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THREAD about some of the #economic/#technology chatter we’re hearing from the media/public/govt while the #China-#India boundary situation has been playing out 1/
For one, there are once again calls in India to boycott Chinese products (seen these before, including during Doklam) with hashtags like #boycottmadeinchina, #boycottchina and #boycottchinesegoods. Also saw these recently when COVID-related anti-China sentiment was peaking 2/
The boycott calls have been spurred to some extent by Sonam Wangchuk (inspiration for Aamir Khan’s character in 3 Idiots), who has called for a #GrabYourWallet response by Indians. Some “influencers” have since claimed they have deleted Chinese apps 3/…
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Repetir nossa primeira thread por aqui, pq não sei qto tempo fica no ar no outro perfil.
A gente vai começar esse perfil contando uma história. Vocês devem se lembrar de um cara chamado Alex Jones, dono do infame Infowars, especializado em fakenews e que teve a pachorra de dizer que o massacre de Sandy Hook não aconteceu, só para defender a indústria das armas.
O Alex Jones chegou num ponto de nocivo q foi banido de todas as redes sociais. Menos do @Twitter. Apagavam um tuíte aqui e ali, mas deixavam o cara livre p/ prejudicar os outros. Até q um grupo de mães @MomsDemand que tiveram seus filhos assassinados em tiroteios resolveu agir.
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Thank you, Louis Vuitton Women’s Wear Artistic Director Nicolas Ghesquière for speaking out against the hate the Trump administration represents. Your industry is powered by creatives like you. C-suites and boards would do well to remember that.…
What I'm hearing from some is they have no plans to get rid of old LV but no plans to buy new LV either. LV & other LVMH brands are currently on the #GrabYourWallet boycott list. The ask of the co. is to apologize for photo op w/ Trumps & commit to refrain from future collabs.
That biz leaders like Bernard Arnault can still feel 100% comfortable doing photo ops with men like Donald Trump is a testament to just how normalized sexual misconduct still is in the the business world. '26 new allegations of unwanted sexual misconduct? NBD. Call the caterers!'
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A game-changing new campaign envisioned by ⁦@billmckibben⁩, so obvious and powerful now that he’s seen it: TARGET THE BANKS FUNDING THE FOSSIL FUEL INDUSTRY.

“So what would happen if, tomorrow, Chase [the biggest funder] announced that it was going to phase out lending to the fossil-fuel industry?” asks McKibben.

“‘Wells Fargo and Citi would follow within days,’according to Tim Buckley, a former managing director at Citi.”


“In fact [Buckley continued], ‘they’d look to go one step further, so as to pretend they weren’t really sheep. And this would have global ramifications—the music would stop, very suddenly.’”



