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Friendly Degen Guides on "How to safe and efficient micro cap trading, with tips to avoid #MEV bot" 📈💸💡
This thread is for crypto newcomers 🔰
➊ Fund management
➋ Follow good influencers
➌ Create your watchlist
➍ Setting up wallet
➎ Use Maestro bot
➏ Book profit!
1/1 Fund
It's a great opportunity for everyone, regardless of how much money you have. Whether it's $500, $1000, or more, managing your funds well is crucial.
With micro cap plays, you can start investing with as little as $50-$100 per token.
2/1 Fund
You should bear in mind that micro-cap tokens have a market cap of less than $1M and are considered ultra-low.
For this reason, you cannot buy them with a large volume; otherwise, you will become exit liquidity or face a high slippage rate.
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As a fellow gamer and lover of all things #CSGO 🤩

I’m excited to participate in the upcoming #IDO event hosted by $RUSHB - the ultimate gaming hub for all things CSGO Esport.

So, Let’s the game begin!! A thread @rushbhub 🧵 👇🏻

$ZKS #ZKsync #Gems Image
This thread will cover 👀

1️⃣ What is RushB Hub?

2️⃣ Key features

3️⃣ Tokenomics

4️⃣ $RUSHB Public sale

5️⃣ Conclusion - Kaff’s thoughts
1️⃣ What is RushB Hub?

▪️ RushB Hub is a blockchain-based platform built on Zksync Era that focuses on the upcoming major update of CS:GO 2

▪️ RushB establishes a decentralized marketplace for CS:GO gamers to trade in-game items, offering fast, easy, and secure trading. Image
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One of the daily SOP of #Gems hunt is to track "Top Net Buy by Stealth Money" leaderboard

Past 2d, we hunted insider trading #signals of $SOV, $0X0 & $EP, which 🚀 38%, 42%, & #2x after the #signal

You applied the Tips to track Stealth #signal Tday?…

🧵 Image

4 days ago, Stealth 3e0a

- Transferred $USDT from #Binance
- Bought $PAINT immediately. Avg buy price $0.0008
- Deposited part of the $PAINT to #MEXC
- Remaining $PAINT is still in his wallet

If you capture it, $PAINT is $0.01471 now, #17x.
👇… Image
$MM - super obvious insider front trading.
Up 68% in 6 hrs🕵️‍♀️

f99c met the exact 3 Stealth features we shared many many times before

f99c bought 3192.18 $MM, val $10,738.16
Avg buy price $3.36

$MM current price $5.65

If you capture it, 68%+ in 6 hrs
👇… Image
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If you missed $Grail @CamelotDEX .
The following project, $LIQD, @FinanceLiquid is one you must not miss
@arbitrum #arbitrum #alpha #Gems Image
1️⃣ Overview

⚡$LIQD is a decentralized fractional-reserve-liquidity provisioning protocol on @arbitrum which aims to solve capital inefficiency & value accrual issues in DeFi

⚡The protocol utilizes mechanisms to generate revenue from arbitrage/MEV opportunities
2️⃣ Key Feature

2️⃣🅰️ ⚡$LIQD offers the following key features:

• Ability to harvest MEV opportunities using Liquid Arbitrage Mechanism (LAM)

• Maximizes capital efficiency by incorporating the fractional-reserve model from Frax Finance
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Chciałbyś kupić projekt zaraz po listingu, ale nie wiesz kiedy wejść?🤔 Nic straconego!💪

🧠Mam fajnego pomocnego tipa, który pomoże Ci przeanalizować swoje potencjalne zagranie, gdzie nie ma jeszcze zbytnio historii na wykresie📈 #Gems

✅Jeśli projekt został zlistowany 1-2 dni temu, to nie za bardzo jeszcze na wykresie coś będzie widać, gdyż jest za mało danych, ale prostą analizą da się temu trochę zaradzić.

❓Zadaję sobie pytanie: Na jakich zyskach aktualnie siedzą inwestorzy?
Weźmiemy dla przykładu projekt @TridentDAO , czyli $PSI

Z mojego wstępnego researchu dowiedziałem się, że public sale odbywał się po średniej cenie 1,40$.

*Na dzień kiedy to sprawdzałem $PSI stał po około 6,30$.

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Gm 😃

Stworzyłem checkliste do szukania #krypto 100x gems, korzystam z niej możecie kopiować i dostosowywać pod siebie.

