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No Halt to the Cultural Genocide

The #Communists not only destroyed countless relics but also robbed the #Tibetan people off their livestock, jewelry, their robes and tents also.

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Tibet was hit fiercely with the Cultural Revolution in 1966. The impacts were severe and it left a huge hole in the cultural domain of the Tibetan land. The Chinese troops entered the once holy land of Tibet and destroyed everything that they could.
Monasteries were bombarded with artillery and dyamites, the libraries were looted and rare, precious books, scriptures and paintings were burned to ashes. The Dalai Lama was tagged as a criminal and a separatist.
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Activists call on #Tibetan diaspora to challenge #Chinese regime

A panel discussion with Tibetan activists on their analysis of China’s growing interference in Australia and the UK was held on January 23
The two prominent activists – Kyinzom Dhongdue from Australia and London-based Tsering Passang call on the Tibetans in diasporas to engage proactively and challenge the Chinese regime.
Kyinzom Dhongdue is the first Tibetan-Australian to run for public office in Australia and she wants to run for a Senate seat in Australia’s Upper House of Parliament.
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🧵Four by @ChawlaSwati

1/ 🚨🚨Who is a #Tibetan?🚨🚨

❓Where is #Tibet?
❓Are all Tibetans #Buddhist?
❓Do all of them revere @DalaiLama?
❓Are there Tibetans (other than #exiled pop"n) outside Tibet?
❓Do all #Tibetans identify as... erm ..Tibetan?

2/ The 11th Zurmang Trungpa (1939-87) said #Tibetan 'insiders' (ནང་པ་) share these common features:

☑️speaking some variant of Tibetan lang
☑️following #Buddhist faith
☑️eating tsampa (roasted barley flour)

Who was he?…

A handy definition, but...

3/ Let's tackle the big one first: #Tibet has long been identified as a pristine Buddhist #Shangrila.

❌Not Tibetans are Buddhist.

❌Not all Tibetan Buddhists revere the @DalaiLama in the same way.

See #himalayanhistories 🧵on #Shangrila:

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🧵Three by @ChawlaSwati

1/ On Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Exile:

#OnThisDay @DalaiLama was awarded #NobelPeacePrize, the only #Buddhist religious leader thus honored (#MLK nominated @thichnhathanh in '67).

Many associate #Tibet w/ him+ other monks in red robes--

What about nuns? Celebrations at Majnu Ka Ti...
2/ "Some feminists from the West cud accuse me by saying, ‘The #DalaiLama is the authority but he doesn’t help the nuns.’"

Yes, @DalaiLama has often faced the accusation that the #TibetanBuddhist tradition doesn't give nuns the same rights as monks.…

3/ 🚨🚨🚨 Of the 8 reps of #TibetanBuddhism in the current Parliament in Exile– two each from Gelug, Kagyu, Sakya, Nyigma sects– **all** are monks; so are the two members from pre-Buddhist Bon religion.

(Though ~1/3 of MPs from provinces U-Tsang, Dhotoe+ Dhomey are women.)

~SC Image
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🧵Two by @ChawlaSwati

1/ On #Tibet in the Indian imagination:

Yesterday, we looked at how #Tibetans perceived India+ how the @DalaiLama walked in the path of many of his countrymen before him when he came into exile in India.

Let's turn the gaze in the other direction today.
2/ Indians have at least two vantage points from where to view #Tibet. Parts of #Himalayan India border Tibet👇. Thanks to older connections of religious patronage, pilgrimage, and trade, the perspective from these regions is often v. diff from the capital in New Delhi.
~SC Image
3/ Indian cities of Gaya, Sanchi+ Sarnath were imp pilgrimage sites for Tibetan Buddhists; as was Kailash Mansarovar in Tibet for Hindu+ Buddhist pilgrims from India. The imagination of an “Akhand Bharat” (Undivided India) often included #Tibet.


