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The #Left party in Germany put together a government programme for the first weeks of a hypothetical #SPD-led coalition with the Green and them. Some fun stuff in there. /thread
The #labour market programme is a stronger version of SPD and Green ideas, but nothing the 3 parties could not compromise on. Min wag: Left 13 Euros, the other two 12 Euros. That sort of thing. /2
Welfare same: higher basic welfare (#Hartz IV) rates, end to welfare sanctions and a generous basic income for kids (bit more generous than SPD and Green proposals). /3
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BREAKING: The #USS pension scheme has today agreed to take forward proposals that will lead to #pension cuts for hundreds of thousands of university sector workers.

Statement from the #USS trustee to follow:
The USS trustee today confirmed that subject to a two-week consultation with UUK – #USS members will contribute 9.8% of salary from 1 October 2021 and employers will pay 21.4%.

That is an increase of 0.2% and 0.3% respectively on current rates.
From 1 April 2022, the way future #USS benefits are built up is also set to change said the #USS.
Under the JNC’s resolution, DB pensions promised to members in future will build at a slower rate. DC benefits will be offered in respect of salary over £40,000 (currently £59,883)
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A mass meeting of UK university sector workers is to be held today to discuss industrial action over #pension reforms.

This week, the University and College Union (UCU) warned industrial action was "inevitable" over cuts to retirement benefits for members of the #USS scheme.
The UCU claims proposed reforms to #USS pensions, put forward by university employers, will see a typical lecturer receieve abot a third less in retirement income.…
On Tuesday, university employers, represented by Universities UK (UUK), voted to implement a set of #USS proposals that will reduce member benefits, but they say will help avoid steep increases in contributions required to fill a scheme deficit of £14bn-£18bn.
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NEW:University employers say they will still consider "alternative benefit structures and formulations", provided they are "viable, affordable & implementable".

The statement comes after the UK university sector union warned industrial action over pension cuts was "inevitable" Image
NEW: Proposed cuts to pension benefits for hundreds of thousands of UK university sector staff will see a worker earning under £40k p/a with 12% less retirement income, according to UUK, the university employer body.

This estimate assumed inflation does not rise above 2.5%.
UUK says the alternative to its pension proposal may see members subjected to steep increases in their #pension contribution rates from 13.6% and 18.6% of salary (compared with 9.6% now) – which would hit take-home pay and may price many out of the scheme.
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"Co-hosted by Richard Curtis & Mark #Carney – & featuring senior leaders from the financial world – the summit discussed how the $50 trillion invested by #pension funds globally can help tackle the #climate #emergency."

#COP26 #SavingCapitalism

"...with 47 trillion dollars in #pension funds globally this sector plays a major role we need to get our savings for the future shaping the future."

#TheyMeanBusiness #EmergingMarkets #COP26
If recent history serves as a barometer for public embrace of corporate "solutions" (marketed via #storytelling & #NGOs), it is not difficult to envision whole societies soon demanding their #pensions be "unlocked" by those attempting to save the faltering #capitalist system.
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As part of the Financial Literacy Programs, all individuals must learn how to manage their retirement investment proceeds and personal wealth.
Many people misconstrue that such planning is not important and should be solely left to either the employer or the govt!
How wrong!
In most of the developing countries where old-age financial benefits are not sponsored or guaranteed by the government, via social safety nets, the vulnerable people are left at the mercy of the market, extended family network or the philanthropist to help them.
Even private sector firms, which provide access to #provident and #pension fund designed retirement investment planning schemes, are no guarantee, of a safe and smooth exit out of the workforce due to #Systemic Risk which can destabilize the economy or the society in the long run
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Compilation of Parliamentary Financial Links to Private #Healthcare
This represents the latest list of recent or present financial links between #parliamentarians and #individuals or #companies involved in private healthcare.
up-to-date as of March 2nd 2014. It has increased !
#MPs and #Lords are able to vote on legislation, even when they have a direct #financial interest.
This happened with the Health and Social Care Act, which saw the #NHS being forced into a world of an external market.
The legislation was written for industry, by industry and is part of the overall plan for it's demise and the eventual takeover by #private health insurance companies.
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La 4T:
1. Abrir Los Pinos al público.
2. Bajar sueldos de altos funcionarios.
3. Viajar austeramente y sin privilegio.
4. Alza histórica a salarios en fronteras
5. Ley contra outsourcing.
6. No endeudar al país.
7. Vacunación gratuita.
8. Derecho a #pensión universal de adultxs mayores.
9. Caminos en todos los municipios de Oaxaca generando trabajo local.
10. Desarrollo de proyectos en sureste
11. No nuevas concesiones mineras
12. Gabinete paritario.
13. Por primera vez mujer en @SEGOB_mx
14. Cancelación de obras faraónicas NAIM.
15. Aumento histórico de la recaudación en mitad de pandemia.
16. Recuperación de adeudos al @SATMX de grandes empresas.
17. Apoyos permanentes a personas con discapacidad.
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Does It Make Sense To #Invest In The National Pension Scheme?

