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RIP, sir. You represent the best of us. And thank you for all you gave for all of us. #LookForTheHelpers
“He made his first combat jump into Normandy on D-Day as part of Operation Overlord. He volunteered for Operation Pegasus and then fought with Easy Company in Operation Market Garden and the Battle of the Bulge in Bastogne,” according to the obituary.
“Shames was the first member of the 101st to enter Dachau concentration camp, just days after its liberation.”
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I had a great conversation today with @moseskagan and got inspired to introduce myself. A 🧵 about me:

I’m the “placemaker in chief” of @CampNorthEnd, a 76-acre site, 1 mile from #Charlotte’s CBD. (1/12)
We are building a place through the adaptive reuse of some amazing, giant industrial buildings, one a 1924 Ford factory designed by Albert Kahn and five built by the US Army in 1940/41. (2/12)
(And yes, the US Army built 1msf of warehouse buildings in less than two years. There is something to calling them the #GreatestGeneration.)
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(1) Oh for fuck's sake, Trumpers.

MPDC Officer Michael Fanone is one of the most courageous, outspoken LEO survivors of YOUR f**king terrorist attack on the seat of the US government.

Learn some basic facial recognition skills. And grow some character, too.
(2) All four LEOs who testified on day one of the #Jan6Committee hearings are absolute American heroes, but especially Fanone, given the serious injuries that affect him to this day.

Y'all were treating PTSD as real in 2016. Now you mock it.
(3) The number of LEOs (from multiple agencies) who acted to save lives that day & acquired the workplace mental injury known as PTSD is likely in the hundreds.

Many of the civilians such as office workers, janitors, & catering staff acquired it, too.

They are crime victims.
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1/ SOME THOUGHTS on the Texas #blockchain bills. Lots of good stuff here!! But Texans have more work to do. I hope sharing these thoughts helps you!

First, IT'S AWESOME that Texas is likely to become 2nd state to treat #bitcoin the same as money under US commercial law. 🚀💥🤠
2/ This is AWESOME & is LONG overdue. For lawyers out there Texas is proposing to apply the UCC "take free" rules, which means innocent purchasers of #bitcoin & other virtual currencies take free of any adverse claims as long as they didn't defraud the seller. THIS IS A BIG DEAL!
3/ It's same as the in-process proposal of @uniformlaws. Texas is jumping out ahead to adopt it early. I've been an observer of Uniform Law Commission process & it has made great strides to get to where it is--namely that #control of a virtual currency is the determining factor.
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We are proud to present the 1st Brig. Gen. Charles McGee #UNITY Award to television broadcaster and trailblazer @RobinRoberts , daughter of #Tuskegee Airman the late Col. Lawrence Roberts, for inspiring and motivating people across the nation every day.…
Named for a true gentleman, ret. @usairforce Brig Gen Charles McGee, this annual award is significant recognition of individuals actively working for the betterment of their community and living up to the integrity of Gen McGee and his fellow members of the #GreatestGeneration.
At 101, Gen McGee is one of the last living members of legendary #Tuskegee Airmen, an African-American military aviation group during #WWII. He was stationed in Italy w/ 302d Fighter Squadron 332d Fighter Group, flying his first mission on #ValentinesDay 1944. #OTD 77 years ago.
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Live tweeting ASMP's Friday Town Hall. @LindseyBest in CA asking @MaddreyPLLC about the problem of jobs shot in 2019 paying in 2020. Maddrey: "This is related to the #W2/#1099 problem. We've read & read & there's no clear guidance. Now we're calling them. We'll get an answer."
Now on to the featured attraction...
First things first...
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An Open Message to my candidate @BernieSanders:
Bernie I urge you not to get angry at your fellow Democratic candidates. Instead, stand tall and make it absolutely clear that you are running to redeem and renew the legacy of the #GreatestGeneration and their greatest leader #FDR
Call on your fellow candidates to unite in solidarity behind FDR and his generation’s 1941 vision of Four Freedoms - freedom of speech & religion, freedom from want & fear - and in support of his call in 1944 for an #economicbillofrights for all Americans
Speak of how FDR & his fellow citizens overcame mortal crises by subjecting business and finance to public regulation, improving the environment & infrastructure, organizing unions & civil rights groups and struggling to make America freer, more equal, and more democratic...
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There you stood, America.

Low on food.
Low on ammunition and medical supplies.

Five Nazis for each American.

In the dead of winter, they thought you'd surrender.
They thought they'd break through.

They thought wrong. 🇺🇸

#Bulge75 | #USA

How many soldiers did it take to stare down 500 Nazis?

How many soldiers did it take to delay for 20 hours an entire Division of Nazis?

18. It took 18 American soldiers.

We see you there at Lanzerath Ridge.

We see you, America. 🇺🇸

#BattleoftheBulge | #WWII
There you were, deep in the frigid Ardennes.

There, encircled and defiant at Bastogne.
There, holding firm at Elsenborn Ridge.
There, pouring it all out.

There you were, America.
Sons. Fathers. Brothers.

#BattleoftheBulge | #GreatestGeneration
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There are 37 songs in my daughter’s choir concert. Thirty 7. 30 seven. Thirty Seven.
There are 13 djembes lined up on stage. This is ominous.
Elementary school choir concerts: disproving the notion that “all you need to do is try hard” to succeed.
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Going through my mom's old photos. Damn, I'm not sure what happened, but I was cute once.
Also, how the hell did my mom not remarry after my parents' divorce?
My 87-year-old aunt, on her 66-year marriage: "Friends asked, 'he's a traveling salesman. How can you be sure you can trust him?' I'd say, 'I can't. But as long as he doesn't bring her home, so what?"
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