#krypto #alts #gems #100xgem

Tutaj do skopiowania i do zmian pod swoje strategię Google Sheet:

Panie co było pierwsze kura czy jajko? 🤔

Co daje lepszy wynik? anonimowy team? tam gdzie są wieloryby?
team kontaktowy czy pospolite buraki na dorobku?

Na te pytania każdy musi sam sobie odpowiedzieć i dostosować do swojej strategii.

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Here it is.. 🤯

This is my WAGMI HODL-list 🧾 for this upcoming next bull run 💎🐈🚀

It’s gonna be a long thread but I guarantee it’s gonna be well worth your precious time 🫱🏻‍🫲🏼

I’ll add new Gems 💎 over time at the end so bookmark and revisit 📖

#WAGMI #HODL #100x #Gems

This HODL-list aims at crypto portfolios in the 6-figure range.

You can use this list as a starting point to DYOR 👨🏼‍🔬🧪 or just as confluence or simply pick coins you like and invest according to your risk management.

My goal with these picks is to average a 100x during the next bull run 🔮

Profits will be not taken before new ATHs on the coins itself and probably not before ETH is above 10.000$.

Will revisit and update the projects when ETH is at 10.000$.
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How I use @DEXToolsApp for finding new gems.

An overview 🧵 👇
The first thing that I always check when looking for new #crypto gems on @DEXToolsApp are Daily Gainers/Losers and Hot Pairs in the front page. The platform automatically highlights #tokens that have had an interesting price action!
After checking these features that allow you to quickly find interesting tokens I start to do a more detailed search using custom filters. It's a very powerful tool that allows you to search in detail and according to your own criteria!
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$SER has rebounded 35.04% & it's the top 1 gainer invested by Smart Money in 24 hours.

Let's analyze
- Top Smart Money Holders
- Who to follow for smarter #trading?
- Overall activity review of Smart Money

A thread🧵

#Serum #Gems #degen #cryptogems #TradingSignals
2 Smart Meme Pro traders & 2 Smart DEX Traders are still trading $SER.

Jeetsuf.eth & 0x4724 increased their positions in 7 days.

Track Smart Money position changes👇…

#Serum #Gems #CryptoInvestor
Smart Meme traders Jeetsuf.eth & 0x4724 filled their bags at $0.0006987 & $0.0007189.

They now have unrealized gains of at least 41.44% & 37.47% compared to the current $SER price.

It is worth following them to #buythedip👇…

#Serum #Gem #Crypto
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$SHIELD is the top 1 gainer invested by Smart Money, rising 54% from $0.0005711 to $0.0008007 in 24 hours.

Let's analyze
- How early did Smart Money find this #GEM?
- Buy prices of Smart Money
- Current Smart Money Holders

A short thread🧵
#DEJITARUSHIRUDO #cryptogems Image
Smart Meme Pro traders started to buy $SHIELD on Dec 11. We recorded 6 buyers on that day.

On Dec 16, Candlestick #Degen Explorer detected the activity of Smart DEX traders in this token.👇
Smart DEX Traders 0x4427, 0x21e9 & Joegrower420.eth are early $SHIELD investors with buy prices btwn $0.0001138 to $0.0003893.

In the past week, 0x21e9 & Joegrower420.eth bought more tokens. 0x6d4c bought in dips at $0.0003621 2 days ago.

Smart Money Avg Entry Price: $0.000193 ImageImageImage
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• Aptos after it's Airdop campaign has been seeing massive volume in #AptosNFTs, social dominance and a spark for other Airdops across board,

But what about finding the next 100x Gem on $Aptos?

After reading this, you should be able to:

- Conduct research on $Aptos tokens.
- Profitability trade the $Aptos DeFi market.
- Understand the principles in guiding every new Chain, including knowing if one is worth staying on/investing in.

Let's dive in:
Aptos is a new Blockchain, so you did yourself a favor finding this thread early enough.

First of all, we're quite clear on the concept of using TVL to denote Ecosystems which Tokens would probably run, if you do not, refer to a past thread on mine:

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Kijk @rvdwalle @LucSels #HermanVanGoethem @barteeckhout. Dit vind ik niet correct.

Een link naar of vermelding van #EvaluatieNu kon er niet bij? Mogen de lezers zelf niet oordelen of jullie kritiek steek houdt?

#EvaluatieNu is in @demorgen helemaal niet aan bod gekomen. De website-link of tekst *enkel* in @detijd, in onze eigen opiniebijdrage dan nog.

Maar vage en ongefundeerde kritiek erop, zonder duidelijke verwijzing ernaar, dat kan dan weer wel?