A thread 🧵👇
National Pension Scheme is a defined contribution scheme launched in 2004.

There are two vehicles to make your investments in:

1️⃣ Tier 1
Tier 1 is primarily for retirement where you get the tax benefits as well.
2️⃣ Tier 2
Tier 2 is for those who want to make voluntary contributions with an option withdraw at any time.

You need a tier 1 account to open a tier 2 account.
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Thread 🧵on Public Provident Fund #PPF

Everything you need to know about PPF.

Must read for everyone, especially youngsters as retirement planning should start at young age.

(If you like then please re-tweet to maximize reach)

#InvestmentPlanning #RetirementPlanning #Pension
#RetirementPlanning should start at very young age for maximum benefit of #PowerofCompounding.

& ... PPF can be one of the good investment avenues to make a large retirement corpus.

This Thread will explain details of PPF

@caniravkaria @Vivek_Investor @VidyaG88 views welcome

Public Provident Fund #PPF is a retirement benefit scheme introduced by the central government.

It is a popular long-term investment option that offers a high degree of safety to your investment capital.

#ProvidentFund #Investing #InvestmentPlanning #RetirementPlanning
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BREAKING: Pension benefits for hundreds of thousands of academics and higher education staff are to be made less generous under proposals to stave off "unaffordable" contribution rises under plans set out by Universities UK.

Details to follow.
Universities UK today proposed a package of measures to the control costs of #pension contributions for 340 employers and 200,000 active members of the #USS pension scheme, which had an estimated deficit in March 2020 of £14bn to £18bn.
In March, USS said that combined contributions from both employers and scheme members would have to rise from the current 30.7% of salary to up to 56%, to fill the deficit which was estimated at to £18bn in 2020, sharply up from £3.6bn in 2018.
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More conspiracy theory from Financial Times:

"With a new US admin., & [] the vaccination rollout under way, now is a good time for the major economies of the west (& ideally the world) to sit down & devise a new international #monetary order."

#GreatReset h/t @johnsteppling
"As part of that there should be widespread #debt cancellation, especially the gov't debt held by #central #banks. We estimate that amounts to approximately $25tn of gov't debt in the major regions of the global economy."…
"Whether debt cancellation extends beyond that should be central to the negotiations between policymakers as to the construct of the #new #system ...The implications for bond yields, post-debt cancellation, need to be fully thought through and debated."
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I watched original The Corporation and watched “The New Corporation” on @CraveCanada today. If you care about the state of affairs un your world watch it! & agree with @terry_truchan & @Shratno to just watch it... sharing my takeaways in what follows 1/12
Beware of Corporate branding that uses “friend & ally” brand messaging “we are a good company” we’re innovating to help you etc ... this could be big corporations simply white washing their brand to conceal their true agenda 2/12
Another one to watch out for is “our business has innovated & solved this problem” & then they take over government operations & lobby 4 deregulation edicts creates a monopoly for them i.e. Alberta’s privatizing Alberta Registries department with exclusive 35 yard contract 3/12
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NEW: UK tax authorities have deregistered 770 #pension schemes which were being used for "pension liberation" activity since 2014, a Treasury minister has confirmed.