~SC Image
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🧵 What happened to #Amdo region of Tibet during its early phase of “liberation” by the #PRC?
How did the collapse of #Qing dynasty transform the legacy of #Buddhist tradition in #Mongolia?
What did they have in common?
1/ To answer these questions, this thread uses @BennoWeiner's THE CHINESE REVOLUTION ON THE TIBETAN FRONTIER and Matt King's OCEAN OF MILK, OCEAN OF BLOOD to analyze their key ideas and significance.
@DavidGAtwill @prchistory @PSUHistory @NewBooksEAsia
2/ With #CentralTibet & #Lhasa at the core of most mainstream Anglophone works of modern Tibetan history, #Amdo’s role is often overlooked & underemphasized. Weiner’s book is a long-overdue scholarship that amplifies the role of #Amdo
@CornellPress @CMUHistory @eandreweditor
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Astonishing set of dox, military + eyewitness, translated + published by @JianglinLi and Matthew Akester emerging for the first time re scorched earth violence in Amdo following resistance in 1958 and beyond. Officials are criticized for...1/
‘following the leftist line’ ‘to the point of madness’ and the anguish of families is told in rare stories from inspection visits in the early ’60s. An official doc issued by a military command that wd normally defer to the #CCP states that the Party policy guaranteeing that 2/
rebels surrendering to the #PLA would not be executed, arrested, imprisoned or subjected to ‘struggle’, was not being followed on the ground + that arbitrary mass arrests and executions were ruining the Party’s credibility with the #Tibetan masses… 3/
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In Union Territory of Ladakh lies #Zanskar, a remote valley, is an arid cold desert with deep gorges and glaciers. Located in the Trans Himalayan Ranges, it has plenty of copper deposits and therefore is popularly known as the ‘Valley of Copper’ . Image
Zang means copper in the #Tibetan language. Lying South of the Indus valley and north of the Great Himalayan Range, this place is bordered by the drainage basins of the Stod, Zanskar, Lungnak, Tsarap and Kurgyak. It is famous for its many monasteries. Image
Since it is known as Chosyul or the ‘Country of Religions’. #Padum, Zanskar’s headquarters is a charming village surrounded by mountains. For eight months, it is snowbound and in peak winter, the frozen Zanskar river gorge, popularly known as the ‘Chadar’. Image
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THREAD: I am writing this thread on "democratic values", because there is some profound misunderstanding & some utterly stupid wrongheaded thinking around which needs to be knocked on the head. Otherwise we're all in real trouble. /
Let me start which two principles:

1. Among us who defend "democratic values" around the world, NO ONE I know wishes to impose anything on anyone;

2. Supporting "democratic values" is NOT about dropping a Westminster-style Parliament or US Congress in the middle of the desert/
Instead, support for "democratic values" is about SUPPORT for those around the world who wish to live in freedom, with human dignity, without fear and with the chance to pursue their potential.

Note: it's about supporting those aspirations, NOT imposing them!/
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ICYMI here's a 🧵of titles on our Summer #TibetReadingList which we published last week - you can see the whole list on our website too!… Image
First in our broadly categorised #Buddhism section on #TibetReadingList is "Under the Shadow of White Tara: #Buriat Buddhists in Imperial #Russia" by Nikolay Tsyrempilov published in May 2021 by the @FSchoeningh Publishing House.

Available on Amazon here: Image
Published by @OxUniPress in April 2021, “The Dalai Lama and the #Nechung Oracle” by Christopher Bell offers the most sustained discussion and history of the Nechung Oracle to date #TibetReadingList

Available on Bookshop here:… Image
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#Tibetan monks receive 'apocalyptically harsh' sentences in secret #Chinese trials

#China's crackdown against #Tibetans intensifies.

A new report revealed for the first time that four monks were sentenced up to 20 years in prison on unknown charges.…
2/ The 61-page report by Human Rights Watch found four monks from Tengdro monastery in Tingri county – Choegyal Wangpo, Lobsang Jinpa, Norbu Dondrup, and Ngawang Yeshe – were sentenced to 20, 19, 17, and five years respectively in September 2020.
3/ They were detained after police received a lost phone belonging to Choegyal Wangpo in 2019.

His phone revealed messages sent to exiled monks in a sister monastery in Nepal, and evidence of humanitarian donations following the 2015 earthquake.
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Today marks eight years since I found out about and reported @UNHumanRights secretly handing names of #Uyghur, #Tibetan and other activists to China. @UN has lied to governments, to the press, to the activists themselves. @antonioguterres investigate and stop complicity. /1
Some @UN stories:
2013-2017: never happened, to @EU_UNGeneva and all govts who asked.
2017: ongoing, in a press release
2018: happened, but @UN was only complicit in international crimes for a full DECADE (2006-2015), so move along.
2019: ongoing, in sworn court testimony. /2
If I had invented such an egregious policy, firing me would be easy. @UN is now investigating me FOR TELLING THE TRUTH. I was not "authorised" to do that, but @UN_Spokesperson was "authorised" to lie. An 8-year cover up implicates all of senior management. /3
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Now that the #Tibetan Policy and Support Act is law, let's take a look at what the legislation does--and why the #TPSA matters /THREAD
2/ The #TPSA provides a much-needed update to US policy on #Tibet. It's the most comprehensive Tibet legislation in the United States since the Tibetan Policy Act of 2002
3/ The #TPSA creates an official US policy recognizing the authority of ONLY the @DalaiLama and Tibetan #Buddhists to decide on his succession. If any Chinese officials try to name their own Dalai Lama in the future--as China has long said it will do--they'll be sanctioned
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Corpuses — large collections of language data — are very useful for writing and editing language-learning materials. This presentation explores how and why, with some specific examples...

#Tibetan #language #education #corpus #linguistics #materials #development

One key is 'frequency lists'. Frequency lists are lists of words based on how frequently they appear in a language. It tells us if any given word is common or rare.

