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We're about to start our live session, 'Planetary and Climate Health' with experts from @UTAS_ @UTAS_MPH, @ANUPopHealth @scienceANU and @DeakinHealth @Deakin. We'll live tweet #AustPH2021 Screenshot of program for plenary session 3.
First presenter is Prof Fay Johnson (UTAS) who is explaining safer air for public health in Australia, and fire. How we use fire determines everything else. #AustPH2021 screenshots of slides by Prof Johnsonscreenshots of slides by Prof Johnson shows domestic, indust
Just like the west of Nth America, we are getting more fires, means more air pollution, and fires in places that never used to burn, eg Tasmanian rainforests, Prof Johnson says. #AustPH2021 present and future on a slide showing fires
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Almost 30 years ago the world decided at the Rio Earth Summit to stop #GlobalHeating. The new #IPCCReport shows possible paths into our future. Let's bring global heating to a halt at 1.5 °C, as unanimously agreed in the Paris Accord, to avoid a planetary scale disaster!
Here you can see how global emissions need to change for the light blue path. Figure SPM.4 from the new, 6th #IPCCReport 2021. We can do it if we want to. Vote for a stable climate!
By the way, the first official government report warned of the consequences of fossil fuel emissions in 1965, exactly 50 years before the Paris Accord was finally agreed. Time is running out, many detrimental changes will be irreversible.…
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California, Australia, the Mediterranean - climate scientists have warned for decades that these regions would dry out and face massive fires. #GlobalHeating is a journey without return - all we can do is prevent it from getting much worse, by cutting CO2 emissions to zero.
For example, here's the oldest of my talks which I have on video. From minute 15 I warn about the drying of the Mediterranean and fires in Greece, California, Australia...
It's been like talking for decades to a wall of ignorance and flat-out denial of reality.
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Confused about the #PolarVortex? Usually a strong jet stream confines Arctic air to the north, stabilized by a big difference in temperature between low and high latitudes. The smaller the difference in temperature, the more the wind belts meander (Via @RemoteLongitude & @NOAA)
Because of man-made #climatechange, the poles are heating faster than the rest of the planet, diminishing the temperature difference and weakening the jet stream. This also means that weather patterns - periods of itense rain or drought - are locked in for longer periods of time
..and whilst much of the USA is gripped by bitter cold, other parts of the globe are unusually warm, confirming the overall #globalheating trend (via @WMO).
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Starting at 9: @EP_Environment Committee debating the #EUClimateLaw

Look out for:
-Lead MEP @JytteGuteland supporting 65% emissions reduction
-What others in @TheProgressives say
-Committee president @pcanfin's take
-Live updates from us!

The good, not so good & how to fix it in @JytteGuteland's #EUClimateLaw report. A thread 👇

✅ 65% by 2030
✅ Climate neutrality targets per sector
✅ EU Panel on Climate Change to advise on targets
✅ Approach based on carbon "left in the budget”
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Over the past 30 days, @ABCWorldNews @CBSEveningNews @NBCNightlyNews @MSNBC and @CNN have done 95 segments on the #AustraliaFires, which have killed 17 people and 500 million animals so far.

Only two of those segments mentioned #ClimateChange.

@ABCWorldNews @CBSEveningNews @NBCNightlyNews @MSNBC @CNN On the 29th, @GarrettHaake interviewed @KendraWrites on @MSNBC's morning show about the links between Australia's bushfires & climate.

It was a great segment; Haake asked excellent questions and Pierre-Louis gave clear, compelling answers.

Too bad it was a total outlier.

@ABCWorldNews @CBSEveningNews @NBCNightlyNews @MSNBC @CNN @GarrettHaake @KendraWrites And then on the 31st, @CBSEveningNews patched in a segment on the fires from their Aussie affiliate, which mentioned only in passing that Morrison has been "criticized for his lack of action on climate change."

No explanation for the link between climate and fire. Zero.

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Unfortunately, @KolkataPolice stopped our march midway despite prior permission. We decided to stand our ground by sitting in front of the barricade.
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This thread gives you the best moments of a presentation held by climate scientist Professor Will Steffen, held in Australia in June 2018.

You should really watch this as he finds exceptionally clear words to describe the urgency of our situation. #ClimateCrisis

[THREAD 1/13]
Professor Will Steffen explains the concept of carbon budgets, its limitations and how much time we have left. He also talks about probabilities and why we can’t have a 75% chance anymore to hit the Paris 2°C. We have simply blown the available budget already.

[THREAD 2/13]
In this part of his presentation Professor Will Steffen points at the risks in food production that we are going to face at 2°C warming. #ClimateChange will act as a multiplier for other threats. "When people are starving, they either move or they fight. Or both."

[THREAD 3/13]
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