More to follow
In the United Kingdom, "pension liberation" typically occurs when a saver is hookwinked (by a confidence trickster) into believing they can access their pensions before the age of 55, without the standard "early access" penalites applied by HM Revenue and Customs.

A UK parliamentary inquiry into pension scams has raised issues about the role of HMRC ( the tax authority) pursuing victims of #pension liberation scams for substantial tax debts.

The tax debts are for early access, which occurs during the pension liberation scam.

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Developing a diversified #pension finance system is now high on China’s agenda. China’s financial regulator is actively pushing forward the development of pension finance, encouraging the banking and insurance industries to provide more diversified pension products. 1/5
At a recent CF40 seminar,experts said the development of the third-pillar pension system in China is facing 2 major challenges:1.Acceleration in population aging means that the establishment of the third-pillar pension system will need more than routine reform measures;2/5
2. Both the design of and regulatory framework for pension products need to be further optimized:… 3/5
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Nigerian Stock Market

The #equities market presents attractive opportunities for #investors in form of capital appreciation and dividend return given the low yield environment in the fixed income space.
#Nigerian stocks are currently undervalued and present an opportunity for growth in the short to medium term.
The current #ROI in the #equities market is positive with a YTD return at over 47.5% compared to the #inflation rate at 14.9%.
We believe #stocks in the #financial services (mostly #banks), ICT, and the #industrial sectors present strong prospects for growth given their resilience to the #economic recession.
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దేశవ్యాప్తంగా పెన్షనర్లు, వారి సంఘాలు ప్రతి సంవత్సరం డిసెంబరు 17న పెన్షనర్స్‌ డేను నిర్వ హిస్తున్నారు. మధ్యతరగతి పెన్షనర్సు చొరవతో ప్రారంభమై ఈనాడు పరిశ్రమల పెన్షనర్లు కూడా ఈ పెన్షనర్స్‌ డే పాటిస్తున్నారు. 17.12. #PensionersDay
#Pension PensionersDay
1982న మన దేశ ఉన్నత న్యాయ స్థానం పెన్షన్‌ అంశంపై ప్రకటించిన తీర్పే ఈ పెన్షనర్స్‌ డేకు మూలం. సమాజంలోని పలు రుగ్మతలకు రాజకీయ, ఆర్థిక, సాంస్కృతిక, సామాజిక కోణాల నుంచి చర్చలు జరుగుతున్నకాలమది. న్యాయ స్థానాల నుంచి కూడా పలు చారిత్రాత్మకమైన తీర్పులు వెలువడిన కాలమది.
ఉదాహరణకు 180రోజులు పూర్తిచేసిన క్యాజువల్‌ కార్మికులకు రెగ్యులర్‌ ఉద్యోగం ఇవ్వాలని, కనీస జీతమివ్వలేని యాజమాన్యాలు, కర్మాగారాలూ నడపటానికి అనర్హులన్నటువంటి తీర్పులు వచ్చిన కాలమది.
17.12.1982 తీర్పులో ఒకే పెన్షను విధానంలో వివిధ గ్రూపులుండరాదన్న అంశమేకాకుండా
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 12/09/2020…
A New Theorem Maps Out the Limits of Quantum Physics | Quanta Magazine…

#physics #quantum #limits
Elementary particles part ways with their properties…

#physics #particles #quantum
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#WEF & Prince of Wales: The Green Horizon Summit: Nov. 9-11 2020. Attended by 2500. Led by 100+ corporate & climate "leaders" including "Prince" Charles, UN's Guterres, Lagarde, Carney, BlackRock, etc.