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Business leaders of America: the road to hell is paved with your tax breaks and those kids are still wondering if they'll ever see their parents again.
Your interests aren't separate from or superior to the rest of the human race, business leaders. So if you give $ to the racist guy, it doesn't mean a SINGLE THING to me that you gave it for deregulation & tax breaks. Impact > intent.
You WILL be held accountable by the big hearted, fair minded people of this country and we have long memories. The only statement you need to issue right now is "we're not giving any $ to that guy this time around." Anything else is doublespeak and we know it.
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Reminder: Estée Lauder & all its brands (Aveda, Jo Malone London, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, M.A.C. Cosmetics) have unfortunately been added to the #GrabYourWallet list, as board member Ron Lauder is an avid Trump donor.…
In order to be removed from the list, we're asking the company to state on the record that its executives will refrain from donating to the Trump campaign in 2019/2020. They also have the option of saying "any presidential campaign."
It's worth noting the $100k Ron Lauder gave to Republican "Fight for Tomorrow" PAC was used to buy a Green Party candidate ad time in order to try to defeat Dem Antonio Delgado in tight race against GOP John Faso. Green Party candidate was polling at 1%.…
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Invitees to billionaire SoulCycle chairman Stephen Ross' Trump fundraiser today include Esteé Lauder heir Ron Lauder. Esteé Lauder owns Aveda, Origins, Bumble & Bumble, M.A.C., Clinique, Donna Karan Cosm., Michael Kors Beauty, Tom Ford Beauty, and more.…
Unfortunately, it looks like Ron Lauder is on Esteé Lauder's board. Board members make an avg. of $200k per yr. in the U.S. so if he attended the event and gave money, it's likely that Esteé Lauder & its amazing brands will have to go on the #GrabYourWallet boycott list.
(I sincerely hope he had the good sense to stay home today.)
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This Friday the Soul Cycle and Equinox Fitness chairman is throwing a fundraising lunch for Donald Trump's 2020 presidential campaign. Tickets are $100,000 each. Adding to the list.… #GrabYourWallet
If you'd like to let Soul Cycle or Equinox Fitness know how you feel about the chairman raising funds for Donald Trump's reelection, I recommend contacting the parent company, Related Companies at (212) 801-1000 or by email here:…
.@Equinox ridiculous to assert your company has "nothing to do with" your own chair's activities. Where do you think Stephen M. Ross's wealth comes from? It's made up in large part by OUR hard earned dollars. That 💰 (& notoriety that comes w/ it) makes events like that possible.
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Have removed Yuengling from the #GrabYourWallet boycott list after hearing by email from Wendy Yuengling about the 2020 election....
"As a 6th generation family member of the Yuengling Brewery, I can assure you we are not a political organization. We have not donated to any presidential campaigns in the past, and have no intention of doing so in the 2020 election."
As a reminder, Yuengling President Richard Yuengling gave Eric Trump a tour of the plant during the 2016 election and praised Donald during that photo op.
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This Wayfair story reveals some of the treacherous waters brands have to navigate with respect to the hateful policies of the Trump administration. +
On the one hand, a big complaint has been that people are being made to sleep on concrete floors, and yet the company from which beds has been ordered—presumably by someone attempting to rectify that situation—is now facing backlash.
It just goes to show you how toxic the Trump name is for brands. How big the risk of going anywhere near its activities. Hate is bad for business.
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Finding out that the Daily Caller is one of Facebook's new fact checking partners confirms my general impression that Facebook's leaders have very little understanding of what news actually is, how it gets made, or why it matters:…
Has nothing to do with the Daily Caller being conservative. (I wouldn't object to the WSJ being a fact checking partner of Facebook.) Has everything to do with the outlet being garbage.
The Daily Caller did a number of stories on #GrabYourWallet. A half dozen or more, I think? They reached out to me zero times to ask questions. As a result their reporting was full of errors. They're bottom feeders monetizing the hard work & overhead of reputable news orgs.
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THREAD: I'm an expert on activism to change businesses. The current hotel boycott in protest of Brunei's "stone LGBTQ people to death" law is worthwhile, but allow me to reveal how we can easily make boycotts like this way wAy WAAAAY more effective. #BoycottBrunei
2/ In case you've been living under a stone, Brunei has a terrible new law, and celebrities have organized a boycott of hotels that are owned by the Sultan of Brunei.…
3/ George Clooney is organizing this boycott, but the op-ed he wrote (…) calling for action simultaneously laments the limited impact of such a boycott...
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To the supporters of the "bigamist-traitor" @realDonaldTrump.
Yes "bigamist-traitor". Google the term "simile" and learn a new word.
EPISODE 1 | "How Republicans Really Think"
#FrameLab #PodCast @GeorgeLakoff @gilduran76

iTunes @iTunes 📰
SoundCloud @SoundCloud 📰
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📣 TODAY 12/16/18
is "Call Out GlaxoSmithKline" Day

everyone who

To say NO to GlaxoSmithKline @GSK @GSKUS! Say NO to racism, xenophobia, misogyny, fear & hate mongering @FoxNews!
☎️ To the CEO, Corporate Officers, Board of Directors, Shareholders, Management, Employees, Service Providers, Suppliers, Vendors, & Clients of GlaxoSmithKline @GSK @GSKUS

You have ALTERNATIVES! What can YOU do?
Say #NoToFox #GrabYourWallet #DefundHate @FoxNews
The only thing propping up @realDonaldTrump is @FoxNews. The only thing propping up Fox "News" are its sponsors. It really is that simple...
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📣 TODAY 11/24/18
is "Call Out Allstate" Day

everyone who

To say NO to Allstate @Allstate! Say NO to racism, xenophobia, misogyny, fear & hate mongering @FoxNews!
☎️ RETWEET to the CEO, Corporate Officers, Board of Directors, Shareholders, Management, Employees, Service Providers, Suppliers, Vendors, & Clients of Allstate @Allstate

