedPeopleDied
3/ And now there are rumors of a SECOND WAVE of this “virus.” The #Democrats are determined to not only kill Americans, destroy the economy completely, but destroy a COUNTRY.
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Besides faulty testing kits with 20% accuracy & contaminated masks..

For $39, Chinese firm Yikon Genomics sells you a ‘FDA approved’ fake testing kit that with ‘a simple finger stick procedure’ it’s test could ‘confidently screen for the Wuhan virus antibodies’ in 15 minutes.
This is ridiculous!
Los Angeles To ‘Settle’ Lawsuit Against Chinese Company That Offered Customers Coronavirus Test Kits -

@TheJusticeDept should charge ChiComs benefiting from the deaths caused by their virus & medical supplies with murder!…
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#Russia is expelling some 1.5 million #Chinese back to #China. No matter you are infected with #COVID19 or not, that is a straight deportation.

The news is forbidden in 🇨🇳, and the border cities in China are in panic needing to receive them back home.

News circulated unofficially in China social platforms. Some people are doubting if those Chinese are just returning home voluntarily instead of deportation.

Only the #CCP #Government can tell.


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Remarkable that many of the leads on the #coronavirus task force and newspaper editorials - including Gates, Bavari, Deszak, and Fauci - predicted a deadly coronavirus pandemic in October of 2019

I am sorry, I shouldn't say this - It upsets the #ChinaLiedPeopleDied narrative
Did #Q tell you any of this?

No - Q is brought to you by the same germ lovers that profit from geopolitical conflict

Instead, Q is talking about caves with millions of children who have been missing
Not only did Gates + friends predict the #coronavirus #pandemic ...

1) They predicted it would be related to SARS
2) They predicted HIV medicine would help
3) They predicted the contagion period
4) They predicted it would come from bats in China…
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Antihumanism & Transhumanism

Population Council

Stephen B. Heintz

Chris Elias

Bill Gates






COVID-19 or COV-ID2020 🤔
Rockefeller Foundation = Population Council
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China Appointed to Elite U.N. Human Rights Council Despite Routine Human Rights Violations Including Infected Millions With Wuhan Virus & Selling Victims Faulty Medical Supplies, Putting Millions Into Concentration Camps & Harvesting Their Organs -
Putting millions into concentration camps, forcing prisoners to make cheap craps for @Nike, you’d win a seat on the UN Human Rights Council.

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