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At @Visa, our goal is to always stay ahead of the curve. We're currently exploring the untapped potential of smart contracts, the future of programmable money and payments. We've recently delved into #AA , enabled by #ERC4337 and the exciting possibilities it opens up 🧵👇 Image
Our experiments with ERC 4337 have focused on two unique use cases, deploying Paymaster contracts to evaluate their utility. We're looking at how these can address real world problems and enhance customer experiences with on-chain interactions
As blockchain tech continues to penetrate the mainstream, self-custodial wallets are gaining traction. Since Ethereum’s inception, roughly 180 million unique addresses have transacted, illustrating the growing popularity of digital currencies
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Christmas's apocalyptic airline meltdown stranded thousands, ruining vacations and costing fliers a fortune. It wasn't just #SouthwestAirlines' meltdown - as stranded fliers sought alternatives, airlines like #AA raised the price of some domestic coach tickets over $10K. 1/ A vector drawing of a man slumped at a desk with his face on
If you'd like an essay-formatted version of this thread to read or share, here's a link to it on, my surveillance-free, ad-free, tracker-free blog:… 2/
This didn't come out of nowhere. Southwest's growth strategy has seen the airlines add more planes and routes without a comparable investment in back-end systems, including crew scheduling systems. 3/
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1/ What does #accountabstraction solve? 🧵👇 Image
2/ The concept of a Signer & the concept of Account are merged. If the signer is the account & vice versa that means if you lose your signer, you lose everything🤷 Image
3/ As a user you cannot make a mistake bc u'll lose everything too on an example of losing your seed phrase.
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#Myanmar #military air strikes on #Hpakant northern #Kachin said to have killed/injured over 50 people. Victims were in an #ethnic armed group #KIO #Kachin Independence Organization music celebration. Its army #KIA has clashed with #military for 70 years #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
Some prominent singers/artists said to have been killed/injured in #Myanmar #military air attacks aimed at #Hpakant, Kachin. #Kachin Independence Army has upped its clashes with military since Feb 2021 #coup. #KIA had rejected army's offer of peace talks #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
Videos of aftermath of #Myanmar #military air strikes on #Hpakant #Kachin sent to me for use. Increasingly, Myanmar military has been/will be using air attacks to target #ethnic territories controlled by ethnic armed groups/civilian resistance forces #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
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1- Türkiye'nin hem Ukrayna'ya destek olup silah satmasının, hem de Rusya ile ilişkilerini iyi tutmayı başararak dünyadaki tek arabulucu haline gelmesinin çıkarlarımız açısından kıymetini İsrail'in düştüğü hale bakınca daha iyi anlayabiliriz:
2- Savaşın ilk günlerindeki arabuluculuk çabaları sonuç vermeyen İsrail, Rusya ile Batı arasında SIKIŞMIŞ durumda

- Ukrayna’ya silah vermemesi konusunda Rusya’dan ağır TEHDİTLER gelirken, Batı tarafı da tam tesri yönde BASTIRIYOR…
3- Rusya, Kiev'i vurmak için İran'ın intihar İHA'ları Kamikazeler kullanıyor.

- Ukrayna'nın ise bunları önleyebilmek için çok acil bir şekilde İsrail'in hava savunma sistemi Demir Kubbeye ihtiyacı var
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Peace yall, 

Some comrades and I are hosting an AA meeting every Wednesday for Black, Indigenous, and people of Color (BIPOC) who want to stop drinking and/or drugging. Details for the meeting are in the graphics below. ImageImageImage
This meeting will be a place to read and discuss the BIPOC, working-class, and leftist roots of the 12 steps and push back against conservative and neoliberal traditions that claim to be the only history of AA and the steps.
Left-wing and right-wing cultural, spiritual, and behavioral science traditions went back and forth to create AA and the 12 step programs.
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Jake Sullivan on This Week said the partial mobilization of 300,000 reservists are signs that Russia is weak & that Putin has lied to his people calling it a “special military operation” when as Biden said it’s a war of conquest and that Putin wants to
2/extinguish Ukraine’s right to exist. Martha Raddatz doesn’t think the 300,000 troops will make any difference. Washington is hoping the people of Russia will orchestrate a coup and that the Russian people will opt for democracy.
3/The Western view - US, NATO/EU & Ukraine - is that Putin is bent on conquest which won't end w/ Ukraine but will spill over to the Baltics, Poland & Eastern Europe. Therefore he must be stopped at all costs. 👇
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Was just reflecting on how crazy of a year it's been.