En dan de kritiek zelf.

Vooringenomenheid? Revanchisme? Dat kan tellen als impliciete beschuldigingen, @rvdwalle.

100% ongegrond.

Wie bepaalt trouwens welk standpunt 'vooringenomen' is? De #GEMS? #FrankVandenbroucke? De pers? De rectoren?

Of een onafhankelijke evaluatie?

3/7 Image
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You can make it!

5x, 10x, 50x, even 100x

A ton of projects hit these milestones.
How do you find them?


Here are all threads of the past week.

Retweet and follow if you want to be part of the journey.

#NFTs #sand #MANA #axie #Solana #Avalanche #matic #NEAR
Second Research: @SparkadiaGG (raised a $3m seed round)

Gamefi Ecosystem (#gala #pyr competitor)

Team AAA vets that played major roles in creating titles like Destiny 2, Halo, League of Legends, Valorant, Heroes of the Storm

#GameFi #PlayToEarn

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Crypto Project Research is a superpower.

Consistency is the key ingredient. That‘s why I‘m looking daily at new vc backed projects

🧵Today's project: Sui by @Mysten_Labs

A promising layer 1 challenging $eth $sol $near $atom $dot Image

1 . Narrative
2. Industry
3. Venture Capital
4. Team
5. Details
6. My Opinion (Invest, Watchlist, Strategy)

#altcoin #Layer1 #SOL #ATOM #eth
#Bitcoin #BTC #100xGems #NEAR #Aptos #NFTGiveaways #BNB $bnb #Cardano $ada Image
🧵1. Narrative

Sui was born from the downfall of Diem; Facebook’s failed attempt at creating a blockchain.

It inherited Diem’s opensource codebase and was founded by former Facebook engineer Sam Blackshear, who raised hundreds of millions to create the next gen blockchain.
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Owned by #kings, dukes & sultans, worn by Marie Antoinette, used to pay off a royal debt – and said to carry an ancient curse. It would have to be a #diamond. But not just any diamond. It’s the Hope Diamond, and it's from Guntur in #AndhraPradesh. 1/12 Image
The Hope Diamond is the world’s largest and most legendary blue gemstone. And equally remarkable is its tale, which begins in the famed Golconda Mines in Guntur. But it began life under a different name. 2/12
#gems #minerals
The diamond was discovered by an extraordinary #French adventurer and gems merchant, Jean Baptiste Tavernier, who visited #India in the mid-17th century. It was 112 carats, the size of a grown man’s fist, and it was called Tavernier’s Blue. 3/12 Image
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#DidYouKnow that the Nassak #Diamond, one of the 20 greatest diamonds in the world, is named after the city of Nashik in Maharashtra? Emerging from the famed Golconda mines, it adorned the crown of Lord Shiva in the Trimbakeshwar #Temple near Nashik. 1/4
#jewellery #minerals
As with most of the world’s most valuable #gems, the Nassak too has a dramatic story. It was originally with the #Mughals, who acquired it during their conquest of Golconda in the 17th century. Then they surrendered it as war booty to the #Marathas. 2/4
The Nassak was probably donated to the Trimbakeshwar temple by the Peshwas. In 1817, it was removed by Peshwa Bajirao II, who kept it in his personal treasure. Bajirao II surrendered it to the #British, who seized it when they defeated the Marathas a year later. 3/4
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It's OFFICIAL: #Indonesia Military Finally Ends ‘Virginity Test'🙌🏾
Indonesia’s armed forces have finally ended all so-called “virginity tests” as part of the recruitment process for women.
Last week, Indonesian armed forces spokesman Maj. Gen. Sudirman announced that all three ImageImage
branches of the military – the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force – had “effectively ended virginity tests” for recruitment.
The military’s first actions against this abusive practice began in June 2021 when then-Army Chief General Andika Perkasa issued an order to army commanders
that female recruits should only be assessed on their ability to take part in physical training.
He also ordered that the fiancées of male officers who applied for permission to get married no longer needed to get a medical check, including a “virginity test.”
But despite the
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How to find the next 10x Gem??

It is always fascinating to hear stories about how someone invested a couple of thousands and turned it into millions with cryptocurrency.

This is how we find Gems capable of flipping our money.