Let's start w/ the ruling class imperative to rebrand #capitalism (Oct, 23, 2020) - in order to save it.

Schwab: "At the forefront [we need] to create a new model,
a new concept, a new definition of capitalism...

Schwab, continued: "the old definition comprises only financial capital. But actually human & social capital, [] & of course natural capital - is as important as financial capital."


#CorporateCoup of the #Commons


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Pandemie hin oder her. Es gibt kein Jahr ohne Debatte über das #Pensionssystem. Unverändert: die Argumente der Privatpensionsverkäufer:
- Pensionskosten steigen!
- Demografische Falle!
- Hoher Zuschuss aus Budget!
- Private Pensionen stärken!
Zeit für ein paar Fakten. Thread 1/18
Gleich vorweg: Das gesetzliche österreichische Pensionssystem ist sicher! Das sogenannte #Umlageverfahren bietet die beste aller Welten aus zwei Faktoren: Eine angemessene #Pensionshöhe, um #Altersarmut zu vermeiden. Und die Finanzierbarkeit/Nachhaltigkeit des Systems. 2/18
Staatlich funktioniert besser. In Ö erhalten Durchschnittsverdiener fast 80% (vor Steuern) und über 90% (nach Steuern) als gesetzliche #Pension im Vergleich zum Gehalt davor. OECD-Länder mit freiwilliger privater Säule zahlen trotz privatem Anteil wesentlich weniger Pension. 3/18
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12 New Bills are listed for introduction in #MonsoonSession of #Parliament
These are:
1. Multi-State Co-operative Societies Amendment Bill- to rationalize Govt role & members participation in working of multi-state co-op societies
2. Bilateral Netting of #Financial Contracts Bill
3. Factoring Regulation (Amendment) Bill - to allow #NBFCs, other than NBFC-Factors to undertake Factoring business as well

4. #Pension Fund Regulatory & Devl Authority (Amendment) Bill - Separation of #NPS Trust from #PFRDA, and to provide for #UniversalPension coverage
5. Nat'l Commission for Allied & Healthcare Professionals Bill - set up Central and State Council

6. Assisted #Reproductive Technology (Regulation) Bill - regulation, supervision of ART Clinic, Banks

7. J&K Official language Bill- for language to be used for official purpose
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For a virus that presents "few to no symptoms" for the majority, "U.S. Orders Up to 600 Million Doses of #Pfizer, BioNTech Covid #Vaccine" (Bloomberg).…

So let's take a look at Pfizer.
"Pfizer is a publicly-traded global pharma corp.headquartered in NYC. Its revenues reached $52.5 billion in 2017. #Pfizer makes Advil, Xanax, #DepoProvera, Neosporin, #Lyrica & Dimetapp. Pfizer manufacturers more than 350 different pharmaceuticals & operates in 180 countries.
Pfizer's Lyrica, the new vallium, linked to depression, anxiety & suicide, now top pain medication on PBS. #Pregabalin #Addiction. Addicts of #hydromorphone (#Opioid) (Pfizer) have found a new addiction w/ #Lyrica. Capsules are opened, crushed & snorted.…
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Investing for retirement?

You’ll want to have read this & underlying paper by Kopecky & Alan Taylor

@RobinBHarding #pension #equitypremium #demographic #bonds Image
Safe rate under water, but equity return doing OK, why?

there is a plausible demographic channel that may be driving this trend

\👇 ImageImage
Aging households are responsible for a savings glut helped to drive down real interest rates on safe assets, but they have lower shares equity

shifting population weight does not have the same effect on equity returns that it has been shown to have on risk free assets Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 6/22/2020-2…

Why The Stock Market Doesn’t Make Any Sense…

#SFI #StockMarket
Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force: Nextstrain

#coronavirus #COVID19 #strain
PSERS can't choose between Vanguard funds and hedge funds…

#pension #Hedge #StockMarket #funds
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