Just 1 year ago, we were just beginning to strategize w/@ZeynabZiaie and @ljansdan about #Chinook. Since then, we've digged into this, #CANDO, revealed #VESPA, assisted on #Ocran, #AA and #Tiers, contributed to #CIMM study.
Now we're learning more about #ProjectStarling #TawnyEagle #Magpie, #Module5, #PPTRV. Some future ones I cannot discuss yet #CXXXXX #OXXXX #TXXX.

All it took really is for all of us to ask the simple question - "Why?" and use tools, research, data to go beyond the surface.
I've found this work just as rewarding as my client work. I'd be lying to say it always helps. Sometimes what you don't know cannot hurt you. Yet, it has given us a direction for practice + I hope raised level of discourse + increased calls for transparency.

Next chapter soon.
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@greenprofgreen @nytimes Dear @greenprofgreen, everyone is entitled to their #opinion, but it’s unfortunate that your op-ed contains several errors about #spacelaw, and also misinterprets the character, intent and context of the #ArtemisAccords. @nytopinion
@greenprofgreen @nytimes @nytopinion To start, the #OST does *not* "designate space as the province of all mankind". Instead, its use & exploration of outer space shall be the province of mankind. Not the same thing.
@greenprofgreen @nytimes @nytopinion More serious is the mistake that #OST "codified norms of the common heritage of mankind". The #OST does NOT contain the #CHM principle! The Moon Agreement does, which is why no space faring nation proceeded to sign it, as they misunderstand this concept.
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No deja de sorprenderme que 35 años después, los juegos de Konami sigan escondiendo secretos.
Algunos juegos incluyen al final de la ROM un bloque de bytes con el RC7xx del juego y su título en katakana.
Os explico cómo lo he descubierto y qué he encontrado.
Hace ya tiempo me di cuenta que algunos juegos tenían un extraño bloque de bytes al final, que no era usado o accedido en ninguna parte del código. Supuse que sería algún tipo de firma que usaba Konami para identificar a sus juegos, y no le di más vueltas. Image
Esta semana, volqué todos los cartuchos del Yie Ar Kung Fu que tengo buscando la última versión del juego. Uno de los cartuchos tenía esa versión y curiosamente era la única con esos extraños bytes al final.
El último byte (#AA) coincidía, pero el resto era distinto. Image
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Many have asked me about spate of IPOs and NFOs launches and my thoughts. Should they invest or not?

Another question: why are AMCs launching NFOs at expensive valuations?

My thoughts on this subject:
If you had bought 5kg of sugar from a grocer & you order another 2kgs next day, will the grocer not sell you more? They are in the business of selling you day to day groceries.

What and how much you need is your choice as a customer. You cannot blame the grocer for selling
Put differently:
Which medicine(scheme) needed for which patient(Investor) is job of a Doctor(MFD) or patient(DIY Investor). It is not job of Pharma Companies(AMCs).

Just because Pharma Cos repackage the medicines, does not mean patients should increase their dose
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@AmericanAir Let's begin with the facts of the #Americanairhorrorstory We booked our tickets with #AmericanAirlines on June 3, 2021 for the following dates (see breakdown), we paid extra to choose our seats on each flight. Please note our family of 6 & the seat numbers for those.
@AmericanAir took off from SeaTac on time, arrived in Dallas on time, & our flight was delayed 40 mins. So we got a late lunch in the airport for our family of 6. The delays continued. I overheard staff saying the crew & pilot timed out & a crew & a plane was needed...
@AmericanAir time ticked on & it became apparent we needed to make arrangements to get to our destination. We had to call & her a rental. The only thing available was $279+per mile+fuel costs. #AAcustomerservice was contacted 4x & told us we could stand by or plan to fly at 8am..
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1/🧵An Epiphany: #delirium treated w touch & eye contact, day by day...his mom cried, “He won’t let us help him shake this damned disease.” Finally his mind cleared. “What matters to you? How can I help?” Slowly, surely, he asked, “Doc, can you help me stop drinking?”💔
2/ #GroundZero. What a privilege it is to witness someone enter a long-awaited epiphany that opens the door to so much recovery. Unfortunately, in my early years as a doc, I thought, “Well, this isn’t critical care, so I’ll move on & let someone else take over.”