Frequent words are useful. People use them again and again — meaning learners are exposed to them frequently naturally, too. And, the learner has opportunities to use them again and again — giving practice in production.
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The Tibetan Community UK will stage a 'Black Day' protest outside #UN London office to mark 9th anniversary of 'heinous crimes against humanity' in Tibet and East Turkistan by Chen Quanguo, CCP
They will be joined by the @UyghurCongress and GATPM as well
The joint #Tibetan and #Uyghur protest is to highlight the atrocities of the CCP regime and call for support
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Nepals (N) #diplomatic relationship with China (C) was established in 1955. In 2005 King Gyanendra had proposed C as an observer in #SAARC, this had strained N's relationship with India (I). After abolition of Monarchy C's interference increased greatly. 1/8
Xi Jinping visited N in 2019. The last time when a C President had visited N was 23 yrs ago. Before his visit a special group of #CCP had organised events & sessions with N Politicians & Govt to explain their version of #Communist Ideology & Xi's objective. 2/8
In his speech he said that C will convert N from a land locked country to a land linked country. The largest project under Belt & Road Initiative (#BRI) is the railway line connecting N & Tibet (T). There has been NO progress & even financial modalities haven't been discussed.3/8
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Graphic Novel: The Dalai Lama’s Escape to India. #FreeTibet #DalaiLama #Tibet #WorldTibetDay #Tibetan
Graphic Novel: The Dalai Lama’s Escape to India 2/3 #FreeTibet #Tibet
Graphic Novel: The Dalai Lama’s Escape to India 3/3

Waiting eagerly for the day when his holiness @DalaiLama can return to his homeland. I was fortunate enough to see him once. #FreeTibet #Tibet
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1. #China’s recent aggression at the border with India at key strategic locations in Union Territory of #Ladakh is nothing new nor is its betrayal of historic treaties with (former) J&K, #Tibet & HK. However, the dragon now faces a new India that attempts to tame it. A thread:
2. #China already occupies about 1/5th of original state of Jammu & Kashmir incl. Aksai Chin and Sakshgam valley “gifted” by #Pakistan. However, historically, these parts have been a part of formerly princely state of J&K that officially & legally became a part of #India in 1947.
3. Not just J&K but significant parts of #Tibet were also controlled by J&K rulers. Here’s the chronology of how #China illegally occupied these territories and clearly flouted the treaties signed during these times.
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Edinburgh Place is full for the #HK rally in solidarity w #Uighurs . In our nearly 800 protests since 6/9, this is only the 3rd to stand for others. There was a small 1 at CUHK for Uighur uni pres rumored sentenced to death & 1 for Catalunya.
Great to see the #EastTurkestan & #Tibet flags flying at the #HK solidarity rally for #Uighurs. Our fate is tied to theirs. We all have to fight together for our freedom & our rights.
Free #IlhamTohti , Free All Political Prisoners at #HK rally for #Uighurs . Ilham just received EU parliament’s #SakharovPrize this week. He’s serving life in prison in China on the entirely false charge of ‘separatism’. His daughter @JewherIlham accepted the award on his behalf.
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#ChiNazi is when —
🇫🇷#Lyon fans are annoyed by a *special reschedule* tailor made for #CHINESE live broadcast, fans just unveiled a "#FreeTibet" tifo, BRAVO!

法甲里昂對南特,球團為迎合 #中國 市場,特意將比賽時間提早以便中國人看直播。不滿的里昂球迷排出 #雪山獅子旗#足球即政治 ImageImageImage
#SnowLionFlag, a time-honoured military flag from #Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo.

-Snowy mountain symbolises #Tibet
-Sun rays rising from top mean #Freedom, #Faith, Prosperity, #Happiness & Fairness by all Tibetans
-3-color #Triratna रत्नत्रय visualise the "3 Jewels in #Buddhism" ImageImageImage
#雪山獅子旗 源於吐蕃歷史法王時期藏王 #松贊干布 時代的軍旗

-中心之雪山象徵雪域 #西藏
-雪山頂上升起的太陽之光芒象徵雪域西藏之全部眾生均享受 #自由#信仰、富裕、幸福與公平公正

#History about #Tibet
#FreeTibet #HumanRights ImageImageImage
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Fair warning... Get ready for a thread celebrating H.H. the @DalaiLama's 84th birthday 🎂! Performances included! Honored to join @IRF_Ambassador, @AmbDMitchell, @USAID & @officeoftibet @NgodupTsering7 on the visit of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts to the U.S. & Canada.
First, a #quote. Whether #HongKongProtests or #girlseducation in South Asia, or a myriad of issues in #America, don't forget:

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito." ~H.H. the Dalai Lama

Next: Get ready for some video! ⬇️
A beautiful evening begins w/ the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts (TIPA), founded by the Dalai Lama in India, in exile from Tibet, in 1959. Then the Tibetan Music, Dance & Drama Society, it was established to preserve Tibetan artistic heritage, esp. opera, dance & music.
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