You have ALTERNATIVES! What can YOU do?
Say #NoToFox #GrabYourWallet #DefundHate @FoxNews
🤜 JOIN IN THIS GRASSROOTS INITIATIVE! Retweet the top post in this thread and/or copy and use these graphics, with your own texts, tags and hashtags, in your own tweets. "Liking" is nice, "Retweeting" is much better! 🤛
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📣 TONIGHT 11/17/18
is "Call Out HomeAdvisor Night"

everyone who

To say NO to HomeAdvisor @HomeAdvisor! Say NO to racism, xenophobia, misogyny, fear & hate mongering @FoxNews!
☎️ RETWEET to the CEO, Corporate Officers, Board of Directors, Shareholders, Management, Employees, Service Providers, Suppliers, Vendors, & Clients of HomeAdvisor @HomeAdvisor

You have ALTERNATIVES! What can YOU do?
Say #NoToFox #NoToHate #GrabYourWallet #DefundHate @FoxNews
"The Dirty Dozen" @FoxNews
TOP FOX NEWS ADVERTISERS April 2018 - October 2018

Updated November 15, 2018 by @consumerfx
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Good morning, all. I'm still getting a lot of questions about whether or not #GrabYourWallet will be organizing a boycott of Fox advertisers over Chris Farrell's anti-Semitic comments on the Lou Dobbs' show. We will not this time and I wanted to share with you why.
The main reason is this kind of thing happens so often on Fox—from Hannity flogging debunked conspiracy theories to Ingraham attacking a minor who had just survived a mass shooting to now this—that I think it's clear a more proactive, strategic (vs reactive) approach is needed.
So we're working on building the resources and tools that will support that more proactive approach. Contrary to what most people think, boycotts are not just a list. In order to be effective, they have to be dynamic & closely monitored by human beings. That is work.
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Follow & follow back everyone who

💧 Likes
💦 Comments
🌊 Retweets

To say no to Fox, no to hate, grab your wallet, defund hate @FoxNews
☎️ RETWEET to the CEO, Corporate Officers, Board of Directors, Shareholders, Management, Employees, Service Providers, Suppliers, Vendors, & Clients of @choicehotels

You have ALTERNATIVES! What can YOU do?
Say #NoToFox #NoToHate #GrabYourWallet #DefundHate @FoxNews
The "Murder by lone wolf" technique also used by ISIS.
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Longtime #GrabYourWallet supporter and Georgetown law professor Dr. Heidi Li Feldman 👇 has started a GoFundMe to help cover Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's security costs! She's already raised $1k in 1 hour. I just donated. You should too!
Wow. @HeidiLiFeldman has raised over $16k for Dr. Blasey's security in just two hours. I am dazzled. What better way to show her that we truly have her back? Thank you Heidi and also @warrenleightTV for adding early fuel to the fire!…
Just in case anyone is wondering if we mean it when we say we have Dr. Blasey's back. Thank you @HeidiLiFeldman for organizing this!
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Dr. Blasey has now moved out of her house due to death threats in case anyone out there is still pretending to be confused about why women don't just come forward.…
So many people on this thread have expressed a desire to show support for Dr. Blasey, that i wanted to share this GoFundMe started by a Georgetown law professor and longtime #GrabYourWallet supporter to help out w/ Dr. Blasey's security costs.
Yeah! Because of the high volume of support shown in a short period of time, Georgetown law professor Heidi Li Feldman has raised the goal to help out w/ Dr. Blasey's security costs to $50k! Let's do this!…
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I just added Bank of America to the #GrabYourWallet boycott list and every @BankofAmerica Twitter handle to the #BlockParty500 list. +
To encourage banks to avoid divisiveness in general I've also just added the world's 150 largest financial institutions to the #BlockParty500 list including @BankUnited, @Barclays, @CreditSuisse, @DeutscheBank and Silicon Valley Bank (@SVB_Financial).
Last Tweet on this for now: banks tend to sponsor a lot of big infrastructure and events. All their related Twitter handles, i.e. @BNPPARIBASOPEN and @BancStadium are being added to #BlockParty500 as well, our first foray into blocking any remotely content/ent. related channels.
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This seems impossible. But maybe we can crowdsource a list of alternatives.
Between the Buycott app, @slpng_giants and #GrabYourWallet, I bet we could come up with alternatives. @lachaeim did the first step.

I'm considering whether a shared spreadsheet is the next. Will comeback to it.
Non-genius project has a list -got this from the Buycott app.
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Once again: no I'm not boycotting or deactivating my account on Friday.

I don't know why it's hard to consult the major communities in here before picking arbitrary dates & decisions.
Of course this whole thread about alternate ways to protest was mysteriously deleted.

Anyway. This is a really good thread about why some of us can't/won't leave or be pressured into the kinds of actions that have impact contrary to our goals.
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