#shame on me
3/ But what is a doctor for?

1. To reduce human suffering & heal people where they are.
2. Plus the Latin root is “docere,” teacher.

It’s a dual vocation: healer + teacher. Because of the “Law of the Gift,” I know that the more I give, the more I receive, so…

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1- Hazreti #İsa'nın doğduğuna inanılan Yeniden Doğuş Kilisesi'nin bulunduğu #Filistin’in #Beytüllahim şehrinde #Noel hazırlıkları bu sabah başladı

Filistinliler arasında #Hristiyan Araplar da bulunuyor Image
2- #İşgal altında bulunan Beytüllahim’deki Noel kutlamaları #İsrail’in politikaları yüzünden yaşanan gerginliklere alışkın ancak bu yıl tek engel bu değil.

Fotoğraflar: #AA Fotomuhabiri @Issamrimawi… ImageImageImageImage
3- #Koronavirüs salgını nedeniyle tedbir amaçlı olarak İsrail ülkeye turist almıyor.

Dolayısıyla işgal altındaki Beytullahim’e de bu Nobel’de dünyanın farklı yerlerinden Hristiyanlar gelemeyecek.
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#Myanmar government orders telcos in country to further extend its ban on internet services in all 8 townships of #Rakhine & #Chin States till end October this year. The internet ban for those locations have been ongoing for more than 1 year…
Rights organizations have criticised the #Myanmar internet ban… while the government claims the ban in parts of #Rakhine & #Chin is meant to prevent alleged terrorists like #ArakanArmy #AA from "exploiting" the internet seen here:…
Latest #Myanmar #internet ban also comes just days after @UN Chief @antonioguterres spoke about #COVID19 in #SoutheastAsia urging regional #ASEAN to focus on key areas like "upholding #humanrights, protecting civic space", while bridging digital divide
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#Myanmar justifies its continued #internetshutdown in various parts of #Rakhine #Chin saying it's "necessary to prevent the #AA from exploiting" the net to "detonate IEDs & landmines, to incite hatred among different ethnic groups & to plan attacks"…
@hrw had previously called for an end to world's longest #internetshutdown in #Myanmar while foreign embassies in #Yangon like the #UK #US #EU #Canada had signed a statement on June 21 saying "access to the internet & media is vital for people"…
Foreign Embassies in #Myanmar had issued statement previously on #internetshutdown for more than a year saying "everyone should be able to access the latest information available". At least 1 million people are affected by this. Myanmar says #AA "compelled" the net restrictions ImageImageImageImage
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Chilling account of alleged rape of #Rakhine woman by #Myanmar #military as she was accused of being an #ArakanArmy member. Government deems #AA #terrorists. Story cannot be independently verified. But such accounts similar to what happened to #Rohingyas…
International community, foreign embassies in #Myanmar have voiced concerns over conflicts between #ArakanArmy & #Myanmar #military & how military conducting "clearance operations" to weed out those deemed as #AA #terrorists. Conflicts resulted in more than 77,000 displacements ImageImage
When #Myanmar security forces conducted "clearance operations" to hunt down perpetrators in #Rakhine in 2017, many #Rohingyas accused soldiers of mass #rape & #atrocities. Many dismissed accusations as false.… Now, similar accounts against ethnic Rakhine.
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30.05.2020, #ABD'li bir general Irak'ın Kuzeyine ziyaretini #KürdistanBölgesi olarak isimlendirmiş. #PKK #KCK #PYD #YPG #FETÖ'ye destek veren #ABD'li yetkilinin açıklamasına şaşırdık mı? Hayır
02.12.2004, #ABD Hv.Ulş.K.lığında fotoğrafı çekilen anıttaki görevlerde ne yazıyor?++
#NATO/#Müttefikler arasında işbirliği kapsamında da olsa #ABD'nin kirli planlarını dikkate alarak, yakıt ikmali desteği bile yapılsa, #Suriye'de ortak devriye yapacak kadar işbirliği içerisindeki #Rusya ile özellikle #Karadeniz' konusunda #ABD yüzünden karşı karşıya gelmeyelim.