(A Thread)

#NFT #DeFi #cryptocurrency #gems
What are Crypto GEM ?
Crypto gems are cryptocurrency coins/tokens which are undervalued and out of the public eye, with the potential of delivering massive gains.
It is also important to be able to spot the scams from the legit coins. How to spot risks & make wise decisions.
What to look for in Crypto Gems?
Many criteria you could be looking at to determine the risk/reward ratio A crypto gem doesn’t need to have all of them, but the more the merrier & with it comes a higher chance of it turning out to be a gem. Here are some important ones:
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Now Christmas is over, it's time to prepare yourself for 2022. If you don't want to mis anything about $LUNA or $UST coming year, I recommend to follow these absolute legends:

And you know what's best? Besides all the $LUNA alpha being shared by these heroes, you might also catch some alpha of other #Gems 💎

I did your homework, you just have to follow. Prepare yourself for a shitload of #Alpha in 2022 🔥🚀
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Draad over het #GEMS-advies.

Dit is niét de stem van de wetenschap.
Het is de stem van een bubbel wetenschappers, die embargo's nodig heeft en geen toetsing of debat verdraagt, en vervuild is door ethische stellingnames en politieke keuzes.

Langetermijnvisie? Nihil.

Omicron wordt 1x(!) vernoemd. Men focust op de huidige Delta-golf die de piek wellicht bereikt heeft, iig in Vlaanderen.

Waar Omicron vernoemd wordt, maakt men een op zijn minst wetenschappelijk zeer betwistbare aanname: dat de Delta-golf bedwingen zal helpen tegen Omicron.


Het omgekeerde is wetenschappelijk minstens even verdedigbaar: de infectie-boosters dankzij de (intussen gestabiliseerde!) Delta-golf zal de Omicron-golf helpen bufferen. Hulp die we zullen kunnen gebruiken.

Deze hypothese wordt zelfs niet vermeld.

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#GEMS #Mondmaskers < 12 jaar
Het valt me op dat er naast wetenschappelijk (negatief) advies, toch ook enige politieke motivatie inzit omtrent hoe dit over te brengen op de bevolking. Wellicht zie ik het fout...
#GEMS #mondmaskers DEEL 2

Ik bespaar u de volledige tekst: maar vooral belangrijk: Gezien onvoldoende evidentie te implementeren onder het "voorzichtigheidsprincipe"... En als eerste te her-evalueren bij verbetering epidemiologische situatie
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Citaat uit het adviesrapport van de #GEMS
Note: How to make the best use of CST?
Vaccination provides a personal protection against severe disease, the actual situation and scientific
research shows us that it is less protective for acquiring infection and becoming contagious or
mildly ill.
Better communication is needed to make sure that people do not perceive the CST as completely proof
for all activities and that other preventive measures (e.g. masks) remain important.
In addition, in high risk activities, adding a negative test
(= person is probably not contagious) to a
vaccinated person (= protected against severe disease) is meaningful to reduce the risk for superspreading
events. Obviously, it is essential that the overall test capacity is sufficient and affordable.
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Good Morning!

Continuing our #Dialogue on #Gems and #GemTherapy, today we shall dwell on the next two #GemStones.

#YellowSapphire and #Diamond. (1/13)

2-Yellow Sapphire is D highest quality Gemstone used 4 #Jupiter.

Substitute Gemstones for Yellow Sapphire are Yellow Tourmaline, #Citrine, Yellow #Zircon and #Topaz.

In my view, I have seen that Yellow Sapphire is one of the most widely prescribed Gemstone. (2/13)

3-Being related to #Jupiter it is bound to activate within you – the #Energy of the #Universal #Guru.

Out of the four #Vedic #Purusharthas, of #Dharma, #Artha, #Kama and #Moksha, Yellow Sapphire well and truly stands for #Dharma.


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Re the Gallup survey's:
40% of Rs favor VBM.
Yet, 76% of Rs say it allows for greater voter fraud.
Context: The #RedShift largely began when electronic voting

Vote By Mail: What You Need to Know for the 2020 Presidential Election… via @howstuffworks
2/ devices #EVDs & #DREs Diebold's paperless #DirectRecordingElectronic machine's; Today's
E-Pollbooks; Wireless modems; ^Secretive programming; ^^Obscure routing of results #GEMS db's;
#ElectionNightReporting (ENR); I learned from @OSET 's Ms. Voting Manners years
3/ ago. *Or, Ms. Voting Matters. I think @OSET took it down about 1.5 yrs ago, during a website rebuild. (Nearly 1.5 yrs after I learned the risks of ENR.)

^Secretive Programming
".. is the only State w/ 2 programmers working behind closed doors .."
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