@veryansintvcom haberi çok daha güzel detaylandırmış.
#ABD'li General #EricHill’in “#Kürdistan” sözü kişisel bir tarif ya da gaf değil. #ABD'nin ve #Pentagon’un resmi politikası.👇👇…
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#Myanmar #military announces rare unilateral #ceasefire but they'll not apply this to #Rakhine & #Chin states which are getting heavily bombarded in ongoing conflicts with ethnic armed groups now & seeing rising number of casualties. More than 77,000 people displaced since Jan ImageImageImage
#Myanmar #ethnic armed groups of "Three Brotherhood Alliance" including #ArakanArmy #AA deemed #terrorists by the government call the #military's unilateral ceasefire & authorities' call to collaborate to combat #Covid19 a "sham" & meant only to "lessen the pressure of #ICJ" ImageImage
#ArakanArmy also issued own statement calling #Myanmar #military's unilateral ceasefire move a "political trick" & accuses military of trying to disunite"Three Brotherhood Alliance" of 3 ethnic armed groups of #AA #TNLA #MNDAA. Military ceasefire pledge excludes #Rakhine & #Chin ImageImage
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#Myanmar government has issued a statement explaining it shut down internet data services in parts of #Rakhine for more than 8 months now to "prevent misuse" by #ethnic #armedgroup #ArakanArmy. It accused #AA of exploiting the net & social media "as a tool for planned attacks" ImageImageImage
#Myanmar says the #ethnic #armedgroups of Three Brotherhood Alliance including #ArakanArmy #AA recent unilateral #ceasefire move "serves nothing but for their own political interests" adding their "actions failed to match their statements", accusing them of mounting more attacks ImageImageImage
#Myanmar government says it has taken "strenuous efforts" to try & achieve peace & held discussions with #ethnic #armedgroup #Rakhine @Arakanarmy1Army but decided to declare #AA as #terrorists on March 23 & urges all to not support or provide help to them… Image
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#UN Special Rapporteur to #Myanmar @YangheeLeeSKKU calls the government's #censorship of the local media now "deplorable". Adds "the right to access information is vital during the #COVIDー19 emergency in Myanmar, including in ethnic minority States"…
#UN Special Rapporteur to #Myanmar @YangheeLeeSKKU also condemns the #terrorism charges against 3 local journalists saying they "were reporting on the escalating #armedconflict in #Rakhine" & "their reporting was of the highest public interest value and should be protected"
Increasingly, multiple reports have emerged of more #Rakhine civilian fatalities/casualties due to #armedconflicts between #ethnic #armedforces #ArakanArmy #AA & #Myanmar #military. Pics sent to me cannot be independently verified but many circulating to draw attention to plight ImageImageImageImage
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#Myanmar #ethnic #army #ArakanArmy #AA accuses national #military of "deliberately targeting" civilians & urges a stop to such "#WarCrimes" in #Rakhine #Chin. Says #NLD #AungSanSuuKyi government has "kept totally silent" on the issue while banning internet to "hide" these actions
Days ago when #Myanmar #AungSanSuuKyi marked 73rd Union Day anniversary, she said some "engaged in wars merely because of the conflicting policies & suspicions or lack of trust among ourselves. Up to the present the sound of guns can still be heard"…
But #Myanmar #AungSanSuuKyi has made no mention of the increasing & more violent #conflicts in #Rakhine between #ethnic #ArakanArmy #AA & national #military even though horrific pictures/videos of civilians killed/injured are emerging more regularly in recent days/weeks
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